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  1. All armies can run "Hacker free". But, it is really worth? I mean, Ariadna and Tohaa suffer no consequences of going "Hacker free", it's their natural state (Tohaa also has Hacking 2.0, with symbiothings, that basically turns anyone into an phero-hacker) other factions? sure they can, but it's limiting regarding the game AND the faction. i am basically giving up the chance to bring a lot of useful tool (8 point regulard order bots, 16 point specialist bot, hacker specialist in Linkteams, etc) just because everyone is bringing a 3 pt upgrade on a trooper that most of the time they would pick as a FO anyway. (so basically a 2 point investment) The problem with KHD is that they are both good during active AND reactive turn. An Aquila guard is an excellent piece during active turn, it's a good piece even in the reactive, but it surely suffer even normal pieces that would pose no danger in the active turn. a KHD trooper is very strong during active turn, but it's still really strong in the reactive. So, if you find a KHD on the field, the only way to solve the situation is not to use your hacker and or your repeater until you kill the KHD via bullets. that is frankly too much for 3 points.
  2. Umbra mercenary with KHD for every faction except CA. new way to suffer
  3. AD:3 Gecko with little angel wings?
  4. Were those real fights? i mean, the AI historian is there to distinguish Propaganda fight (aka bad/fake battle reports) from true fight (aka good battle reports). Was la forja destroyed based on the number of real fights? or the decision was taken based on the total fight? If the destruction was based on real fights, then ok. Can we know how many real fights were between factions in each location? if the destruction was based on total fight (la forja accounted for at least half the total fight of phase1), does not seem strange that it's not rappresented in Phase 2 lore? The backstabbing and total invasion of locations from "human factions totally not at war between one another" is so much a comedy that CA seems like the lesser threat of all. LOL If all the locations were on a giant "no man land" (like an abandoned space station or abandoned spaceship or non civilized planet) then all the situation maybe could revolve around the dominion of individual pieces of the battlefield. As it is right now, it's clearly a war between human factions. and i won't play said war scenario. Infinity is a Spec-op games, most of the lore are based on the fact that there is no war between factions, apart from the CA vs everybody else. i don't know who thought this situation to be actually "realistical", but it seems to me to be a farce.
  5. well, Vanilla behaves very different from Sectorial. A piece may be "very good" for vanilla and "meh" for Sectorial use. for example, the Anaconda is significantly stronger in vanilla than in CJC, since in vanilla you have plenty of access to Interventor and other support pieces (morlocks etc) same may be said for Moran, they surely shine more in a Vanilla list, than on Corregidor. (not saying that they are bad, but they are better in vanilla) Regarding that topic, i think that the main problem of corregidor is that, apart from Linked team, vanilla can make the exact same list and it will perform at least in the same way. Regarding this topic: Welcome to infinity learning curve! Using nomads, you'll generally lose all your first matches, until you learn many rules. Then, things will change a lot, and the enemy will usually cry inside when they see you are playing this faction. Why? let me explain Pano is very straightforward faction. They shoot well, and have very good fighters. Their HI is to be feared of, as you saw (Father Knight are as good as our tags, and they are HI) Nomad is a very "weird" faction. Nomads typically fight using tricks to exploit the weaknesses of their opponent. Usually Nomad pieces are very "specialized" to do some tasks. example: take pano Bulleteer rem, it's a Spitfire armed BS 12 rem with ODD! for 23points-1swc it's a solid piece! totally worth every point! (in fact even Pano player say that's too good to pass upon!) our direct "comparison" is the Tsiklon sputnik with a Spitfire armed BS 12 that costs 31 points-1 SWC! at first sight, the Tsiklon seems to be an overcosted solution against the Bulleteer, but they solve very different roles! Tsiklon have X-visor and 360° Visor. that means that the tsiklon may go into "suppressive fire" and be very effective (shoot 360° around, without penality for range) More so if you think that Tsiklon have "climbing Plus", meaning that he can go wherever you want, avoiding bad places. Generally speaking, infinity profiles are very much balanced, you may find maybe a couple point "undercost/overcost" on a couple of profiles, but mostly you're paying for what you bring on the field.
