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  1. Speaking as someone who handmakes almost everything, even when purchasing would be cheaper: handmade ladders aren't worth it. Buy them from Warsenal, they're under a dollar each and look great.
  2. In NeoCanada's moment of crisis, Aleph sent an emissary to guide and inspire its people. Welcome back, Space Minister McDimplesmirk. You have a lot of work to do. Maple leafs are hard to paint that small. ;_; Photos for the head sculpting process are on my blog.
  3. Hi, I'm beloved community fixture Captain Spud, and I don't believe that height is a must-have element for all terrain sets. Top-down layouts with infinitely high walls like this one are particularly awkward to try to work elevation into. I wouldn't change anything here. It's very similar in concept to a space ship board I made years ago, and that has consistently been my highest-rated board due to the unique gameplay style its single level and tight corridors promote. Terrain-makers should strive to make every board into a puzzle that has to be worked out by the players. If every puzzle has the same pieces, then they'll all have the same solution. And I don't know about all y'all, but I get bored re-solving the same puzzle over and over again. ~_~
  4. I did some concept drawings for a set of Yu Jing city terrain last fall. I love my drawings and think the set would be a blast to play on, but real life and creative funk have interfered and left me without any progress six months later. However, I'm starting to feel the inkling of motivation again, so I'm posting the designs publicly to put myself on a clock and hopefully shame myself into actually doing something with these. A full writeup of the design process behind the drawings is on my blog, but for this thread I'll dispense with dumb words and just drop the drawings for general ogling. Again, full details and pictures of my cardboard mockups can be found here. I might start working on these over the summer, or I might curl back up into a ball of unmotivated self-pity for another half a year. Too early to know which way it'll go. If I haven't done anything useful with these by the time 2018 rolls around, someone poke me with a stick or something.
  5. The original poster is asking about ITS though.
  6. Spud also likes this, and will likely steal it for a future update.
  7. Every model in my NeoCanadian Courtesy Division army is converted to reflect a clever-yet-subtle facet of Canadian-ness. I pride myself on none of the jokes being too wildly silly, or leveraging any really obvious clichés. My joke models are smarter than that, I tell myself-- better than that. Until, that is, the day I needed a TAG to go rescue Toni Macayana. I tried so hard, you guys. I wracked my brain for weeks trying to come up with a clever take on "Canadian Stealth TAG" that didn't fall into outright stupidity. And I came up completely dry. So I made this instead. Construction and painting details are on my blog. I've failed you all, and I'm so very sorry. I'll do better next time. *goes to sit in the Shame Corner where he belongs*
  8. After a summer of lazily adding models to this army whenever I could muster up the motivation (which was, as you've seen, not frequent), I finally had a proper deadline to put my ass in gear: the Lords of War Weekend on October 1st. I wanted to play fully painted at the event, which meant that I needed to scramble to finish a lot of stuff in the three weeks before. First up were my two converted Kotail Forward Observers. The first one is getting ready to huck an E/M grenade: The second has an itchy leg. Tohaa don't talk about it often, but Meatsuits chafe like you wouldn't believe. And finally, my Nikoul Sniper, who prefers to fight while comfortable. These three additions brought me up to 10 order-generating models for the Limited Insertion event. However, there were two other items needed for the Lords of War event. First off, I would need some Civilians to secure for the Rescue mission. I didn't have time to sculpt proper Tohaa (though I'd still like to do this at some point), so I went with the next-most-obvious choice: adorable baby asparagus hedgehog monsters. I finished those at 10pm the night before the event, which left me only a scant few hours to somehow will an HVT model into existence. Without any real options, I went with a stupid option instead. Behold the dapper majesty of Mayor McSparagus: I cannot recommend perishable HVTs as a general practice (he was quite withered a mere 3 days later), but he performed his duties admirably on the day that I needed him. And with all of that, I had my functional 300pt army: It won the Outstanding Hobby Achievement award at the event, because of course it did. A full writeup on the conversion and sculpting elements of the new additions can be found on my blog. I still have lots of Tohaa to paint (two more Kotail, two Sakiel, a Gorgos, and a few other pieces), but I'll probably take a break for a few months to work on other things before coming back to them in the new year. I'll update here with any new developments.
  9. The glacial progress of my Tohaa army continues with the addition of the Galaxy's Worst Ninjas. I had a very specific objective with these guys: I wanted to explain why the Igao transition from sneaky shadows to a naked (no Camouflage), screaming (no Cover) maniacs partway through the game. The answer I ended up with was fairly simple: their camouflage systems suck, and underneath them, they are wearing stark white pyjamas. I conveyed this effect with a fairly unoriginal decloaking effect, which I rendered with my usual ham-handed clumsiness. The result is passable, but isn't going to win any awards. ~_~ If I had them to do over again, I would've made the armour colour slightly darker so that the bright energy effect at the transition from camo to costume would actually be visible. Also, the highly detailed Tohaa bodysuit turns out to be just a bit too bumpy for a "simulated terrain" pattern to really be properly legible. But, whatever. They're fine, and will kill many humans. That is all I ask of them. Direct video link is here, more painted photos and a rant about how smart I am are on my blog here. These new additions bring my Tohaa army to a total of 7 order-generating models. I was really hoping to be further along after five months, but I've allowed life drama and random distractions to sidetrack me, and the meager force you see here is what has resulted from my laxity. I feel your judging eyes, and I deserve them. Spud accepts your judgment and shame. ;_; More space vegetables to follow whenever I get my life in order. So... 2019, maybe? ~_~
  10. My ears and eyes hurt. ;_;
  11. Writing lists using paper and books is giving me leprosy. TOAD PLZ HALP ;_;
  12. Two months later, I have finished... one more model. I, like, really hate painting. Next on the docket was Neema Sataar, whom I purchased for a Rocket Launcher that CB took away before I could ever field her. I'll never forget you, rocket launcher. ;_; *sigh* Anyway, I really hated Neema's pose and stupid boobplate armour, so I jettisoned her right arm and leg and sculpted new ones to put her in a more practical pose and outfit. Behold her sensible majesty: Pictures of the conversion work, if you're curious: The sculpting was done in Fimo. A full walkthrough is on my blog. Warning: somewhat rant-y at the start. Hopefully the next model won't take two months again, or else I won't be able to field 300pts until... *does some quick math*... ugh, March. :/
  13. I'll check when I get home, but I'm fairly sure my starter Kamael are 35mm from foot to top of head.