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  1. Id rather pay a bit more for Securitate with equipment and skills that make them different from the obvious LI clones throughout the armies. I really don't want a re-skinned version of the Alguacils...they need to either keep repeater or SSL2 or both. The super cheap orders can come from the puppets or zond nautica (or whatever they're called).
  2. I'm just happy that the Szalamandra is getting a new sculpt - the original model was a mix between the Michelin man and some bubblegum Pixar robot - yikes. Now if only it could use its tail as a weapon
  3. And so it should be...the HMG Borac is 20% cheaper than both the Swiss Guard and Hac Tao they fill completely different roles. And its scariness is depended on who is on the other side looking through the barrel - add an enemy model with MSV2, strip the TO benefit and its much less scary. Still tough and scary, but not nearly as potent. You can have all the MSV you want against the Kriza, won't do jack shit. Different strokes...And once revealed both of them are succeptible to cheap warbands and cc specialists.
  4. Yea broken is a strong word...but if any army is likely to get some crazy combinations of great rules for cheap, then i'd bet on YJ getting it. So to me full auto seems pretty good on the Kriza, because it's relatively barebones apart from that. I don't see YJ not getting Full Auto with any number of combinations of skills/equipment on a unit at a below market cost. This isnt sour grapes, just calling it for what it is. So as long as CB can implement this in a smart way then it's great - a rule that essentially gives you mimetism/additional burst/active turn suppression fire can very easily become ungodly powerful if it's handed out to units that already sport other abilities. I sure as heck don't want to see this on any model with MSV.
  5. I can see Carlos, with his unadulterated love for YJ, pimping FA Lvl2 onto the Su Jian and then this whole flipping rule becomes massively unbalanced.
  6. It's weird the Kriza from a profile standpoint seem to me more Corregidor than Tunguska. More in your face than I expected, less refined and less OMFG. Good nonetheless.
  7. I think the full auto L2 on the KB will be pretty balanced. The unit itself doesn't have many bells and whistles or some special gear that makes him even further more hard to hit. The problem will come in when this gets put on something in camo or TO - we will probably see this on some ridiculous YJ HI at some point...that's when the wheels may start coming off on how balanced this is.
  8. Yeah BTS 3 simply won't happen...The LI (Interventor), TAG (Szally) and MI (Grenzer) with the highest BTS in Nomads are all from Tunguska (Grenzers tied with WIldcats at BTS6) - it's their thing. Pretty sure the Kriza will have the highest, or at least tied, highest BTS of any HI in Nomads.
  9. Exactly this. Tunguska is pinnacle of what Nomads can bring to the battle with regards to gear and tech. The Kriza sure as heck should be kitted out with at least something we havent seen in Bakunin or Corregidor.
  10. I smell a scale discrepancy discussion from Kanluwen coming up after that Hellcat release hehe
  11. Definitely unique....not sure why their faces had to be modeled after Dark Eldar wyches from a decade ago though. Perhaps the least feminine faces of any female model since CB went over to 3D sculpting. Perhaps that was the point, who knows.. They didnt have to be man-ish to project toughness. I'll just buy more female Brigadas and paint them a Bakunin scheme. Sorry but nothing about these models look appealing, not the faces, poses or strange body shapes.
  12. If I had to guess which of any of the factions in the game would be morally suspect and not give a crap about playing dirty it would be the convicts, freaks and russian mob lol
  13. Why not bring some fun into it and have Tunguska develop Adhesive Mines? That would be hilarious....what can be more fun than glueing an entire fireteam in a single gooey explosion? I'd love to see that on a Spektr with minelayer. Not very high-tech mind you, but would be hilarious.
  14. I dont understand the confusion here....there's no indication that there will be miniatures and there's also no reason for there to be any miniatures. At least no miniatures to the quality of Infinity. Adding miniatures to board games radically increases cost, even low quality ones. Just look at Blood Rage, Conan etc - those minis don't come close to that of Infinity, but with it being a boardgame you tend to also get tons of other things at the expense of miniature quality. If there are troop profiles it should at least be very different and very loosely based on the Infinity system. Hopefully a limited set of attributes. I would like this to be quite distinctly removed from Infinity as a game even though it may be in the same universe with similar flavour - otherwise it may just appear a bit contrived. Unless this is an attempt at creating "Infinity Lite" for board gamers to perhaps transition into skirmish games.
  15. 2 SWC cost for a 1W model is ludicrous. Irrespective of Camo/Infiltration and a Spitfire. Love the model, but paying HI-level SWC for a model that dies to a chainrifle just like any other fodder piece is bonkers.