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  1. by the power of greyskull I summon @Miniature Tim
  2. I believe there are people in Evansville, and North Vernon, not familiar with anyone in Bloomington right now. If you're not part of Indianapolis Infinity his us up so we can try to find you someone to play with!
  3. The Lhost boys sit down and catch up after Gencon and the Iowa Incident Mk IV. Chad Nicholson gets into all the fun juicy details of Aristeia! as the guys go through the box and and take a look at this fun upcoming board game from Corvus Belli. We take a moment to specifically look at the quality of the new PLASTIC miniatures. Everyone recounts their time at Gencon 50 and James walks us through his experience at one of the Gencon tournaments before moving on to the most recent Iowa Incident! Lhost Episode 9: Back In The Arena
  4. Further south of Indianapolis or Chicago? EDIT: @osirisblue just saw that your profile has you listed in Southern Indiana, where are you at?
  5. Many of the missions with 16" deployment zones I think you will find her very useful. Starting up to 20" out when consoles are set at 24" means you can cap objectives in one order. Food for thought.
  6. Might want to try getting in touch with @Twiddletap up in that area.
  7. Welcome back, the midwest is a great place to be playing infinity!
  8. Southwest definitely has a proliferation of warbands, we see less in the midwest.
  9. Limited Insertion is pretty cut and dry to the point if that is your preference, good guy out of Florida.
  10. if you are near Atlanta look up @Locksmith
  11. Looking at it from the perspective of a Greek player, after discussing it with @Locksmith I can't help but wonder what utility she might provide in the datatracker roll this ITS season. The forward deploy sets her a half order closer to potential objectives, and NWI/mimetism gives her staying power. Could be an interesting solo piece while your opponents are more focused on your flashy threats such as an enomotarchos team or Achilles. I'm sure someone else has already brought it up but unlike bikes she can go prone to shrink her footprint on the board if necessary just like Ajax shimmying into tight quarters. Looking forward to testing her out and excited to finally have another great looking Phalanx character model.
  12. Jakata is was GREAT having you out! It was so cool that you were able to join us in the States for the 50th anniversary of Gencon. Thank you for sharing your kind words!
  13. Looking forward to your debrief of the invitational.
  14. It will be Saturday at noon Eastern.
  15. @Barakiel is still active but I've been tempted to write on it now and then.