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  1. Is an Olympic level sprinter more physically trained than a Saturday morning runner? That is the kind of difference we should be seeing on infinity. Is a line soldier less fit than a Navy Seal? Yes, we see that difference in game. Is a raver less fit than a Seal? I'd say yes, but we don't see that difference in the game
  2. Not all warbands are made to go into CC. Most of them have high PH just to dodge effectively or throw smoke reliably. So, youre telling me that a 5pt crackhead is more physically trained than a ninja with bionic implants? Let's say things as they are, CB gave high PH to wb, so they were more effective in smoke throw and dodging. Wb, as everybody else, pays for this PH, but it's much more important on a WB than on say any other high cost troopers. For the reasons i said above.
  3. shaolin are rated as WB in the army V I was comparing humans rated WB with humans rated SK with the basic thought that SK means that a trooper has been trained, selected between the best of the applicant, then trained again, then given high value equipment. WB generally are troops with more or less crude training taken into battle with cheap equipment (see lack of power armour, lack of firearm training, lack of expensive/dangerous weapons). If the training of WB were better than those of non-WB troopers, then why take that guy with PH 12 to be our best assassin and not take that PH 13 guy who raves all night and train him further, give him a power exoskeleton, big guns and turning him into a killing machine? it's the same reason why i didn't take into consideration Morloks(superpowered humans are not humans), Aleph (lhost are not humans), Tohaa (artichokes are not humans), Dogfaces (not humans) and CA (evil aliens are not humans)
  4. yep, there are some strange rules on some troops. i mean, Bran do Castro (triple Zero super spy with animal DNA) has PH 13 Spekter (super-super spy with best training in town stat) has PH 12 Jaguars (a gang of latinos forced into battle or kicked out of the airlock) has PH 13 Oniwaban (a super space ninja, with years of the best training money can buy) has PH 12 Kitsune (a NAMED super space ninja) has PH 13 Shaolin got PH 13. Al'Hawwa (infiltrators hand-picked and trained for every terrain) get PH 11. Fidays (trained assassins from youth age, with extensive physical and mental training) get PH 12. Tuaregs (trained people with high tech equipment) get PH 12. Kum (a crazed biker, living on the road, with god-knows-how-many-drugs-in-the-veins) get PH 13 AND WIP 14?! then Ariadna happens. where shit really starts to be crazy. Uxia (a frigging veteran SAS) gets PH 13 WIP 13 Rangers gets PH 13 WIP 13 Margot (an HI girl who jump from planes etc) gets PH 12 Highlanders (a scots without any other reason to live except women and booze) gets PH 14! it's Panoceania HI level of PH! they have so much PH that the Aleph recreation of an highlander (Wallace) gets only PH 14! Aleph was so much underwhelmed by the higlander PH that using the most advanced tecnologies in the sphere, the max PH he could made is PH 16! (ajax) or 15 (achilles). I mean, if the lowest scum can get PH 13, between strippers, drugs and robberies, sure as hell the best assassin/infiltrator in the sphere should be capable of much more.
  5. clearly it's a problem with how the weapon interact with the body they're put on. (extremely) impetous is not a huge liability if you're still going to spend the order walking towards the enemy. (Warbands do that) irregular is a not so big liability if you're still going to act at least once each turn, for example throwing smoke or simply advancing. (Warbands do that) Having only Chainrifle and pistol is not a liability if you're still trying to get close to the opponent. (warbands do that) Chainrifle is a good main weapon if you have <10 BS (warbands try to do that) Having no armour/no BTS is not a liability if you're going to make mostly PH tests or getting hit on Normal roll. All those reasons above make Warbands very cheap (no extra skills, no extra stat, extremely impetous, irregular, BS<10, chainrifle+pistol+Smoke only) yet extremely effective because they bypass some of the inherited weaknesses of the discount. another crazy thing is for example PH. if the warbands are just criminals/gangs/suicide killers, are they all super-fit dudes? i mean, PH 12 is the minimum for a SK (a super-trained black op operative) and latino gang gets 13PH (highlanders get 14PH, on par with hi tech equipped power armoured dudes)
  6. i know, back in the old times, total:immunity protected against Stun entirely. anyway, now it doesn't protect anymore, based on how it's written. Moreover, since a critical does not require Guts roll , i think that Total immunity don't save that either. But i'm not sure.
