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  1. The Pride of Rodina weeps vodka-laced tears, comrade (I kid, of course)
  2. tactica

    Don't worry, TAK will be official soon enough and then we'll get this pinned
  3. Scout snipers are great if you really want to out-range a target, but the Spetsnaz HMG does better in most cases thanks to Marksmanship Lv. 2 and higher burst. Spetsnaz sniper is almost never worth taking, as Col above said...Poor guy Sometimes I might take a Scout sniper for fun or to help eliminate TR bots (especially if I'm low on SWC), but Tankhunter ML is a better ARO piece and 'sniper'. Spetsnaz sniper? Hardly worth the time.
  4. I honestly couldn't tell you. It's been so long since I tried changing it and it just magically changed this year. Is there somewhere on the ITS profile or CB accounts to change your ITS name? Other than that, I would send a PM to one of the CB folks.
  5. I can attest to this. My Spetsnaz HMG has a surprising amount of Aquila Guard kills, I'm surprised he isn't declared a war criminal yet! I'm more afraid of playing against camo as Ariadna than I am of MSV3.
  6. tactica

    I doubt I heard nearly as much as you nor that I know as much about Ramah as you, but I can definitely say with what snippets I've heard out of Rumble, Ramah is going to be extremely awesome. I can also attest to this Well, we do know that Bostria has already said that Tunguska's getting some love later this year, so I imagine the same can be applied to all of the other upcoming sectorials. We also know that the Interplanetary and GenCon will probably have some details regarding the upcoming sectorials, as well. At most we wait 4 months for the Interplanetary and see what it holds, which I'm almost 100% positive it will (then again, I said the same thing about Rumble, ha ha). We also know that almost all of the sectorials are already done. They weren't kidding when they said the designs and art are the biggest issues right now.
  7. I'd definitely pick up the Marauder box, as I agree with BaleWolf. Marauders are much more versatile as solos, ARO pieces, Haris, and even the Core. I'm personally a bigger fan of the Marauder Core, than I am of the Minuteman Core. I just find that Marauders are universally a lot easier to pack into my USARF lists then Minutemen.
  8. I'm not really sure what happened, but I finally got my ITS name to change. I am now officially the Pride of Rodina! They're clearly working through requests, it seems.
  9. tactica

    Oh, touche. I keep forgetting that GenCon this year is after the Interplanetary. Guess we'll have to wait until the Interplanetary then Thanks for the reminder!
  10. That makes sense. I like how the Irmandinhos ratted out the Nomads for having Shas on their ship. Good ol' Irmies and TAK
  11. That's my guess. Nothing at Rumble, so if we're lucky, maybe Adepticon, but I'm not holding my breath. GenCon is the next big seminar, I believe and Carlos did mention all of those teases at Rumble would last us until GenCon.
  12. I guess we wait for GenCon to get any Kazaks news now. Only five more months, woot! Totally digging the Scots, by the way.
  13. tactica

    No Ramah news at all everyone, sorry. Maybe Apedticon, but seems like we have to wait until GenCon.
  14. tactica

    I'm thinking it's pretty likely. They can't let the Ramah hype train run out of fuel, they'll need to stoke the fires a bit. If not then, most definitely at GenCon and I'll be there myself to catch any news.
  15. tactica

    Just wanted to let everyone know I've gone ahead and done some updating on the tactica, but nothing big. I just expanded on a few points here and there, fixed some grammar and spelling mistakes, and just general cleaning up. Just wanted to let everyone to know that, even though I'm on a hiatus right now, that once we get anything new, I will update the tactica accordingly. Also, once we get the official release of Ramah, expect to see this whole thing redone and updated. Don't worry about this tactica not being supported, either. I will continue to update and refine it for as long as I play Infinity! And, as always, feel free to add any critiques or suggestions, too The more voices, the better.