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  1. like this? SPEKTR (Deployable Repeater) Combi Rifle, E/Mauler / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 32) 0 SWC | 32 Points
  2. Looks closer to 55mm to me, i'd go for the long claimed Lizard resculpt.
  3. Meanwhile at CB's headquarter:
  4. I'd love to see this tiger next to a guijia, could make an awesome alternate torso for it if the scale fits!
  5. https://www.facebook.com/confrontationresurrection/?pnref=story No more infos, just hoping they will do a good job.
  6. "TAG" a friend who likes to crit' you!?
  7. Welcome! If you're looking for players in Paris you should register on the french forum too! http://www.bureau-aegis.org/forum/index.php
  8. Ariadna already have a scientific and military satellits system, its instalation was an early part of the "Instalation phase", it was those satellites that detected the Pan-Oceanian exploration Ship Niritti. Actually there's only one spaceport, it is under Matr's control, the Merovingian one is still a project,
  9. Not sure but that doesn't looks like a 25mm base, more 40/55!? Cutter resculpt?
  10. These points in pilot and remote pilots rules tends to say no: remote pilot: A TAG or Vehicle in a Null state is considered a casualty and therefore does not generate Orders in the Order count, even if the Remote Pilot is on the game table. In the same way, in this situation the Remote Pilot is considered neither a surviving trooper nor a casualty for Victory Points, Retreat!, or any other purposes pilot: The Pilot of an Unconscious Vehicle or TAG is not considered either as a survivor or a casualty for Victory Points, Retreat! or any other purposes.
  11. Hi toadchild, i was playing with kazak spetnaz and just noticed the HMG and sniper doesn't have the Ambush camouflage skill, also the skill doesn't includes the integrated CH lvl2 when used with Hardcases.
  12. Merovingia: Came for the paracommandos spam, stayed for the N3 moblots team!
  13. Soooo sappers in a foxhole can't declare discover?...
  14. C'mon CB you can't be serious! Being unable to create a 5men moblot team was one of the major flaw they had in N2 for me, why doing such a step backward!? I sincerelly hope that's just a mistake!