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  1. Yeah, that Pride of Rodina guy is pretty helpful Jokes aside, that's a very good start! I like the scheme so far and you're doing goof with the telnyashka. I can't paint straight lines that well, so my Spetsnaz don't have them. I look forward to seeing you complete the full squad
  2. Hey Bloodynin3! As previously mentioned above, the tournaments and demos are a great place for that kind of thing, but if you don't want to play in a tournament or go through a watered down demo, I'd be more than happy to show you the ropes myself. Once we both figure out our exact schedules, we can schedule in a practice game or two then.
  3. Now, not a new rumor, just speculation. I expect rumors will start to trickle when we get closer. We're a bit too far off for good rumors right now.
  4. Yeah, poor Mormaers. Cool models and concept, but Veteran Kazaks are just so good for only 5 more points. I hope we see resculpts for them in the near future. I am dying to get some, especially one for the paramedic I always run!
  5. Sounds like you need to hangout with better people I honestly can't bring myself to bring the Scout Lt., no matter how many times I've thought about it. I might have to try this, but it'll be hard to dissaude me from the Tankhunter Lt., ha ha. Every time I use mine it just gets shot to crap (even while they shoot it in the +3 range) or they ignore it. I guess it works well as a way to indirectly absorb Orders, but that's it. I also don't usually take Dozers in the first place. Irmies are all I really need in life
  6. It seems that we in Ariadna have a lot of universally good troops that no one will argue about whether they are or not (Antipodes, Spetsnaz, Chasseurs, Cateran, Uxia, Irmandinhos, etc.), but our faction is also riddled with a lot of hidden gems too. What are some of your favorite underrated Ariadna troops? Mine is definitely the Veteran Kazak Paramedic. That troop has saved my butt more times than I can count. It would also be the Tankhunter ML and Marauder HRL, for supreme ARO duties: one makes a mess of most things and the other wrecks camo.
  7. I am the Pride of Rodina. I like vodka, long walks on irradiated beaches, and destroying any opposition to Ariadna, especially to the Kazak people. I'm also not creative. Too analytical for writing pretty things.
  8. Scouts with E/Maulers are pretty handy for taking out heavy armor too. I mean really, when playing Vanilla, you have a whole lot of excellent anti-armor to choose from...mostly Kazaks
  9. You're going to want to bring a TAG and firepower, both. Vanilla: Scarface + Tankhunters and Veteran Kazak USARF: Scarface + Marauders, Minutemen, Blackjack, or other AP sources. Caledonia: Anaconda + T2 Cateran, Greys, Mormaer, or other AP sources and high damage T2 MRRF: Scarface/Anaconda + ADHL/EM ammo, Muls, and sources of AP ammo (probably just use HMG's, since most MRRF AP is pretty weak).
  10. It's on our Facebook page! Absolutely fantastic job, comrade I would make some edits and improve it, but music and lyrics are not my thing, ha ha. There's a reason why I write articles about gaming in my free time
  11. You most definitely can. If hackers can hack your Muls, I would imagine you can hack them with some friendly scifi magic as well
  12. Honestly, I think your list looks pretty ace The one change I -might- make is to switch Al-Djabel with the Mutt, to give him more orders first turn, since group one will already be pretty starved moving the Ghulams and Haris, while group two won't be doing much with their orders. Like I said though, might. It's more of a personal preference than actually optimizing the list.
  13. Pfffff! Of course we do! It's in our fluff even...well, maybe not explicity. However, I imagine that's what all of those Spetsnaz drink during their celebrations and we used to always joke that Veterans have NWI because they kept a flask of vodka on hand. I mean, is it real potato vodka though? Probably not, but it's vodka
  14. The Pride of Rodina approves of this! It's so beautiful :') Do you mind if I post this on the PoR Facebook page and credit you?
  15. I find that vodka is a good international drink. Terrific stesight or with fruit juuces and a lemon-lime soda, like Sprite. Then again, I am the forum's residential Kazak player, so I might be biased