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  1. This and Rasails are my beef with the Ectros.
  2. I love messing with you Kan. You're such a peach
  3. The question is now if that picture is her or something else for next month. None of those other models have cloaks or coats and I doubt the sniper shot is that far ahead (definitely not after GenCon).
  4. I'm thinking that bit is a leg as well. Dossiers aren't the most accurate representation of a model, so I wouldn't base too much off of that. It's most definitely not for GenCon, I doubt it's anything Tunguska, and it's already painted. Usually CB only teases painted things a month or two in advance. And, exactly. We haven't seen the backside, so we don't know if that picture matches Lunah's back or not. I'll throw away my entire Kazak collection if you're correct about it being something Tunguska, that's how certain I am. Carlos said nothing until later this year for the new sectorials, at the soonest. He also said the first Tunguska model we will see if the Kriza, which is a S5 HI. That is, IF we even see it this year.
  5. Could it be Lunah? It's obviously something in the near future and probably from the renders. I think she's the only one with a sweet cape, a chance for an unique paint scheme, and I don't think we saw her backside, so we don't know what her cape actually looks like.
  6. tactica

    Grunts, Marauders, and Minutemen all have a metric crap ton of flamethrower in their Fireteams, so that would be a silly argument. I fully expect Naffatun to be linkable, but not sure of the advantages over the Ghulam Core, if they can form a full team. I hope we see a new Naffatun loadout, to make a Core Fireteam of them worth it, or at least let then link with something interesting.
  7. memes

    Who is the source of this? They just became Pride of Rodina's number one comrade.
  8. memes

    It's @Mothman 's work, actually. Definitely a good one, that's for sure!
  9. This is why I play 9 different favtions and even limit myself to nonexistent ones, like Ramah and TAK. It's fun and can really show different perspectives, especially when playing not-yet-official sectorials. It's also kind of sad that I play better using my Kazaks than I do playing full Vanilla Ariadna, ha ha.
  10. Yeah, it's pretty fun Jorge 'the Mad Kazak', also made my emblem that you see as my forum picture and all over my blog. It's definitely an interesting self-reflection exercise. You have to think about how best to represent yourself and which faction you'd belong to (or just remain a Merc, then you have to get even more creative, ha ha).
  11. ^that is what Mac was talking about in regards to ITS data. It's been public for years now, ever since the start of ITS, at least as far as I can remember anyway. Also, I can appreciate not wanting to make this thread go anymore off-topic, but I think it's a bit late for that
  12. I'm curious why you think Vanilla Ariadna is OP. We've got a few opinions so far, but a few more would be nice as well
  13. You know, that's actually a good point. Those kilts flying around all over the place might be a wee bit distracting
  14. You did see the April 1st publication date, right?
  15. Awesome, glad I could help you out, comrade We're going to need all hands on deck once this campaign starts! Sorry for not recognizing you. A lot of 'faces' come and go in these parts.
  16. Kazaks you say? Good to see another comrade in these parts! Are you familiar with the Kazak tactica?
  17. ......Oh. Well, this is awkward. Now I get the joke more, ha ha. Ha ha ha! Good ol' US of A
  18. Eh hmm. It was the Irmandinhos, comrade, and they're part of the Kazak forces. Close enough to US, though We're all one giant Ariadna family, right?
  19. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. Who knows if the other factions were careless and let freaking Shasvastii and other nasties on 'em? Might as well do some checking ourselves...after we take them over
  20. Okay, maybe mutiny is a bit much. I don't exactly want to start a war with O-12, but, man, get those dirty robots out of here! Oh, you bet your buns! We're going to flip EVERY table in that orbital until we get the whole thing...or at least kick ALEPH off.
  21. We Ariadnans are apparently helping out O-12. We're stationed on their ship. I think we should mutiny
  22. (folks already mentioned how it works as a real Yuan-Yuan). Plus, it's possible future sectorials will have Yuan-Yuans in there. Don't forget we are getting Merc sectorials in the future, I'm sure they'll appear there Also, you have to realize that the Fat Yuan-Yuan is a PR move. It helps CB build a repertoire with their fans and show that 1) they're listening and 2) they actually care about their fans. the Fat Yuan-Yuan is essentially an inside joke between CB and their fans and that's a fantastic way to make customers feel appreciated and buy more products. People buying more products means CB gets more money, and that money can then be used to help push out more 'important' models that aren't a 'joke'. There's a lot more to business than just releasing primary products all the time
  23. Nope, not really, but I wouldn't be surprised, especially if Tunguska doesn't get any AD or SK options, besides Spektrs. Could be the hacker Grenzer.
  24. Oh, there'll definitely be a starter. I imagine it'll have 3x Securitates and some other stuff. Maybe a Grenzer? Could toss in a Spektr and we'll probably see a Hollow-Man appear in there too.
  25. Carlos has already said Krizas are coming later this year and he also said that TAK could be in the box for next year, too. I wouldn't put much weight on what he says, as of now. I'd wait until we get to GenCon and we get more info then. It's clear CB's not really sure what they're doing next year, so I wouldn't get too excited, just yet.