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  1. Thanks so much for your answer Marduck, found it and started filling in the matches!
  2. Hi all. I've created the event, got everyone in, put in the scenarios and really all info that is asked for. Event goes live, and there is no "Start tournament" option, so we play the tournament. Try to report it a few days later, but there still is no way to start the tournament, and thus choose pairings or report the results. What am I missing? OTM says I have tourneys to report, but I can only View the event, and if I try to report it says "The event can not be reported due to: There is no match"
  3. Infinity @ TumBacon, 18/11 8am - 10pm 300 points limited insertion, 4 scenarios, maximum of 30 players, invite only. Firefight, Supremacy, Deadly Dance, Highly Classified
  4. 200point limited insertion ITS event, season 9. A private event to be held at Alphaspel, Stockholm. Decapitation, Frontline, Firefight, Low Tier Annihilation. 2 hours per match, 20 players to attend.
  5. 300 point 6SWC ITS 8 TAGLINE Historic Event 16 players, private event. Missions are Chapter 1, Chapter 2 and Chapter 5. Prizes include the Event box and a few extra figures and fridge magnets.
  6. Tumba, Stockholm. Event is played Saturday 25th of february. 300p Limited Insertion, ITS Tagline 20 players, 3 rounds. Timed event; 15 minute deplyment per player, then 25/20/15 rounds per player Deadly Dance Show of Force Frontline
  7. I realized this last night, will send e-mail. Thanks so much for all help!
  8. Still not fixed, playing Saturday....
  9. Tried it again, still can't assign scenarios. Can change in other boxes, but mousepointer looks like I've drawn when hovering over scenarios...
  10. Ah, well I guess that's the case then. Do you happen to know what will happen if I cancel the event and start fresh; Will my ITS code be forfeit?
  11. Hello, I'm organizing an ITS event, but cannot seem to choose what scenarios to play, I've invited all the players, half of them have accepted, and I can change all other info in the event except choose scenarios. Is that something that will be unlocked once everyone is in, or is it some kind of bug? Event number 6173 Missions we are playing: 1, Supremacy, 2, Firefight, 3, Engineering Deck Best regards, Tuomas
  12. Private event, Joint Operations 300p ITS8 Supremacy, Firefight, Engineering Bay 16 players
  13. Infinity at TumBacon, October 1st at Tumba Gymnasium in Stockholm. Timed 300p tournament with 12exp spec-ops. 15 minute deployment with 25/20/15 minute player rounds. Transmission Matrix, Decapitation and Frontline.
  14. Tournament to be played in Hökarängen, (Stockholm) Sweden. Date is set to May 22nd, 10 am. This will be a 6 player prelude to the Infinity Clockwork Bonanza in June. ITS2016, 300p Spec-ops allowed. Scenarios are Decapitation, Annihilation and Frontline. 15minute setup time/player, and player turns are set to 20/15/10 minutes.
  15. Tournament at Alphaspel in Stockholm, 11th of June at 10am. ITS2016, 300 points, spec-ops allowed. Scenarios to be played are Decapitation, Annihilation and Frontline. 15 minute setup/player, and player turns are 20/15/10 minutes. 12 Players maximum.