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    In case you haven't seen the Ariadna meme page nor the idea to come up with a meme war thread and then the impomptu meme war that occured in the Ariadna forum; we somewhat discussed the idea of having a meme war between the factions in Infinity and see what faction has the best sh*@posters and memers! Rules No personal attacks. This is between your Infinity faction and someone else's, not about bad blood between two individuals or insulting them. Keep them appropriate. I don't want to see any memes encouraging awful things or threats to do severe physical or psychological harm to someone. We aren't threatening people here, we're using our wit and dumb pictures to crown an Infinity faction meme king! Try to keep it clean. The Infinity forum's are still supposed to be 'family friendly' so don't ruin the fun for everyone for having a bunch of crap in your meme and resulting in the war being shut down. Sure, a swear here and there's pretty aight, but don't make a meme dedicated to swearing. Don't bring up real life events or history. This is a fight between Infinity factions, not real people, dead or alive. Now, let the meme war begin! @Stiopa, you came into our home and started throwing punches. I have a present for you: At least Ariadna has WIP 13 and Courage @Dasaan? Would Tohaa like to continue the war? @The Invincible Army? Is Yu Jing feeling brave enough to fight against Ariadna, the professional sh*@posters? @Loricus? You Nomads still feel up to the challenge? ALEPH? Combined Army? Haqqislam? EDIT: Ariadna won, everyone else got tired of Ariadna meme spam, so this is going to be the general Infinity Meme thread now. Feel free to post any Infinity related memes, as long as they loosely follow the rules.
  2. Greetings comrades and welcome to the Kazaks. Due to the current state of the forums, I've decided to create a series of Google Docs and links rather than an extensive, forum-based, tactica. Everything is still in the works, however, so please bare with me as I make this transition and hopefully make an even better tactica for Kazaks than what we previously had. As you might note, I added the word "Hub" in the title as well. Not only will this be the home of the Kazak tactica (via a Google Doc), but I'll also link all sorts of other relevant and useful things here as well in, thanks to the suggestion from @Palomides. I will slowly start adding things as they come along, so keep posted! Without further ado, the new and improved Kazak thread: Tactica Other tidbits: Why I like Veteran Kazak Paramedics - Pride of Rodina blog Kazaks' Troop List - Excel sheet on my Google drive Scout Tactics - provided by @Lazarus0909 Battle Reports: Limited Insertion: Kazaks vs. ALEPH - provided by @Lazarus0909 Limited Insertion: Kazaks vs. Military Orders - provided by @Lazarus0909 ---------More to come---------
  3. No, Kazaks are coming beofre MRRF and Kazaks are actually almost done, if not already done. MRRF is...not, sadly, to put it as nicely as I can. MRRF have been slated for the next book, so hopefully they get the work that they deserve for being postponed this long.
  4. Greetings knowledge-seekers and welcome to the Ramah Taskforce. Due to the current state of the forums, I've decided to create a series of Google Docs and links rather than an extensive, forum-based, tactica. Everything is still in the works, however, so please bare with me as I make this transition and hopefully make an even better tactica for Ramah than what we previously had. As you might note, I added the word "Hub" in the title as well. Not only will this be the home of the Ramah Taskforce tactica (via a Google Doc), but I'll also link all sorts of other relevant and useful things here as well in, thanks to the suggestion from @Palomides. I will slowly start adding things as they come along, so keep posted! Without further ado, the new and improved Ramah thread: Tactics Other tidbits: ITS Season 8 Guide (it is a WIP, more in-depth detail will come later) ---------More to come---------
  5. All of the GenCon products there already have the "pre-order" models, so don't worry about that I'll be at GenCon too, so I'll see you there, comrade!
  6. tactica

    Yeah, I really doubt we'll see any major changes to anything Ramah (that's currently out) or Hassassins related for a while.
  7. Aye, from first edition, but was mentioned to have X-visors. Not sure where the Zero-G came from Shown in a little comic, the one on the first page here, but that's all. They're a complete secret otherwise. Then again, that was first edition and when they were only S2, so who knows?
