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  1. More minis! This time, we have a lovely (and deadly) duo that are now going to be seeing plenty of table time with these awesome paintjobs! This time Korina did things differently on the reds, and personally I think it's a neat little "trick" for getting a good colour transition while avoiding that dreaed "oh no my red is now pink" issue Plenty more pics can be found HERE, along with the aforementioned step-by-step. C&C is, as always, very much appreciated!
  2. Hey everyone! With another tournament having come and gone, with prizes being won and crits being dished out left right and center, it's time to get back to shifting stuff from the mountain of unpainted metal into the (much smaller!) painted pile. With that, Korina did me a HUGE favour and worked up this bad boy up in time for the event: As you can see, he's brought a big gun and a bad attitude to the party, and boy did it show in the five round event! Korina took it one step further for her first Nomad mini, and put together a comprehensive write-up of how she went about putting this awesome paintjob together. You can find that HERE if non-airbrushed techniques are your thing. Expect to see more nomads follow- I hear that there's bandits around... As always, C&C is very much appreciated!
  3. My girlfriend's been painting again- and now I have a lovely HVT mini to try and keep safe from those pesky, non-nomad factions! She's done a bit of a write-up of her technique HERE, and any C&C you all may have would be very welcome. I'm going to have to take a page out of her book and get braver about mixing/combining my paints to achieve the tones I want!
  4. Thanks, @ToadChild! It's nice to get feedback from others on here, as she's been a little nervous about her work thus far. I reckon she'll be one hell of a painter soon Unfortunately, I've been cutting my teeth on some non-infinity minis (EDEN), so they're not directly relevant to this forum, but I have been looking at all the unpainted USAriadna I have sitting on a shelf and writing up paints for a camo pattern....
  5. Hi everyone- been quite a while that I've been on hiatus from forums in general! But no, I have not actually ended up painting any minis myself. Instead, my girlfriend dipped her toes into this hobby of ours and just finished her first Infinity mini! Given that it's her 14-15th mini to date (with the rest being necrons), I feel I have already been usurped! She put together a blog post for a sort of logbook of our hobbying, with lots of pictures and a breakdown of what paints went where, and how. We're both learning, so any advice from the veterans here would be very much appreciated!
  6. Personally, I love the style and see nothing wrong with it. Keep up your noble works, oh sculptors Before I get bashed as a misogynistic, non body-positive, white male devil let me just say that I didn't get a ticksheet at character generation (birth) that let me pick the things I like. Let gaming and minis be what you want them to be. P.S: in the vein of "be the change you want to see in the world", I would wholeheartedly encourage conversions/proxies to suit your personal tastes, so long as it doesn't manifest as bashing CB for making "traditionally sexy" minis. Am I an oppressive ****lord yet?
  7. Gotta make sure I do it proud, then
  8. About 45-50 minutes, according to Google. That sounds far more reasonable and also a lot less like I would fall asleep in the middle of round 3 And the offer of a ride from the station is very much appreciated. I think I will take you up on the offer, and toss my hat into the ring!
  9. North Acton, so West London. I think it's less the physical amount of travelling that would take that time, and just that to be able to get myself there in time for the start, I would have to be up at around 4am.
  10. Know of anyone from London going who I could bug for a ride? Google tells me it'd be a 5 hour journey for me to get there on time, and that's a bit of a dealbreaker....
  11. Yes @RogueJello, now read the next part of my post please
  12. we really want Joan to be BS 22 in a link with good ranges? I get what you're going for, but I personally think this will just make some models/combos get into the silliness category :/
  13. I tend to use a Hunzakut as one- mainly because the mini is pretty sweet. Besides, I don't think it's a stretch to call her underslung LGL a light flamethrower.
  14. Intruder HMG tends to get the job done for me But I have to echo what others have said so far. My secondary choice is locking it up in CC with a Morlock or Jaguar and letting them waste orders.
  15. Basically, out-cheap them with our lovely nomad chaff and then show the freedom in space brigade what our tech can do!