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  1. Neat! At least this will reduce the chances of my Hellcat BSG dispersing in front of the link team he was trying to template and then getting shot up. Pretty corner case but at least an excuse to use our AD:5. Thanks for the heads up!
  2. If the dispersed element is a troop, such as one using certain Deployment Special Skills (AD: Combat Jump, Impersonation...), and the Dispersion places the troop outside of the game table, or in any location where it cannot be placed, or within the opponent's Deployment Zone, then the figure is placed anywhere within the limits of its owner's Deployment Zone in contact with one of the borders of the game table. But if I place the template in the enemy DZ, and I disperse out of the DZ, I still have to place my Hellcat in the midfield somewhere? It's just if I fail, and I end up in the DZ, AD:5 kicks in and I get the benefit?
  3. Here you go! We've been practicing supplies at 200 this week, giving me an opportunity to try some fireteams out. Raiding Ariadna's Supply Depots Game 1 - Cracking the Kazaks Game 2 - Goading the Grunts I'm still fumbling around with new tools but things are starting to gel.
  4. Bandit doesn't make for a great datatracker, because you lose the ability to be in marker state, meaning no camo, no cybermask. Taskmaster Red Fury is a good replacement for the DataTracker role. Still has DA CCW, PH 14, and more durable than the Bandit. Almost as good toolbox. I actually really like the Zero AHD, especially since you can basically have two if you have a Moran midfield. I don't generally like taking the Spektr AHD because that gives my opponent a way around my TO modifier, which I paid for and want to leverage as much as possible. Also, no mines. Spektr is great, I just prefer DepRep/FO/BSG/MSR profiles. The Panzerfaust Jag profile is amazing, and like the Bandit, never fails me. I fail the Jaguars/Bandits. You're going to want to pad the Morlock's order pool with some Jaguars anyway, and the Panzerfaust Jags are good for that. Coordinated order panzerfaust with Lupe and the Jags is a good anti-TAG tactic, especially if you can find an angle where it's out of cover. Also consider just stealing it with an AHD. In general, both lists look fine.
  5. As promised, here's the writeup of the Morlocks/Tomcat game (Krakot on the Roof) as part of my October Exploder tournament report! October Exploder Game 1 - Bran Flanks Game 2 - Obsession with Possession versus @Twinmasks Game 3 - Krakot on the Roof versus @TheDiceAbide I hope you enjoy!
  6. So far, the most impressive thing my Kriza has done was to sit in suppression and glare at Bob from accounting who wouldn't shut up about tax deductions. The model has done very well as a Taskmaster proxy though, till I got my SWAST built!
  7. Thanks, haha! I felt pretty good after the first game, then not so much after the second one. And I had forgotten what full 5-man links were like to pilot on the table. Giant, blobby messes to move around, but man do they kill stuff good. Next tournament is an escalation tournament, so I'm torn between Bakunin, Corregidor, and Vanilla now. No, not really, but I don't think they were representative games. The Corregidor game was YAMS, and I was basically trying to get up the field and murder everything, so a Wildcat Core + Massacre Haris was quite good at that. In my second game I think I missed my usual hacking toolbox of Bandit KHD + Zero AHD + Interventor HD+, but I have access to all those hacking devices in Bakunin. Really I just should've taken a two Custodier Haris (AHD, HD+, Kusanagi) and that would've solved my problem. Or found room for a Zero AHD. Either one, really. I think in the long run, I'll miss Morans, Jaguars, and AD if I'm playing Bakunin, and I'll miss Morlocks and HD+ in Corregidor. Honestly, of the two sectorials, I think Corregidor is more hampering to my vanilla playstyle than Bakunin. These days I've been relying heavily on Morlocks to do a lot of my alpha striking. While Tomcats/Hellcats are amazing, losing smoke and effectively contributing 0 orders to movement when they come in is frustrating. One could make the argument that with AD, I get exactly where I want to be, but that's almost never the case. You almost always have to come in 1-2 orders away from where you want to be to avoid giving free AROs. Yeah, I have to run up the field with my Morlocks too, and I understand that it all washes out to be about the same in order count (probably more in the Morlocks case), but it just feels cheaper and more efficient with Morlocks. Probably because I'm not burning brain power on finding a good hole for AD, and because I've been crutching on Morlocks a lot lately. I had a good game making really good use of Morlocks and Tomcats that I'm writing up, look for that soon. And @SevenSins, thanks for dropping by to leave a comment! I'm glad folks are reading/enjoying. Hopefully these reports are useful to newer folks learning the game or folks looking to get into Nomads.
  8. Been meaning to get back into sectorials and link teams for awhile, and finally had the opportunity. The Other Sides of the Coin Game 1: Corregidor Kerfuffle Game 2: Maggie and the Space Nuns Corregidor makes sense... but I'm going to need more time with Bakunin (which isn't surprising since I started the game with Corregidor way back in N2). These batreps record the first time a 5-man Wildcat link has hit the table for me, and my first try at Bakunin ever. Enjoy!
