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  1. I've done a stock take and I've realised I don't need the highlanders! Could I replace those with two HMG Kamau? Thanks!
  2. Hi! Could I get the following? Isobel McGregor 45th Highlander + shotgun 45th Highlander + chain rifle 9th Wulver + MK12 Volunteer + rifle (fem, CHAS) Thanks!
  3. I'd love to see a Sukeul blister (anything but the sniper), but yeah, the Kauri render makes that a bit more likely to be Tohaa's release
  4. Hi! Could I grab one of the Zuyong Invincibles from Red Veil? Thanks!
  5. That's the most important thing, I reckon. SUSD is fantastic at showing enthusiasm and bringing people into a whole host of tabletop games they may not have considered before; people who can then figure out how to play properly once they've got the bug!
  6. Are you a Yu Jing player because that's the most Art of War thing I've ever heard in the hobby
  7. I don't play either of the Red Veil armies but my god I'm tempted... I guess I could persuade myself that it'd be useful for demo games? Damn you, CB...
  8. I think they'd need to bop one of the Guardas or the Montesa Knight on the head to get it to 300pts, but other than that, it'd be a pretty neat box!
  9. Agreed. Especially after the Spetsnaz, it's good to see they're not always relying on recycled assets just because they can. Loving the Bagh-mari, I could see myself getting some SAA with those as the centrepiece
  10. I think that's exactly the bit that's annoying me. Individually, it's a nice model, no doubt about it. Using the same 3D model is already a bit lazy for a blister release, but this is going to make my Spetsnaz's look like a chorus line. When an army is only 10-15 troops max, I (personally) want it to feel like a group of individual characters, not a collection of chess pieces.
  11. That's incredibly disappointing, especially since my current HMG Spetsnaz is already an arm-swap with the new Tankhunter. Agreed on all points. I'm getting a bit worried about this becoming more of a thing... we can do arm-swaps ourselves, shame to see CB do it as official releases. Varied, natural-looking armies is something that drew me to the game in first place.
  12. K1 doesn't affect cover armour, right?