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  1. Hilarious... 😑
  2. Hello YuJing Cimmanders, If you have not reported for duty in the Wotan Campaign, I encourage you to join the fight. Yujing High Command is placing all forces on High Alert. We will need to turn on a dime to claim our objectives seize victory. Check into the briefing room daily for updates. There are prizes that High Command has put up for grabs. They are raffles for active participants. The more you participate the better your odds.. i look forward to seeing your battle reports!! have Fun and see you at Wotan!!!
  3. Plastered all over Face Book
  4. I would do it as a best practice for public information units. Any pricate or hidden info troops, like the hard case, you can hold on the side of your other orders. However, when you expend his irregular, you have to specify its use at which point the opponent will know. Seems fairest way to handle it
  5. Hachiman Taro: Be wary of sepsitorized enemies and spies amongst your ranks. I beseech you to stand down and allow the Ariadnan and YUJING investigation to proceed unhindered. To underestimate the might of the empire will be your downfall. If you resist efforts to secure the shipyards, you will only be putting bullets through the skulls of your sepsitorized comrades. Ariadna will provide us your prisoners and will will use them as fodder. Willing or not, humanity is the priority.
  6. Why can't people just play and have a good time. Winner gets choice = Bad practice Fake Battles = Bad practice Unfortunately some people will do stuff they shouldn'y do.
  7. Very strange how your nation has begun to play the victim. You have sown the seeds of contempt and failed to secure your routes. The future of our race hangs in the balance and you still and you resist proper inspection and assistance to eliminate the threat. If you were indeed "a delicacy" I would spit you out and wash my mouth out with wasabi as punishment. Now the Aliens that we once heldunder our heel at Flamia... the very Aliens you helped regain control by compromising Zuhrong come to your defense. You claim to "not trust easily," so I wonder the price Tohaa paid for your trust. I wonder if the Combined army that at this time besieging Sygtir 1 also won your trust. This is why Yujing presses the issue!! This is why you must allow proper inspection! If your command is not to blame, we must find those responsible and bring them to justice!!! In short, one way or another, you placed your trust in the wrong hands. I hope in time you will see the reason in my words.
  8. The Jade Circle has increased the Severity rating of La Forja from orange to RED. With the recent events of Shasvasti smuggling, information breaches, Combined forces threatening Sygitir and recent events in the Wotan area, we will be increasing inspections at the La Forja location. No accused should be their own judge and jury. Security cannot be maintained with blatant disregard for the rule of law and illegal contraband flowing through the web gate for the right price. Yujing forces will help bolster security at La Forja to insure the area is maintaining protocols and back under control. With the high frequency of Alien sightings at La Forja , we are quite sure we will find those responsible and put an end to these troubles. Any suspicious individuals should be detained and questioned to the full extent of our laws. Phase 1 will be ....<<<<< Pheonix auto Encryption enabled.>>>>>
  9. I don't think it's from holding back. I just think people don't want to lose their location. It's only day 6, so kinda early.
  10. Umm no. The reports that lowered the Yu Jing results were players who did not fully participate in the Campaign. for example: no pics, not story, no list, just "Yujing Wins" Yujings Operation reports were solid reports with some great pics and cool fluff. I doubt those reports were knocked down by the Historians.
  11. Well. I think of this issue like spies. In warfare, it takes time to get spies in the right place. You don't just hit register and magically have access to all the enemies plans. (Still can't stop it) Last Campaign Yu Jing leveraged this tactic fairly well. It's why we had three territories at once. Later many battles were discounted due to quality. (These battles were all quality reports) we had a Op name, intro write up, and it was fun. i am in favor of limiting publishing only so that fake ops don't win the war. Currently you can't create more than 2 battles a day. Perhaps limiting publishing to 2 a day, or 4 a week, would be helpful.
  12. Dag!! Well done.!
  13. Nicely Done.
  14. I would consider 2 duo Wuming and then put them + 2 other models in the group in suppressive for insurance. You save points, and still get decent board control. And if someone gets too close you can always drop a chain rifle on them.