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  1. Hmm. Not intentionally left out, but if not for calculating casualties for the mission objective points i.e.: killing between 100-150 enemy points. When would it even be a any relevance to the game of infinity. Now I'll have to read the Spanish version when I'm done with work. even though it didn't matter as my firefight match was against a shock heavy army.
  2. @IJW Wartrader p91 " the purposes of determining the total point cost of surviving troopers. Similarly, the opposing army cannot count them as casualties when determining the point cost of eliminated troopers. " ypu are correct that they don't count towards victory points, however in firefight and annhilation, the opponent cannot count spawn embryos when determining the point cost eliminated.
  3. I have run the Gwailos Link for certain missions. I only run the Gwalio HRL as part of a link team. 4 minimum. The link team is versatile and i have gone 2 HRL, 1 Hacker, 1 multi Rifle. I have never run him solo. i generally take them in missions where movining into the middle is unavoidable. They make an excellent mobile firebase with their nano screens and don't have to worrry about making it to cover. Making them great ARO pieces.
  4. @IJW Wartrader I use the mines to bait people on which camo marker is the Lt, not which are seeds. I will reread the rule when I have a chance. It didn't impact my firefight match anyway. Shock is a bitch!
  5. ^ True. Without Dr. Worm, shock resist and durability don't matter. Burst 4 is clutch, but I like the threat of a FO and pie plate as it forces my opponent to spread out. Also he has Seed embryo rule as well.
  6. 1st. @SgtHulka Love your analysis. Very spot on. 2nd. @Kwisatz Haderach i agree that Aswang Lt is so much better than noctifier as you said. ADHL stops TAGs, Protheon actually helped me kill a Tohaa HI Lt that hit too close. Seed Soldiers: Theae guys can be easily overlooked and criticized as BAD. I personally think the camo should be S2 to increase their utility, but even as S1 they are useful. (Plus your minelaye can deploy a mine in your deployment zone to throw off your opponent) lol 1: they start in camo. Your opponent has to discover them on turn 1 before killing them. That's minimum 2 orders he/she needs to use to kill a LI 14 points. 2: FO option is my personal fav. They have light shotguns, Combi, and flash pulse. Basically +3 at all ranges. 3: Seed Embryo rule. > They don't count as casualties for retreat purposes, so you may be down, but not out. This helps when you need to pull off a win bottom of turn 3. > they count as scoring in missions that require holding ground. I.e.: supremacy. Stick them behind cover, and when they drop, they fall prone behind it and still hold the area. Your opponent has to spend more orders to deal with it. > in kill missions. I.e.: firefight. Embryos don't count towards your opponents points killed. So same concept as above. Speculation Killer i feel two is overkill but I see the appeal and have experience the sun tze crits her in CC moments. (Crits happen) i personally use her as a order killer provided my opponent has given me a suitable Target and I get first turn. > a line of LI huddled behind a wall. (Beware Haqq, they have the holo 2 HI. Don't believe it!) > the TAG, Fireteam, or high threat unit, i.e.: Hsien, Aquila guard etc are lonely. if i am second, I place her in a nusence type spot. Somewhere that the opponent has to come trough to get an objective, or where she can smoke for me later. Not many units want to end a turn within 12" of a speculo. She creates a hugh bubble around her.(typically) I almost always deploy her last. Haiduk Sniper. Deployment depends on opponents faction, initiative, and terrain. Heavy Warband: ISS, Caledonia, and any other, I place him where he can see the most area. Hitting on 14's he can pay dividends HEAVY Firepower: YUJing, Combined, PanO. He watched over a long corridor and stay low to avoid being HMGd too easily. Make the opponent earn that kill by spending orders. Sometimes he wins. Smart option: once I explain smart sniper (I think it's only fair) people don't Castle hard. Which is to my advantage. And I always keep an eye out for good opportunities like 3+ guys huddled up indoors. Noctifier support. On the off chance that my opponent Shoots him with a low burst weapon, my dirty Noctifier Missle Launcher is typically in a good position to join in. I.e.: ML, other sniper, etc. Otherwise what SgtHulka said. He waits for my opponent to take the bait and expose themselves. > Tag or other high value target leaving cover to move and attempt discover roll. > my personal favorite. links team moving through a doorway or open ground to get in position. Simply shoot then on-link team leader, and on a 15 or less, you hit 5 guys in ARO. SO GOOD!!! > oh and don't forget his assault pistols. He is an amazing counter striker. the rest SgtHulka covered pretty well. You have to earn each kill by discovering all but 3 units. Easily over extending yourself if you are too aggressive. If you go first, you have maybe 1 target at best. Haiduk. if you create an opportunity for big returns on turn one, my Noctifier will shoot. I typically Set the visible units on a flank. It's rather useful as well as hilarious when you opponents impetuous units all have to go left. It slightly reduces the forward push on the right. Or on each flank which leave the middle free of pesky WBs. Feel free to alpha strike my Ikadrons. Hope you aren't hackable, or make that fire save, please CC them. I love IMM2 when it happens. Interplanetario: My opponents were awesome. Some really solid players. 1st Nomads. had to spend 7 orders to possess his TAG turn 3. Otherwise he would have smoked me. He had no Command tokens left or Hackers, so couldn't get it back. Speculo killed the Lt first turn. Forgot I had HVT secured so lost 1 objective point. 7- 2 win I think. 2nd. YUJING. Lost because I didn't stick to my plan and revealed my Sphinx turn two instead of turn 3. 4-3 loss 3rd. Ariadna. Guy rolled phenomenally. Critin my speculo in ARO dodge and pistol. That combined with a irmandihno that tanked flamers like a boss took me down. 10-0 loss. (Very rare for me) 4th Tohaa on a low VIS Table. This game was hilarious. We were shooting each other at -6s or worst. My speculo killed a line, and my opponent had to rush a flank to have a chance to win. I used my Lt protheon to kill his Lt after he engaged my ikadron. I forgot I gained a wound and he sniped my Lt. Another 2 objective points missed. Still a fun match 5-3 win I think. 5th Haqq. He wasn't sure how to deal with the speculo. He abandoned the building and the Sphinx appeared to greet him turn 2. My opponent stuck to his guns and could have won. My sphinx had to retreat and hide last turn. 10-1 win. if I missed anything or you want clarification. Let me know.
