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  1. Wrong. BANG! As long as no one else posts at least
  2. And the pods are painted @Section 9, no I'm not doing anything like that due to the modular nature of it all, if proximity to emergency O2 is scenario critical I want control of where the O2 is. Otherwise the generic floor markings are assumed to include such info without tying me down to anything specific. Robert
  3. For my friends Aleph I used a circuit board style graphic print out (I've seen them mounted on circles cut from actual circuit board but that's a lot of work. Robert
  4. I mounted my order tokens on 3mm MDF circles that I cut out of an old drawer base using a 25mm hole saw. For my state tokens and markers i glued them to matte board (availiable free from most picture framers, just ask for the scrap off-cuts). Robert
  5. Here's the mostly finished pod bay so you can see the doors Robert
  6. @inane.imp Thanks. If you look at the bottom left of the top picture you can see the doors that will be placed in the bottom of the pod docks after I've painted their danger stripes. The idea is that the door snaps open the pod is fired out and the door snaps closed the second it's clear, you get enough pressure drop to sound an alarm but nothing disastrous. And considering that the abandon ship order has already been given if the pods are launching, if you haven't already sealed your helmet or grabbed an emergency one from the nearest locker what are you doing in space anyway. And Mob of blondes just spotted them as I'm typing. Special rules are on a game by game basis, I just finished playing through the first set of Wotan missions on the board and haven't gone crazy on special scenarios yet. Still need to make some engine bay pieces and a set of airlocks for when playing inside/outside games and then will consider the board done. Robert
  7. Next update, just a bit of detailing left on the last pod before panting and the bay itself is a drybrush away from detail painting. Robert
  8. Hi Bugbait, No room for a light, it would take out structural material. I've never had any problem with matt board going fuzzy. Robert
  9. Pod 6 is going to have an open hatch and that means I have to make an interior Added seats and scrounged my bits box for suitable techno-greeblies to give it the right look. Now waiting for the glue to dry so I can paint the interior before I glue the outer panels in place. Robert
  10. We get the anti-noise brigade in NZ as well, Western Springs stadium had been a speedway venue for 70 years when the residents got all uppity over it. My favorite though was the personal experience of having a noise control officer turn up 11pm to tell us we had to reduce the noise or he was empowered to take away our noisy device. We pointed to the P3 Orion doing engine runs on the other side of the runway and asked "How?". We told him to go back to the complainer and ask them if they knew anyone with a yacht because we were trying to get the thing serviceable to search for a missing boat and how would they feel if their friend got lost because they got precious about the noise at a 80 year old airfield that they only brought a house next to in the last decade. Robert
  11. Nope doesn't work, just invites me to join the group which isn't really worth it to see one picture. I have enough of an issue with the NZ group I belong to constantly telling me about games 400km from my address without hearing about games on the other side of the world. Robert
  12. @Brimat I've found an x-acto knife with a square chisel blade quite effective at removing heads intact. Robert
  13. Yes the pods will be kept removable and I was thinking in terms of scenarios, but your idea of additional points for captured models is a great one. Robert
  14. I was thinking more of the 2004 Appleseed movie where the location of the bioroid data was hidden on an abandoned oil rig. Robert
  15. Looks interesting, any plans for railings/walls around the walkways to break up the upper level lines of sight? Robert