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  1. nomads

    You're not the first one mentioning the base. I'll think of something. To get a more modern look into it, some lights in the floor might be an option. I'll try it on the next base I#ll paint. Thanks and I hate to disappoint you but I'll first have to order some new JSA miniatures. ^^ Hahaha, you got apoint there! Even her hooded cloak looks like one of those worn by boxers when they enter the stage. ^^
  2. nomads

    I'm currently thinking of starting another project. I'd like to build up a JSA army and used a Kempeitai as a coloursheme test subject. What do you think?
  3. Very nice board, indeed! Maybe a bit open, but I wouldn't mind. Just a beautiful piece of work!
  4. nomads

    Good point! Thanks for telling me. You're right. I'll add some highlights to the ammunition. :) I hope so! Last time I used a Hellcat was on N2 I think. Let's see if I can make use of her surprise element.
  5. You're strong accents give them a nice comiclike look. I like that. I assume you're pretty fast with this style. How lond does it take to finish a model?
  6. Great colorsheme! There many painters who try a dark sheme but end up painting just black miniatures.You're different, as you use nice blendings for clothes and armor. Keep it up.
  7. nomads

    I finished a Hellcat yesterday and wanted to share with you guys. Hopefully she'll prove herself on the battlegrounds.
  8. nomads

    After a long, long break I started painting again recently. One of the first victims of my rusted skills: a Bandit Hacker
  9. Show us some process! The sketches are awesome!
  10. Got to play on my board after a long time. I've been playing too often in the nearby club I think. ^^ If you're interested in a small battle report, you can find it here :
  11. The game is called Space Hawk. Dunno if it is sold in US Amazon es well. Here's the link:
  12. Brilliant idea, got to copy this for Teferox Bay.
  13. I'm glad you guys like my terrain. What should I say? Me too. ^^ At the moment I have way to much ideas and projects. Maybe I'm too fixed into getting the board I want done in a short time. On the other hand Teferox Bay is growing. And even if some projects still aren't finished, the overall impression isn't bad at all. So, what has happened the last couple of days? I painted the little generator like thing on the roof of my gunshop. Nothing special, but one more detail for my city. Next thing is something bigger. With the ongoing Wotan campaign and the Zero G terrain rules, I wanted something on my board with more... spacestation feeling. You get what I mean? So I was looking for a spaceship, my nomads could use for their missions. I found one for about 11$ on Amazon. The ship is out of a Ravensburger game and you might have seen it somewhere else as well. I gave it a new coat with Montana sprays and am repainting it at the moment. There is still a lot to do, but seeing it on the table allready makes me want to play a Wotan Mission right away! One more little project you can see on the first picture is the small wall. It is build out of Lego bricks and painted with Montana sprays as well. The wall just needs some more graffiti and posters. I like the look of it, though it is quite simpe. As it is a simple way to cut too long line of sights I'm sure I'll build some more of them. Now Micro Arts just has to releas their Kickstarter Metro buses to the public, so that I can add some LoS blocking elements on the streets as well.
  14. This is f****** great!!! The love to details is astonishing. And you even thought off a place to put your dice and order markers. Simply gorgeous!
  15. Lovely little sushi bar and way better than the normal house. You made good use of your airbrush in my opinion. Great!