  7. How does stun ammunition interact with Total Immunity? IMMUNITY: TOTAL AUTOMATIC SKILL Optional. REQUIREMENTS EFFECTS The user is immune to the special effects of Standard Special Ammunitions—AP, DA, EXP, Fire, Nanotech, Plasma, Shock, T2 (see Infinity Human Sphere)—and any other Special Ammunitions that state so explicitly, treating them like Normal Ammunition. Stun Special Ammunition (see Infinity. Campaign: Paradiso) does not force the user to make either ARM or Guts Rolls. Stun ammunition Category Exotic. Roll After a successful attack with Stun Special Ammunition, the target must make two BTS Rolls. Effects Stun Special Ammunition forces its target to make two BTS Rolls per impact suffered. A failed BTS Roll against Stun Special Ammunition causes the target to enter the Stunned State. Additionally, failing the BTS Roll causes the target to fail the subsequent Guts Roll for having survived an Attack, unless he has the Special Skill V: Courage or an equivalent. Critical hits with Stun Special Ammunition cause the target to enter the Stunned state directly, bypassing the usual BTS Roll, and to fail the Guts Roll too. When a troop possessing Immunity: Total gets hit by Stun ammo, what happens? i think this happens, but last night we had a bit of doubt: -Troop roll 2 BTS damage. --if both BTS are passed, nothing happens --if at least a BTS roll is failed, then the total immune trooper goes into "stunned" state. --in both case, the trooper does not make the Guts roll. but what happens if the Stun hit is a critical? from Stun ammo, the trooper should enter stunned directly and fail the Guts Roll too. is this right? seems a bit "strange" how this thing works.
  8. Thing with warband is that most of them are "always worth it" because of the complete package they offer. open table? warbands bring smoke to build temporary LOF block clustered table? warbands bring DTW to trade points with 1-2W models. as somebody noticed, the more the table gets open, the more the WB will use Smoke and Pistols. that is why everybody with access to warbands play them. even if they costed twice of what they cost now, probably many would still play them.
  9. So, writing it on the ammunition type? Could be a solution. Though, considering how many FAQ "viral" has, I think that could still be improved. Moreover, if specifically wrote on the profile, CB could create more different types of troops without incourring in "strange FAQs". (Example: if immunity:shock gets written everywhere, you could create 2W beasts that goes straight to dead instead of going unconscious when hit by Shock) and probably CB could remove a couple of "points" in the shock ammunition entry in the wiki, easing the readability of it all. Edit: anyway, if viral don't function on STR troopers, why does it still read "loses Wound / STR"? Edit2: shock is already really similar to Viral in the wiki, still shock interactions get on the rule forum every week...
  10. Thanks to another post, it came into my mind that immunity:shock could be clarified. And by clarified i mean "added to every profile that actually gets immunity:shock due to various game conditions" As it is right now, that means: HI symbiont armour troops (both of their profiles, even if that makes no sense) transmutation troop (see faq) STR troops Lo-tech troopers (they already have it on the profile, but it's still written in the Faq) if the specop gains a second W, does he get also immunity:shock?
  11. for that i'd say that printing "Immunity: Shock" on those who actually have it is much more clear. so, all STR models, all HI, all Symbiont armour (in armoured form) etc. also, Pilot/operator is a normal trooper, it should suffer Shock ammo as usual.(of course, apart from HI operators, that don't suffer shock even in operator form)
  12. yep i meant for every 2+ W/STR model. that is connected with THIS topic. this way you solve this "issue" and a couple of other, with a simple substitution. the cost of the skill is already included in the unit profile anyway.
  13. an easy clarification would be to include "immunity:shock" to each HI profile. they have the skill anyway.
  14. here are the preformatted phrases each of the commander will say, just copy and paste them on the forum to improve forum behaviour: "You are attaching humanity at INDRA BASE! You want to cripple controls on the wormhole passing ships! you are helping Shasvastii infiltrate human sphere! TRAITOR!" "You are attaching humanity at ILIK BASE! You want to cripple the supply line of humanity in the fight against EI! TRAITOR!" "You are attaching humanity at LA FORJA BASE! You want to weaken the staying power of humanity in the fight against EI! TRAITOR!" "You are attaching humanity at SYGTHIR BASE! You want to remove the only static defense against EI invasion! TRAITOR!" "You are attaching humanity at SHANQUIAN BASE! You are removing the only armed ship against the EI invasion! TRAITOR!" you are welcome
  15. you and me have a veeeery different idea of "coexisting". Humans and cows are not "coexisting", since coexisting base is a paceful co-habitation. btw, weren't antipodes an uplifting experiment of the tohaa? so that's why the 3 number and all the bio-compatibility with humans. Tohaa wanted speciment from earth, and what better to put them all on the same terrarium with the other uplifted race? just make some genetic modification to a virus, and voilà, you got dogfaces. Humanity reached Dawn before that Tohaa had concluded the experiment, so they were forced to show up to humanity. but i'm pretty sure that Tohaa are using Vat-Grown Dogfaces/Antipodes on some forgotten planet against EI.