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  1. For this she should had been given an expressive face and an open mouth. i see none of that on this mini, just a bored face.
  2. oh by the way i forgot this one: I 300% miss the msv1 moblot profil, damn i even made a conversion for this one!
  3. That was a long skill allowing you to move your 1rst value, anyone on the way had to succeed a dodge to avoid you or an opposition roll with their CC vs your PHY to block you, any faillure means you take a hit with the TAG's PHY value as damage!
  4. I definitely miss the Overrun rule for TAGs! So few occasions to use it, but so much fun to had one!
  5. Hi Cho, i'd like to claim a reverend healer from icestorm and a grenzer!
  6. Mine arrived last saturday! Again, thank you CB for spoiling us sooo much!
  7. i'm intriged by the possibility of SAS being in TAK. They could have be named "scottish advanced/assault section but they're still called special ariadna service, wich ,in the name at least, give them a larger area of action than just caledonia. The other reason is their emblem composition, round shaped, with an emblem included in another round that have its lower part flattened, exactly the model used by almost all kazak units...
  8. Poor Joan, this time at least the doc who killed her wasn't from her side!
  9. Can you AD2 with a Duo? I'd say no because link creation specifically says you must place the leader token during deployment, but i'd like to be sure!? During the Deployment Phase, placing a Team Leader Marker (F: TEAM LEADER), or equivalent, next to one of the troopers that meet the Requirements of this rule.
  10. Set the unit menu to vertical, problem solved!
  11. Surprise shot is a short skill, spec shot is an entire order so i'm afraid you can't do this.
  12. like this? SPEKTR (Deployable Repeater) Combi Rifle, E/Mauler / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 32) 0 SWC | 32 Points