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  1. @Yvain and @Althafain. Decals are now up on the website : You may want to act fast. If its anything like last time, they'll sell out before you can blink. @Tanath and @Pollitt, think you guys were after some too?
  2. Little miscalculation on our part, they aren't visible at the moment. Ill get them back up on the store tomorrow, there's no one at work right now.
  3. If only that were possible, I could be a master already.
  4. Cheers Dwartist! Any chance that gives you a better idea of size @alphz?
  5. If I get a chance tomorrow, I'll photograph it next to a recent Infinity model to give you a better idea though. Just in case you didn't see it though, the dimensions are listed at the bottom of the description and technical data tabs, given in millimeters. You might be able to use that to gauge the scaling.
  6. Wowzer. That looks fantastic @Tanath . Keep up the good work, I'm anxious to see what the rest of it comes out like.
  7. As me and Deathbird are paid up...
  8. Just remember @Nicklz that the Forward Base buildings contains acrylic elements (windows, doors and external lights). If you're going to be spraying varnish onto them in order to weather, make sure the acrylic is not attached to the MDF. Otherwise your windows and doors will fog up, and all that sweet sweet etched detail will stop looking. Put the acrylic in after the weathering. Other than that, the rest of the guys in this thread have great suggestions. Id suggest looking into weathering powders as mentioned by everyone else, should be a quick way to add some weathering, just make sure to practice plenty first. Im not sure oil washes would be suitable, but you may as well look into them too, knowledge is power after.
  9. No, these resin models are not prepainted. MDF we do prepainted, resin we do not.
  10. They completely sold out, rather quickly. Apparently Yu Jing and ISS are very popular armies. I'll try and chase up when we're going to have more in stock for you.
  11. Not far off @Vegeta365 , they'll be released sometime in the next week or two. Check our free postage options though, two separate orders might still qualify for free shipping, in that case you wouldn't need to hold off on ordering.
  12. Yeah, Police looks great on it: But you could use it as a courier, or a 'News Helicopter' type vehicle, high tech pizza delivery service.... The list is endless.
  13. I've just measured some compass bars I had lying around @Immortalized, and they come out at about 2.86mm, or thereabouts. So nekomata was spot on, they should be just right to fit on a 3mm base with a little to spare. I dont have any Warsenal bases, so I cant be perfectly sure that they are compatible, but I dont think you should have much of a problem using them together.
  14. No worries . Its massively easier to read list of rules and changes than trawl though half hour videos. I was just excited by all the new things, I had to watch the videos. Human Sphere should be pretty amazing when it lands.
  15. Being able to move from one combat group to another, without spending a Command Token. As told by Bostria in the BoW video from earlier today. Thats as much as we've got on it at the moment. No news on any restrictions or other parts to the rule.