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  1. Oh my. That is indeed subtle. It sounds like because I only had a pair of AHDs on the table and no other hacking devices, that the situation as described was legal. I do tend to take HD+ Interventors so I'll have to keep these sorts of things in mind.
  2. If memory serves, there's: CCW Leg/Arm Piece Arm with MULTI Rifle Body The gun arm just went onto the shoulder nubbin with no problems for me. Maybe file it down if there's too much material. Here's a picture of an assembled one (in the middle): Sadly, I don't have more pictures on hand atm.
  3. This situation came up in last night's game, and we weren't sure if we played through it right. Any clarification would be appreciated! Thanks in advance. Board State: It is my reactive turn. I have a pitcher next to this core link: Both Cranes and a Celestial Guard FO are unquestionably in ZoC of my repeater. I have only two units that can draw LoF to the core link, and they can only see the Crane AHD: I have two unlinked (no SSL1/2) AHD's on the table, out of LoF and ZoC of the ISS link: Order Expenditure: My opponent declares Short Skill: Move, and moves the entire link into total cover from all of my forces. The link leader is the Crane AHD (visible at the start of movement to my Grenzer and Jaguar). In ARO, I declare BS Attack with the Grenzer and Jaguar, choosing Missile Launcher (Blast) and Panzerfaust, respectively, targeting the Crane AHD. The ML template covers both Cranes. My opponent declares Short Skill: Dodge as his second short skill. Now that he's broken Stealth, I declare Oblivion from both hackers through the nearby repeater, with the Wildcat and Rev Custodier targeting separate Crane Agents. Questions: Due to Stealth on the Crane Agents, I am unable to declare a hacking attack initially. Do I have to forfeit my ARO with the hackers because the Celestial Guard FO (who isn't a legal hacking target) activated in my Repeater's ZoC, or am I allowed to hack them after they declare a non-movement skill, thus breaking Stealth? If the Crane AHD was not the link leader, does the answer to the above question change? The Crane Agents (and the link) are unable to declare Reset because they are not the target of a comms attack (until they Dodge and become legal hacking targets). Is this correct? Outcome: For those curious, my opponent failed his dodges on the Cranes, and I landed the Panzerfaust and ML hits. I fail both Oblivion rolls. He makes EIGHT out of nine ARM rolls and takes a wound on the Spitfire.
  4. @Elric of Grans Thanks for the grunt work on this, well done! Some random thoughts to follow: Bandits - I take Bandits because of the LSG + ADHL + good at stabbing kit. The rest is just gravy. If I want a combi or their other kit, like BSG, I'll take a Zero for less points. Grenzers - Lots of things in Vanilla compete for their slot, perhaps not in role but definitely in points. Hellcat - This was surprising until I saw the numbers at the bottom of your post about Tomcats. Tomcats are arguably more toolboxy, if you're looking to button push or do other objectives, and if you're going to walk your AD all the time anyway, then they're more points-efficient. Not sure what the hacking numbers looked like, but the hacking dropship thing does indeed mess with your jump. Interventors - Fast Pandas are great, but if you've got a lot of other repeaters on the board those points can be used elsewhere. My guess is that the BSG HD+ profile isn't popular because of 1) no suppression and 2) no Lt option. Jaguars - I tend to always include at least one ADHL/Panzerfaust Jaguar because that profile is awesome. I do miss the smoke, though, but for that I have Morlocks. I'd say the point of them is the smoke + chain rifle for Intruders and AD guarding, respectively. If you want a shotgun then take a Zero or Bandit, which can do more things. E/M CCW is also very situational, it's really only good against HI/TAGs/REMs. Sure, you can isolate their Lt, or break a link team, but in that case you should really just be shooting the Lt or link. Lunokhod Sputniks - Difficult to use well, and you really want an engineer around to pick them up, and then you want a hacker to take advantage of the repeater but then you're worried about KHD sniping your Interventor Lt... so I can see people arguing themselves out of taking one. Mobile Brigada - They're fine in Corregidor, but compete with the Intruder HMG if you're only taking one. In Vanilla, I'll take a Moira HMG or Grenzer ML if I want heavy weapons for cheaper, esp considering the ODD and MSV1 I get for those profiles. Nothing wrong with taking a MB, I just like the other options better after trying the MB profiles. I think they're just solid workhorses, no chrome, just fist to face type profiles, which is what you need sometimes. I prefer a more lateral-thinking style of play so I tend to move away from them in Vanilla, at least lately. I think the hacker has some life in Vanilla as an HI specialist, but it can be a tough sell. Moran - I rarely use him as a specialist, but take the FO profile for the "just in case" situations. I think the BSG profile is fine, if you intend to use him as an active attack piece to disrupt advanced link teams. I generally rely on him to be alive and well to keep being a repeater for my hackers, so I generally play very conservatively with him (especially as he's often priority one to take out for most of my opponents). Morlocks - E/M CCW was probably there for TAG/HI hunting as a conscious choice. 