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  1. tactica

    Ha ha ha, well, it was a brief synapse and that's not exactly what happened. Pavel was sent to Paradiso as part of the Ariadn a Expeditionary Froce to Paradiso and O-12 noticed how awesome he was, so they invited him on-board their team, gave him training and then his very first mission, as an agent of Bureau Aegis, was to be a bodyguard for his own diplomat. This wasn't covered, but I'm sure if that diplomat got killed, Ariadna, Kazak High Command, and the Stavka would give the O-12 hell for years, so it's a pretty important mission.
  2. tactica

    Random tidbit for everyone: the Infinity RPG just released info on the original Corvus Belli characters and of course one of them was good ol' Vassily (I always thought his name was 'Vissily'). Without giving away the full details, Vassily was an excellent marksman, enlisted as a Line Kazak, rose to the Tankhunter regiments, and was so freaking good at that, he became a member of a 'specialized TAG Hunter squad'. Then he dropped out of the military and became a bodyguard for the Ariadnan diplomat to O-12. He's equipped (for the adventure) with an akrylat-kannone and specialized sniper rifle, with a plethora of skills focused on marksmanship. Not sure if any of that is relevant to the tabletop game, but it could lead to some very exciting things! Hopefully we'll see Vassily as a character like some of the other original RPG characters or maybe we'll see some representation of this TAG Hunter squad. EDIT: Interesting enough, there's another Kazak character from the original RPG cast too: Pavel McMannus. His father was a Caledonia (45th Highlander Rifles) and his mother was a Kazak (Scout, to be precise). He became a Scout, went to the Spetsnaz school, succeeded, so he became a Spetsnaz, and then was deployed on Paradiso. His skill set was too unique for him to be a Spetsnaz or Scout on Paradiso, so he was assigned to the "Spetsgruppa C, a speciali military intelligence unit of the Stavka". Later, handpicked by O-12 for training and then reassigned as a bodyguard for the Ariadnan ambassador, the same as Vassily. He's equipped (for the adventure) with an ojotnik and highlander axe. Resilient with some focus on marksmanship, not near as much as Vassily though.
  3. I think you should change one of your Line FO's to a regular one in order to make the Scout a FO instead. Otherwise, between what Lazarus0909 already suggested, I think it's a pretty decent list! Definitely makes the Pride of Rodina proud
  4. I imagine REMs will be Tunguskas cheap orders. I'm starting to think that Securitate will become the 'elite LI' option for Tunguska and we'll get some REM Line Troopers, like Onyx. What all the info Bostria teased and that's mentioned in the first page of this thread, that's my guess. It could possibly just be wishful thinking on my part too
  5. Ha ha, yeah, you definitely could! I think that would be blasphemy against the Kazak gods. They might hex you for that kind of heresy! Interesting point though. It could make for a more STALKER-ish looking Doktor....I might have to buy a third one now, ha ha!
  6. Marauders are definitely a fantastic box and unit, I was so excited when I got mine, I painted the whole box that day! The Spec-Ops models are great for two reasons: 1) They come with that sweet bundle of guns, which is superb for conversions 2) They're universal proxies, so you can use them to proxy anything you want! I own every Spec-Ops for every faction I play and have never regretted it. I do a lot of conversions, so the extra weapons are nice and sometimes I just want to proxy one new loadout or troop with no profile, so they work great for that too (I actually own two of the Ariadna one...needed more rifles and a more Kazak-ish 112). So, even if you aren't playing in a Spec-Ops event, you still have them for proxying whatever you want or even use them as your HVT. Super handy.
  7. tactica

