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  1. Welcome - and a little note, you should start up at the Corvus Belli forums, this one is going down soon. It sounds as if, you’ve got a good theoretical grasp of the game, but one thing is theory and another is practice. If you can, I’d advice you to start slow, with just a starter to get some starter vs starter games under your belt. This will give you a nice grasp of the various aspects and strengths of models ( by looking at both your own and opponents ), you don’t need to play to win, but to understand the mechanics, scenarios and objectives. Regarding your list, then it is a very nice and friendly list, that checks all the boxes, but it lacks an overall synergy and purpose to the models. E.g. there is no reason to take a regular daikini, when a paramedic can win you the game. Or how the chain rifle myrmidon might be helpful to a long ranged Marut or Agema, but will just double the order spend of the midranged Asura (running a tag team of deva spitfire and myrmidon spitfire will give an equal amount of offence at a discount). Or how you’ve chosen a MK1 hacker, that has some poor remotes to support with programs, when those extra points could be spend on making the ekdromoi a hacker, giving you an AD specialist (and an extra doctor) instead of just a little nuisance from above. So start playing and do less asking.
  2. You don’t really have 10 orders, you’ve got 7(8) for a first turn, which isn’t much - especially if you don’t go first, and your opponent gets the drop on you, and strips you of a few models. Your low model count also means, that you have a hard time countering any alpha strikes - just imagine the havoc an ekdromoi could wreak on your own fire teams, or something cheaper like an 8pt yuan yuan. Just killing the chain rifle myrmidon would seriously damage the effectiveness of that fireteam. You of course compensate for the low order count with fireteams containing capable specialists, but still.. Teucer is nice, but he won’t do much to keep you safe, when he’s facing a HMG in the reactive turn with no smoke to cover him (and no MSV2 to deny smoke and camo). Burst is king, and if you want something dead in the active turn of Infinity, odds will always be on your side. The low order count and the chance of losing specialist will probably mean, that you’ll need to play your ekdromoi very aggressively- first turn suicide runs, so you get in quick to reduce your opponents orders or grab an objective - which means you’ll be relying on opponents having poor defenses, so you’ll need to set up Teucer, Phoenix and Hector to scare opponents to keep troops hidden, giving the ekdromoi room to land. Basically reducing your expensive troops to be cheerleaders to the less expensive. This is counter to any normal use of AD, which is mid-to game surprises and objective grabbing. And again cheap mercenaries could do this much better. To sum it up, you’ve gone too elite, and if you last beyond turn 2, then it will only be at the mercy of your opponent. - Pointers : Don’t leave home without a full 10+ order combat group. Just don’t. So if you want cool surprises like AD or HD troops, keep them in your second group and spend command tokens to bring them in to the first, when you’ve sustained losses. Consider which troops will be your active pieces and reactive pieces - a 13pt Thorakites FO can do wonders on SF in your backfield, while generating orders for a myrmidon Fireteam. Without roadies your rock stars won’t be able to put on a show. There is no such thing as ‘overwatch’. Certain troops work in reactive turn, they’ve got Total Reaction, are placed in confined spaces in SF, or they’ve got the security of Hidden Deployment. The rest is cannon fodder, when left out in the open. Fireteams are easy to dismantle. Their true power is order conservation, moving specialists while firing big guns - with the exception of Phoenix, who needs that +1B. You choose, when your troops will die. Plan for this, not for their survival.
  3. Rules aside, fireteams are just a weakness to be exploited.
  4. The best counter to a hacker is a bullet to the head. Comparing AHDs and KHDs is of no use, they are good vs different targets. A KHD is useless vs a TAG, HI or REM, where the AHD excels. Not that I don’t take a KHD over the AHD each and every time, but that has more to with my meta and it’s lack of TAGs. And because the KHD allows me access to cheap REM, while not charging SWC. - I’d love to see two changes; adding a 0.5 SWC tax to the KHD, and giving both access to Spotlight, so they get just a little versatility - and of course redoing Spotlight, so it is actually worth spending an order on E.g. B2 and straight WP.
  5. It just opens up another attack vector to your team, while it doesn’t add much beyond the button pushing capability. For myrmidon specialists, I make do with Mac&CoCs - they give me Eclipse and boarding shotgun ranges, along with V:NWI
  6. Infiltrating snipers are definitely underrated. Rarely are boards set up with a prrfect snipers nest in deployment zones.
  7. I’m quite happy with Patroclus.
  8. List one. You’ll need Achilles V2 for the Duo. And I’d dump the daleth and hacker for CoC and a third thorakites FO - the myrmidon hacker is a liability for a fireteam, that adds little use to it’s toolbox. list two. Again with the myrmidon hacker - and consider whether you’ll actually have an actual use for all those myrmidon chain rifles, as if you’re just using them to stack bonuses on link leaders, you’re paying a lot of points for little return.
  9. I’d say: yes. @LoricusIt’s not, that you can’t win in CC with less, it just becomes more of a crap shoot. And when you face proper cc troopers, you’re at a distinct disadvantage. At the end of the day, cc is little more than a gimmick, and its usually a lot simpler just shooting your opponent.
  10. Agreed. For any unit to be relevant in cc, they’d need a CC21+ and MA3+. And even then you’ll need consider targets. .