6 point guy taking out a TAG is a reaaaally nice trade up. In Vanilla, I want the always-on impetuous order to get them up the field. I generally don't take the chain rifle Jags anymore in favor of the ADHL/Panzerfaust profile, which never fails to provide a tough problem for my opponents to solve. The regular order for the Jag is nice, but I'll take a Krakot over a chain rifle Jag because they have more of a toolbox. Prowlers - Forward deployed Spitfire that can come from elevated positions is really really useful. I've also had great success raining grenades on people with the BSG profile, but now that I'm taking Krakots regularly (that can roll +3 PH) I generally use them for that role instead. Reverend Custodiers - I will take the HD+ and AHD profiles in Vanilla for the Pitcher, sometimes alongside an Interventor. They're much stronger in a Bakunin Haris though. Reverend Healers As others have said, Healer is super expensive compared to the Daktari, and in Vanilla we want to spend those points elsewhere. Reverend Moiras - Surprised at this one. I take the HMG and E/M LGL profile often in Vanilla and have been very happy with them. I'm guessing it comes down to people defaulting to the Intruder HMG. Riot Grrls - I'm actually fine with the Frenzy in Vanilla for the extra order. Losing cover bonuses suck, but at their price I'm not going to cry about losing a Riot Grrl. Salyut Zonds - Taking the EVO imposes a lot of constraints on your list. Tomcats - Engineer makes more sense especially since you can have a Daktari + bot for only 17 points and use the 5 points to do something else instead of taking the Doctor profile. That and Sabotage. Zeros - MSR is low-burst so I kinda want higher BS and higher ARM in case I lose the FtF. Krakot - The addition of grenades and Meta Chemistry L2 and forward deployment is really strong. Jaguars are more passive, defensive troops, and Morlocks have the additional constraint of providing smoke which shapes their movement. Krakots project a very strong threat bubble for very cheap, both in points and orders. MetaChem L2 is really really good. You can reliably get Super Jump or Climbing Plus on a double chain rifle guy, or you can roll +3 PH for grenades, giving you spec-fire on 13's in 8"! Pretty much every Krakot profile is amazing (some more than others), and the fact that you can cancel their impetuous order makes them even more awesome.
  5. For reference, here are two of my recent Tic Tac Toe lists: Hacking heavy, as you said. I don't have a ton of games racked up on Tic Tac Toe, but I'm finding that you just need to keep them boxed in their deployment zone and flip a single antenna on their side to prevent them from getting a line. It was easier for me to box my opponents in with the Intruder and my repeater assets than actively disrupting them with Bran, but I could see a Bran alpha strike working. My philosophy for the mission was to bring a bunch of specialists for redundancy, after which Bran wrote himself out of my list due to lack of points. I'd venture a guess that it's also less orders for me to position the Intruder and Moran than run Bran around doing Bran things, but both strategies are viable. I guess I also have the option of taking a Hellcat and letting my opponent overextend before springing the "surprise," whereas a savvy opponent will recognize Bran for what he is under that camo token and react accordingly.
  6. Albedo, Nanopulzar, and Repeater would be fun and pretty unique. Impetuous repeater that gets its face shot off a bunch 'cause it doesn't have smoke.
  7. Against ASA, perhaps something like this: I think you'll be relying heavily on PI-Well and the Tsyklon against ASA. Some thoughts on stuff I usually see versus ASA: Bagh Mari - White noise with Pi Well or Tsyklon Regular Sapper Sniper - Assisted fire/Triangulated fire Nagas - Watch out for the KHD. They're basically Zeros with better stats and have the same bag of tricks. Tikbalang - Hack the crap out of it, or get your E/M CCW Moira into CC with it for the lulz. Stealing it is great! Climbing plus may seem silly until it finds an awful angle on you. Akalis - Troublesome. Keep a few moderators watching the backfield. Zoe and Daktari pulling double duty as close button pushers and backfield watchers. Knights of Montesa - They start in your face and might have an LGL. Watch your moderator deployment! If you suspect one, counter-deploy with the Zero AHD, but be wary of assault. They don't have stealth, so hack away! If you're willing to forgo the +3 to WIP from the EVO, there is room for a Moira E/M LGL, which is isn't a must but has been very effective for me lately.
