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  1. @allisdust: I didn't really think of it that way, but now I can't unsee it. This is how I imagine a limited camoflauge troop would operate. Super cool! This pose is not at all what I was initially expecting when the release was rumored. I can only imagine what the MSR version will look like.
  2. Very cool! I will definitely pick one of thos bad boys up when it's released. @Guarda de Assalto: It certainly looks a bit more like a rifle than the one used by the Wu Ming, maybe this is a new direction?
  3. PM Sent. Got my last set of Minis in record time. Great service!
  4. Recieved my models last week. This is a great service! Thanks ChoKonnit!
  5. Hello Koni, I just recieved a mis-packed Yu Jing Su-Jian Immediate Action Unit. I sent an e-mail in the proper format. Hope to hear back in the next few weeks! Thanks for taking the time to post this thread, it was really helpful!
  6. I would like to lay claim to the following: Aragoto + cr Bao + bs Kempeitai + cr, ccw Gui Feng sniper Gui Feng hmg PM has been sent.