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  1. Basing material arrived, so no more boring bases. Next up, an Ariadna Dog Face:
  2. I do pin now (sometimes), but loads of my Infinity models were assembled before I learned the craft
  3. Hello ladies and gents, Back from a months long forum absence and getting back into Infinity with a vengeance. I decided to stop being such a wimp and get to work actually painting the models I've owned and been playing with for over a year. Comments, constructive criticism and suggestions are very welcome. First off, the female line kazak from the starter: I'm pretty pleased with her seeing as she's the first model I've completed. Basing still needs doing but I don't have the materials right now.
  4. Ariadna, PanO and NCA player reporting. Picked up the Ariadna and NCA boxes to start out and run demo games (before O:I came along) and expanded from there. There's a lot of overlap between my NCA and PanO so I counted both (and play both from time to time). Both some expected results and some unexpected ones so far. PanO and Nomads being the most popular isn't surprising at all thanks to O:I. I expected CA to be more popular, but I'm not surprised at all by the small numbers playing SEF, MAF and ASA Will be interesting to see if the proportions change significantly as more people answer
  5. How a thread in which the OP merely asked for good alternative sword sculpts he could use for conversions turned into the (perpetually fruitless) discussion of realism in a sci-fi miniatures game (which essentially amounts to toy soldiers) is beyond me. Oh, I remember where I am now. Carry on.
  6. An MSV2 unit, either the Nisse or the Intruder. The Nisse is an autoinclude in my PanO lists, but the Intruder is better (if correspondingly more expensive) and would fit in well with Ariadna Camo spam. Alternatively, a proper hacker like the Interventor. They're stupidly good for their points cost.
  7. I'm bound to upset someone with this, and I can't think of a way to word it well, but: I'm talking about sex in the morphological sense here. So a "sexless" model is one that can't be assigned a sex because they aren't anthropomorphic (eg Bulleteers, Auxbots) or are clearly designed to not be representative of a particular sex (eg Dakinis, the Cutter). This is where some people could consider my choices somewhat arbitrary, as I'd call the Karakuri sexless but not the asura. The karakuri are somewhat morphologically female they don't look "human" enough to be representative of a female. I just happen to draw a line between the karakuri and the asuras, but other people might choose not to. Just personal opinion Indeterminate would be the case of things like the antipodes or manned TAGs (because what I really care about is the pilot). These would be models that you can't fully determine whether or not they're morphologically male or female. CB wouldn't sculpt genitalia on the antipodes for example (of course I'm assuming sex even exists in their xenobiology here), and in some cases you can't tell the sex of a TAG pilot (compare the geckos to the anaconda). I'm not a biologist, so I'm sorry if any of this comes across as a bit janky or arbitrary.
  8. Ok, I went away and answered my own question by looking at the catalogue and the photo albums for the 2015 releases on the Infinity Facebook page. I will have inevitably missed some models, and because I used my best judgement when photos didn't make it completely clear which sex a model was meant to be, these counts wont be 100% accurate. Typically, I consider anything with G:Remote Presence, G:Servant or G:Mnemonica sexless, and many aliens to be indeterminate (I couldn't decide if the Antipodes were male or female for example). In the case of TAGs, they are considered indeterminate unless they are supplied with a pilot, in which case ONLY the pilot's sex is taken to prevent double counting. I understand if this seems quite arbitrary, especially in the case of ALEPH and the Karakuri. Here's my counts: Aleph: "Male": 27 "Female": 19 Sexless/Indeterminate: 20 Ariadna (aka the Sausage Fest): Male: 79 Female: 13 Sexless/Indeterminate: 5 (2 traktor muls and the aforementioned antipodes) Combined Army: M: 49 F: 12 S/I: 15 Haqqislam: M: 56 F: 22 S/I: 7 Yu Jing: M: 59 F: 19 S/I: 23 Mercenaries: M: 16 F: 7 Nomads (the most "equal" faction): M: 44 F: 37 S/I: 28 PanO: M: 59 F: 20 S/I: 17 Tohaa: M: 24 F: 9 S/I: 12 (I considered all the Chaksa to be indeterminate) Dire Foes: M: 5 F: 10 Bootleg: M: 3 F: 4 Total: M: 421 F: 172 S/I: 134 So a rough percentage split: Discounting sexless/indeterminate models: 71% male and 29% female Counting sexless/indeterminate models: 58% male, 24% female, 18% sexless/indeterminate Don't judge me, I have nothing to do now my exams are over. Again: These won't be 100% accurate but they should hopefully provide a decent picture of what the split between M/F is in the sculpts over the range
  9. What would you do to the BSG loadout to make it more attractive? I think grenades could work but then that'd be too similar to the Spetsnaz model (albeit a much more durable version). A DEP or Panzerfaust instead, perhaps? An X-visor maybe?
  10. Out of curiosity, does anyone know what the current ratio is across the whole range (if we discount models that are indeterminate sex or sexless like Dr Worm and Remotes)?
  11. I'd love a sculpt of a Vet Kazak racking a BSG slide, especially if it was the same BSG that the Spetsnaz got.
  12. First Drakios' steel phallus and now this. What is the world coming to?
  13. Can't unsee. Why have you done this?
  14. 1) This is the new, more enlightened Islam of science and philosophy, I think they'll have moved past this stigma a few hundred years into the future 2) Is this a joke? I don't even know where to begin with this. It's so nonsensical. "A is X. A is also Y. B is also X, therefore B must be Y" 3) Kind of fair, but I'd rather see some more variety at a glance from some "cheap" sculpting techniques than have every model look the same
  15. *fingers crossed* Please be Vet Kazaks or Line Kazak SWC box