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  1. I use blue or green, or gold metalic craft paint and then hit it with colored inks to get cool effects. I have seen some really cool work done (I think by @TheDiceAbide ) with smokey finishes on an airbrush to get some amazing camo effects. There are lots of tricks out there, my suggestion is play around and see what you can do. You might just find the new hotness show it to us all
  2. Fantastic work as always! This project is making it hard to tell that the models are not being photoshopped onto real city streets. Re: flickering lights: battery operatrdtea light candles can be found at most $1 shop (or your local €1, £1, ¥100 version) and most have a flicker efffect. They come in yellow, but behind the right colored sign it might look good. They also make rainbow lights in about the same size which I am using to make a pachinko parlor. A yakuza gambling den might be a good addition to your slum ; )
  3. Ifeel like Wallace and 2xDogwarriors or Cameroniand is good. The extra wounds and impetuous order are both nice. The package averages under 30 points a piece and all three make good datatrackers. After that? No clue. 2 x Spetsnaz and other stuff depending on your missions.
  4. Cool, thanks. That partially explains whats happening anywhay. I dont know what people like me did in times before the internet, wikipedia, or encyclopedias. Probably were a lot more productive I guess.
  5. So not critical or important and thus not in the Maya thread, but has anyone else ever gotten negative numbers of notifications? Screen shots are giving me problems right now but on my android the red popups for notifications is reading -1 which is just... weird. Since I am overly curious, anyone know why that happens?
  6. Thanks for that context. That sounds like it might also prevent some perverse insentive for rules creep. IE "we want to do this in plastic so we need to make it very good in the game to assure sales."
  7. I feel your analysis here is pretty solid. With Wyrd the switch to plastics was instructive to this discussions. It was (in my opinion) a huge increace in quality of design and aesthetics. It also has meant some quicker turn around in design and some cool multipart options (see through the breach) on the horizon. However, with less control they have had scale creep and, as @Mob of Blondes notes, significant shipping delays and scarcity issues. Other companies have run into simmilar problems (dp9 comes to mind, and PP supposedly had problems with the mkiii plastics which have a copyright stamp several years earlier than their release) CB seems to be working on ironing out problems before relasing anything AND has given no indication that everything is going plastic any time soon. Easy to assemble plastics are great for a wider appeal product which Aristeia could be. Honestly, the bigger thing people might be missing is that if this risk works (ie the game is a success) then the company may be able to support other side projects. I would love an Infinity Space ship game, cyberpunk heist board game, paradiso strategy game (visions of bases full of 10mm morats), or fastasy games. Those other projects will not be stand alone wargames with massive model lines. They could be smaller release or self contained boardgames. They would need less space, set up time, cash investment, and playtime. I would love that from infinity, and if Aristeia is the test of that concept, then I hope its a massive success. Last comment: results aside though, I love to see a company carefully taking risks. No one is saying that the Alive movies are good cinema or that Outrage is going to win an Eisner. They are both cool (one in a wonkey way, the other because of its design). Aristriea is another example of careful risk from the company that made a game based on negotiated risk. For that alone it is exciting.
  8. Agreed thats a bit of a jump. Then again, having worked in casting I can tell you that the costs of individual components in terms of casting time, failure rate, and metal vary widely and we also dont know how CB incorporates production costs into model price (ie if it takes months to design something does that labor need to be recouped from the final cost). All that said this is still a fantastic argument for a Krazy Koala blister pack... please? Porfavor? Kudasai? That blackjack looks frigging sweet. I was actually not to excited about the renders but seeing it painted helps.
  9. Havig played both I can agree with that, sort of? Morats are very much an attrition force but not in the pan-o way. They rely on impetuous, the general awesomeness of Datarazi, and mines. Lots of mines. But everything you have (minus a singke drop trooper) is on the table. I feel like the strategy with both Morats and Shasvastii is unique and both have significant weaknesses (by design of course.) But the strategy with morats is easier to crack since you dont have to worry aboit your own meta game. With Shasvastii I am constantly thinking about where my camo is going to go and what my opponent will think they are looking at. You can crumple fast, especially to shock heavy armies, and some match ups are hell (moran with koalas gives me fits ) With Morats its about trying to win through swarm and spam (as much as CA can do so), force unfavorable FtF (HMG vs a line trooper, Datarazi in Melee) or strike without concequences (mines, specfire grenades, a 7 point dogged hungry breaking the lines). It is easier to figure out how to do this than it is with SEF. However, I do think that both mercs (when allowed) and singke combat group lists are big buffs for SEF so they might do a little better now.
  10. These models look awesome! I dont really understand why people were so offended by this concept especially since they had not yet bought these models. But hey, different strokes for different folks. I can't wait to play this game, and hope to get a demo in soon. As an aside, i was not very excited about 8-ball but the model has brought me back around. Hexer and pavarti too, look awesome. Maximus is the only pass for me.
  11. Rechargeable station. I would get wooden rounds from a craft store. You can usually find them in a variety of styles. I would use a hole punch on thick card, put a circle on top of each. Paint in single color and put a pair of dots on the top, maybe a bright spot like a light on the side. stack them in the container as if they are batteries or compressed tanks there to charge. A small control panel added on the side would complete the look.
  12. That would be a cool/dark change for her character and while I want adhesive, pitchers, repeaters, and pandas I would still be happy for a cheap killer hacker.
  13. I would totally convert a bunch of yuan yuan out of various drop troops just to make that list. However, yeah, i think this extra is not going to be used all that much because EVERYONE has room for Yuan Yuans.
  14. Specifically : "Unless otherwise stated, players cannot add Mercenary Troops to any Combined Army or alien Army List" Emphasis my browser being stupid noy me being loud. That was my local warcors understanding. But if you confirm it IJW then hell, i am glad to be wrong!
  15. 1 SWC for all of them BUT on closer reading it looks like CA are specifically forbidden from taking human mercs. No yuan yuan for us aliens Now, eating action yuan yuan might be an awesome model to make into an Impersonation 1 marker...