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  1. Uh... none of those are actually legal link teams, unless you're using "core fire teams" as a general sort of military/tactical term with the understanding that it's aliased to an actual game mechanic. If you're thinking of those groupings as a way to organize your play and strategy, great, just know that you don't actually get any in-game rules benefit for that. Zoe is going to be pretty vulnerable to KHDs. Your Interventor will probably be fine for an order or two, but if someone is making a concerted effort to killer hacker you, you might be in trouble. The Gecko is fine. It occupies a pretty unique position in the toolbox: it can bully lighter units, be a pretty stiff roadblock to punch through, and also be a self-contained specialist delivery system. There aren't many other units that can do all of those things as effectively. You can gunfight your way (not as well as other things) to an objective, then use the body of the TAG to block LoF as you drop the specialist out and beep boop some buttons. You can't actually AD:3 the Tomcat. He can only walk on. He should be in the first group for orders. This means you're in a weird situation where you're at 11 orders, which means they can dock you two orders. If you're this close to 10 you might as well go whole hog, as you'll already be down two orders from the Spektr and the Tomcat (assuming you choose to HD and AD them, respectively). Lupe isn't a Jaguar, but she ticks most of the boxes in terms of kit that a Jag CR and LSG provide. Just don't expect her to stab stuff as effectively. One of the biggest thing's you'll have to sort out is the balance between pushing and overextending in this list. With the few orders that you have you'll need to be extremely careful in what you spend them on. You have to think a few turns ahead.
  2. Here's the last game of the tournament. Pain Train versus Hassassin Bahram! Corregidor Blitzkrieg Mission: Supremacy Forces: Corregidor versus Hassassin Bahram (300) So, apparently we're moving to a new forum. I posted this here to complete the tournament report but after this I'll be posting new battle reports over at the new forums. See you there!
  3. @Blimps sadly, no marker states ever... From the PDF, emphasis mine: So basically: no marker state (at game start or due to an ability), and you can't be irregular or a REM. I imagine if you start the game regular and get jammed or otherwise isolated you're still fine though.
  4. @Hachiman Taro Yeah that looks like it'd work outside of spec ops. Probably have to give it a try once this 1 game a week for 3 weeks ITS Tournament is over. I've got three Jaguar Panzerfausts already built and a fourth on the workbench so I could easily field more. If only they had smoke grenades... Ordinarily I'd fuss about the Breaker Combi -> BSG on Massacre, but it'll probably work out. If your Intruder and your Brigada HMG haven't killed the big scary thing yet you're in trouble anyway, or just ADHL it a bunch. I think it just means you commit to spending 1 order a turn for the first two turns on the Haris to throw smoke and advance them to get the best mileage out of your toolkit on Turn 3. You're gonna throw smoke anyway, it's just a matter of being smart about your positioning moving up. I gotta say, playing at 10 orders regularly is like playing an entirely different game. I'm used to 14 or so orders and a pile of Morlocks. It's been a fun challenge.
  5. Had a game of Quadrant Control against @NateTehAggresar's Bakunin at 300 as part of a SpecOps tournament. Brought the Pain Train, the Jag Haris, and an Intruder HMG. SpecOps won the game for me by sitting on her butt just outside my deployment zone, but as far as on-topic stuff goes: Pain Train did Pain Train things. I need to be less awful at moving them around the table. Intruder HMG was amazing this game, taking out 7 models all by himself. Holding him in reserve and deploying first is a good way to dictate the enemy's deployment with your Pain Train and then countering that with the Intruder. You have to get the Haris in place to support both pieces with smoke though. And that brings me to my big takeaway for this game: one way to use the Jag Haris in conjunction with the Pain Train and some other big threat (preferably an Intruder with big gun). Deploy the Pain Train on one side with the Intruder on the other, then put the Haris in the middle with a smoke Jag on the Intruder side and Massacre on the MB side. Then you have smoke for both links and you can reinforce whatever flank collapses.I think I like this better than having to rambo 3 pieces up the board on 10 orders. I think this list isn't immediately translatable to a non-SpecOps format, because my infiltrating, minelaying SpecOps (season with 2 EXP to taste) is such a wonderful use of 10 points. I suppose taking an additional CR Jag would be a reasonable substitute, and that would let you reform the Haris once you lose the Panzerfaust Jag that you left out to ARO. One additional thing is that I ended the game with 2 command tokens, which made me feel pretty inefficient. Anyone have any smart ideas about what to do with command tokens with two links in the list, assuming you're not getting your link trashed and having to reform it?
