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  1. A killer hacker or just normal board control. Since my first army's PanO I always try to dominate the table and dictate where my opponent can go, so killer hackers are can be dealt with by guns, at last if I see them coming. They're a threat, but I don't feel like they force me to bring my own. OP here to approve thread derailment, my question has very much been answered. OF THESE, definitely the swissile. But I more often use a nisse (or kamau now, I suppose), if you somehow have the SWC you could bring two for similar points.
  2. Spare points? What are they? Ah, I remember, a strange side effect of ten order lists. As usual, PanO get +1BS and the other troop gets unusual profiles and additional capabilities (in this case a Direct Template). It's the usual comparison, whatever you think of that (please don't turn this into a moaning thread). More seriously, I see the consensus seems to be that hacker is still worth it. Thank you.
  3. I'm about to build my Beyond Swiss with a spare multi rifle to round out my profile options. A few years ago I'd have modeled it as a hacker, but with Killer Hackers around and ITS not requiring specialists so much is that still worth it? Obviously I can use it as the other too, but I want to model it for the one I'll use more.
  4. If you're immune to attacks without having snipers exposed then you're likely using too much terrain. In my meta at least, reducing the quality of hiding spots has meant that the warbands guarding corners can be out ranged by spitfires and such: ie PanO type troops can attack past the halfway line again. On a dense table as PanO I'd recommend the same as everyone else. My only point to add is that MSV2 snipers covering around your attack piece after turn one go a long way to stopping warbands.
  5. Nice, thank you. I'm already lining up panzerfausts, it's just a pity viral snipers don't work.
  6. Jaguars are close, they have potential. But they've got the wrong designs of weapons and distinctive Nomads armour in hard to fix places (the wrists). Still, they're a good option I hadn't considered before. I've got the current Hassassin starer, bit I may still have a look for really old stock. I hadn't known they'd been available separately. Thank you. Found it, thank you. I think it's not quite close enough to Haqq Panzerfausts for my perfectionism, but there's probably something out there which is.
  7. Neoterra solved this with Bolts, Corregidor with wildcats. The signature link of the sectoral, at last theoretically. The Hassassin equivalent is definitely Muyibs.
  8. Good idea. Hasslefree miniatures, you say?
  9. Tagline mission one: The Grid allows you to claim objectives by Forward Observing them, and then allows you to blow them up. My question is: does claiming the objetive by Forward Obvserver-ing it also Mark the objective? Thus allowing you to shoot it easily and rain Guided missiles on it.
  10. Rereading my last post I think it may have come across as argumentative or as some kind of angry rules lawyer, if it did then sorry. I'm wanting to work out the official ruling before bringing it up to the group, at which point it may well get house-ruled. Well, yes, I'm just trying to find the official version. Where are you finding this suggested ruleset? I expect it's what we'll use, but from Tagline all I can find is: "Environment: Jungle.The entire surface of the game table, except both Deployment Zones and the interiors and rooftops of buildings, are treated as Jungle Terrain." If this isn't referring to the sample terrain in the rulebook then I can't see what it means, since it doesn't seem to otherwise state this is even difficult terrain. Obviously it is, but what sort isn't clear then. It's listed? Maybe my Tagline file is out of date, I'll check that. I know you can have other terrain types which fit under the same movement skill, the problem is that with no further detail I would assume Jungle terrain to be the example type rather than an unfinished description, at least for finished scenarios. Yes, since it's called "thicket" I only discovered it's not difficult terrain after my first post. Oh. Someone edited the document and added it. Whoops, that makes me feel a bit silly. I suppose my question is somewhat void now, since I don't know of an official mission which specifies terrain without giving the details about how hostile it isn't.
  11. Um, the wiki you link to and my rulebook both have it as: Jungle Jungle Very Difficult Low Visibility Saturation Zone Adverse "You can complete your Special Terrain by using the Hostile Environment rules". "Can". Hardly clear, tournament suitable terminology. Is it theoretically obligatory in missions which specify the terrain category without further details? Or assumed to not to be used unless specifically agreed on? "The Attribute required for the ARM, BTS o PH Roll and the Damage value or the effect can be determined by the scenario, by mutual accord between players or through a d20 roll on the following chart." "The roll on the Hostility Level-Attribute-Damage Chart must be made before Deployment." The scenario doesn't specify, mutual agreement could theoretically be a problem in a tournament (however unlikely it is in practice), so I suppose rolling is all that's left?
  12. I'm preparing for a Tagline event in about a month, and some of the missions specify Jungle terrain, which the rulebook lists as Adverse. According to the wiki (since the rulebooks don't cover it and I don't happen to have Paradiso) all hostile environments have an effect from a table and players either roll or pick one: my best guess is that Tagline is intended to roll before the game? After choosing lists? The hostile environment rules are rather unclear and hard to find compared to the more recent ones.
  13. Nice. I've been surprised how often I use that profile even in vanilla.
  14. Good point, it's only a little worse as a starter set for a new player.
  15. Really? Where was that picture released? Hmm, as a starter set that seems like terrible design. Imagine trying to learn the game with that.