  11. In general the various monikers of specialists have become irrelevant in ITS – now, using a correct specialist adds +3 to WIP, where in the past a wrong specialists incurred a -3 penalty instead. This gave an enormous boost to an army like ariadna with cheap infiltrating FOs out the wazoo and compensating PanO specialists for being fairly useless. The point of hackers is to either boost your REM, which is rarely used in SP. Or else it is Killer Hackers to protect your HI and TAGs, both of which SP does very fine without – an exception is Scylla KHD and her murderbots, who can hide behind Cybermask and approach the enemy. The Paramedic, Doctor and – unless you're using a Marut or relying on Zayin – skills are rarely used, as they drain your orders.
  12. I’ll just comment on vanilla: Daikinis - if you’re not getting them for an SWC option, get the paramedic. A MOV 6-4 Specialist with Mimetism can easily win you games. If you want cheap order generators get lamedh, probots or netrods. Posthumans - these are autoinclude. A MK1 and a MK2 are so undercosted, for what they can do. They bring you a comparable versatility to a sophotect, but add visibility modifiers, infiltration and more wounds. Devas - the hacker is overpriced, when you compare him to a danavas or Thamyris. - 10 order lists - If a model has no SWC cost, and isn’t a specialist, it should be no more than 8 points. You’ll need your models to win you games, by either killing the opposition or pushing buttons. We can’t afford no ordinairy Line troopers, that can hang back in the deployment zone and do nothing, everything needs to contribute or be disposable. Versatility and Synergy - a chain rifle myrmidon is a great force multiplier to a Marut via smoke. However, once the Marut goes down, it is nigh useless, exchanging the chain rifle for a BS weapon gives superior suppressive fire capabilities, a spitfire can press on the attack, or used to envelop the enemy, while CoC or AHD means, you’re advancing a specialist. In the same way, lamedh, and probots might seem like boring order monkeys, but when paired with our expensive hackers, you expand their range enormously, both for supportware, but also defending your hacking vulnerable troops. E.g, my Achilles/Patroclus list is supported by two lamedh/Probots and a danavas, these offer my blond heroes the safety of White Noise when advancing on either flank, but having a big area covered in repeaters also give my daikini medics the benefit of MML2, making them pretty decent strikers, so the repeater bots maximize the use of my danavas/MK2 while supplying orders for my strikers/specialists.
  13. Aleph : the new chapter in human evolution. PanO : the guys who brought on the next chapter in human evolution, because they found thinking too bothersome, and just wanted to spend time on the shooting range, so they funded the biggest computer. Has a fraction of LARPers running around with shiny swords. Yu Jing : cheap knockoffs of PanO. Make up for lack of equipment by compensating with numbers and ninjas. Haqqislam : a bunch of Dune fanboys living a quasi-mystical life selling an out-of-body experience. Nomads : humanity on fun mode. An army for the sexually deviant trolls living under bridges or in their mothers basements and trekking among the stars. Ariadna : when you’re not really into sci-fi, Ariadna is the choice of the stars. Also great for nationalists who like to roll on their Rodina-rs or chant U.S.A. They ignore half the rules and challenges of the game, and compensates by focusing on the aspects that matter; cheap orders and marker states. Tohaa : good for target practice, as they’re pretty tough. Combined Army : they’re Aleph on hard mode.
  14. Yup.
  15. Posthumans are a given in any vanilla list, so there is no reason to mention those. What you need is Smoke, an Engineer, Orders and a backup plan - the last one is the most important, most often you can rely on the Marut to kill the opposing army, but sometimes you just can’t so you’ll need an alternate killer, preferably one that works diametrically opposite to Big Bunny Girl..: Aleph - Quick’n’Dirty (300/300 | 6/6)Group #1 | 10 Models | 10 0 0 Marut Lieutenant | Lieutenant, Strategos L3, MULTI HMG, Heavy Flamethrower, Nanopulser / AP CCW (120) Daleth Rebot Combi | Combi Rifle / Electric Pulse (17) Lamedh Rebot Repeater | Flash Pulse / Electric Pulse (8) Lamedh Rebot Repeater | Flash Pulse / Electric Pulse (8) Netrod AI Beacon | (4) Netrod AI Beacon | (4) Proxy Mk.1 Engineer | Engineer, Combi Rifle, Nanopulser, Pistol, D-Charges / Knife (10) Proxy Mk.2 Hacker | Assault Hacking Device, Nanopulser, Boarding Shotgun, Pistol / Knife (21) Patroclus ODD Spitfire | ODD: Optical Disruptor, Nanopulser, Smoke Grenades, Spitfire, Pistol / EXP CCW (57) Myrmidon Officer Combi Chain of Command | Chain of Command, Nanopulser, Combi Rifle, Smoke Grenades, Pistol / AP CCW (36) Dakini Tacbot Paramedic | Paramedic, MediKit, Combi Rifle / Electric Pulse (15) A list like this, gives you two sources of smoke - yet unlike a chain myrmidon, you¨ll want to use these actively. Patroclus is fast and great for killing, and unlike the Marut and Achilles, he is immune to hacking - he’s great for a throwaway first turn alphastrike, or to open an alternate attack vector, if your opponent catches your bunny Girl with her panties down. The myrmidon officer is a great source of smoke too - a specialist, that you’ll want to hold back, but still want to advance for grabbing objectives, and she comes with the practical bonus of CoC, for when your bunny dies. The MK2 hacker can cover a large area through the repeaters, if someone tries to outmaneuver your bunny bot (while being the best/cheapest TO specialist in the game). You’ve got low orders, but fast movement, reliable strikers and superior specialists covering everything, but the doctor roll.