  6. Here's round 2 of the three week tournament. Second round was Quadrant Control, with me bringing the Pain Train against a Riot Grrl Haris and Moderator Core. Nomad slapfight commence! Intruder Banana Earns His Keep Mission: Quadrant Control Forces: Corregidor versus @NateTehAggresar's Bakunin (300) Stay tuned for round 3, Supremacy!
  7. I tag all my battle reports by sectorial/faction, so the full list of USARF batreps is available here (there is another USARF player besides @TheDiceAbide in our meta, i.e. far too many Devil Dogs and Van Zants on the table * grumble grumble *).
  8. I don't see any fireteam duo capable stuff in your list, and you're in vanilla so you'd have to spend a command token to have TeamPro up on the EVO anyway. What were you planning when you mentioned that? Speaking of the EVO, you might not be getting all you could get out of it. You'll get some mileage out of Overclock and command token re-rolling on your hacking, but you only have 2 hackers, and the EVO doesn't have any CLAW programs and therefore doesn't really play the infowar game by itself very well. I suggest taking some AHDs to get more teeth against TAGs and HI if you're committed to the EVO, and maybe swapping the Tomcat to a Hellcat BSG so you can better spot remove something more efficiently. Also, relying on your TR bot to do all the heavy lifting on ARO is iffy. If it's on a roof and can see everything, everything can see it, so expect to lose it to coordinated panzerfausts or something like that. You also won't have MML2 if you go second, so beware of that as well. It will wreck warbands though, so you could always use it sacrificially and hold it in reserve for this purpose. Perhaps something like this? I personally prefer the Feuerbach Tsyklon with Overclock because it hits much harder than the Spitfire in ARO, and gives you some more long ranged punch. Dropping a Stempler down to a Transductor gets you room for upgrading the Spektr FO to a AHD, a Zondbot for your Tomcat which you can deploy next to your TR bot or Tsyklon (telegraphing a Tomcat, but oh well), and gives you room for the Feuerbach as well. This way you're getting more mileage out of Overclock and the EVO in general as you have more hackers now. I'm mildly concerned about the lack of KHDs in your list, but not terribly so. I probably wouldn't go after your Interventor, but I would definitely try to gank your Spetkr via hacking to avoid dealing with the TO mods. With the changes to ITS this season, 10 order lists are more viable, just be prepared to activate both Spektrs turn one or have one not in HD to fuel the other parts of your list in later turns. Your first turn probably looks something like: Reveal the Spektr MSR and kill something by giving it -12 to BS Use the Lt order to buff a bot Use said bot to remove another thing left out to ARO Push up with the Kriza or the bot (or both) Set up for next turn, get bots into position, maybe activate the Spektr AHD and then recamo both Spektrs with a coordinated order. Turn on Overclock and suppression your Kriza if you have the orders. Definitely save an order for Overclock in this list.
