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  1. getting back into the fray after a hiatus - catching up with some old & new friends tonight!

  2. Have both & they looks great together.
  3. @John Tenzer absolutely - has the correct mov characteristics! Are there any REM's with super jump?
  4. That's exactly what I meant! Could you convert him up as a 'REM' hound!
  5. would love to see a step by step of your technique - this guy looks awesome even at this stage!
  6. looks great! will you be converting up a hound?
  7. your work is so inspiring!!
  8. Hey Sangarn, which gun/rifle did you use for your Bipandra? (Sorry if this has been asked/answered elsewhere) . She looks great BTW! I keep coming back to your beautiful work on this miniature! Are her calve/shin inserts painted MMN or TM?
  9. totally inspired to crack my ABH out now - stunning & very characterful work!!
  10. are these cards still available for download?
  11. so impressed, awesome work!
  12. Hi Phin, 12 months ago I was in a similar predicament - having migrated over from the "Grim Dark" (for almost 30 years!) my regular gaming group wasn't prepared to make the commitment to start infinity - so I spoke to my (kinda) local retailer if it was ok to start asking folks if they would like to meet up to play Infinity - we ended up meeting a whole bunch of new players who now travel to meet up weekly/fortnightly to play - even my old gaming buddies are joining in - it takes a little time for new players to get together but its worth it - now a year on - I ran our group's first ITS event! Don't give up buddy, hang in there - find close'ish players - find or even start a FB/social media group and put yourself out there. Where are you based/located & is there a local bricks & mortar store near you?
  13. so, so sweet work!!
  14. Thanks Hydra, I wasn't sure if it was the same material.
  15. Sorry if this has been answered before Hydra, the board you cut to make your tables - what material is it? (The green card/MDF/plastic card looking stuff?) Thanks in advance,