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  1. I think it's more a crash through than a vault when you consider the size and power, game effect is pretty much the same. Robert
  2. Yeah, can't shoot behind yourself if your opponent just sneaks on his way. Looks like we both had it right but both only explained half the rule, lazy typists I guess. Robert
  3. I ha a friend ask if this was legal a few weeks ago after seeing it in a podcast. Search didn't find this thread so I started a new one (got the same answer) and now this one jumps back to the top, weird. Robert
  4. @BarroghThe final bullet point of SSL1 reads; When attacked with a template weapon from outside his LoF but within his ZoC, the user may ignore the -3 MOD to Dodge a template from outside his LoF @Caducus the second to last bullet point of SSL1 is; In the Reactive Turn, Sixth Sense L1 allows its user to delay his ARO declaration until after the declaration of the second Short Skill of the enemy inside his Zone of Control. There is no requirement that the second skill declaration be an attack, your confusing SSL1 with delaying due to camo or impersonation. Robert
  5. I spent a bit of time thinking about workable spaceship terrain for Infinity, aiming for a Babylon 5 feel mix of corridors and more open spaces. Here is what I came up with. It gives you the option to make it as open or as tight as you need for the particular scenario. I have used the space hulk tiles in games but I used them as a sewer layer on a second table connected to the street table by manhole markers so there was a good mix of terrain types. Made for a fum game as you had to either cover all the manholes that could threaten your troops or push some of your own troops into the sewers to contest them that way. Robert
  6. While double dipping on the rolls never occurred to me I think it could be a neat and characterful addition to allow a WIP bonus for having your remote in BtB with the model your healing/repairing since you could use it as a spare set of hands to hold things in place while you stitched or did up fasteners etc. Leads to some interesting choices as well, as in: do I need that model back badly enough to spend the extra order to run the G:servant back to the doc and then risk having to run it forward again if I take another casualty? Robert
  7. The other factor to consider in points cost is the feel of the game that CB wants. As there is no one list to rule them all and indeed many people who insist that a winning list is impossible in Infinity I don't think you have much need for this worry. While cheap chain rifle troops are very good for their cost the're not an auto win button and there are many counters to them. The game remains an interesting tactical problem and you have to come prepared to face them but still have counters to everything else that could come up instead. I'd guess that this is exactly where CB wants the game to be and personally I think it works fine. Robert
  8. With that colour scheme you should add a football to at least one of the bases.
  9. So my friend has expanded his Aleph force and here are the latest additions. And the Rebots with magnetized weapon tails. Robert
  10. Basically you can't. You go with what fits your head cannon. The models are playing pieces sized to look good and not cause to many oddities in the game. Consider it another corner of the ground scale/figure scale issue. Robert
  11. I'm older than section 9, but as I don't drink and I play with toy soldiers it's generally considered i stopped maturing about age 8. And that's including 17 years military service. Robert
  12. So my friend Glenn has added to his Aleph force and while painting them I've magnetized the Rebots to give him all 4 options, just required that I threw an extra tail piece together out of plastic sheet. Robert
  13. @Macfergusson Good enough for me, but we have seen some very literal interpretations of English on this board lately and I'm just trying to lock this beyond reproach. Robert
  14. All it says is you choose initiative not that you declare it but I agree that it makes more sense if the declaration is part the initiative phase. Robert
  15. So my friend whom I'm playing tonight just watched a you tube game where the player who choose initiative didn't declare whether they were taking first or second until after deployment was completed. Reading the rules it doesn't seem to say that this is wrong but I've always seen it played that the decision is made before deployment which allows both players to deploy based on that decision (ie. set up for ARO's, valuable pieces prone etc). Can someone confirm one way or another which is correct? Robert