  9. Had a game of Transmission Matrix recently, where I took this 5-man Pain Train list: Went well, I took it 7-2 and the Pain Train lived up to its name, killing a ton of points. TinBot was absolutely necessary in Transmission Matrix, and I kinda missed having a MULTI Rifle and LFT, but I made it work. Hacker was key as well, as it let me fight back against hacking, as well as for classifieds (even though I failed Data Scan 4x). Big Takeaways: Morans are great support for a 5-man team. You set and forget them and the Koalas + an angry link are enough to really gum up the opponent's movement. Blatant, in-your-face aggression with the link was very effective, and was what I was missing in my last game with a MB 3-man link. Having an Intruder HMG or equivalent order-hungry rambo piece to do a hammer/anvil thing spreads out your orders too much in a 10-order list. The ML rangebands get... dicey as you get close. All the talk of leaving them behind as you advance your link, or stringing them out in the back I think is sound tactics. Anyway, while I personally learned a lot in the game, I don't think there's anything particularly insightful or surprising to the Nomads community at large, but I did want to pick one thing out and highlight it for further discussion: Breaking a 5-man link to throw members into suppression. Do it? Don't do it? (assuming you have at least 3 suppression-capable weapons) It worked out in my game, and I think forced a tough decision on my opponent by baiting him into throwing an antipode pack at the BSG MB that he thought was my Lt, but in retrospect I think it's not worth it at 5-man but worth it at 3-man. Here was my reasoning for breaking: I had an antipode pack and 2 dog warriors surrounding my link. Had I left them linked, my opponent could've forced me to break the link with some shenanigans (he's annoyingly good at this) or just outright gunned down my link leader, at which point I'm down to burst 1 with no bonuses. Suppression lets me retain similar benefits to being linked (-3 BS is kinda +3 BS, burst 3 versus burst 2). Mitigated the rangebands of my HMG since I had shoved the link all the way into the midfield. Protected my MB Hacker with the -3 BS suppression effect who was sitting in the open due to some bad rolls earlier. Here's my reasoning against it: What ultimately disrupted the link was getting my BSG ganked by Antipodes and my HMG surprise shot by a Spetsnaz. SSL2 removes the -6 from surprise attack and the -3 from surprise shot, meaning I would've had 2 BS19 BSG shots against the antipodes as they jumped in instead of one BS10 shot, as well as 2x BS10 ML shots instead of a single BS 7 shot against the antipodes... but probably still would've had trouble against the Spetsnaz (they're so good!) I would still be covering the same angles with one less burst but +3 BS. I don't want to fall into the trap of over analyzing breaking/not breaking a 5-man link for suppression in this specific context, so I guess what are people's thoughts in general on this, perhaps using my experience as a motivating example? Does your answer change at 3-man? @zagdag, any comments on this as my opponent from this game?
  10. We're playing a 3-round, 3-week long tournament at our LGS (pairings announced in the beginning of the week, results into our warcor by the end of the week, scheduling left to the players). First round was Transmission Matrix. Bit odd having no practice games and me trying out Mobile Brigada lists at the same time, but we made it work. The Pain Train Leaves the Station Mission: Transmission Matrix Forces: Jurisdictional Command of Corregidor versus @zagdag's Kazaks (300) Thanks to Adam, our warcor, for organizing and to my opponent for a great game!
  11. In an attempt to refocus the discussion as well as distill some of the salient points for further debate, here's what I've extracted thus far about the profiles: HMG Brigada gets less effective as you bully your way up the board due to rangebands, needs MR, combi, or BSG support. best at still being killy after we lose the burst bonus ML Brigada less popular, but good as a "throwaway" ARO piece if you're going second, due to ASPLOSIONS! (sick guitar riff while walking away from explosions without looking back) expect to lose her and thus be 1 down in the link. Hacker Brigada Unlocks REMs and supportware, don't have to pay for hacker twice in your list if that's all you want SSL2 hacker good without TinBot some folks are concerned about additional attack vector/vulnerability to KHD. only specialist option, but we're not obligated to bring one even in a 5-man TinBot Brigada DataTracker choice? a "replacement" for the Hacker brigada, from a Fairy Dust perspective MULTI Rifle Brigada Great gun, DTW is great expensive (versus BSG) BSG Brigada BS22 BSG in 5-man great defensive option and bully option once we're upfield. As for the link sizes: 3-man Folks are keen to try this, but 5-man seems more popular. Perceived as either a] kill team or b] specialist delivery squad, likely as a result of the lower model count forcing specialization. 5-man Most popular higher likelihood of including a Lt due to points, easier now due to BSG Lt profile (thanks, CB!) Quick glance across posted lists seems that there isn't an auto-include profile, which is a good thing Some questions to chew on: DataTrackers (for those of us who play ITS9) generally want to a] survive b] kill something c] be somewhere, all of which benefit from being in a link for a] protection b] bonuses and c] movement efficiency from being in a link. Does this push you into choosing one of the linked MB as the DT, or is there another profile that you rely on from our excellent support options in Corregidor? We haven't really discussed a 4-man Brigada link. Here's my arguments in favor: +1 MB to get SSL2 is really good over a 3-man link. We can do 3 of something + the ML as the 4th and then retain burst bonus after the ML dies. 30-40 point "savings" over 5-man lets you bring some more cool toys *cough* banditsareamazingandilovethem *cough* It has enough slots for you to diversify over just kill versus specialist squad. Popular support options include a] our excellent AD b] our excellent SK c] REMs d] Jaguars alone or full Massacre Haris... Is McMurrough + MB link too order hungry? Is Gecko + MB link too points hungry? I'd been toying with a EVO + bot spam list, perhaps something like this would be interesting just as an example of the archetype: Lots of great discussion so far. Looking forward to see what else we come up with!