    Seriously? How do you people have this much luck?! The only times I've faced TAGs with my autocannon, I get critted or he ends up losing the fight anyway and dies (RIP Pavlov). The only time I killed a TAG was a Dragoes (after three shots) and then my opponent was able to sneak his little bot around without me having line of sight (and spending a lot of orders) and then brought them full health.....My favorite example of my bad luck was during Nimbus Zone. My opponent and I were tied on the antennas, I was smearing them across the table, completely annihilating them while I advanced. Thought his Hassassins could take on my Kazaks, but joke's on him! Then I was closing in on a console with a Scout and was trying to push those took me 5 orders to fail it, FIVE. I said to myself "alright, that's dumb, back up plan!" I send up a Veteran Kazak paramedic to touch the middle one, failed twice and decided to put him in suppressive to hold the console. My opponent only had a Muyib team left (actually barely, had three models left) and a Farzan he forgot about. Note, I have a Dog-Warrior standing right above this third console and my Veteran Kazak had LoS to it as well. My opponent says "Well, that's game, I don't have any specialists left" I was kind enough to point out the camo'ed Farzan he left under a building and forgot about, then hope fills his eyes, regret soon fills mine. He takes this little lucky bugger, spends every order he has to get to the console, dodging my Dog-Warrior and Veteran, to press the button with the very last second-half of the game...and he succeeds, winning by 2 or 3 points since I wasn't able to take any consoles. Should have never reminded him of that stupid Farzan. I had the same odds and failed 7 times, he succeeds on the first try. That story sums up my luck with this game, ha ha. Yeah, it's definitely on my list of things to do now, after reading about everyone else's luck! Jeez! Do you have any good recommendations? Also, rolling with authoritah is a very important part of the game. You have to pretend you're in charge, for your model's morale
  8. tactica

    I really don't want to talk to you anymore, ha ha. I have the worse luck in Infinity. I could regale in hours of stories about how the dice gods failed me. I could probably tell you three cool stories of me doing something epic. That's all I got. It's getting to the point where I think I need new dice. I keep hearing how the CB starter dice aren't too great and this has been a problem ever since I started using them.
  9. tactica

    Ah....That is some pretty awful luck then! You need the them to pray to the dice gods better or drink vodka to appease the Kazak gods I've had some bad spills of bad luck with my Veteran Kazak too. Once lost him to a combi that was shooting me at 6's or less while I was in Suppressive shooting 13's or less.
  10. Aye, that you can. You can also do a coordinated order to recamo your troops too, so you could coordinate: drop mines* and then, coordinate: recamo* *Note, not technical terms.
  11. tactica

    Agreed! Veterans in Fireteams will be excellent! Just imagine the AP HMG one backed up by a full core! Huh, that's definitely interesting. They're honestly not that hard to use and they're resilient enough to forgive most mistakes. Sounds like it's job now to teach a fellow comrade the ways of Ariadna's finest
  12. tactica

    You'd be surprised, comrade. I've received many comments about my inclusion of Irmies in the tactica, ever since I created it. Agreed, it's always nice to have confirmation! I think I would be heart-broken if we didn't get Irmies in TAK, I've just been so used to using them. Now we just have to wait to see what new units get and to see our first preview from the next book.
  13. You're quite welcome! Sorry this reply is late. I never noticed your response until now! Glad you weren't planning on running them as three groups I think it looks pretty stellar, actually! Nice job on that list! Even included the Chain of Command Unknown Ranger, to get the most out of your Veteran Kazak AP HMG. My only suggestion would be to make one of the Grunts a Forward Observer and then make the Veteran Kazak a paramedic. That'll give you one type of both specialists that can reliable get up the field and do what they have to. The Veteran Kazak paramedic is by far my single favorite troop in the entire game. I'm glad you're enjoying our ramblings on the forums, ha ha. We're always more than happy to spitball list ideas with Also, no need to apologize for naivete, we were all new at some point.
  14. Ummmm.....He should? Might just take him a while since they're working on a lot of behind the scenes thing; however, let's try this: @Koni, I summon thee to this plane of existence to please answer a question for me! Is the WarCor application button working and is the program accepting anymore, new WarCors soon?
  15. Don't forget Surprise Attack, though! That -6 to your opponent is absolutely mean! I try not to reveal them until I attack, for that exact same reason.