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  1. Let us all hope it is a glorious sign that they have seen the wisdom of their old two arms ways and are returning to it for more models. Other news: Igao repack was not expected but is super appreciated. I hope it is not like the Spentnaz repack and is actually Kotails or something. That would make me sad.
  2. Ye gods. That is so much scarier than the Xeodron link. Even though I don't play nomads, I would kinda like to see that. The only way I would play a 15mm gamr I suspect. I was hoping for a space game though. Easier production than 15mm (more generic shapes for sculpters, no faces or weird poses to work out, less detail needed to look awesome). And the way token states work now in Infinity could br adaptaed to a really interesting Electronic warfare system
  3. So those Druze are looking pretty awesome. Any one know if /when we are likely to get new rules for them?
  4. My understanding of that story is that yes, an employee was selling the exclusives, and was terminated for this, but No, no one lost out on an exclusive because of that. Stores order in bulk, including on special editions. My expectation is that they misjudged the demand for infinity pre-orders and decided to part out the books as regular stock. In this case there would be exclusive models left over, and someone tried to unload them, got caught, and fired. Mind you, none of this reflects badly on CB or the store. Both were trying to prep for demand which is really frigging hard. Some distributors are especially shitty at this. For example: my local store orders through he distrubutor Alliance. Aliance screwed up on both Ice Storm and Aristeia, ordering the preorders AFTER the preorder window closed and charging the extra price. I lost exclusives both times and am pretty salty about it. But in the end both the store and I got compted missing funds. It sucks. Alot. But distribution is stupidly complex for something as niche as Infinity. The good news for Blackjacks is that they will be back sooner or later. And gad damn but they are huge models. Hard to imagine going prone in reaction to failed guts rolls. Easy to imagine taking the hit and falling the hell over backwards.
  5. Glad to hear that. Excited to get that model on the table
  6. I intend to paint all of the figures from all sets in a coordinated color scheem, like team uniforms, so it will be very clear which squad is mine. I might even pick one of the in game corps with an easy to reproduce label as my "sponsor"
  7. Also: uh, everyone could invade earth? We know there is a Digester there and the Anathematic at the end of campaign Paradiso was looking at a holoprojection of earth. But maybe that is all for post Acheron falls.
  8. Another Idea for you, in thanks for the lenticular pics idea: here is another idea. I am working on Bladerunner rooftops and have been cutting out holo signs from poly propolene plastics. These are from xbox cases. They attach easily and strongly with the "Loctite plastic bonding system" glue. Cheap tupperware is the same stuff and comes in lots of colors. You can print letters, place the plastic over it, and trace with a dry erase marker. Cut with sizzors and do the tight corners by drilling a hole in the corner and cutting out with an exacto. They make great low viz zones.
  9. And, uh, they are aliens. So theres that.
  10. Uhh... please me too! That is so frigging cool
  11. On topic: Really good month. Something almost everyone wants. So glad I was right about "Spetznaz repack" actually meaning "SAS repack" because that makes way more sense to repack. Good for CHA players to, since getting multiples of camo skirmishers is nice when building a faction. The Druze look less... IDK vibrant than the originals once I see them painted, but they are still pretty awesome. Much more realistic looking than usual models. People can gripe about Neema but she looks so damn awesome. Buying her right away. The only real thing I have to complain about is that I might actually see a Lasiq link team now, and that is simply reprehensible. Also, really, really frightening...
  12. TAK vs SEF gives me shivers. It would be all I have ever wanted in a box. In fact, depending on the composition I might by two of those.
  13. Like ALEPH of course! She fights every day to protect humanity from harm. Just be sure to keep your data synched and monitoring software up to date and no harm will befall you. Seriously though, its a cyberpunk game. There are no good guys, just less bad guys. It's messy, convoluted, and truth is often based on your perspective. Want an honest faction that always plays by the same rules and follows its law to the letter? See Morats. Great guys. When a Morat comes to kill you, you can be certain that it isnt at the behest of a criminal syndicate or a corrupt politician. It's under orders and guidance from a strictly followed judical code that has remained intact for longer than humans have existed. I am fine with real bad guys (shasvastii, Umbra, Hexas, the Trimvate, Druze) but leave the good guys out of it. It makes for a hard scrabble scifi future where acts of bravery or selflessness stand out all the more for their rarity. On topic: couldnt the "Aliens hidden within human society" in the Betrayal fluff be Tohaa clones as much as Speculo Killers? That would be a nice bait and switch for when all the Backd00r data gets revealed.
  14. Would ya mind linking the design? Asking for a friend
  15. Two (including his LT) and three midfield. I suppose I should have been a little more clear. I essentially mean "I should have killed the things that were not Brigadas." Which having one of them under a camo marker helps to protect.