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  1. Hate to over simplify, or even sound sarcastic, but when issues like this turn up in game I ask myself two simple questions. First: What is the fun answer? 1. Is it fun to be forced to stay in place and take another attack at a disadvantage? Second: What is the logical answer? 2. Oh my assailant is not visible now, so it's safe to just keep hanging out in this dangerous area? In the end its about having a good time with a friend, and I think the second option would be the correct choice. Thanks for bringing it up as hopefully others will follow your example and solution 2.
  2. Hey @kaernak I am starting a league mid May and was wondering how your league went and any if you have any input/suggestion? Thanks Wilson
  3. Good Questions Everyone. The Season 9 issue is unavoidable. Fact is, we will be one of the first Big events of the Season in the USA. Pros: > Players will have a chance to start the season string with their ITS ranking early on. Everyone will be at an relatively even ELO. > We will replace any missions that no longer exist and get first crack at the new ones. Cons: > I may have to change some missions. Hopefully attendees understand that I can't control ITS content. I like Supremacy. I am not sure who CB will be sending this year if anyone. I will post here once I have news. Currently we have 19 of a possible 50 attendees currently registered for the two day event. Last year we had maximum of 26 players and a minimum of 12 for the Narrative. I am doing my best to spread the word. Any help from the community in directing people to the event would be great. I am working on getting the primer updated/corrected. Thanks to you all.
  4. If TAG line goes away next season, I will choose simular new missions. Since the event will be early in the season,I will have to adjust as needed.
  5. A day late, but here are the missions for the EVENT!! Would love any feedback! Quick Update: Missions for the event have been chosen. Thursday Infinity Narrative > Just like last year, Missions will be a surprise. Friday ITS Mid Tier Season 9 Joint Ops: > Supremacy > Antennae Field > Engineering Deck Saturday - Sunday ITS Mid Tier Direct Action Dire States: Battle for the Beltway > The Armory > Safe Area > Show of Power > Deadly Dance > Supremacy Friday - Sunday ITS Season 9 TAG Line > Chapter 1 > Chapter 2 > Chapter 5 Please note, as the event is near the beggining of a new ITS Season, they may change if the missions get altered by Corvus Belli.
  6. The list seems very viable. Your use of it will be of importance. I would spread the Kuang Shi around the board protecting lanes to slow down any would be Alpha Strikers. Remember that the Kuang Shi can decide to go unconcious and become a repeater for those hackers of yours, should you need them. The Guilang can drop a repeater behind the door on your side, and make the center room a HI unit/Hacker death trap. Then the only question is, can teh Zuyong and Hsien empty that room. Looks solid. Best of luck..Let us know how you do.
  7. Cool!!! We have the Baltimore Brawl out in in Maryland USA.!! Best of luck with the event. Hope to see pics and results once it is complete.!
  8. @farseerixirvost I plan to announce the scenario by April 15th, with the Caveat that some scenarios may change dependent on Season 9 rules. This way you, your gaming group and all attendees can practice for the event. thanks for your question. Make sure to spread the word in your community, and looking forward to the event!!
  9. Don't know about anyone else, but the more I think about boarding actions in infinity the more geedy I get about Domaru Haramaki link. Lmao
  10. A very effective tactic.
  11. Sorry to hear you had difficulty with Result input. Hopefully BOW worked any kinks out. with regards to the "shrill" situation. I did take a break from the forums when it got a tad shrill. But it didn't stop me from enjoying the scenarios. Lets remember the fun aspect. When that's gone, take a break. - play something else for a week or two.
  12. Good point!! I did love checking out the battle reports as well. Ps: I thought the ganging up on Yujing was pretty meaningful. I enjoyed the: Strategy sessions. Propaganda on the boards Behind the scenes discussions increased forum actuvity and thenactivity increae at the local FLGS.
  13. Am I the only person that took pleasure in 4 factions having to unite in order to stop us,? that was a victory in itself
  14. Narrative would be very cool. We are continuing a Narative from NOVA open 2016 this year. Should be fun!
  15. Boost only applies to the mad trap. There are no majority rules in infinity that I know of.