  12. The +6 within 8" to shotguns is really tempting, but let's remember you get to place an impact template all the way out to 24". So even at -3, if you catch stuff out in the open, you can potentially wreck a ton of models. It's not like shotguns don't work after 8". You can run Massacre with the BSG, but the combi provides something the rest of the link can't bring. In isolation, I prefer the breaker combi over the BSG in a Massacre haris/core. That said, if you're going to use the MB as a face punching link and barrel through things with a linked HI HMG, you can afford to use Massacre to catch things out of position by smoking up a flank and finding an angle to catch stuff in the open with a shotgun template. It just changes the capability of the link and the general role that they play in your list.
  13. I think you really want the Breaker in the Haris, and even more so in the 5-man. It's your only high burst gun, basically, and you can get the shotgun if you want it via the Jag LSG. Even comparing against adhesive ammo, the difference between burst 2 in active versus burst 4 in active is huge.
  14. So, as I said in the other thread, I'll be loading my Mobile Brigada into the dropship on the regular. We can use this thread to discuss Mobile Brigada-related things as I and other folks try them out. Here the first of (hopefully many more) battle reports: We're Oscar Mike (Supplies at 300 versus USARF). I took this list: Not too much data from this game, basically it comes down to I needed to be much more aggressive with both my deployment and order expenditure. Biggest turning point of the game was me missing the potential for my Intruder HMG having some shots on a Devil Dog across the table during my active turn. I just didn't see the shot till my turn was over. The Mobile Brigada ML that I took was also deployed too conservatively. I think I need to think of her as a sacrificial ARO piece that will be a PITA to remove efficiently, especially if I have some other things lined up to help her out. The MB died to a Devil Dog, basically, the rest of my list did all the work. Everything came down to bad placement on my end and some really really terrible rolls (20 and a 1 on a LSG. UGH.) Anyway, the big Mobile Brigada takeaways for this one are: Don't be afraid to deploy and use them aggressively. If you're going to lean on your Intruder HMG (which is pretty much what you do in a 10 order list), make sure your MB start where you want them! Mobile Brigada will last for a few orders against a Devil Dog, but they are very expensive speedbumps. Not much else, given the events of the game. Any suggestions on lists to try next? I'm liking the challenge of 10 order lists so far. I might swap the Bandit KHD for a Moran FO and upgrade the CR jag to an LSG jag with the points, but that's debatable.
  15. A quick practice game from game night. My list this game was in response to this post over in the Nomads subforum, where we've been chatting about Corregidor and want more Mobile Brigada related tactica/batreps (in addition to tons of other stuff, of course). We're Oscar Mike Mission: Supplies Forces: Jurisdictional Command of Corregidor versus @TheDiceAbide's USAriadna Ranger Force (300) Expect to see more Mobile Brigada and Massacre from me over the next few weeks as I try to sneak some games in during a busy season at work. Thanks for reading!