  6. Was that the highest building of the table? I mean, if the highest building of the whole table is on a Deployment zone, that's kind of a problem on his own. you could simply climb on another (higher) building, and gun them down from there. BTW, for the future, remember that the whole "scenery" defined by the rules are these: http://infinitythewiki.com/en/Scenery_Item_Profile_Chart and the TO (or you and your opponent) still must decide what each scenery is. Personally, i'd say that each way to change level inside each building is an "Elevator" (far more simple to interact with, and much more fancy rulewise. We're in a sci-fi setting, after all) If you use elevators, they basically behaves as teleporters. You enter one using move. You declare Dodge to exit one. (you can also move-dodge in the same order) of course it's dangerous, but still doable.
  7. Special terrain rules must be given out by the Tournament organizer. If you think that there should be a special rule on your table. It must be discussed and approved with both players. I cannot simply say: this tree here has the "reflective" trait or the water in the fountain is "impassable terrain". At least without discussing it with my opponent and/or TO. Regarding the trapdoor: Trapdoor arent defined in infinity. So they can be modelled using different means. You can consider them like simple stairs, like ladders or even like elevator. And the trapdoor itself may be considered like a closed door or an open passage. If you consider the trapdoor like a closed door, you can open it regardless on who's on the other side (as per door rules). Moreover, remember that if the door is open you can still go in CC with the other side from different levels, because you need to simply contact the silhouette. Ps: remember also that anybody can climb. You need more orders and you move slower, but anybody can do that. (Apart from troop type specifically called out)
  8. Imho KHD are good, it's the program (mainly redrun) that are too strong in conjuction with the ignore firewall. Simply make KHD active turn hunter, with high burst programs but no DT ammo. That way they will perform the role needed (hunting hackers) but will still need to be protected during reacive turn. HD and HD+ are good as they are, being sort of middle ground. DHD needs to be abolished and simply substituted by WHD. WHD need some high burst defense only program. So they need to be like neurocinetics or TR troops
  9. Just another thing: you are not forced to declare "change facing", you can also declare "alert" to make the other models turn. If there is someone nearby, they can turn to watch the same corner, thus the enemy cannot simply walk in CC without taking an ARO. Edit: wrong! Alert cannot be declared for ZoC aro! Sorry guys!
  10. as an ARO, lightning is better than redrun. but frankly KHD should not be able to defend better than a DHD or WHD (they are created to defend better, but still are totally useless because a KHD is better at defending then them (considering that it bypasses firewalls)
  11. i'm the only one that thinks Outrage box has been handsculpted? seems like handsculpting to me.
  12. if you brought KHD, you basically wasted 2 points. You still have a mid field camo with big CC capabilities. Typical turn with a bandit in play is: 1-drop smoke on intruder 2-Intruder kills long range aro pieces. or die trying 3-move bandit toward closest non camo piece. 4-move again bandit towards closest non camo piece (avoiding camo markers, possibly) 5a-if said enemy is in a linkteam, get into close range and shotgun away (possibly dying in a blaze of glory) 5b-if said enemy is a HI or a very resilient piece (tags, NWI, etc) get into CC (possibly, but not necessarily from the back) if survives. 6-finish off unconscious enemy, stealing most valuable equipment 7-re camo or positioning better and re camo 8- intruder hides various order to consolidate and advance what is your typical turn with a bandit on the field?
  13. This is why i say that hacking programs should be reduced in number. KHD should have a high burst anti-hacker program. AHD should have a generic IMM program and a program to possess Tags. And so on... To differentiate the thing they could create a levelled skill like martial art, to be used in hacking FtF. Call it Cyberwarfare or Hacking Art, I dont care. Please notice that the simulations above include a KHD without surprise shot.
  14. Because there's murder by the roadsideIn a sore afraid new world the more i read the lyrics, the more it seems made for infinity and/or madmax