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  1. Yeah, I believe it's the same button. Not really sure though, they changed the application since I've applied. Also, good to see you're applying to be a Warcor Matt! I know you'd be a great one and I hope you make it You've got my support!
  2. March 16 - 18, this year. Here's the website, if you'd like to know more:
  3. memes

    My friend @Jotadg the mad kazak came up with the idea, I just made it and posted it
  4. blog

    It's clear that we at PoR are very excited about the upcoming sectorials (says the man who's already wirtten the Kazak and Ramah tactica), so it shouldn't be a surprise at all that at least one of our writers (Admiral JCJF) is excited for Vedic and wrote a guide on how to effectively play Vedic, all without the official sectorial release. You can find his Vedic-themed ALEPH guide here: Deep Thought: ALEPH, Vedic Style!
  5. tactica

    True, but still not too comforting in regards to the Numarr. Oh well, guess it's better than nothing, eh? Realistically, we are expecting somewhere between 6-9 new profiles, so I'm hoping for at least 3 super-soldiers, two would be perfect. As you said, I hope they ooze a super-soldier presence, like Khawarij or Tarik. Make them unique, distinct and humans that play as something other than basic humans. I'm still hoping we see a 6-2 super-soldier or one with Sensor.
  6. tactica

    I'm pretty sure I have an idea, because I was pretty sad too. I mean, I'm obviously a pretty big Kazak fan, but I've always had a soft spot for Ramah (back when all we had was 'Caliphate'), but I chose Kazaks to be my faction, since Ramah didn't really have much news or confirmed units back when I started besides Khawarij, Naffatuns, Tarik, and the rumor of the Mukhtar and Numairs (impressive job remembering the names, by the way!). They sounded so good and exactly what I wanted from Caliphate. Jokes on me (or us) as now we don't get them. I just hope we get some other super-soldiers to make up for it and not just more tech-/equipment-based options (like we see now).
  7. tactica

    I had to pull my book out and check this and you're right. It doesn't mention who his guards are! I could have sworn they were Hassassins sent by the Old Man, not sure why I thought that, though. Sorry about that. Either way, I hope we see some kind of Hassassin troop in Ramah since I already play Hassassins, it means less I'd have to buy, ha ha As others have point out, Kum will be part of the "Khanate" sectorial coming out after the next (the same book FRRM are being updated in). Yeah, I feel you. I was a bit upset to find out they removed the old, giant super-soldier concept in place of the Merc-esque, giant HI instead. I love Al Fasids, but not the concept I was hoping for, after they were hyping it up. I'd be fine if we got an elite HI, super-soldier troop, but I hope it doesn't cost too much. We already have a lot of elite and expensive troops, especially when you think about our Core options, it's going to hurt to have another 50-70 point option, when we have Tarik, Al Fasids, and Maggy. I do agree that the "less technologically advanced, but more genetically advanced" trope is EXACTLY what drew me to Ramah (and the old super-soldier rumors, plus Tarik), so I hope CB doesn't disappoint us.
  8. tactica

    I could try, but taking videos isn't exactly my forte. My plan was just to take down notes this year again, like I did last year. There's usually always a couple of people who take videos though, so I wouldn't be surprised to see some (I don't have the proper equipment and my hands are way too shaky to hold a camera for two hours). Ha ha ha, touche. Hopefully they do some teases there, because I'm itching for some info! I've got a couple of folks going, I could see if they wouldn't mind hooking us up with some video, notes, and photos. I DO know that CB has some big plans for Adepticon this year, we'll definitely want to keep an eye out for it.
  9. tactica

    Sorry, but I've got no info on that and all old rumors we were told are invalidated (as you mentioned). Folks have been pretty quiet about Ramah. Ramah has a fair amount of holes right now, so I'm hoping they get fleshed out. We really do need more super-soldiers and more access to tricks. I do doubt we'll see too many cheap, Irregular troops, especially when we already have two Line Troops worth of profiles (that are more than likely going to be AVA Total). Hopefully, we get some info at GenCon and I'll be there reporting myself
  10. Hey @Penemue Are you still planning on updating this tactica once we see the official release? If not, I know someone who would love to tackle this project (it's me ). Just wanted to ask before we reach that point, so we can get this done as soon as Tunguska drops.
  11. tactica

    Actually, Saladin's "guards" are Hassassins. They're there to cut him down at any point, if he oversteps his bounds and that was enacted by the Man of the Mountain. Asawira are "guards" for Hassassins to make sure they don't overstep their bounds and don't operate in entire secrecy. I wouldn't be surprised to see Asawira appear in Ramah, to be honest, but we currently don't have much of a grounds for them to be there, yet. Asawira fluff blurb: "The Asawira Regiment is a formidable attack force in the service of Haqqislam. A small group chosen from among them comprises the personal guard of the Shah. The remainder act as elite heavy troops and are one of the tools that keep the Hassassin sect under the supervision of the Haqqislamite High Command. " I definitely agree with you here. I mean, I could see them making an appearance in Ramah, but I'd much prefer something new and not another HI option at 40-50+ points.
  12. tactica

    Show of Power would be my biggest concern, but I think otherwise Kazaks would be perfect for that tournament! I do agree that Uxia would be a good addition, but I'd forgive you for using her, comrade. She is an agent of the Stavka, after all
  13. blog

    Thanks Alkymedes! Glad you're enjoying our work so far We take great pride in our work over at Pride of Rodina. Don't worry, we're definitely not planning on stopping anytime soon Got a lot of things in the work and even more projects!
  14. blog

    I'd like to take this down period in our article cycle to inform you folks of a couple of cool things we've been cooking up over at PoR (told you 2017 was going to see some cool projects from us ). First up is our faction personality quizzes (currently only the Vanilla one for now, but the sectorial one will be coming in the near future): The point behind this is to help new players discover which faction would be best for them, help guide veteran players to try out something with a specific 'build' they're looking for, or just for pure fun. I've done some rather extensive testing of the quiz so far, so it's somewhat valid and reliable. Sectorial one will be coming up, very soon! Second, is our list of 'Blog Comrades': The point of this project is to help unite Infinity bloggers and get them to interact with each other a bit more. The initial step is an article swap, and then occasional mentions, shares, etc. There are a lot of quality Infinity blogs out there that get covered up, so we at PoR, with the input and help of Lilith of Straight Outta Caledonia, have cooked up this network. If you're an Infinity exclusive blogger and would like to join our network, let us know!
  15. That website....gets me everytime, ha ha. Didn't realize it was number one link on Google. Thay's kind of cool. Anyway, as Lazaurs0909 pointed out, that's the Kazak tactica. Enjoy! Feel free to ask any questions in the thread, etc.