  7. The Campaign was fun. There were some bumps along the way. Some good suggestions and I would like to see some implemented. Would keep things fresh. Flamia Island saw YUJING as the main antagonist, trying to regain control of their Island. It took three factions to ally against us to take our Zones. (I opposed the idea of alliances, as I knew it was a set up). We dominated through most of the Campaign basically steping on Tohaa's neck (bullying for sure) while keeping the power plant in check. The only faction to keep and hold multiple zones consistently throughout the Campaign. I found it equal parts satisfying that factions needed to join up to beat us , and equal parts frustrating, that Pan O just waited unmolested to seize the win. Fast forward to Wotan, Phase two we were ganged up on again.(We went fluffy and followed the Shasvasti Trail). Only to be ganged up on again. (Grudges Die hard) This combined with us knowingly chasing a unacheivable goal (Again for Fluff) at INDRA, we continued to fight on three fronts. After the campaign I look back and still enjoyed the battles, reports, propoganda, etc. If the campaigns do not evolve somehow, we will see the same thing next time. I would like to see: Player report limits. Perhaps two - three a week max. > yes they can make more accounts, but at least the players who can't win 60 games in one campaign don't get so left behind that they feel they have 0 chance of glory. Faction Objectives > Perhaps bitting specific factions with tasks to thwart other factions. or provding multiple objectives with secret Campaign points that are awarded to the faction once complete. My two cents..
  8. 10 New spots have opened up for the Saturday Sunday two day event. Plenty of room for the other three events!!! Thursday Narrative Event: 20 Players Friday ITS Event Season 9: 22 Players Saturday& Sunday ITS Event Season 9: 30 Players TAGLINE Event: 13 Players 47 Different Players amoung all 4 events!!.
  9. So.. Nova Open Saturday and Sunday event is booked up. I may be able to get some More tables, but need to gauge interest. Anyone miss registration and want in?
  10. Hello Commaders. The Combined Army ship has entered the Wotan Gate and fighting has broken out amoungst the human factions. Yujing has decided to take the fight to the Alien, but we need more troops. if you have been wondering about the campaign, maybe you got side tracked by other hobbys, real life happened, or just haven't had the chance to check it out. yujing needs you. Register, play a cool new mission, and fight for Yujing. Fight for humanity !!
  11. Open all channels local to Wotan sector 0-12 operations. Forces of the Human Sphere. This day is the day to fight.! Not amoungst ourselves, for control, glory, or retribution, but against the true enemy of the Human Sphere. Yujing remains a free nation, proud, and strong. We challenge anyone who would seek to deny us our free will and culture. I urge the commanders of O-12 nations to stand down from hostile activities at BAIJING. Haqqislan was essential in safely restoring order at BAIJING as we held together Shanqiang to the best of our ability and evacuated essential personnel. we hope to maintain order, but request that the Nomads and Pan O forces withdraw at once. We cannot continue to be manipulated by the enemy. All Yujing forces are in the move to the Carrier!! Any actions prohibiting them from reaching their destination are to the Beneifit of the Combined Army, and will be considered in a tribunal as potential war crimes.. Victory in the war against the EI may rest on a single Battle.!! You have been advised. Close Channel... Open YuJing troop Channel : Proceed as planned commanders. Let nothing stand in our way. Attack <<< initiating Phenix Encryption protocols >>>> xxxxxxxxxxxxxx..
  13. To your point about ass-hole mode, I think just communication with your opponnent so that you can react correctly is best. This will help you both get a better understanding of the mechanic and rule workings. Makes it a better gaming experience. The scenario is an advanced situation. Seems like everyone is on the right track. Bottom line seems to be that the Malignos can hack the Swiss once he reveals.
  14. Agree that it would be option 3 the more common sense one.
  15. Hilarious... 😑