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  1. it's a pity, because some armies are strongly affected by terrain for example all those 6-2 troopers,4-2 or all those armies that have a lot of multiterrain. multiterrain (or generically, terrain skills) are paid skills. if i were a player i'd request at least half the board of a tournament with a terrain type. just to play the game that is played in CB headquarters.
  2. if something is good, most of the time you don't need any sauce. unless of course that's a plate that is meant to be eaten with sauce (like pasta, etc)
  3. hide the intruder better. intruders should die only because of unlucky crits during your active turn. always finish the turn with intruder in cover, in marker state (and possibly away from uncamoed troops) what you experienced is the usual "Nomad learning curve" that is like this | Nomads require you to know a lot of different skills and tricks to get the best from your list, and so at the start you'll basically lose everytime. but as soon as you start to understand how the enemy army works, you should be able to make huge improvements. corregidor is less tricky and more "in your face", but you must still play very aggressively during the active and use some tricks to "hit where it hurts". an example could be the hellcats. considering you're playing at 150 pt, try playing an hellcat. drop it behind enemy lines when the enemy is already forward on the table, and remove cheerleaders and/or support pieces.
  4. Too strong? i always found a really strange that a tag gets damaged by a normal pistol. I mean, a normal car does not get damaged* by a 9mm I can't see why a 4mt robot with armour plating would. my armoured jotum don't ignore AP, since Jotum goes back to ARM 6+3 from cover note: *9mm bullets easily pass through a car door/roof. but the motor block is really hard to damage using a small calibre weapon. with repeated fire it is possible to cut some wire/tubings and that could stop the car, but most of the times that don't work to stop the car "nearby".
  5. what if TAGs added +3 ARM when hit by weapons without anti-material trait? something like this: Layered Armour: If the user of this equipment is hit by a weapon without the Anti-Material trait, user add +3 to his armour value, before applying ammo bonuses.
  6. see attached image. S7 tag is visible by an S2 from at least 262mm away S8 is visible from at lease 490mm away. (that's a LOT) and this is only considering rooftops, if there is even something like 10mm step in some place, on the board, S7 and S8 gets to be seen respectively from 337,5mm away (S7) and 630mm away (S8)
  7. could the problem be that playtester don't use crit mechanics? (that's a very old rumour, i don't know if it is still in effect today) problem with big size is that most terrain producers have buildings with 1 floor that's lower than S7 silhouette. take for example Interplanetario table thread. on 30 tables the places to hide an S7 silhouette were maybe a couple. also, why can't tag go Prone? it would remove some of the problems with hiding
  8. how can be a clear signature with all those Z?
  9. One lucky HFT can kill a tag too, maybe much more difficult, but totally not impossible
  10. i don't understand why is a bad comparison. Infinity bases on a "you get what you pay for" system. Racial advantages are usually paid (+1BS, +1WIP, Morat) or cheapish (Doctor to Doctor Plus, HD to HD+). It does not matter if "faction A is happy/unhappy with unit X". If unit X is undercosted or overcosted, it should be adjusted because the game is based on possible choiches. To be honest, compare the su Jian combat form alone with the gecko. Su jian still gets the upper hand (even slighly). If you factor in the fact that it can change form and gain different bonuses, you can understand that there is something wrong with TAG prices.
  11. lol, that's because CB gave tarik Fatality L2 and also discounted the profile by 1 point. so for Pano, that means that Fatality L2 is -1 point. remember guys: The American Heart Association recommends no more than 2,300 milligrams (mgs) of salt intake a day and an ideal limit of no more than 1,500 mg per day for most adults.
  12. never intended my post to say "yeh, tags are worthless" thing is that you can compare TAGs with equivalent point cost HI and find out that the discount you get from being a tag is not existant. take for example the gecko VS Father knight comparison: gecko is 4-4 MOV 15 CC 13 BS 15 PH 13 WIP 5 ARM 6 BTS 3 STR 6 S ECM, Zero G, Manned, Fireteam Duo with Combi rifle (2), chaincolt and panzerfaust it goes at 53pt 0 swc Father knight is 4-4 MOV 23 CC 14 BS 14 PH 13 WIP 5 ARM 9 BTS 2 W 2 S Assault, Kinematica L1, Religious troop with Combirifle, Braker pistol, DA CCW it goes at 44 pt 0 swc basically, Gecko trades: +1 STR, +1PH, possibility to go prone, -6 on dodge (offset by ECM for guided ammo), hackable to stronger specific programs, Higher silhouette, 1 ROF, 1 dtw, a panzerfaust and the possibility to dismount a pilot when at 0STR (requiring order expenditure) for -9 points +8 CC,+1 BS,+3 BTS, Assault, Kinematica L1, religious troop, a CCW that he can use, and a breaker pistol. if you want, you can also compare it with the Su jian (54 pts 0 SWC), but given the extreme "strange" nature of the Su Jian, it's quite difficult to price accurately. I don't know, but it seems a bit off. IMHO the size discount is not counted accordingly. or the TAG discount
  13. As everything in infinity, you have to prepare for the most common tactics. that's why meta changes so much from country to country. the problem is that you don't have to "actively prepare" against a tag. Not anymore, at least. you still are going to bring a lot of different profiles/weapons which can be used to stop a tag. Hacker? Boarding shotgun? Flamers? CC guy? High BS,High rof guy?Camo/TO Camo? Smoke?. now think how many normal lists include at least 1 piece of everything. If the answer is "almost all" then you don't have to actively prepare to face a tag. even if you play without any of the above "counters", you still have coordinate orders. Coordinate a couple of guys and you're still killing that tag without any problem. Which is a bit strange, because the tag costs 1/3 of the army and you should actively prepare to face a tag when list building. If i don't prepare to face TO Camo guys, it's normal that they stomp my face. If i don't prepare for TAGs, i can still handle the situation very well.
  14. @Section 9 probably that's why they were on a discount