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  1. it was more simple for I.S. using guys. since 4" is equal to 10cm. also, remember when Grenades had shadow zones? thank god they were removed, it was a pain to calculate!
  2. i'm no "packaging engineer". those are people that mostly works for ikea but CB has a definite problem with number of blisters that is trying to solve. including full fledged "Lizard pilot", "Dragoe pilot", "Avatar pilot", etc is not going to work. IMHO the easiest and most "straight reasoning" should be to include the pilots in each tag. that way each time a new player or somebody buys a tag, you get the package with everything you need to play the tag. having temporary blisters for the pilots solve the problem of the packaging and shelved (or shelfed?) boxes. this way each tag should be sold with corresponding pilot. Price increase problem is really non-existing. to play a Gecko you need a Gecko Tag e a pilot tag. if buying them separately costs the same as buying them together i see no loss. the only "fault" of this logic is that if you buy an Avatar and 2 xeodrones, you'll also have 3 stahldron, while probably you will play 2 stahldron max. I see no particular problem in this, in the same way I see no problem in having 8 crazykoala while only playing 4 at max. Some player like different color on different pieces, this way those player will have each pilot with the same color pattern as the tag.
  3. yes, i can understand that the whole pilot matter is a bit complicated. i think that the easiest way to make this transition from TAG to TAG+pilot boxes is to make a temporary blister for pilots. This way the various partners with stocks of tag boxes can get also the pilot for their stock boxes. after (i don't know, 6/8 months?) the pilot blisters will be removed and the new tag boxes will automatically include the needed pilots. (for a bump in price proportional to the cost of the pilot blister, so that buying tag box + pilot blister is the same as buying new tag+pilot box) considering that the pilots are released with a 3-4 months between them, i think that perhaps CB will have 2 "pilot temporary blisters" out at a time, until all pilots are included in the tag boxes. still, CB is more than capable of doing their math on the sales, so if they decide to keep the whole tag boxes as they are, they should know better.
  4. Avatar + stahldron was expected IMHO. as it should be. you get a box with everything you need to run the tag. (if you happen to have multiple stahldrone, use them to convert or something else. same for the 27.000 Crazy koala i have) the pose is IMHO a total meh i mean, where is the "evil mastermind" vibe? totally absent! look at this, evil mastermind 8/10 look at this other! evil mastermind 10/10! you don't need a gun to indicate you're a frigging tag, you are a 4 meters tall giant alien robot that corrupts people using something that's almost like magic! you need to show some attitude!
  5. with the same cost of Bioimmunity you could get +1 arm, and bring it to 3, with more benefit all around against normal weapons. i can understand bioimmunity being 1 pt for troops where the difference between ARM and BTS is big (for example Arm 2 - bts6) but not for ARM 2-BTS3 or ARM5-bts6 models.
  6. back then i used minesweeper much more frequently. especially on attack REMs like the lunakhod. i would go in enemy territories, trigger as much mine as possible in a single move (6") and hope for the best. With wip 13, that was actually very easy. nowdays Minesweeper is basically useless. to turn a mine i must: reveal the camo token (1 order), minesweep the mine (another order). after expending at least 2 orders, what i get is a mine token, that's not even camoed. totally useful, eh? against AI beacon i must only see the beacon and spend 1 order, but probably the moment i finish my turn, the opponent would simply shoot the AI beacon (since it's probably much more closer to his side) and be good. but this is a good trade. against CK, frankly i still don't understand how it would work. i spend 1 order and minesweep a CK that is sitting next to a Moran. CK was not deployed when i minesweeped it. now. since it was not deployed, the CK simply becomes Disconnected? also, since i'm not "the bearer" of the CK, i also can't activate Stand By Mode (even if i was in ZoC). is it totally useless as it seems to be?
  7. oh! i almost forgot one of the things that let me freak out in N2! Mines had a phd in squad tactics and strategy. (basically, they were not required to explode. it was the controlling player that decided when they would explode! that meant that there was no easy way to clear a minefield, since the controlling player would simply avoid the mine exploding against high PH troopers or against suicidal troops) i miss how minesweeper worked, though. now it's basically useless since it requires too many investment in order to "turn" a mine
  8. yes, probably. the only difference i can see is that Zhanying have bioimmunity (a joke on a troop that have ARM2 and BTS3) but they get also other cool options like Haris and sensors on various platform.
  9. I feel that SSL2 cost a lot considering it's on a LI. basically they pay 9 points for +1BS,+1WIP SS2, repeater and a shotgun. if +1BS and wip is +2point each, repeater is 1 point, the shotgun is 2 points? SSL2 is 2 points. Being in a 5 man linkteam (if tunguska will see them linkable) does not help them so much, as they already have SSL2. the only profile that can be saved is the Hacker since SSL2 on a hacker (though, a 31 point one) is really useful. I really hope that CB makes the Securitate something similar to auxilias or capable to "Duo link" with all rems. apart from securitate i find difficult to say that a nomad profile/unit is badly balanced, most of the time it's more a "lack of new shinies". I mean,Ariadna is the least high tech faction, yet they have a lot more "fancy rules" and "attack avenues" than other high tech armies. but ehy, it's their game.
  10. The lol were camo rules, especially against Camo armies. Imagine having to fight 10-13 camo token that will probably kill at least 1 model each in the active. Another lol was the "nomad dirty trick" where HD+ could "target" an enemy through walls (just like Sat-lock) but without FtF (so a normal roll on 15 wip). Oh, and guided missiles did ap+exp even as template and could not be dodged(or had a real bad modifier). Now they've lost this usefullness, in fact i see guided missiles not so many times.
  11. wow.. that's a lot of SWC I mean, ok, you got a lot of attack potential, but you don't have SWC for supporting. Like an haris of Jaguars, or an hellcat HMG.
  12. Charontid is OP as shit. that is known. but at least it costs a lot of points. Bit&Kiss are definitely OP much more than the charontid because they're so cheap
  13. lolwut!? ahahah it's definitely a paintrain we hear in the distance! Jurisdictional Command of Corregidor ────────────────────────────────────────────────── 5 MOBILE BRIGADA Lieutenant Boarding Shotgun / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 33) MOBILE BRIGADA Boarding Shotgun / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 33) MOBILE BRIGADA Combi Rifle + 1 TinBot B (Deflector L2) / Pistol, Knife. (0.5 | 37) MOBILE BRIGADA Missile Launcher / Pistol, Knife. (2 | 40) MOBILE BRIGADA Hacker (Hacking Device) Combi Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (0.5 | 43) 3 SWC | 186 Points Open in Infinity Army
  14. i basically use Wildcats almost everytime. I love Spitfire. but after playing with HRL i feel like the HRL brings far more utility on the battlefield. Spitfire brings: B5 medium range gun B5 lets you win FtF against higher BS foe. But Wildcats are BS 13+3, so is it needed? not so much. HRL brings: B4 short range gun (Assault pistol) B3 medium/long range template with fire ammo. more fearsome ARO option. (B2 fire template) a long range fire template is definitely fearsome. ODD model? fire template! Linkteam? Fire template! Model near a camo token? Fire Template! Hidden behind cover? Fire template! there is really few situation where you don't benefit from a template. Moreover since Wildcats are definitely going in a linkteam, i feel that the increased "efficiency" of better weapon in medium range is not needed, in fact you have a lot of combirifle in the same link, with almost the same odds as the spitfire against the majority of opponents (since wildcats have high BS) HRL brings on the table a lot more damage potential because of the fire template. this means that you are actually much more capable of inflicting losses per every order spent, and in the reactive you still get a better weapon (especially against Linkteams).