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  1. tactica

    You're telling me, ha ha! There have been those who have been waiting since 2009 though, so I haven't been waiting nearly as long as them. Don't worry, we'll get our Kazaks someday soon
  2. tactica

    Kazaks are the best, comrade I'm glad you're enjoying the tactica and the thread. It's been a culmination of years of work and my almost five years of experience with playing Kazaks. Same here comrade, same here. I've been waiting since 2012 for the sectorial and there are others who've been waiting much longer than me even. It can't get here soon enough!
  3. Same. I really miss some of the profiles too. Veteran Kazak doctor and Tankhunter AP sniper, to be precise.
  4. I would probably look into this then: BLOODGOD is a champion of Ariadna camo and dude spam and he's a very good player. I had the delight to watch him in action in person, while he proceeded to kick my butt
  5. Yeah, Vanilla Ariadna will do that to you The trouble is, there's a lot you can do with Ariadna, so it's kind of hard to recommend anything until we know what you're thinking for. Are you looking for order and camo-spam? That's what it sounds like to me. If so, I'd look into getting Foxtrots, more Chasseurs, Chain rifle Volunteers, and Uxia. Probably will want Traktor Muls minesweepers and the Dozer, so you can take them. However, that's all I can suggest now without getting a better idea of what you're looking for and your preferred style of play.
  6. I know I will be! I already preordered mine weeks ago, ha ha. Just got to wait for it to arrive, alongside my Ayyar
  7. As Mac said, you'll want Uxia and propably another SAS. Cateran would be superb and so is the upcoming starter set. After that, probably Scots Guard for more heavy weapons, Galwegian for face punching fun, and Wallace. Volunteer Core with a Grey and Isobel is a lot of fun. Toss in Cateran or Scots Guard for ARO duties, Galwegian for DZ guards and general annoyance, then the rest is really up to you.
  8. Greetings comrades, it's me PoR! Some of you might have noticed how I've been slacking off when it comes to promoting the blog or writing, etc. Well, it's time for a big reveal, I've been spending the past couple of months working and testing out my very own campaign! If you like STALKER, narrative campaigns, and playing atypical games of Infinity, then this is the thing for you. Any and all feedback is welcomed and I'm always open to more suggestions for missions. It is a bit rough still and I only have up to Chapter 1 done (with no mission diagrams, or pictures anywhere.), where I'd like to do up to Chapter 3, maybe 4, as well as an epilogue or a way to create your own missions.
  9. I'm a bit offended that High Commander of the Ariadna forces at Wotan, code-named "Pride of Rodina" was mentioned. I'm guessing it's because my cover is just that good Also, if you get killed or 'attacked' by a WarCor...I think it's time for you to do some self-reflection
  10. blog

    As some of you may have noticed by now, this thread is a bit out dated. I've decided to stop spamming this thread with articles and will leave it as is, with the occasional post about a really cool new article, special events, etc., kind of like what I do with the Facebook page, for those of you who don't have or use Facebook to keep in touch with PoR. As an aside, just got home from Twinfinity and here are a few pictures of me and my Spetsnaz cosplay. Expect a full report in the near future! That red box with the Ariadna models on it is mine, as an aside. This is a picture of my game against @BLOODGOD. Pretty fun match and had a blast playing against him. Almost pulled away with a tie! It helps to read the mission before you start playing
  11. Muls have aways been hackable, but their guided missiles used to be non-hackable. Those were the good ol' days for Muls....
  12. tactica

    *shrug* Who knows? We'll see, but I hope we see something. I imagine we might see a dossier for something upcoming, but that's all I'm willing to bet on. Maybe a render for the Khawarij HRL, if that's still happening.
  13. tactica

    I really doubt it. Rumors have it that Kazaks are getting their own bike troops anyway, so there would be no need for Kum and the Kazak bikes, that would be silly. Also, I honestly doubt TAK would hire out Kum and I doubt Kum would take orders from Kazaks. Definitely an interesting theory though
  14. How about Shock, better stats, and d-charges? Sounds like a good trade to me, especially the better BS
  15. Yeah, that Pride of Rodina guy is pretty helpful Jokes aside, that's a very good start! I like the scheme so far and you're doing goof with the telnyashka. I can't paint straight lines that well, so my Spetsnaz don't have them. I look forward to seeing you complete the full squad