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  1. Thanks, I don't think I've had to use electric pulse since 2nd edition hence the bad memory. But I've got Penny heading towards a zondcat on the table right now (ran out of time to finish the game on Thursday so the final turns will be Monday night). Robert
  2. I think my remotes with electric pulse like this rule as well. Can someone confirm I have this correct? Penthesilea attacks a remote with electric pulse, CC22 -6 means if she rolls 16 or higher she gets hit by the pulse but the +2 means a roll of 14 or higher will result in her getting hit so high levels of CC don't provide any extra protection against electric pulse. Robert
  3. It certainly looks playable to me, the best way to be sure is to try a few games on it and see if any problems develop. Try some both with and without adding the icestorm pieces it will give you a feel for what changing the density does. Get a cheap piece of black or dark grey fabric to cover the table and don't worry to much about table size. You can always play 200pts if 300 seems too crowded. Go ahead and paint it, it will look so much cooler and you can always sand back the inside edges if it makes things a bit tight. Robert
  4. @Burp, Someone posted a link to the first stage scenario book on the NZ Infinity Facebook page. I downloaded it but didn't save the link. Robert
  5. But doesn't the Phantom Conflict predate first contact with the E.I. Robert
  6. I'm currently working through the Wotan scenario book with a friend, his Aleph vs my Corrigador. Obviously what we are gaming is the Phantom Conflict from the fluff where Aleph tried to take out the Nomad nation. So I started going over the fluff about that conflict and I have to say I think the writers have done a very good job about hinting at a much deeper game. The conflict started with the Violent Intermission; the supposed terrorist attack on a chaotic and disorganized Bakunin that caused the massive number of disparate elements that made up and were destroying the original experiment to band together against the outside threat and turn the social energy from a theory to a working reality. Having tested it's tactics and proved that the major powers wouldn't interfere Aleph then embarked on the Phantom Conflict in full and as a result the 3 ships pooled resources, joined forces and made enough back room deals to get themselves recognized as a sovereign nation with seats on O-12. So is Aleph chronically incompetent or does Aleph see a strong and stable Nomad nation as a necessity for humanities well-being and survival? It's an idea that certainly would fit with the idea of a powerful and manipulative A.I. that nevertheless has humanities best interests at heart. Comments please. Robert
  7. As an interesting piece of trivia the original batter used on deep fried fish was inedible, it served to stop the fish from falling apart in the fryer and you peeled it off to eat the fish. I think it took something like 30+ years of fish and chips before someone came up with an edible batter recipe. Robert
  8. There is a free papercraft one on genet models, available in a range of colours. Robert
  9. Yes just 1-2 firelanes with the intruder. That story with the Mobile Brigader suggests you may need to make an example of some of your dice with a hammer to encourage the survivors to roll better. Robert
  10. This is why I pair the intruder with the reaction bot to stop both of them from being hunted during my opponent's active turn. Robert
  11. You definitely want to try Morans, I agree with you about the models and use the Reverend Healers as proxies with scratch built spider bits as a non cute mobile bomb. The ability to place koalas on the mid line is great I often find the Intruder sniper to be a very useful piece for board control, for maximum effect pair with a reaction bot preferably one located directly above the other to make pie slicing even more difficult. Mobile brigada HMG is the way to go, you want your biggest infantry to have the biggest gun, or take the lot and alpha strike with a brigada link. I've had some success from alpha striking with a jaguar link, on turn 2 I will spend a command token to form an algucil or brigada link to do the game winning while the surviving jags just camp in front of the enemy deployment zone (or in it if they had a really god run) as a threat that my opponent can't ignore but digging them out will cost him a chain rifle to the face every time. If you can find a way to make the wildcat link work well done, it never does for me. Robert
  12. It's still military service, dangerous can come from surprising directions, I've had to bawl out suppliers for taking shortcuts across the hanger and walking right through danger zones during my time in the RNZAF.
  13. Have fun, feel free to PM me if you have any questions. Robert
  14. Here's my thread from when I was building her (just after the teaser art for the new design came out, I had about 9 months of being the only player in the world with the new Maggie). Robert
  15. Started with Pan-O/NCA then switched to Corrigador because the play style appealed more. I have 50 JCC nomads (including Icestorm generic nomads painted to proxy for Corrigador troops I dislike the sculpts of) and am now starting on ISS. I also have the Red Veil Haqq and a scratch built Maggie. Once Aleph gets its Vedic sectorial I will be tempted, and I keep looking at MO. Robert