  8. Here's my entry on them from my Kazak tactica Hopefully it helps some! Standard (25, 0): Comes with an adhesive launcher, an AP rifle and d-charges; a classic kit for wreaking havoc. Glue down what you can’t kill with the rifle, run up and then plant d-charges. Sure, it's only 4-2 and can easily be overshadowed by the heavier options, but it's still a great tool kit for getting missions accomplished and defending an area. This is a terrific loadout for its price and something any enemy of the Kazaks should fear. AP HMG (35, 1.5): Probably one of the best choice for an AP HMG and even an affordable version, especially when compared to the Veteran Kazak and the. Plus, the Tankhunter has Surprise Shot Lv. 1, which the Veteran Kazak does not have the pleasure of using. It’s an excellent and powerful choice for any list if you need more HMG, d-charges, and AP ammo or don't want to pay for a Veteran. Really this option shines in Nimbus zone when the Autocannon isn't going to be much help or whenever else you know you're going to be doing some armor hunting, but you need some burst rather than power. One thing to note, though, is that for 3 points more you can get a Spetsnaz HMG which is far superior to the Tankhunter AP HMG, until you’re shooting against ARM 5 +. If you know you’re going up against quite a bit of heavy armor and aren’t already packing anti-armor somewhere else, then this is the option for you! Portable Autocannon (34, 1.5): A unique weapon in Infinity that’s a beautiful mistress of destruction. If you know you need some heavy armor demolished, then take this option and I promise you won’t regret it. Burst two, AP + EXP ammo types for a potential 6 wounds on whatever with half of its armor and heavy penalties to react back, thanks to camouflage. Someone thinks they're going to sneak up your flank and there's a lonely camo marker, they probably think, "Oh, it's just some cheap whatever, it can't do anything to my armored behemoth". You reveal this beautiful gun and watch as terror consumes your opponent's face. Definitely stopped a few flank attacks myself with this piece and destroyed a few T.A.G.s, too. However, it is worth noting that the AP HMG is the superior Active Turn piece and the Missile Launcher is the superior ARO piece, but the autocannon is the nice middleman between them. Missile Launcher (29, 1.5): A cheap and effective missile launcher option. This is probably one of the best places to put the missile launcher with the Tankhunters incredible ability to stay alive and stay cool under fire; however, this loadout is the only one that doesn’t have d-charges sadly. This is one of TAK’s BEST ARO pieces and even one of Vanilla Ariadna’s best ARO pieces too. It’s even good on the offensive, if you don’t mind risking a single shot, but it’s got a bit longer rangeband than a HMG and the like, so you can easily outrange targets. It’s still got the AP + EXP, DAM 15 shot of the autocannon in ARO, or you can swap out for the EXP template, DAM 14 shot to really mess with any clusters of opponents that come around. I used to see the autocannon as one of the best ARO pieces, since it was burst 2, when needed, but nope. ML is definitely better. You just can’t beat a weapon that can easily outrange the typical HMG rangeband and that can alternate firing modes on the fly, given your target. It’s also a great option for taking out TR bots and any friends it has hiding behind it. Lieutenant (25, 1): The same as the standard loadout, but it’s a Lt. and costs one SWC. This is actually one of the best Kazak Lt. options. They can make short work out of any rascals who are trying to stomp around in your Deployment Zone, or blow up any d-charges your troops have deployed, all with your Lt. Order. Laugh at my 4-2 lieutenant, I'll laugh at your TAG when it's glued down, after you failed an assassination run! The 1 SWC is a bit of a steep price to pay, but it can definitely be worth it, at times.
  9. I've done this and revealed a few ninjas and Oniwabans; it s was great. Then I proceeded to eat them with the Antipodes (just kidding the Ninja killed two members of the pack by its self and then remained engage with the third one that was Immobilized). They were not pleased when they found out Antipodes could do that. I was very pleased
  10. Why would they hide something new for Haqq, while PanO gets reworked profiles and Nomads get an entirely new troop? If they didn't hide them, I doubt they'd hide whatever Haqq is getting. Plus, what other 50+ point thing would we be getting instead of Tarik? It weird to be weird to have a picture of Tarik up there with a Hassassin motto, so I bet they just subbed in some other Hassassin silhouette to distract us and fit the theme. If you look, it appears almost as though the right-most one is from the Muyib dossier.
  11. Good to know Laz and I aren't the only ones who think this is possible Sounds like we need to get in touch with the TO for GenCon and see how they'll rule it, as there's no consistent ruling yet.
  12. OOC: I knooooow! He did a really great job on the flag, I totally thought it was a real thing made by CB, until I realized it wasn't, ha ha.
  13. It breaks my heart to see one of my most trusted comrade go rogue like this. You were like a brother to me, Jandrus, but I do not fault you for your actions. You do what you believe is best, just like a true Ariadnan. We will not pursue you nor attempt to quarantine you, but we are saddened by your actions and words. Fly free, comrade. I wish you and your brothers the best of luck. May you bring down the CA when all others have failed. (OOC: Oh man, this is so freaking cool! Good on you for doing something unique and cool, Jandrus. Hopefully CB makes mention of it in the fluff and I hope others take up your mantle. Also, that's such a great movie)
  14. All in all, it goes to show that no one really knows what's going on with these points right now, ha ha. I'll see if I can get a clear answer out of BoW or Carlos, but I doubt it.
  15. As an aside, I did a kind of rough estimate on calculating campaign points and this is how I did it: You get one point for each zone you own in the end of each Phase and you get one point for each objective you've completed (Bostria informed me that secret objectives were worth the same as controlling zones, as I am the faction liaison and asked him). Since no one has completed their own objectives, this is how I counted up the points: PanO - 4Nomads - 3Ariadna - 3Haqqislam - 3Yu Jing - 2Tohaa - 1ALEPH - 0Combined Army - 0 I asked Bostria to confirm this a day ago and still haven't heard back from him. In fact, the campaign is still anyone's game. No need for defeatism yet
  16. *shrug* I'm not really a fan of Twinkies. I personally really enjoy those Cosmic Brownies, those are great!
