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  1. Like ALEPH of course! She fights every day to protect humanity from harm. Just be sure to keep your data synched and monitoring software up to date and no harm will befall you. Seriously though, its a cyberpunk game. There are no good guys, just less bad guys. It's messy, convoluted, and truth is often based on your perspective. Want an honest faction that always plays by the same rules and follows its law to the letter? See Morats. Great guys. When a Morat comes to kill you, you can be certain that it isnt at the behest of a criminal syndicate or a corrupt politician. It's under orders and guidance from a strictly followed judical code that has remained intact for longer than humans have existed. I am fine with real bad guys (shasvastii, Umbra, Hexas, the Trimvate, Druze) but leave the good guys out of it. It makes for a hard scrabble scifi future where acts of bravery or selflessness stand out all the more for their rarity. On topic: couldnt the "Aliens hidden within human society" in the Betrayal fluff be Tohaa clones as much as Speculo Killers? That would be a nice bait and switch for when all the Backd00r data gets revealed.
  2. Would ya mind linking the design? Asking for a friend
  3. Two (including his LT) and three midfield. I suppose I should have been a little more clear. I essentially mean "I should have killed the things that were not Brigadas." Which having one of them under a camo marker helps to protect.
  4. I respect y'all's opinions, but I love the sphinx. I especially love that its specialist remote is actually just the arm which detaches and transforms. That is so frigging cool/cheesey. I would like to see a more dynamic Jotumn though
  5. @WiseKensai good write up, as usual. On the brigada I agree with most of your anaylsis. I SHOULD have made putting them into supression fire a mistake. Instead I just chose some risky counters that didnt work well. I could have forced you to leave supression or let a Spetznaz walk passed them and get to the backfield. I think this scenario you played the link well. By jamming it onto my objective but straggling enough to still threaten the middle, you gave me the "High Threat" tunnel vision. On the Antipode Charge: I am generally of the opinion that I shouldnt touch them till turn 2, but the chance to kill the only visible LT profile seemed worth it, doubly since the link was on my side of the board and the BSG was the biggest threat to my order pool. Going after the rest of the link after that was a mistake. I could have done much better by killing the BSG, then focusing on making it into your backfield and wrecking the order pool. To it: your Moran Masaii and mine layer speck ops were well placed to prevent that, so good list comp and play there too. As is usual with HI links, the order pool is still the vulnerable part. If I had thrown Dog warriors at your order pool instead I think it would have changed things
  6. This. This alot. Also, have we recived any idea of what the Spetznas breakdown is? Seems like a weird choice when they could have done it for the SAS (since they were on a Caladonia kick) or Dozers who are begging for a two pack. And while I understand that @strapingyunglad and I are the only two people in the world excited for it: I am totally excited for Neema.
  7. Thanks for doing this! Not as user friendly as @Captain Spuds hacking helper, but I know an engineer who didnt like that sorting system and will really like this one. I appreciate your work here
  8. I just put the starter box's plasma rifle arm and put it on the HMG arm. It looks great and he looks pretty hacker like. Magnets ftw
  9. Keep up the good work! This is amazing stuff
  10. Sounds like the 26th is when they start through retailers. Warcores got them early, as they usually do. My warcore got one yesterday, brought it straight to the game store and we played it same day. Hopefully you can have the same luck Peirzasty
  11. Got a chance to play Aristeia today with my local warcor. The game is fantastic, and exceeseded my expectations which is cool since I was already pretty excited for it. More on gamepaly in a minute but first on the quality of contents: The models, as other people have noted, are fine despite the material. The other contents are very well done, especially the card art. I was really impressed with the vibrancy of the color and the illustrations. They really convey the tone of the setting: high energy and sugary. I want to have some time to pour through the art more and I kinda want a deck just to make into vid screens for my infinity table. There is also a full color booklet with the character backstories and set up fiction in a sportscenter style. Also, one of the announcers is an homage to Ruby Rod and you gotta love that. The game play is flat out awesome. The demo runs you through a script that teaches the game well and it came with a allhabetized booklet of rule terms, states, etc (and there is an appendix, a good addition ). It was really easy and quick to look things up. I am sure everyone has watched the videos by now, but I feel like the dice mechanics offer a ton of room for expansion and tactical choices. Lots of abillities let you spend dice results to get effects, and I found myself in a situation where I cpuld have used a block to save myself from damage but instead chose to use the result to move a into a better board position. It makes you make hard choices just like infinity. Also, corvus belli has done some really cool things with movement: pushing models, free moves from abillities, actions that switch places. The game board has the vibrant feel of infinity where something is always happening for both sides. I realize I sound like a fanboy to some, but man this game is fun.
  12. A woman, see the art above. Frankly I am frigging (pun intended) excited to see more of that model. Brianne of Svarlhiem sounds like a good addition to the game. So uh, far left is a female wulver right? Far right, gorilla drone? On top of the drone-rilla, chinese sorcerer, like cyber lo pan?
  13. I do tjink you are right, mostly, Kazaks are pretty damn good already Single Vet in a Line Kazak link has already been mentioned by CB but I strongly suspect it will follow the model ISS (LT only) which would be a nice balance. They really don't need much to be a fine force. I have been playing just Kazak units this season and I do fine with them. That said: duo Dog soldiers and Vet Kazak harris would be awesome, but antipode cav would kill my intrest entirely.
  14. My phone hates the quote system. This could be one of my trademark "complete lies" where I horribly misread or misunderstood something, but my understanding was that the con-where Hospitalers were revealed we were also told there wpuld be something big at the end of the year. Again, could be remembering wrong but mayacast made some comment about having to sit on some info. If I have insomnia I will go sort myself out and mention you @YoJamesBo More I think about it, the more a "campaign system" retrofit would make sense to drop then. We are only short one spec ops, and it drops in december...
  15. I theorize we might see the fabled HI starter boxes (invincible army and possibly Varuna) start soon. We have been prpmised something big this year for holidays and a few new starters could be that