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  1. That is a gorgeous table! I loved the look of that terrain when I first saw it. Nice to see it in the wild. The set seems like it makes for some cool lines of fire. Thanks for sharing!
  2. Hey @The Looper, the rust colored boxes, third pic down. Those are some kind of outlet boxes right? Do you know the kind? Also, what about the round ones? I think I wanna buy some of those.
  3. My Prior: I almost always use two shrouded. They are boss in so many ways. Everyone above has mads good points about the Zerat and all are quite valid. If I can offer comentary on the Hacker, I think she is not bad. Stop! Is an awesome Hacking ARO, and D-charges on a hacker means she can do all but three of the Classifieds. She also has a combi and minmicism so she can Supression fire midfield and be an annoyance. Shrouded can do that too, and better, but she is not a bad investment. Last of all, the combi/flamer infiltrator is a rare combo, and I feel could be used to great effect. At least, it sure sucks when Ariadna uses them on me, and I feel someone in the sphere must be kicking ass with that profile.
  4. I feel like I see a Firefly class transport in the center in orange. Also damn certain there is one of the CIC screen from Battlestar in there but can't find a good enough shot online to be sure. Excellent work.
  5. time for more updates: I have been out of comission for the past week, but finally getting back to work on the project. I'll be really excited to have it done. Five more pieces painted (the ones from 4/11 update) here are three of them: One has a hole through the center to allow for LoS, but I included sections in the pile wide enough for a base to encourage models to get up close: The other 4 pieces are all made to block a silhouette 4 or lower: They are also flat enough and wide enough to place models on top of them for elevation. There are several point on them where models can vault up rather than having to use a climb skill, but since they block up to S4 there is an advantage to having Super Jump or Climb+ if you come from some angles. I have yet to attach magnet tape to all the piles, but once I do I may put a contact point or two on these heaps to facilitate attaching bridges. Pieces on 4/6 are also painted. This week I am hoping to paint the nesting boxes and I am working on some collapsible hills to cover an area greater than 6x6 and 3" high. That should complete the vertical part of the board. After that all that should be left is small scatter, ladders, and the boom crane. Oh, and an objective room. I spent about an hour arranging all the pieces completed to date so that they can fit into a single box for storage and transport and I cannot stress enough how good an idea this was. It made me realize which pieces need some extra padding, and which were really efficient in their design. Thanks for looking, and comments/suggestions welcome.
  6. awesome way to make something out of nothing! I feel like there are competing aesthetics in infinity: on the one hand it is a scifi game and the gleaming futuristic city-scapes are captured really well by all the mdf terrain out there. On the other hand, Infinity is also a cyberpunk game (maybe Sci-fi punk, almost?) and the extreme urban decrepitude, worn down colonies, and cities of the abandoned and powerless should be dark and oppressive. These pieces capture that side of the game really well. Keep up the good work.
  7. The kickstarter used the term "early release" which implied to me that there was no difference, but I could be recalling wrong. I COULD just look up the kickstarter page but that feels like a lot o effort at the moment. Not to start something : but the new paint on the old Zerats is making me want to own/play them. And yes, I know that is unreasonable.
  8. Thanks for the heads up on that. For some reason I did not think that applied to G-Servants. Now I gotta apologize to somebody... @Stiopa above has a really central point about playing Shas there: encouraging order inefficiency in your opponent is very key. If they have to spend 3-4 orders to kill 1 order, you are in a good place.
