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  1. Looks really smooth! What shellac sealant did you use? Did you use a brush or sprayed it on? Did you loose detail due to the extra coat?
  2. I only used it with the Model Color range. I normally dillute 50% Model Color + 50% Water and add a drop of retarder (like 5% to 10%). For the Model Air I only used the Airbursh Thinner and it was ok, but the Model Color with the Retarder were even easier to airbrush. I guess that Game Air uses the same solvent as Model Air and Game Color the same as Model Color, but I am not sure. A lot of people in the scale modelling community are discussing this topic with Vallejo paints and it seems that the H&S Evo is very likely to clogg, while other airbrushes are doing fine. I got the tip with the different thinners and retarders from MIG Jimenez directly who was and is doing a lot of testing for Vallejo and I think he knows best about this.
  3. I had problems spraying the Vallejo paints, too. I am using a H&S Evo, but the problem you have seems to be the same I had. So first make sure to only thin Model Air with Vallejo Airbrush Thinner and the Model Color range with water. The two paints have different binding ingredients making the Model Colors clump if you use Airbrush Thinner. Secondly, and the most important for the Vallejo paints is, to use a small amount of Drying Retarder. This helped me spray for several hours without clogging instead of around 15 seconds before.
  4. With the detailed paiting guide on Operation: Icestorm published by Angel Giraldez and more of those guides coming in the future for other factions, I collected the colours and painting process in a google spreadsheet: I am going to update this spreadsheet as soon as more recipes are published. If I missed something leave me a pm or comment on the forum.
  5. Hi all! Is there some list of the official colors used for the miniatures painted by Angel Giraldez. Searching through all his posts on his blog or on facebook is a bit annyoing and I do not want to bug him with my quations all the time. Otherwise it would be nice to have one. Maybe a suggestion to Corvus Belli to post those here.
  6. That is really nice work! I just came back to Infinity after I bought the first edition and did not even play it and I am amazed by how many people have built nice tables nowadays. And this is definitely one of the best. Can you tell me the secret in how you did the snow on the board. This is by far one of the best looking ones I have ever seen. A short tutorial what you used and how would be very appreciated. In addition, it would be nice to have a list of terrain pieces you used. Did you do some from scratch or did you buy all of them? I am also interested in the old setup with the pods from Clarissa. Which and how many of them did you use? Their webpage has a dozen different configurations and extras and I am not sure how many I would need to fill a table of 1.2mx1.2m.