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  1. I for one would relish the chance to play my Ariadna camo spam starting with two Hardcase's in suppression in the midfield.
  2. I've found that the key to getting lots of mini's painted is having something much more important to do.
  3. I'd be pretty keen on a Molotok Vet profile with Duo combined with a specialist. CB, make it so!
  4. Hey peoples. I really like the look and profiles of the Hardcases but am having a hard time fitting them into my Vanilla lists. The major stumbling block is that they are Irregular and therefore compete with Irmandinhos, Desperadoes and Galwegians for their place in a combat group. I understand that they get Suppression Fire (on the rifle profile) and can waste opposition orders with Ambush Camo, in fact this is what I want them for, but the utility of the other options is so appealing. So just wanting to know what gets other people putting them into their lists?
  5. Thanks. This is what I thought. Just wanted to double-check because, like you said, it is powerful
  6. Hey guys, just a quick question because I can't figure it with my own reading. Does Sixth Sense allow you to delay all AROs in your ZoC including those in LoF or just those outside of it?
  7. Ever thought that maybe you're the one doing the comparison wrong?
  8. This. MSV3 is so much stronger than 2 even without the smoke-trick. Automatic discover and immunity to Suprise Shot\Attack on a powerful HI is great.
  9. Krakot Renegade is great for rooting out Ghazi if needed. Being immune to jammer means they can get in at hard to reach ones without too much worry, especially if you get a good metachemistry roll
  10. My point was that Covert Uxia can do the mid-field harassing role plus score. Making her more versatile. Also SAS CRAP doesn't have smoke.
  11. Covert Uxia is a multi-role trooper whilst SAS Uxia is very specialized. Covert Uxia can smoke, take objectives, alpha strike reliably, and clear the midfield. SAS Uxia kills things. Does a good job of it, but competes with Cameronians, SAS CRAP, and Galwegians for that midfield harasser role. I prefer all the others plus do not want to give up the more versatile scoring Uxia, so her SAS profile stays on the shelf.
  12. I just hope that whoever wins the season adds the fat Yuan Yuan. I don't even care which faction!
  13. I'd definitely encourage anyone having trouble with running Dog troops to persevere with them. The Devil Dog has all the power of the other Dogs, with better CC ability thanks to being able to bring a friend along. Smoke on effective PH 19 means that its only really vulnerable to massed AROs or MSV2, and dodging on 16s goes a long way to mitigating that MSV weakness. I'm a CHA player, so have only used the Cameronian, but they (and the Devil Dog) excel in two roles in my experience. 1. Cruise Missile. Sometimes there is something you really want to get rid of in your opponents DZ. The combination of 2 wounds, Total Immunity, high mobility and being expendable means Dog troops are the perfect tool for removing your opponent's entrenched troops. The second wound is one of the keys here, meaning you can take a templete hit (even from fire thanks to total immunity) and reliably get off another shot, this is great as cheap templates are probably one of the most common DZ corner guards. Unique to the Devil Dog is the Antipode, which allows you to provoke AROs before your Devil Dog comes into view, or reveal a problematic Camo marker much more reliably. The ability to provoke long range AROs with the Antipode and then walk across the LOF scot free with the Dog can be a clincher, especially in congested areas where cautious move is not an option. Sensor ability combined with burst 2 APCCW means that powerful troops that protect themselves with the marker state are still vulnerable to your dog team, things like the Cutter or Hac Tao that would normally be fairly safe from a Cameronian or Dog Warrior just by virtue of needing to be discovered first. 2. Harasser. Dog troopers love this role. Their high mobility means they can get at hard to reach places, this makes digging out pesky infiltrators a cinch and the Devil Dog is even better in this role due to bringing along his Antipode buddy. The Devil Dog team can watch both sides of a wall, has two sets of eyes doing any discovering and can potentially tie two separate opponents in CC if needed. Chain Rifles are great for forcing hard choices on your opponents Suppression Fire troopers, do they dodge and try to live or try tank it in an attempt to take out your doggy. Super reliable smoke is great for covering your own specialists too.
  14. Briscards still look pretty good on paper. BS12, Marksman Rifle, Assualt Pistol plus MSV1 make the specialist profiles pretty tasty, they're almost tailor-made for getting in and flushing enemy skirmishers off objectives, before capping them yourself. Admittedly I haven't played Vanilla for a few years (I'm looking to rectify that soon) but they never let me down before and I will be using them in the future.
  15. Body kerbs?