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  1. Just as a related question what about impersonation markers, as your allowed to place Koala's in ZoC of allied troops that looks perfectly legal but still looks like it violates the spirit of the rules? Robert
  2. Rather than fighting with paperclips for cable get yourself some solder in the right gauge, nice and flexible, wont try to spring back. It makes adding cables and pipes a breeze. Robert
  3. If you like the rules but not the model just proxy something else. I don't like the look of the moran's or the koalas so my Corrigador collection includes 2 reverand healers with a pair of scratch built spider bots each and everyone seem happy with them. Robert
  4. Proxy your Grenzer sniper as an intruder sniper (assuming your not also fielding a Grenzer). Mulitple boxes usually don't give much benefit in Infinity, this game is about having a variety of tools in your toolbox. I played with minis from a variety of manufacturers until I knew I was keen to jump into the game so just use whatever you have to try a bit of everything before you buy. I still pull out proxies when I'm thinking of trying something new. Robert
  5. It is linked, it might be your phone that's the issue, try again when you get to a computer. Robert
  6. You might want to check out my spaceship terrain thread to see how I combined an inside table with multiple levels and all fully modular. Robert
  7. If your playing Corrigador just paint your Icestorm Grenzer sniper as an intruder, I did and no one complains since he can't be a grenzer in Corrigador no one can get confused. Your only other problem is the idea of purchasing minimum models, I started with the Corrigador starter and Icestorm and I now have 50 models in my Corrigador force talk about mission creep. Robert
  8. @Grant. Glad it worked for you. Honestly don't know but as soon as practical and for I guess 5 to 10 minutes should do it unless you've got some very slow curing superglue which kind of defeats half the reason for superglue. Robert
  9. The frosting from superglue is caused by the outgassing as it sets, so if you put it in the airflow from a small fan that will prevent the frosting. Robert
  10. Here's a couple of threads from The Bouboutique of the Caravansary page. Robert
  11. I hope for Mateyo's sake he's just joking.
  12. Not yet Luke.
  13. Brought it as my Christmas present to myself. Assembly was pretty easy although there are still a few glitches in the instructions, mostly part numbers not matching between the layout pages and the assembly instructions, nothing that wasn't obvious though. I'd recommend sanding down the inner section of the ramp as it's a tight fit and almost immobile once it has a coat of paint on it, but as it doesn't quite close fully it doesn't really matter. I left the extra seating and the hologame table out as I felt they reduced the available space for figures to much, expect to see them as a free standing piece of scatter terrain. Oh yeah, the cardboard cable runs on the engines were missing one of 4 identical pieces, I cut a replacement out of scrap but I really should send feedback to CNC miniatures. I snapped the longest antenna while pushing it into place and had to glue it on with some bracing but thats more about me rushing then any fault with the kit. All in all a beautiful piece of terrain and a fun kit to make and paint. Robert
  14. So having moved house I haven't had any time to make more scenery panels yet but I did get an addition for the table for Christmas A lovely little kit and it includes a wonderful easter egg. Robert
  15. Oh I agree the engineer is your standard infinity female, but I still hold that the DEP is sitting in the borderline and could easily be a woman under the armour. Robert