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  1. With Strikezone:Wotan only hours away I wanted to share a very cheap and quick to produce Space Mat. On top of this you can add spaceships, random industrial terrain, or even cram together rocks and hills to make an asteroid. A different mat can also be laid half over this one to look like the edge of a space station. Materials cost around $5. Supplies: Acrylic paint Felt 2 x Paint brush A jar of water Spray cans Cardboard First there is felt. No picture for this, but I used just black quilter's felt at a cost of $3.50 with a cupon. You could use cotton or something else if you like. I hate the feel of felt personally, but I feel like it take the paint better, and it is certainly cheaper. This stuff comes in 72" wide by however many inches you buy. Always a good idea to maybe go a little wider than 4 feet, and either re cut it or let it hang over the edge. You can't always trust the retailer to be precise on their cuts. PROTIP: go through all the steps of this on your felt using small corners of it first. If you do not like the result, keep trying until you get it right then, flip the felt and make the real board on the far side. Next for the stars there is acrylic paint and water. They ratio of water to paint is going to vary a lot. I used 3ml (2/3 tsp) of paint to 30 ml (1 table spoon) of water but you will want to experiment to get the ratio right. If you use too little the stars will be faint. If you use too much (or even straight paint) then they will look like paint blotches. You want a little variation in them so that some are bright and some a darker to add "realism" a weird term to use here. Once you have mixed your water and paint take the brush in a light grip, a medium amount of water (dip the whole thing and lit it drip) then tap the edge of the wet brush against the handle of another brush, or a piece of wood. Here is a picture of the grip. Paint will go EVERYWHERE so wear an apron or old clothing. A little experimentation will let you get the hang of it. I find it looks best of have some clusters and some more empty spots. You should also give yourself enough room to go all around the mat and tap from different angles. This will keep it from looking two dimensional. At this point the project is done, but for the extra sci-fi you can add nebulae with a spray can. Cut a piece of cardboard or card to a wobbly shape. Make sure that you give yourself a lot of space on the flat end (the right side of this picture) and that you are not in a windy place, otherwise you can end up with paint on the far side of the nebula. This is all normal spray paint but I find that the glossy kinds and bright colors look the best. Spray from a far distance and hit the areas closest to the card the hardest or multiple passes. It also can look good to give a few hits from very far above the mat and fanning out along the "fuzzy" side of the nebula. The "sharp side" of the nebula (which you are covering with the cardboard) should be kept covered until you are done. Allow an hour or so to dry. And the finished mat: You can go back and add stars later if the ones on the mat didn't come out right. I strongly recommend doing the back side of the cloth first. in a best case scenario (it looks right the first time) you can do the far side with different colors, or no nebula (or tons more) to give a different look to the board. See you in Space.
  2. Sad news, but likely proof that they intend new spec ops + paradiso will be released in 2017. Of course, I could be crazy. So for this month we have possible renders of: Riot girls CHA volunteers Airborne molotok Zhanying Sukael We also have unreleased sniper shots. A 40mm base with nomad basing standing on an ammo box tac junk (taskmasters) Any other sniper shots we have seen that are yet to drop?
  3. Subliminal carlos? Any one else see that? Edit: cancel conspiracy theory, my phone was just screwing up. This all looks very awesome. Hopefully I can be more all in this year!
  4. Find some other folks and bundle together to save shipping. I am working on that now for the PDX area
  5. Thanks for saving me the time /trouble : )
  6. Thank you Kan for saving me a post : ) @Col what he said basically. I could see a box of three models plus a nulifier or something annoying like that. The better route that I hope they do is a spec ops blister with combi and a later spitfire model blister. But who the hell knows...
  7. My understanding on ALIVE was that only one model would be released as picked by the Interplanetary winner, though I dont recalll which thread that was in. They also could have changed their plans too... On the month: Wouldnt be suprised to see an Ariadna repack. Two SAS, or Zouvas, or dozers, or 2 scouts would be awesome. 2 x SAS seems pretty likely though given Caledonia releases.
  8. IIRC we are getting a Nexus as a spec ops blister first, so likely its going to be with a campaign system update. That could be part of Strikezone Wotan (god I hope so) or whenever N3 Paradiso comes out (winter?). A spec ops would probably be all I really need though. I have been using the spitfire in a Unidron link, or the Hacker, but not usually both. I am hoping this month will see a Shikami, missing spec ops (USA and Nexus) and maybe a Sakiel Box so people stop asking for it. But what would I LIKE to see? 3-5 point filler model for CA in the style of Techbee or Warcore. Yeah, I know there are already Hungries in that niche, but only for vanilla CA and an Exrah drop coordinator or some kind of Batroid or Umbra "observer" would be awesome
  9. Most of the terrain used for the photos is set peices. Carlos posted an article to the main CB site a while back on how he takes photos that showed the terrain "broken down" and it is all suprisingly smaller and piecemeal than I expected. There was also an article on the tohaa cemetery a while back which showed some of it up close. My understanding from this is that photo shoot terrain is different than day to day game terrain. I would expdct the interplanetary likely includes some of their studio terrain for reasons of cost and efficency if nothing else. Now that I think about it, there was a big CB vs Fans special senario late last year they linked to the main page. IDK where it was played, but if it was in house the likely you are looking at their terrain in those picks
  10. Please do! The ads are linked above. Now that they have expanded their list of subsidiaries I might make some more (and larger) ads. As a note Antenocities awesomely granted permission to use their logos. Just please don't sell them etc.
  11. EDIT @jherazob I am mistaken here. Weirdly, it seems that my source was you, in this thread refering to "he specifically said removing HD+". But from the context of the previous post I read it as "Bostria is specifically saying" in the seminar and not "other guy in this thread is specifically saying." Sorry bout that. My cube must be compromised. Better trigger protocol 23.
  12. Posthumans at ava 2 is kinda like the fabled ava 2 Assult Pack. I would love it to happen but it would proabably wreck the game. I am hoping that when the Asura looses the hd hacking device the Deva will gain one, or some Baird style profiles with bonus programs. Also, while I am probably in the minority saying this: I would love to see a White Hacking device Deva or Devanas. Devanas speculation: Naga stats, dogged, Minimitism, marker. 20 points.
  13. No seriously, those look awesome, all it needs now is a spotlight and a HMG on the end like a coast guard boat Just an idea for this board: electric tea light candles like the ones linked below would be an awesome way to make light up buoys. You can usually find them at the $1 (or 1€, 1£, 100¥) shop. They would not offer too much linear cover but would look cool. Keep up the awesome work!
  14. June 26th according to my FLGS, at least, thats when my preorder arrives
  15. Sort of threadomamcy but: with Aristeia hype I got excited for this board and added some more terrain. A lucky find at the second hand store let me double the amount of cover pieces and I have also added a large central piece (18x24 inches) that elevates a 2x2 foot section of the board. This fixed a lot of cover problems the board was having. As a happy coincidince, the elevation peice is a box to carry the board when not in use. I also got a several meter long light cord to incorporate but haven't figured out how exactly to do it yet. It also needs a few more bits of small blocking terrain. I'll add more picks tomorrow, but @WiseKensaidid an awesome battle report on the revised board. He posted it in the bat rep section but here is a link so you dont have to dig. He included lots of pics and some cool flash fiction based on the action.