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  1. As me and Deathbird are paid up...
  2. Just remember @Nicklz that the Forward Base buildings contains acrylic elements (windows, doors and external lights). If you're going to be spraying varnish onto them in order to weather, make sure the acrylic is not attached to the MDF. Otherwise your windows and doors will fog up, and all that sweet sweet etched detail will stop looking. Put the acrylic in after the weathering. Other than that, the rest of the guys in this thread have great suggestions. Id suggest looking into weathering powders as mentioned by everyone else, should be a quick way to add some weathering, just make sure to practice plenty first. Im not sure oil washes would be suitable, but you may as well look into them too, knowledge is power after.
  3. No, these resin models are not prepainted. MDF we do prepainted, resin we do not.
  4. They completely sold out, rather quickly. Apparently Yu Jing and ISS are very popular armies. I'll try and chase up when we're going to have more in stock for you.
  5. Not far off @Vegeta365 , they'll be released sometime in the next week or two. Check our free postage options though, two separate orders might still qualify for free shipping, in that case you wouldn't need to hold off on ordering.
  6. Yeah, Police looks great on it: But you could use it as a courier, or a 'News Helicopter' type vehicle, high tech pizza delivery service.... The list is endless.
  7. I've just measured some compass bars I had lying around @Immortalized, and they come out at about 2.86mm, or thereabouts. So nekomata was spot on, they should be just right to fit on a 3mm base with a little to spare. I dont have any Warsenal bases, so I cant be perfectly sure that they are compatible, but I dont think you should have much of a problem using them together.
  8. No worries . Its massively easier to read list of rules and changes than trawl though half hour videos. I was just excited by all the new things, I had to watch the videos. Human Sphere should be pretty amazing when it lands.
  9. Being able to move from one combat group to another, without spending a Command Token. As told by Bostria in the BoW video from earlier today. Thats as much as we've got on it at the moment. No news on any restrictions or other parts to the rule.
  10. Its a little like a DAM13 Spitfire with Shock Ammo. Or thereabouts.
  11. Im guessing, it would just remove the need for the Command Token. By which I mean, it would be done at the start of the turn, before counting order pools. I dont think you'll be able to move him around mid-turn.
  12. Thats the first thing I though of. Being Nomad means you want to have hacking on everything. But it doesnt really fit such a hulking HI, its a fire support and face smasher, not a 'do everything' unit.. Im also kind of glad it didnt get other specialist profiles.
  13. The Taskmaster is like a cocaine-fueled dream come true. Has enough weird to be Bakunin, but also give a fair bit of punch to the sectorial. Regardless of what some people are complaining about, I think they're very fluff-propriate. I cant wait to see what the models will end up like. I want them, now! The mixture of heavy weaponry and Koalas is interesting. Some profiles you can use as a Yan Huo-lite, smacking things down with superior firepower. And then Koalas on top of that can act as board control/defence. Free Agent will end up being a highly underrated skill, I think. Being able to shift ~100pts of your army around combat groups will make things a lot easier towards the end of the game. Some subtle/skillful use will add to how dangerous they can be. And the kicker I doubt everyone will have spotted. Having MAL1 will give them Stealth, so the big heavy Duo link cant walk about out of LOF and Pulzar things in the back easier. I needz me some Taskmaster.
  14. Windows 10 includes a 'print to pdf' function already , but if your on a different version of windows (or a different platform) theres many little bits of software to export to a pdf as a printing option. Googling 'Print to PDF' gives you no end of options. Not had a look at Army VI yet, so cant tell you how well they work in this regard. Hope that helps.
  15. I doubt we will see that much in the way of new units with the release of HSN3, Im guessing it will mostly be small changed to costings, stat line or added special rules for existing units. And then hopefully some re-releasing of older unit. I actually rather like the Moderator models, but I think with the more recent Alguacil/Fusilier type releases there is quite a lot of scope to redo them in the current 3D style. Whilst I dont think there will be really be any new units, that doesnt stop me thinking about what I would like to see: We dont have MSV L2 in Bakunin, and I'm fine with that as I dont think it should be ubiquitous to every faction/sectorial. But how about another way to oppose camo and the like. Perhaps another human/animal hybrid that would be illegal anywhere else in the sphere. Something with Sensor that could hunt down markers in the battlefield using a heightened sense of smell, or similar. Something will all the wackiness of Bakunin but not over the top. Basically Im thinking Pupnik + Zero + Sensor = the lastest creation of Paraxis. We dont have much in the 20 point region, like others have said. Non-support units tend to jump straight to the 30's. Id really like something heavier that the Moderators and lighter than Reverends, as a linkable unit. Preferably a MI, as I like MI, and Nomads are the kings of Medium Infantry. My army lists tend to be quite elite and low model count, not because there isnt dirt-cheap models, but because as the nice things tend to be around 30 points. Id like to have confirmation that I can put both Kusanagi and a Healer into a Moira link. I havent dont I because I dont explicitly say you can, but I like that cleared up. But hey, maybe even a new type of Reverend might be nice, I love my nuns with guns. Thats about it really, I dont really have much expectations of Bakunin post HSN3. As long as we get some focus with model releases, that will be enough for me. I dont overly mind how the sectorial plays, as long as it has just as much character as it has now.