  9. Same as @SinJ says, pretty much double Q drones are very helpful. Personally I would drop either the ML or Spirtfire noctifer for a second Q drone and another slave bot for Dr. Worm. I would also put the doc into combat group 2 with the two Ikadrons. There are a few reasons for this. 1: healing models is order inefficient and you dont want to rob your main group for it . 2: the slave bots are helpful as sacrifices to mines, koalahs, or discover checks vs incoming camo troops (your biggest weakness when playing SEF) 3 remember Cautious Movement skill. This can get your drones into better positions upfield, and healing through them means you can spend a command token for rerolls. On seeds: the only reason I ever take one is for a LGL as it can be fired indirect and is not hackable. Often this is a good way to burn orders with other factions if you like where you are positioned with 1-2 orders left, but with Shas there is always a mine to lay, a guy to camo etc. If you want a cheap trooper to add, I recomend a M drone. Its 17 points of awesome tool box and offers your best answer to ODD. With a R drone to match you can counter camo and get twk orders for 25 points. Not bad. On killing big things: monofiliment is the way to kill tags. Speculo Killers and Mono mine Malignos are the best deployment methods, in that order. On Minelayers: most people say 2 is unnecessary, and the SWC does hurt sometimes. I like the option of 2 minelayers because it lets me feel I can leave one mine backfield to watch my commander or flanks. I always do a denied flank with Shas (too few models to play otherwise) and the disadvantage of that is ceeding drop zones for AD or camo infiltration paths. A mine and/or mine shrowded can stop those. General advice: 1: boarding shotguns are fantastic, especially since Speculos and malignos can get up close with them risk free. 2: once you remove the enemies Visor options, milk your TO models for all they are worth (cf BSG malignos above) 3: you can use coordinated orders to recamo multiple models even if they are Camo and TO (there is no skill used just the "Camoflage again" action. Note that this doesn't include Impersonate Again, which is a different action). Other good coordinated orders include: Auto medikit, or Supression fire. A shrouded in cover and SF is a fantastic speed bump -9 (!) to shoot them for most troops and you shooting back B3. SF is also nice for the Q drones if you have no other targets. You can always cancel it if an opponent is too far away, and it helps avoid getting caught in a bad range band by close models. As a final note: if you are not confident with camo games, I suggest checking out The Way of the Dude in the Yu Jing Forums where Dude lays out how to use Ninjas. Most of his text applies well to SEF in general and Speculo killers specifically. Nothing like teeljng your opponent that they have to roll a response at -9 while you roll CC at 23 with monofilament ]:) ...and welcome to the Shaz party.
  10. Thanks for the heads up on the Remote Presense TAGs. So just to be clear on this: effectively, he pilot is not a trooper by itself and doesn't generate an order (its the TAG that does) so the pilot is stuck in a grey area where no one can spend orders on it. But let me ask another follow up question: lets say A Guija pilot has dismounted. After dismounting an Anathematic catches both the pilot and TAG with a Sepsitor templateand both fail their BTS. 1. Can this even happen? The term Trooper is used throughout the sepsitor rules. But the TAG has a cube which messes this whole thing up. 2. Can I mount the pilot in the TAG? If I can't Sepsitorize the TAG (see 1 above) I could see that preventing the action, but there is nothing in the pilot rules that would seem to prevent this.
  11. So a question like this was asked last year but didn't cover everything, and given the new focus on pilots it seemed worth reasking. If a TAG gets sepsitorized and enters the sepsitorized Nulm state what happens to the pilot? 1: is the pilot still an enemy trooper or are they sepsitorized because the TAG has been 2: if the pilot is still an enemy can the enemy eject them? Can I eject them to kill them (say for Extreme Prejudice? 3: are these rules different for Remote Presense TAGs? While the idea of a pilot trapped in a sepsitorized machine powerless to stop its rampage is awesome to imagine, it does create some rules issues. Thanks for any responses
  12. Staying flat on a ring is easy @Section 9 LOTS of blue tac. Most infinity models weigh little enough that this can work. Option two: if you have just one coridoor for the hab ring, run a strip of magnet tape down the center of it and put magnets below the bases, or tape magnets on before play (they will stick through the tape). I did this for a board I am working on (both variations ) with some success. Of course, it doesnt work for tags...
  13. Last time you wrote about sub interiors I almost started another board. You gotta cut that $hit out Section-9. I have razor thin self control over here as it is...
  14. @Toaster that would require a lot more space than I have... but the idea is sound. I might try using some short boxes and anchoring scrap to their walls. That would allow me to stack stuff below them. Update: Finally painted the wall features and experimented with some new corrosion colors to give them points that stand out. They are large enough to block LoS to size 4 most of the time and size 8 on the largest parts. These are made from starwars fighters picked up for $2.50 each second hand. I took them apart, removed the insides, and cut the ships in half down the middle. This made two sets of identical "shells" that could be closed up with glue, screws, and plasticard on the bottom. Picture here shows the seam from above. I really like how the rust came out on these. Thanks for looking.
  15. Yoink. Stolen. Thanks for the idea.