  8. Yep, with the +1 you get to 7 SWC total. I used to use her a lot in Vanilla, especially in a coordinated order with an ADHL Jaguar and something else scary (Intruder, Moira, etc) to remove TR bots. She solves a lot of problems and guards against AD troops (Van Zant!) quite nicely because of her fantastic rangebands. I rarely used her as a Rambo piece, though, more as a backfield/just out of the DZ broom and button pusher for things just outside the DZ. If you've cleared your DZ you can always run her up into the midfield and throw her into suppression with a few other pieces and then she's a pain to dislodge with her Mimetism and Dogged. If they get too close, just break suppression and drop a template on them. Folks also try to skirt the 24" suppression fire range too to bait you into auto-failing your combi-rifle rolls. Just Panzerfaust them. =) But yeah. Not really a rambo piece. That's what he's for. Disruption of link teams and spot removal. If you use him to take out the only hostile MSV2 on the table and he dies in a hail of bullets, that's fine. Now your Intruders with smoke have free reign of the board. As far as Ramboing goes, I rarely start a turn expecting to spend more than 2ish orders on any given thing. If I end up spending more, it's either because I have to kill something and it's refusing to die, e..g a Su Jian near my Lt, or a window of opportunity opens that I want to exploit, e.g. a lucky Hellcat BSG critstorm. Even then, it's likely that something else has a better shot. There's usually too much I need to do to advance board state to spend a ton of orders running and gunning a single model. Perhaps that's the best way to think about Nomad "ramboing"? You use a bunch of pieces in synergy to remove threats, e.g.: use Smoke + Intruder to take out someone watching a flank walk on a Hellcat HMG in the hole you just made to break a link team use the Intruder against the broken link to take out the last guy you can see advance a Moran and his Koalas to cover an approach, maybe killing something on the way. You're spending a similar amount of orders as you would on say, a Kriza Borac HMG, killed a similar amount of stuff, but your board is advanced much more than having a KB in the midfield. You've got an intruder and Hellcat watching a broken link, with a Moran in their face, whereas in the KB case, you've just got a KB in suppression watching a single firelane. Yes, a KB in suppression is terrifying, but you can just walk or smoke around him. Much harder to deal with multiple models watching you from multiple angles with stuff that generates ARO from out of LoF (repeater, Crazy Koalas). I think that's where Nomads excel. Pretty much everything we've got is super toolboxy and we can come at things from weird angles (literally and figuratively) for relatively low order count, and by the time we're done we've got more than just a single scary HI/TAG/whatever in the opponent's face.
  9. If the EVO is not in a null state and is on the table, all attempts to Connect the Antennas are +3 WIP. As far as other things to use with the EVO, Pi-Well has Sat lock, which is usually at -6. Now it's at flat WIP. Might even be worth bringing a Meteor Zond for the +3 PH to the AD roll the EVO grants too. Maybe? Futz with groups to your liking, maybe try to fit a Vertigo Zond for abusing Sat lock, swap in a Lunokhod for something...
  10. Great write up and analysis. Sounds like you're getting a lot of mileage out of the cheap Moderator MSRs, which is something I'll be sure to try if I ever venture into sectorials and link teams again. Tic Tac Toe is a fun mission, and Zeros can do a serious amount of work in it. Don't forget that the EVO hacker gives +3 to WIP rolls for button pushing, which saved my bacon a few times last tournament. I'm still writing up the batrep, so I don't have a link for you, but my basic strategy (versus NCA) was to kill his midfield guys (two Locusts), then box in his Fusilier link with Morlocks, leaving my SK free to run around pushing buttons. I had an Intruder as top cover to help box in his Bulletteer and link, but a Moderator link with MSR (which is annoyingly similar in points!) will do work as well. Definitely take max AVA of Zero specialists, whatever flavor you prefer. Pi-Well and whatever else you've got in the backfield can handle the closest antennas, and something like Bran + Morlocks + Lunokhod can keep your opponent boxed into his deployment zone. Not sure I would take a Riot Grrl link for this one. Too many points and you really want as many specialists spread out across the board as possible.
  11. I'm of the opinion that you don't need two Intruder HMGs and two Interventor HD+. If you really want doubles, take an Intruder HMG and MSR, and a Interventor HD+ and KHD. I find the Alguacil FOs are tough to get out of your deployment zone to get a repeater down. You also probably don't want to leave them all out to flash pulse stuff too, but who knows. Anyway, here's something that I might consider. Adds Daktari, Hellcat, and some more hacking coverage.
  12. Only if you spend the order, I believe. Then it's pretty obvious, similar to spending your Lt order. If you really want to try to keep the shell game going for as long as possible, just flip Irregular->Regular with a command token and spend it normally.
  13. Lately I've been using a lot of Intruder MSR + smoke to dismantle link teams, with Hellcat HMG as support. There's always the brute force of HI HMGs/spitfires if you just want a beatstick.
  14. If you're consistently getting Lt. sniped by TO KHDs in hidden deployment and you see it quite often, then you definitely need to respond by changing up your lists and/or deployment strategy. As an example, if I start seeing a ton of KHD on the table and it's effective, I'll probably switch to one of our SWC-free Lt options and take a Rev Custodier HD+ and be aggressive with her. As far as this is concerned, you generate your order pool at the beginning of your turn, so you'll have the shell game for the Top of Turn 1 if you go second.
  15. Well, assuming the TO KHD starts in marker state on the board (which happens pretty often as most of the TO KHDs I see are Ninjas and they're usually there to push buttons), I just make sure to put the Moran on the other side of the table from it, and will hold the Moran in reserve if I have to. If I've got a Lunokhod or other repeater REM on the table I'll try to keep it out of the way as well. Then I put the Bandit KHD next to the TO marker on the other side of a wall. If I do a quick points estimate/order count and assume hidden deployment KHD that happened after my Moran hit the table, then I might be concerned. If I'm really worried, I'll cybermask, as you said, with the Lt order. This has never actually happened though, because I rarely see more than 1 KHD. Most often I use the Lt order for Controlled Jump, White Noise, or buffing a remote though. LoL sucks but it isn't nearly as bad as it used to be, especially if it happens early and you deployed well.