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  1. Ok,thanks.I don't really sand my models that much.I just get scrape the mould lines and that's it
  2. Do I need to wear a dust mask even when I am removing the mould lines?
  3. The tankhunter models are really cool.(The HMG model is the best in my opinion.) MOUSAKA: Well,I do like the SAS fluff and miniatures,but in the actual game I don't like them that much. And I don't like Foxtrot or Para-commando (Just my personal taste.) So it's either Zouaves or Loup-Garou for my French sectorial and Cateran or Scout for my regular army.
  4. I thought about Loup-Garou and yeah your right he is the best and the cheapest of those 3 in the French sectorial.
  5. Yeah,I know and thats the problem.Only once and that's it.(still better than nothing i guess)
  6. Ok,thanks.I'll probably pick up Cateran next week,just too bad he doesn't have camouflage.(it just seems cool to me running around while camouflaged with a sniper rifle) Also what would you recommend for French sectorial??? ( I'm thinking about starting one)
  7. I would like to know who is the best sniper in this faction??? :unsure:I'm trying to pick a sniper for my list,but there are so many choices,so I would be very happy if anyone could help me.
  8. I'm probably going to try them out,but i think they really overshot with changing the names.I don't won't to try to match the old colours to the new ones.I'll rather stick to vallejo.
  9. Where did you get those building with the rounded top Crushar???they're very nice
  10. I have the models and i know the basic rules,but the really basic ones,so thanks for the links.I think the wiki is very useful.
  11. Yeah,I didn't know were to post this,but thanks you responded so quickly.I am just learning the rules so I don't know alot of them.
  12. I would like to know if you can throw grenades/smoke grenades more then once per game???I haven't found this in the rulebook that I downloaded,but maybe it's because i'm to lazy to look.Anyways thanks for your anwsers.
  13. you could try to magnetize your miniatures to the rounded bases and also put magnets in the normal ones and so you could change them if your going to play with your friends,or go to a tournament.
  14. OK,thanks that makes the painting of my infinity building a whole lot easier
  15. Sorry for this stupid question,but can you spray the HDF with a spraycan??? Thanks for your answers.