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  1. I use frequently the Nexus - specialist operative as LT and one or two times i tried the hacker version, every time it worked really well; the other lieutenant options are not for me, only once i tried the noctifer LT but nothing special
  2. I usually like to play the hyper-plasma-Skiavoros-lieutenant, the last time he/it did his work pretty well in cover+suppression in the middle of the table
  3. Another (not so practical) way to take out a single model from a link team is to spend an order on the link and leave, at the end of the order, one of the members outside ZOC during the coherency check so the link is not broken and the member is free to do what he want.
  4. Surely the Overdron with his two big guns on the shoulders and the Nexus Operative!
  5. But for their cost it is not a real problem, after all with ph12 it is more than a coin flip and if it land in the right place or with a lucky scatter throw you have a regular order for only 4 point.
  6. Hi Spellscape. As i know there is no way to give bonuses to the Imetron's landing, they must be deployed during deployment phase: "An AI Beacon must always be deployed with AD: Combat Jump, but its deployment is performed during the Deployment Phase. If its Dispersion means it falls off the game table, it must be considered lost and cannot be recovered during the battle. An AI Beacon must be assigned to a Combat Group, which cannot surpass the maximum of ten Orders. This piece of Equipment is vulnerable to E/M Special Ammunition and cannot be picked up with the Booty Special Skill.". So no Hacker programs can be used for them and also bonuses from evo repeater are not active during this phase.
  7. In N2 i used to deploy it more frequently than i do now with the new edition in wich i've tried the monomine version and the sniper one until now. I like to use the sniper version more than each other, surprise attack with a sniper rifle, maybe deployed in a tactical place also outside DZ, is always good. I've tried once the monomine option but I wasn't so impressed, it need surely some other trials to decide if it is useful as in the last edition or not but i don't think i'll do it soon. The boarding shotgun version seems tasty but a bit expensive, i prefer to use some other models for this role. Between FO and Hacker i prefer the second option, infiltration TO hacker with good WIP is a good weapon in many missions and usually i prefer to use the shrouded as FO more than Malignos. The LT and Combi version are not into my tastes so i don't really like to think about using them in this roles, there are surely better choices in the army.
  8. And the enemy troop in Lof with the one entering in suppression mode can make a free aro against it
  9. Thanks for the replies, now is all more clear. Te only doubt we had about surprise attack was raised from the phrase "...or another Special Skill that explicitly allows the user to make a Surprise Attack." of the Surprise Attack rule.
  10. So having my red monkeys martial art, in this situation, would it be also a surprise attack right?
  11. Ahaha I remember, it was during one of our first games played after the release of N3. The smoke and the engage action wasn't in the same order, the smoke was thrown as second short skill of one order and the engage was declared in another order during the same turn, so the smoke was already landed succesfully. if i remember right we played it considering the only possible Aros the CC attack or the shoot with -6 penality for the smoke, but we wasn't fully convinced about it.
  12. I've always considered the seed soldiers linkable only after they hatch, this is in my opinin the way to use them because in the seed embryo state they're not yet soldiers but only brainless eggs with a little sweet plant-alien sleeping into it; the same thing for the calibans, if you want to link them at first turn i think you must deploy only developed forms or hatching them with an order each one and then create the link with the liutenant order. For the camo link team rule i think it is also possible to use Bruant linked and camoed because, for my understanding of the rule, all the models under the camo are considered figures also if it are not physically on the game table. You can see this in the part of the faqs that talk about camo figures bigger than the camo itself, like the anathematic or the sphynx that also if represented by normal camo tokens they maintain all the restrictions of their width, but maybe it is only my point of view.
  13. Yes, when the active turn of the opponent finish you remove all the smoke templates, so in your active turn you must throw it again if you need it
  14. As you can read from the wiki under the shasvastii voice, here it is the answer: Spawn-Embryos can feed from the corpse of the fallen Shasvastii, so it is considered that no Shasvastii troop yields Victory Points to his enemy until his Spawn-Embryo has been wiped out. It is therefore considered that, to count VP for victory as for Retreat! Shasvastii have three levels: Unconscious, Dead, and Spawn. When the Shasvastii is Dead, replace it with a Spawn-Embryo Marker (SPAWN-EMBRYO). The Spawn-Embryo cannot move from its location, attack, or defend itself. It has ARM 0, BTS 0 and if it suffers one Wound it must be removed from the battlefield.
  15. For me is the Avatar, i like the model really much but i don't like the "Rambo" game style so 140-150 points in only one model are really too much; but maybe a day i'll try it...