  9. Like everything else in this game, it's a tradeoff. You can get similar firepower out of Vanilla, but it usually requires multiple orders (smoke + Intruder, White Noise + HMG/Spitfire, moving into ideal position, etc) whereas a link generally only takes one order. Links have their downsides too -- bunches your models up, big point sink (thus limiting access to other tools), hard to move around, etc. Great advice. @Obeisance, since you're into Corregidor and Tunguska, getting the vanilla starter, Beyond Icestorm (not Red Veil, which seems to be a typo running through this thread), the Interventor box, support box, and a handful of other things like @DukeEarl and @Nicklz suggested should tide you over till Tunguska drops. The 300 point Corregidor box is an excellent deal, but if you're not into the models that's fine too.
  10. The one exception to this is if you (or the Koalas) are in a room with no windows and no open doors. If there is no path for them to Boost to get at you, they'll just stay put. Of course, this rarely happens.
  11. If you're into sweet hacking, that suggests Vanilla to me. We're not the only faction with HD+, but we have HD+ and a zillion ways to get excellent repeater coverage. You can do it out of Bakunin, but then you lose the excellent Moran. Also, if you find the 300 point Corregidor box lacking in diversity, you might be a little disappointed in their play style as well. Not to disparage them--they were my first army, but they favor a very direct, unambiguous fist-to-face style. It was a good learning experience, but I find that I much prefer the depth, tricks, and additional opportunities for lateral thinking that I get out Vanilla Nomads. That said, I'm circling back to Corregidor now that I have more games under my belt, and I'm seeing a lot more opportunities to use their toolbox that I missed when I was just starting. It's definitely possible to do tricksy stuff out of Corregidor too. A Caveat: my experience is a bit unusual in that the last time I played Corregidor with any sort of frequency was back in N2 before Jaguars and Bandits existed, and I make heavy use of both of those units in vanilla. Perhaps the question is what model excites you the most out of Nomads? That can help you decide on a line of purchasing as well.
  12. I rotate through the 3 main Infinity LGSes in @NateTehAggresar's local meta week-to-week and see a lot of sectorials, which is probably why we're not seeing a ton of Krakots (although the MAF players do bring them). I think I'm also the only guy who owns McMurder's model and plays Corregidor with any sort of regularity, so there's that. As far as why we might not see more... hubbub about the Krakots and McMurder/his doge colleagues, I think it's because the former needs smoke support to be truly effective (thus shifting the focus to WB in general again) and the latter aren't single-digit points (they still feel like a steal in terms of cost though).
  13. Chain rifle out ranges a mine. It's possible to intuitive attack outside the trigger area if your distance eyeballing game is on point.
  14. The same goes for camo markers in general. You want to make them work for it to get at your camo guys, mines or otherwise. It took me awhile to get over my early misconception that mines/crazy koalas/camo guys in the midfield were a hard stop to a determined opponent. They're not. All of those things are basically a 1-2 order tax/speedbump (depending on placement/what it is) against your opponent getting into your deployment zone. They're not a replacement for good positioning of AROs and DTWs in your DZ (not that you did it poorly, looking at your pictures, just a general comment). It's also worth noting that camo markers also have 360 degree LoF, which is great for dealing with Hellcat/other AD:3+ drops. Usually you'll just get a combi shot, but rolling a die is better than nothing! You can also Alert to prevent your other guys from being shot in the back too.
  15. It sounds like dice and forgetting some rules interactions made things go particularly poorly for you. Forgetting rules happens to all of us. There are a lot of them. Getting crit also sucks, and is usually what brings down all of my Intruders (or my Intruders whiffing 4 rolls on 13's, but let's ignore that ever happened). Everyone else has chimed in with some useful suggestions about how to defend your deployment zone. It's hard when you're going second (I assume you chose to have him deploy first), because you can't throw anything into suppression. I just wanted to give you an additional tool to deal with things like the Hellcat HMG being in your DZ in suppression: Cybermask. Cybermask your Interventor BSG, walk him out in front of the Hellcat. If he discovers, breaking suppression, great, shoot him in the face. If he does nothing, also great, continue walking until you're behind him, THEN shoot him in the butt. Cybermask is also a great way of dealing with mines, you can just waltz on by and they won't do anything. Sensor doesn't work either against impersonation state. I often ignore the Interventor as a killing tool, primarily because he's usually my Lt and prone on a rooftop and because he's squishy and has a "low" BS of 11. But if you're behind someone and shooting them, the best they can do if you're in ZoC is dodge (unless they have cool things like Sixth Sense, etc), and you're getting surprise shot on them too if you're coming out of cybermask. Edit: Also, if you fancy picking up some new models, the Lunokhod is probably our best DZ defender on the cheap. A taskmaster with CKs is also fantastic, but more pricey.