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  1. There are some minor armour differences but it's very much the sort of thing that if you paint them all the same and don't even mention it then the vast majority of people (that don't know the sculpts) won't notice. The only potential problem is the combi rifle the Teuton is carrying, but as Magisters can't have those, and you don't have any actual Teutons in your army to get it confused with, it's probably okay to just label it a shotgun ahead of time.
  2. Did I get missed out? My name doesn't appear to be on the list...
  3. I love the gun. Less happy with the 'helmet'. I think I've got a Bolt hacker helmet somewhere spare, so hopefully his head isn't too hard to remove.
  4. It would make a good diorama piece (particularly with the sword switched for a spear being plunged into the fallen foe) , but I think I'll stick with my painted LE for gaming.
  5. On the first page there's a link to a 76 page document, and another one that's dead. I was hoping someone could summarise (so I can join the excitement). I mean, is Interplanetario the 'end' of the ITS season? If not, when will we know what's happening?
  6. Can someone explain exactly what is happening? I don't pay attention to ITS stuff, nor use Mercs in my armies, so I haven't looked at these guys or know what's going on. It sounds like someone winning an event somewhere means MO are potentially getting a KHD?
  7. Hopefully it'll be like the Guarda, and as well the arm variant you might get a slightly reposed leg, or a head looking in a different direction (which would give you as much variety as most 'SWC box' miniatures).
  8. There seems to be a "...but they're good" vs "...but they're bland" feedback loop building up.
  9. Oh good. For a while I thought I'd have trouble waiting for Varuna. Utterly uninspired. Let's crowd out that tiny area called 'PanO design space'.
  10. Absolutely need some female PanO heavies. I assume that they won't be coming with the Hospitallers (though I'd prefer they did) so I guess that the ORC SWC/tinbot box will have a token one when it arrives. At least then they'll be able to re-use her assets (stop sniggering) to have women as future resculpts of Guarda, Swiss Miss, etc.
  11. Indeed. I've got the old Swiss HMG in my paint queue and I'm not sure I'll get any mileage out of two. However, I'm seeing a potential hand swap with the Icestorm ORC (I guess it's to scale) which would end up with the new Swiss pointing a multirifle and a 'hacking hand' raised at the left shoulder. I don't know that I'll get a usable HMG ORC out of the deal given the sword hand, but I suppose it could become a rage-fist of sorts.
  12. Shall we just assume then that you don't really have any answers for any of the above?
  13. Conversational dropbear - would an auxbot profile (or several, instead of linkability) fix Bolts? This just seems a rather vague, handwave-y statement - "give us a new unit, give it something new". Why? What design space are you exploring here, or what shortcoming of the faction are you hoping to address? What good does an tinbot profile do here anyway? Why would these be spun off from Auxilia when they could be completely new? What role will they perform that you can't just get from bringing an Aleph loan unit in, or even just something from another PanO sectorial? And is this new role supposed to be something NCA can do, or are we going to stepping on the toes of vanilla armies? It's hard to give any credence to your suggestions when they seem to be borne from a position of "the faction doesn't look/feel/match up to the fluff I like as much as I'd like, make some arbitrary changes pls thx".
  14. I'm struggling to find the start of the thread's divergence into off-topicness, so can I just ask: is the catalyst for all this "Why are fusiliers in NCA?"
  15. No, this is a sci-fi wargaming forum. So we are clearly talking about Urban War's Junkers.