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  1. Just replace Mines with Koalas
  2. It is great to have your opponent spend an order to reset that IMM1. If an enemy comes into LOS, the unit can reset. This can be handy if: > You are shooting it with a Missle Launcher, HMG ,etc as your model gets a normal roll. > You engage it with a hefty CC monster. Otherwise you can walk around it with a stealthed model and let your opponent use an order to
  3. Kinda seems silly to roll GUTS when you are unconscious. Seems like bullet 2 answered your question. I don't see how you are " Failing one or more ARM or BTS Rolls, but not remaining in a Null or Immobilized state." Perhaps you can add some detail. I am thinking the below: Yourr HI takes three armor saves, failing two. This puts him in unconcious. ( A Null State) Therefore no GUTS roll is needed as he remains in a Null state. If you doctor then heals him back up with a order, he would exit the null state. However no GUTS roll would be required/possible, as he did not fail an ARM in that order. Am I missing something?
  4. I never really felt the sheskin trick. Admittedly it sounds sexy. I just never felt it was worth while. Maybe it's the model.
  5. CA is soooo much fun. I find the vanilla faction so versatile, and the sectorials so effective in very fluffy ways. onyx: elite strike force Morat: front line aggressor force Shasvasti: sneaky infiltrators. The forces fit so well. Better than the other factions, which also have great flavor. my CA collection spiked up hard this year!!
  6. ^Brutal... I never thought of this. good reason to take a Sphinx list as back up. This way when the jig is up, you wip out the Sphinx on active turn instead.
  7. @zzzman74 all great suggestions.. I personally use the iTS search and Facebook groups in my area. wgcinfinity maryland infinity nova infinity infinity Pa
  8. Thinking over my interplanetario experience with the Shasvasti and have to say I really like the way they performed overall. 3-2 with only one major loss and a 1 point defeat. All fun matches. That said, here are a few things I feel every shas player should try. For fun, for experience, and just to feel the sneakiness that is Shasvasti. 1. The blank courtesy list. You just haven't lived until you hand your opponent a blank courtesy list. (Although later you will find that Ikadron love is real.) The Camo will make them cringe with joy. 2. Coordinated mine Laying. Use four shrouded or any mine equipped unit and have them all lay a mine. It's absolute deliciousness. 3. After that, coordinated re-camo. Ain't no shame in slinking back into the shadows. (Although your opponent will be disgusted with your cowardice.) Joy! 4. Engage an enemy with your Aswang!! Preferably not a Ninja or CC badass and preferrably one that is already engaged. Nothing surprises an opponent more that a CC shasvasti experience. (Nothing surpises me more than me entering CC with Shas.. but Aswang can hang.) once they feed, they can be great bully's. 5. use your minelayer Shrouded to lay mines on a roof. It's hilarious when your opponent spends an order to discover a mine on a roof... 6. Run a sphinx list. Man Sphinxs are fun. Just make sure you start hidden. Also remember that your minelayers can set up in your Deployment area. Allowing you to create the illusion of haveing more units on the field than you do. 7. Ping pong! When you can consistently make it so your opponents HI or TAG has to Turn around to face you, only to have another unit shoot it in the back, have you reached Shasvana. Would love to hear more sneaky goodness I may have missed.
  9. Best Practice is after last trooper deployed. If you run multiple units with the ability, I suggest noting the result, as remembering can be a problem.
  10. YAY!!! Got mine as well. CB is the best!
  11. Hello All. Online registration is now closed for NoVA. You can still register on Thursday for any openings. Current availability is as follows. Thursday Narrative = 9 spots left to make 30 Friday Joint OPS = 4 spots left to make 30 Fri - Sun TAGLINE = 6 more spots to make 20 Sat - Sun Battle for the Beltway = 2 more spots to make 40. Thanks to everyone who pre-registered. We have over 55 unique registrants, Look forward to seeing you all there!
  12. My apologies for that. TAGLINE was new to me when the primer was initially created, so I didn't think about it until very recently.
  13. For those following the events, especially the TAGLINE Evening Event. Top Tier = 400 points! Also, as TO I am ruling that Scarface any any other previously unavailable TAGS will be in effect for the Tournament. Should CB unexpectedly change the rules , we will proceed with the existing missions and army lists, and simply change them for ITS recording purposes. TAGLINE is currently at 13 attendees. We have a max of 20, so get in on the action while you can.!
  14. @Hooligantuesday Tony is to offense what the Overdrone is to defense. You simply use them differently. The Overdron can spell doom for MSV units with Abedo, and can pic off ARO units pretty handily. That extra Sniper range is no joke.! Tony is more point and shoot aggressiveness. Very much an actIve killer, so I can understand your position.
  15. 1. ARO from A can be done at any point of first half move of C, so you can shoot him outside of CC with no risk of hitting B. 2. As soon as you enter Base to Base, he gets LOS due to CC rules and gets a ARO.