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  1. Oh wow. amazing change just from adding the corrugated cardboard roof edges. You sir are a genius. Robert
  2. I was in the same boat as the OP's friend when I first got caught by this, very nearly threw my toys out of the cot. I've since learnt not to sit within 4" of a corner without a backup plan and I've used the rule myself against others. It's that first time when you go "but I thought I'd done everything right to cover that corner." that hurts, then you learn the rule and get a feel for it and everything is all right on the tabletop again. Robert
  3. DA Taihia equipped units for the win. Robert
  4. If you click the edit button on your first post you should get the option of editing the title as well as the post. Robert
  5. No you have to meet the requirements for stealth to apply and that means no LOS. Robert
  6. Welcome along. All the rules are free including the quick start rules so if you want to try before you buy just download those and use whatever figures you have lying around as proxies. The CB thought police will not come knocking on your door if you try out the game with green plastic army men. Having said that if you can find an experienced player in your area to walk you through your first few games it's a lot easier than doing all the hard work with the rulebook yourselves. Robert
  7. Captain Spud, I couldn't resist doing a quick 3D of the designs in SketchUp to see how they would look as a layout. Hope it helps with your motivation. Robert
  8. And if the head isn't bad enough you also have tities on a robocat. I'm on the hunt for a couple of robotic arms that I can hang from the zondcats backpack to have a hovering quadcoptor servant bot. Robert
  9. That's not bad going for a day, my space station table took 4 or 5 months to reach playable and the better part of a year before all the must have bits were done. 6 months on and I still have a couple of unfinished sections I want to add. I think your biggest lack on the table is height, you have no third dimension and it's amazing how much more fun Infinity is once you start playing with elevation. Some gantries and catwalks around the larger areas with perhaps a few connecting bridges between areas would take it from fun to play on to amazing to play on. Robert
  10. Ah of course, the computer is trying to think for me instead of doing as it's told. Common problem. Thanks
  11. Can anyone explain why hitting the random page button on the infinity wiki always takes me to the entry for dead? Robert
  12. Have you considered changing dice? Or at least dropping the ones you have in salt water and checking their balance. Robert
  13. I got told that you need to avoid startling the bears so you should wear small bells, and carry pepper spray in case that doesn't work. Of course it is important to know what sort of bears are in the area and you can determine this by studying their droppings, if the droppings contain rabbit fur and berry seeds then they are from a black bear and if they contain small bells and smell of pepper they are from a grizzly bear. Robert (who lives in NZ and doesn't have to worry about anything more dangerous than sheep)
  14. Do you mind Zagdag, I just did an image search on scholars rocks and now I want to make mountain terrain as well. Robert
  15. I love the idea of the upper and lower class levels and I seriously want to steal it. My only problem is I'm still finishing my spaceship board and already have plans to rebuild my Mars/asteroid board once that's done since the mars board was made for combat zone and is only 3'x3'. So many projects so little time. Robert