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  1. Mines work just fine to secure the middle antenna. As for white noise in the Bran list, at 200, there's probably only one thing with MSV. Just murder it with Bran. That's what he's there for, he's basically spot removal. 3 mods in suppression watching the center objective sounds fun.
  2. I would definitely suggest against the swap to deprep Zero over FO. Seize the Antennas devolves into a fight over the center antenna. Zoe or Pi Well will boop your closest button, and it's going to be a nightmare to get the far button. The Zero will give you an additional midfield specialist in addition to Pi Well and the Riot Grrl to boop the central button. If anything, I would take the Zero KHD over the FO if you can find the points. NCA could spam Drop Bears on the approaches to the center antenna, and mines don't give a shit about camo or ODD. Cybermask on the other hand... Might be the difference between getting your Zero to the objective or just dying. On the last turn, just diving Pi Well into the minefield with his movement to clear it is also valid.
  3. If the intent is to migrate the Tacticas from the forums to the wiki, that sounds really good to me, as Wikis are probably the right tool for the job. However, there's the potential for social problems with who is allowed to edit, perceptions of bias or censorship, etc. which an open forum thread avoids. Each faction seems to have a few really active users who maintain the tacticas anyway, and there doesn't seem to be an existing problem with this. Just playing devil's advocate.
  4. Only if you want to have both links active simultaneously. Three combi rifle Moderators aren't exactly the dream team link so if you don't want to pay for the haris option just let them cheerlead. Definitely move the Morlock to Group 1. No reason to be in its own group, and you can rambo with it if you see a deployment weakness. Here's an option where you use the Moderators as a deterrent. I wouldn't leave them in a full on sniper nest, just watch one or two of the objectives with them, preferably on the ground level so they're not too exposed. I wouldn't go hunting with the MSR, as you don't have your 5 man BS bonus. You're really just trying to catch stuff in the open as they approach an objective on 13's. Had to drop the Spitfire Riot Grrl to find the points. If you want it back, you can downgrade the Zero to a BSG and swap it in over the ML. One benefit of the Haris list is you can throw 4 blitzens at an HI or TAG in ARO which is pretty excellent. Honestly though, I'd probably take your original ML + Spitfire list. If you go first, save an order and a command token to throw the Moderators into suppression in case he drops an Akal in your deployment zone or something.
  5. I think version management/maintenance would be very time consuming. I'm all for linking the tacticas though. While it's true that the top posts in those threads don't change much, the changes that do happen generally reflect rules or profile changes. These are very important to capture as the primary users of the tacticas are folks new to the faction. Instead of updating the thread, your (excellent) site, and whatever other places the tacticas might migrate to in the future, I think maintaining a single canonical version and just linking to it is probably the least work for everyone (especially you).
  6. TR bots and HI can seem like insurmountable obstacles when you first face them. It's a psychological thing, much like staring down the barrels of two linked missile launchers. New players can often feel like they're being led around by the nose. You lose to a TR bot, you buy a TR bot. A TO troop murders your TR bot, you buy a TO troop. An AD troop murders your TO thing, you buy an AD troop. I guess my point is that it's not the HI or the TR bot that is giving you trouble, but rather the weakness that they're exploiting. Deny them the opportunity, and seek out and exploit their weakness. For example, if that TR bot can see the whole table, the whole table can see him. Your weakness is that the TR bot can see all your dudes, so if you activate them one by one, you're just suiciding them one by one. But..... Since a ton of your guys can see the bot, have them all shoot it at the same time. It can't split burst in ARO, so a coordinated order with MULTI sniper rifles using DA ammo, missile launchers, panzerfausts, etc. is deadly. Sure, one of your models will have to FtF against 4 dice, but all your other guys will get free normal rolls. If a single Panzerfaust gets through, that TR bot is likely toast. Nomads are all about forcing bad decisions on your opponent. In the above example, say you're using the Intruder MSR, a Jaguar panzerfaust, and Lupe to shoot the TR bot with DA MSR ammo and panzerfausts. Let's assume everyone has good range and cover. Here are the options: Dodge Shoot the Intruder at -6. ARM 6 Shoot Lupe at -3. ARM 5 Shoot the Jaguar at flat BS. ARM 4 Highest chance of success is going for the Jaguar... but he's dogged and so is Lupe... but do you want to try taking out an Intruder? We're very good at forcing these kinds of decisions. Anyway, just don't fall into the trap of focusing on a particular model and it's "overpowered-ness." Find the right weakness to exploit!
  7. If we try to take PanO head on, we lose. That's where they excel. We excel at moving laterally, i.e. be water and flow around the stone. We have tons of options to avoid combat (smoke, white noise), generate AROs out of LoF (hacking, etc), and stack mods, as described above.
