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  1. Conversions I'm thinking about:

    • Taking the old Bootleg Techbee's arms (& maybe head) and adding them to Emily Handelman to make a Techbee that Kanluwen would be proud of.
    • If Emily's profile is good (and usable in PanO) then taking said head, and gun and putting them on a fusilier.
    • If all the Outrage guys are usable in PanO then they'll need some sort of PanO armour 'upgrade', which will be fun! (and very pricey probably...)
    1. Golem2God


      Sounds like you have good ideas. Hope they can become a reality.

  2. I know it's harsh on a few people, but if you told me those models were a new Mantic product I'd believe it.
  3. I'm withholding all quality comments until larger images, but it's not my sort of thing so I don't care anyway. Except that if Emily is alright then she's going to get pressganged into the Tech-Bee corps.
  4. Can I make an early bid for an Emily Handelman from the Outrage box if you're going to split them?
  5. I've been thinking for a while that getting hold of the old Joan sculpts and putting Magister heads on them is probably a short term fix, but I'd certainly like to see a 50/50 mix in the upcoming Hospitaller box. There is a female sergeant in the MO starter too.
  6. I love the Locust's DB/Grenade trick (which the the Croc Man can't do) but I'm much less enthused about taking the other profile options. I like the Marksman in theory, but it hasn't worked for me on the table.
  7. You see that's where I'd disagree. I like there to be absolutely no uncertainty over what a particular model/profile is so make sure that all my conversions are appropriately armed & equipped, as I have done with my 100% 'MADE': Hexa KHD with combi rifle Another Hexa KHD with combi rifle* 2nd Magister Knight with LSG 2nd Specialist Sergeant with spitfire/MSV helmet Specialist Sergeant TO FO with combi rifle and TO cloak Another Specialist Sergeant TO FO with combi rifle and TO cloak Santiago Knight with combi rifle (I just hated the official pose too much so made a new one) Locust with boarding shotgun Teuton with CCW in both hands (for either 2nd spitfire or 3rd combi) Montesa knight with CCW (used as combi+LRL) Bolt with boarding shotgun (that isn't the hacker model) Crusader Brethren with multirifle Female Deva with spitfire New-style Croc Man with combi rifle * slight correction - there is still some putty work to be done on making her right shoulder pad But whatever. Mostly I'm irked that you've done half of a good job and then decided to half-ass the rest, when it would be supremely easy to get a great result (assuming you still have the multi-rifle). PanO weapons are so modular you can find all sorts of places to cut them to change barrels, magazines etc with little effort.
  8. Why is he holding a combi+LSG? The pose is really good (though I've got nothing against the original), but I'd have used the original gun. On a similar theme, I've got an idea for a Black Friar sniper conversion using the new Order Sergeant hacker (who I'm unlikely to ever field) and a Bolt sniper arms (which I currently don't have) and some extra GS detailing/hood. Dunno if I'll ever get round to it though as I've done a lot of conversions recently and have an extensive painting queue which I'm not working very hard towards dealing with!
  9. Wouldn't it have made about 500% more sense for the Manga pre-release to be Jethro (you know, the main villain of the piece) and have Knauf in the box with his 'buddies'?
  10. Well with my CCW conversion I have 4, and that's sectorial max AVA. Seems silly to keep buying them now. But I would have bought the repack!
  11. I've literally just bought the two Teuton blisters (well, in the last month)... Admittedly I've no plan to use them, it's more for range completeness.
  12. I know, that's exactly my problem. If there was an older HRL I could use it! I'm very familiar with the PanO range as I've collected them for a good few years and probably have about 3/4 of it. No good as I have that Swiss and I want to avoid any confusion with 2 identical weapons being two different things But I wouldn't be using it as a Panzerfaust. It doesn't matter how it compares to the Knight versions if it's going to represent a HRL. The basic twin tube versions do look too basic though.
  13. I've been rummaging through my bits box recently and trying to think of things I can do with leftover arms, bodies, so on. I recently thought that I don't have enough Order Sergeants with heavy rocket launchers, and decided to try to remedy that. Now, one thing I really try to keep to is not mixing 'mk1' and 'mk2' PanO weaponry and armour styles. So if I'm converting a model to carry a spitfire, and it came with the older style 'top-mag' combi rifle, then I'm going to use an older 'box' spitfire. Call it OCD if you like. Anyway, here's the rub. I've got 3 of the MO starter set Order Sergeant bodies (minus 2 guns). I want to somehow have at least one of them carry a HRL, but it has to be a 'mk1' version, which... doesn't exist. I could use the 'mk2' one from the new OS box, but I've got little use for the rest of the box and looking at Cho's lists it seems unlikely he'd split another. Besides which, it'd feel wrong using a newer style of weapon on the smaller, older OS models. So I thought... proxy? I don't collect anything outside of PanO so I'm not familar enough with the rest of the range to know, but what weapon is most suitable to represent an older PanO HRL design? It could be a missile launcher or perhaps panzerfaust I suppose (or even a non-Infinity weapon... heresy!) Ideally it would be easy to separate from its current owner so nothing held in a strange way, and it should also be easy available, preferably an in-production model not part of a box set. My current front runner is the Sekban HRL, which ticks all those boxes but I wonder if there's anything better that anyone can suggest?
  14. Wouldn't cautious move be a better option most of the time you'd want to do this?