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  1. Daylami would beg to differ
  2. Sorry if this is me being stupid and missing something obvious, but could someone please direct me to where could I find these Hospitaller renders? Thanks
  3. Some really lovely models in this thread very crispcrisp painting and I really like the colour scheme you've chosen: it fits the ISS a lot better than the gaudy orange studio scheme.
  4. Thanks That was one of the goals honestly, especially given that I painted the Nomads from O:I in purple and white, I wanted to try and have some contrast. How did you highlight/shade the olive green by the way? I've tried by mixing in Vallejo buff mixing in white for a final highlight, and while it looks good while painting, it always feels a little bit flat when I actually finish the model as a whole.
  5. Thanks Deathklokk Ask and ye shall receive! (disclaimer: still relying on a slightly dodgy, cobbled together photography set up, so photos will improve as I improve the setup hopefully) First things first, the bolt SWC box: Two Auxilia with their little friends: And now some of the more recent painting which I've not got around to basing yet: Knight of the Holy Sepulchre (Just couldn't get the picture of this one right for some reason, hence the glare) Hexa spitfire (still needs a little bit of work doing) Regular combi bolts: Aquila Guard. Really not happy with the way this guy has come out. Need to do some pretty significant blacklining on him, but even so, I just didn't feel I could find a way to get enough contrast into the model. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Right, apologies for the incredibly picture heavy post: I'll try and keep on top of the updates properly in the future! Any comments and criticism are very much appreciated. Thanks for looking!
  6. Well, looks like I managed to get my old log archived... () BUT I STILL LIVE Failure to update wasn't really for lack of painting, more because job and awkwardness of camera lacking a connection cable has made me not have time or the spare effort to take and upload photos. However, having realised that my mobile phone can probably take better pictures than my camera anyway, I've decided to have a go at starting this up again! So, as proof that Infinity painting has continued: And a preview photo of something a bit more in detail: (I will try and get a better photo set-up tomorrow when there's more natural light around) I have the contents of an NCA starter box and a Knight of the Holy Sepulchre painted up but not based right now, so I'll take some photos tomorrow as well. Also waiting for a Military Orders starter box and Magister Knights to arrive from DarkSphere, because I'm getting bored of panting olive drab green... I realise that this isn't much of a start to a plog, but I had motivation to take and share something this evening, so I wanted to capitalise on that to try and kick myself into keeping this thing going this time. I'll take some proper photos of everything I've done tomorrow when there's some more natural light and I have the time to try and work out a proper set up. tl/dr: Watch this space Thanks for looking!
  7. Well that looks like an instant purchase for me: what better to go with a bolt SWC pack and NCA starter box... Hooray for joined up force collection! But in all seriousness, a beautiful model, and a nice surprise after I thought we'd seen all the renders for this month.
  8. Thanks Myrddin. Managed to derp slightly on the website and not find them myself. I think it looks a bit better from those angles, but still a bit purposeless, like he's going for a gentle stroll. Although as an infiltration unit (ish) it makes more sense.
  9. Really a big fan of pretty much all of that. I'd like to see a different angle of the Hac Tao at some point though, as it looks like it's mincing slightly in that photo, although I can imagine that it's just the picture. I was particularly looking forward to seeing the Rasail team, and I'm hugely impressed: characterful models with really interesting poses. In fact I think it's the posing that's impressed me most about this group of releases (awkward Squalo aside). While I'm not as bothered as some people are by the power-fist and rock-foot poses, it's nice to see that CB still know how to make interesting looking poses for their models without always having to fall back on those two cliches. Edit: never mind, just found the extra photos of the Hac Tao. Still not 100% convinced by it, but a good looking model regardless.
  10. I personally think this is a very cool idea, providing an interesting counterpoint to the AAS. And you're definitely right about Achilles not being particularly heroic given our current ideas of heroism: it's a very major argument against me ever including Achilles in an army if I actually do an AAS force (it is tempting). I'm not sure how likely it is to happen though. While it's an awesome fluff idea I think that having two sectorials in different armies devoted to the Trojan War, with potentially very limited design space to work in, could lead to too many resources being devoted to similar forces rather than something new. Could work very well as a minor subtheme if they ever do a CA human sectorial (Sygma turning up makes it feel like that's a direction they could eventually go)
  11. Thanks everyone @InterSkyrupter-1000: I know what you mean: blue PanO look nice, but I was determined to do something a bit different to the studio scheme, so I'm glad it worked! @Markyr: Cheers @Red_Starrise: Ah, ok that makes sense. I was thinking that it stood for something like Orbital Drop Group, and was therefore a reference I wasn't getting. @SectionInteruptor (Damnit Interruptor Week...): Cheers for the suggestion re the Orange. I've tried that on the Grenzer and it looks good. The scehem isn't quite as flat as the photos make out: I've actually highlighted up to VMC Buff in most cases, and I've also added some extreme edge highlights of white in places. I'll see if I can get some better photos when the light allows. But first, speaking of dodgy photos, some group shots! I'll put up some individual shots soon when I get around to making use of better lighting. Next up for the Infinity project is probably a Bolt SWC box. I was going to go down the Military Orders route, until I realised that I didn't much like the Order Sergeants models, and so I could use just the knights I actually liked in Vanilla (and the Bolt models are just awesome). Comments and criticisms gratefully accepted as always. Thanks for looking!
  12. As someone new to the forums, is there any point in asking for any explanation, or should I just roll with this?
  13. Thanks as always guys: the nice words are very much appreciated @Red_Starrise: I'm unsure what ODG stands for, but thanks for the compliments I was very much trying to get away from the blue PanO: I feel it's done too much and it's always fun to try and make a slightly different colour scheme. The suggestion for orange for the Spektr is a good one: I've had a quick go at just painting the lights, but I think I might go further and OSL it a bit. I'll stick some photos up soon. Anyway, quick picture-less update for today (Pics will come soon, but I'd like to make a bit more painting progress first). I've been trying to take part in a Tale of Painters over on Warseer, painting up 60pts of Infinity a month. Unfortunately I'm discovering that my main problem is not meeting that, but staying under it. In the last week I've finished up my Fusiliers, and painted up the Akal and the ORC. I only have the Nisse, Reverend Healer, and Grenzer left to paint, and at this rate I'm going to have painted up 300pts of O:I in 2 months, rather than 5... I realise this is very much the ultimate in first world problems, but damnit, Corvus Belli make their models too fun the paint!
  14. There seems to be a school of thought among some on this forum that metallic paints are worse at painting metallics than matte paints. Personally I'm starting to come around to this point of view and I think your Deva is really suffering because of it. The cloth areas show off your traditionally excellent highlighting and blending, and give a lot of depth to the model. In comparison the metallic areas just look flat, and honestly ruin the model as a whole. Not because they're painted badly as such (I really like the work you've done on the spitfire's barrel), but they just can't hold the depth of colour and shade that matte paints can. I'd recommend giving NMM a try. From the look of your earlier gold and grey myrmidons, it's clear that you have the skills to do it, and I think it would work with the model as a whole much better. I'm looking forward to seeing more, so keep up the good work