  8. Multiple Hellcats works just fine, if you give them a sufficient order pool. See below for a tactica and here for an example game. @Deacon, your 3 Hellcats in Group 2 are basically going to land, possibly get shot at, and do nothing else the turn they come in. You can fiddle with the order pools and shuffle stuff back and forth, but you've already got a link team, a Gecko, and a Mobile Brigada in Group 1 that are going to want orders for themselves. If you don't want to use Hellcats, Golem2God has a very reasonable list above that gives you a backup link and gives the primary order users (Wildcat Link, Tomcats, Gecko) a pool to draw from. Here's a list that drops you down to 1 Hellcat, but with an HMG. You have a mini backup link and an order pool to draw from. You also want a specialist in your Wildcat link, just in case you need to push a button or something. We both went with the Wildcat Engineer (I did it for points), but the AHD is probably my preferred choice. In any case, there's no perfect list for Infinity. As you get more experience with the game, you'll develop your skills for evaluating lists in the context of a particular mission of course. Really the only mistake you can make when you're getting started is having a list that doesn't have any orders for your important stuff like link teams, specialists, AD troops, kill pieces, etc. I say this because you're going to make a ton of mistakes on the tabletop in your first few games, but you need orders to a] make those mistakes to learn from them and b] possibly recover from said mistakes in your game. IMHO, It's more important to get game time and spend orders than it is to tweak lists. To take my point to the realm of absurdity, you could dump a pile of models onto a table and shuffle them around until a legal list appears. Playing that list until you feel really comfortable with the rules of Infinity would be a valid learning exercise. Of course, having a list with models you're excited about is better for your enjoyment, but game experience >> list building, especially when starting Infinity. Many of us enjoy the puzzle of list building, so we'll happily swap lists with you all day, but get as many games in as you can!
  9. Reverend Custodier camoed up as bandit seems fine. Kusanagi is difficult... you could maybe make a case for her as a Moran with their shuka cape things. Reverend Healer would make for an interesting Senorita Massacre, especially if you sculpted some CCWs onto her. All that said, give these models a try as their actual profiles in vanilla a few times. They may surprise you. I started with Corregidor and refused to try anything else for a long time. I finally was convinced to try vanilla and haven't gone back. I transitioned slowly, too. I started before Icestorm so the only non-Corregidor models I had for awhile were Zeros.
  10. Yeah, it does suck when you bring a KHD and there are no easily accessible enemy hackers on the table. I generally take a Bandit KHD if I'm playing at 200 points and can't afford 2 Zeros and a Bandit. I see enough hackers that it usually pays off for me.
  11. @Golem2God thank you, sir! Here's the latest, straight from the decks of the Don Peyote at Wotan Gate: Skirmish with Onyx Boarding Party Armies: Nomads versus Onyx Contact Force (200) Mission: ITS Highly Classified Theatre: Don Peyote Repurposed Freighter Strikezone Wotan Report: Wisekensai versus SimpleKnight
  12. That's not something I usually hear or experience on the tabletop. Can you elaborate on what happened that would make you say that?
  13. This. You can spend all the time you want talking to us on the forums or reading blog posts, but you won't know what you like to play until you do it. Also, you don't have to own everything right away. Just proxy stuff to see if you like it for a few games.
  14. Looks fine. Fill out the last 3 points with a Zondbot for your Daktari. Consider taking the BSG Wildcat for BS 22, Burst 3 shotgun template fun. Depending on your playstyle, make one of the wildcats your lieutenant so you can be more aggressive with the Mobile Brigada. As for more expanding, if you're sticking with Corregidor you can't go wrong with the Jaguar box. That sort of leads you down the path of 5-man Wildcat core + 3-man Jaguar Haris with Massacre.
  15. @Golem2God brings up some excellent points. Morans - Morans are great. I pretty much never leave home without at least one, for all the reasons cited. I'd add that I prefer the combi rifle profile, because I can force -9 to BS with suppression fire, cover, and mimetism, but there's nothing wrong with taking the BSG profile. Intruder HMG Pros: Really really good, and cheaper in SWC than the Brigada! You'll also want to take a smoke source if you're taking Intruders to maximize their effectiveness. Cons: I'd argue that it's not strictly superior to the Mobile Brigada HMG, because it can't see through White Noise, which you should be using all the time against enemy MSV troops if you're playing Vanilla and have Interventors and Morans. Also, it dies to a lucky crit whereas the Mobile Brigada will keep on trucking. In my experience, most of my Intruders usually die from a crit from a high-burst weapon and pass most of their ARM rolls. ARM6 versus the ARM7 of the Brigada in cover isn't a big difference, particularly versus AP ammo. It's the extra wound that matters, especially if they have to chew through two wounds of Mobile Brigada in suppression. Daktari versus Reverend Healer - I use them differently. If all you want is a Doctor, take the Daktari. She's cheap enough to cheerlead and can pick people back up just fine. In fact, she's cheap enough that I would take two if I could. She also serves as a mild AD deterrent in your backfield. If you want a medium infantry that will gunfight its way to the objective that also happens to be a Doctor, take the Reverend Healer. Things change a lot in Bakunin, where you really should be taking a Healer in your link teams to pick your Moira HMG back up when it gets crit (for example). Taskmaster - Might be a bit tricky proxying a Taskmaster with the Brigada. They're different silhouette sizes. Most folks will be okay with this so long as you have a S5 template handy to check LoF and such. Otherwise, the Taskmaster HRL is a great profile, for all the reasons Golem2God mentioned. In any case, list build with the rule of cool. If you like it (for whatever reason, looks, stats, equipment), field it! You'll settle on a group of units that you like eventually, and then it'll be time to start taking stuff that makes you uncomfortable to force you to change your play and deepen your understanding of the game. There are some generally agreed-upon "good ideas" in the forums and elsewhere, but that doesn't mean you can't dust off a maligned unit and make it shine on the tabletop. Even Securitate! (Okay, maybe not Securitate... but they do get to ARO hack stealth HI, which are showing up a lot lately in my meta...)