  17. I guess you all understand why we're attacking PanO now, eh?
  18. As faction liaison for Ariadna and one of five High Commanders of our forces within Wotan, I would like to provide my support to Vanther; a true comrade and ally. The Combined Army is a threat, but with allies like him and the Tohaa, humanity will stand a chance. Thank you for your service, comrade. All of Ariadna wishes you the best as we go forward.
  19. Is this guy me, by chance? Over all, I think your list is pretty ace, but let me suggest some tweaks to it: Ariadna ────────────────────────────────────────────────── GROUP 18 2 1 SPETSNAZ (CH: Ambush Camouflage) HMG / Pistol, CCW, Knife. (1.5 | 38) CHASSEUR (Forward Observer) Rifle, Light Flamethrower, Antipersonnel Mines / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 20) SCOUT (Forward Observer) Ojotnik, D-Charges, Antipersonnel Mines / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 30) LINE KAZAK Lieutenant Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 9) LINE KAZAK Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 9) IRMANDINHO Chain Rifle, D-Charges, Smoke Grenades / Pistol, AP CCW. (0 | 8) ASSAULT PACK . (0 | 25) HANDLER Rifle, Smoke Light Grenade Launcher / Pistol, Knife. (- | 10) x3 ANTIPODE AP CC Weapon. (- | 15) VOLUNTEER Chain Rifle, Light Shotgun / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 6) VETERAN KAZAK Paramedic (MediKit) AP Rifle, Light Flamethrower / Heavy Pistol, Knife. (0 | 39) GROUP 25 1 1 SPETSNAZ (CH: Ambush Camouflage) HMG / Pistol, CCW, Knife. (1.5 | 38) MARAUDER (Multispectral Visor L1) Heavy Rocket Launcher / Assault Pistol, Knife. (1.5 | 26) FOXTROT (Forward Observer) Rifle, Antipersonnel Mines / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 18) VOLUNTEER Chain Rifle, Light Shotgun / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 6) CHASSEUR (Minelayer) Rifle, Light Flamethrower, Antipersonnel Mines / Pistol, Knife. (0.5 | 20) IRMANDINHO Chain Rifle, D-Charges, Smoke Grenades / Pistol, AP CCW. (0 | 8) 5 SWC | 300 Points Open in Infinity Army Knowing who you'll be playing against, a Tankhunter AP HMG won't treat you as well as a second Spetsnaz one will. Also, got to have those Antipodes. They HATE those buggers. You can thank me for that I added in Irmies, because they're great, but I took out the Airborne. I'm sadly not a fan of them myself, but you can easily work them back in, if you want. I also took the Veteran Paramedic because I love those guys; they do some great work and can help crack armor (along with the Scout) and do Classifieds. I find the T2 rifle kind of underwhelming. The best part is the X-visor, but T2 rifles really aren't that great. T2 snipers, yeah, but it's almost always too easy to use cover and ignore a rifle hit.
  20. They're alright if you buy the different foams that you need, but also as an Ariadna player, the bag doesn't really hold all of my Ariadna models in. There are way too many bikes and other 55mm and 40mm models, so even if you get the right sized foam to hold a bunch of S2 troops, you won't really have room for the other things. With TAK coming out in the near future, I imagine the problem will only get worse.
  21. I realize this is a jest, but imagine how cool it would be to have a JSA troop with really high martial arts standing in an unarmed close combat stance. It'd be kind of silly, but kind of cool at the same time.
  22. You're definitely not the only one who feels that way. The bags were designed for back when Infinity models were much smaller and before we got the new, recent scale. They work fine for the older stuff, but not really too well for the newer stuff. Of course, BF hasn't updated their bags or done anything with their Infinity since they made them. I'm a bit disappointed in mine too and plan on gutting them and then doing magnetic racks and magnetizing all of my models.
  23. I know, that was the scary part. He would keep banking momentum and would only lose so little compared to how much he would he had banked, then he would use the momentum for extra damage. That's how he would wound Maggie with a chair. I said the chair was 1d3 damage and it had 6 ARM (was a beat up version, not very safe since the terrorists had to repurpose), so he would use up all of his momentum to deal damage...which he did many times. He played the game really well and made sure to read the rules, then he created a monster.
  24. Ha ha ha! That is so true. Also, I am very thankful that particular player doesn't lurk these forums, otherwise you would have just given him another ridiculous idea that I would have to tolerate. A ladder is the last thing I need this player to ask for and use
  25. Yeah, best thing to do is do a pregame shopping spree, but limit them in what they can purchase. Only do things without hefty tariffs, divide them by the amount of damage they do, etc. Otherwise you'll get players who right off the bat buy super stupidly good weapons and it ramps up the power levels quite a bit. In my example above, Jackie Chan was able to purchase a teseum spear after the first mission and I thought him with a chair was bad he has the best melee weapon in the whole game, bar some Military Order swords.