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  1. I was thinking about a headswap between Nakadai and Jethro from the outrage box (he has the perfect haircut) and shortening the barrel on the Nomad Sniper Jethro carries. Or maybe just greenstuff the hair onto original Jethro. I also have an old druze without a helmet (took the head from Van Zant) that could work well enough, but I really just hope we get the regular release very very soon
  2. Im still hoping we'll get some hi with the next book, once there are some more sectorials and mercenary units available to pick from. Maybe something thats just isn't ready to be released yet but will show up with the next book.
  3. Well the duo is a fireteam inside the sectorial so it qualifies, I woud say. Otherwise we had to apply the same logic of "special" fireteams to basically all the othe teams except pure a pure druze/brawler, making the wording mainly confusing and unnecessary bloated. A simple "can join Druze core/haris/duo and BRawler Haris/Duo" would have been the better solution there. So yeah, shove gromoz in the duo, replacing either of the turners.
  4. Maybe have a look at the "Human interface - Nakamura Tower / Be a better Human" Miniatures, they are a pot-of-gold for RPG Proxies. They look sci fi enough to fit into infinity (design and scale alos match close enough) without being to much "regular model".
  5. Sure, just shoot me a pm with your e-mail
  6. Yeah I know, I´m super late for the party, but I just couldn´t play during the year so far. Anyways I would really like to read up on the Fluff and the missions (and maybe to a mini wotan in my local group). Problem is, I can´t access the documents on the wotan website as I have to log in for that, which I can´t, because it´s not possible to register anymore (as far as I can tell, maybe I´m just missing the obvious button or something). So is there no way to get the documents at the moment? EDIT: Oh, and of course the same goes for Flamestrike
  7. Aw man... did they really kill off the Pitcher
  8. Yeah I think we finally reached maximum overdrive ridiculousness with that HFT ... I mean, that things nearly 50% TAG size ... where is my oversize template?
  9. For me posthuman has nothing to do with the LHost, sure it might be a special version to make jumping possible, but the real core is leaving a body behind and only exist as a conciousness, so getting completely uploaded and being connected to the Mayasphere, having acces to every information that has ever been in a blink of a non existing eye, living in a world based on 0 and 1, that sure has some influence on a human mind. A cube 2.0 is basically just a very powerfull w-lan Cube, that stores every expirience in real time instead of timely updates every now and then, so that really isn´t a must have for Post-humans as they are in the net at all times, becoming something like small Aleph´s themself, I mean, it´s not unrealistic to think that a posthuman might fork himself off to be a real world posthuman fighting, while a split part / copy of him reminds in the net to do other stuff. Of course that would be dangerous as I can imagine Aleph has a very big eye on them all the time, might even injet parts of him into their "code" to make them something better, even if they loose their humanity in the process... but once you are reduced to a thought, an electronic signal on the web, a flickeing 0/1, how human are you really in the end?
  10. Yeah I allready got all the stuff from chromedog and danger rose and will forward them to vertigo, but thank you anyway
  11. God I love these forums, nice helpfull people all around, thank you very much
  12. Which is super funny from a fluff standpoint as Infinity is an universe where observation drones are permanently scanning the battlefield (see "Camo Blip") and everyone and their mother has an Augmented Reality capable Tool on their arm but attaching a rangefinder to a gun or getting precise battlefield distances is too much to ask for .. maybe they don´t trust Aleph Maps
  13. My favorite 'go to' link teams my regular enemies complain about are Viral combi Sakiel + 2 Makaul; push them up the field with Eclipse smoke and release some Heavy Flamer/Viral love and Gao Rael Sniper + 2 Kamael Sniper; durable enough to take a hit (especially with Tohaamon), and 3 linked snipers for 63/2 are not too shabby, Sure both teams usually don´t survive a game, but they take my enemy long enough to kill that I can do some other stuff
  14. Hm I would argue for the other way round, "... without declaring Jump or Climb. " implies that for crossing obstacles as high as the S value those skill would have to be declared if there was no vault skill, which is used instead and is basically "small jump/climb for free during movement" And both skills are permitted for bikes.
  15. Just to make sure you get it ... I´m one of those who knows my shit in and out and I give my opponent all the infos he may look up in the book (as it is his f´ing right to do) upfront and for free without him asking, so we don´t waste precious gaming time and I don´t have the advantage of "stomp an unknowing noob", erm sorry, "learned over time". Also, blue shell? not cool dude, hitler jokes are one thing but blue shells ... that´s just mean!
  16. Who is the real WAAC here, the one who tries to look up openly available informations to gain an even footing with someone who knows everything by heart or the one who want to deny him those rights to keep his advantage of having a good memory? Just asking...
  17. Interesting, I always thought, those profiles with hidden info on them, like CoC, who don´t have a carbon copy of themself without said hidden info, are CB´s way of saying, "we didn´t want to clutter up the rulebook with a non-hidden CoC rule, so we just make it clear by not having a duplicated profile that this unit is to be known as CoC-guy for everyone". I mean, if they really wanted those profiles to have a hidden option for mind games, why not give them a copy of themself to make disguising it easier, it´s not like people would spam the non CoC version of something if they could.
  18. The answer is easy for me;don´t do it, I will do it for you! As I am much more deeply invested into this kind of stuff (mathfinity, reading forums, playing with the army builder etc.) than the rest of my group I find it quite unfair to have this kind of advantage over them (also memorizing stuff comes easy for me anyways, so it wasn´t even something I worked for) Most of the time they don´t even know which units in my army even have a lt option while I usually can guess theres during deployment. So it basically comes down to evening the odds, if I can guess there lt, I´ll tell them mine, if i can only narrow it down to a few profiles, I will give them the same information about all my eligible models. Same goes for potential missing points/SWC and what can possibly be bought for that.
  19. Could you sign me up for the next free Jethro+Beba+Uhahu Slot with from the Outrage Box
  20. Wait Grenade launcher and guided missile? Sounds good!
  21. Great, it´s not super urgent to get the desperados, riderless antipodes will do for now. Is there a way to get on some kind of "waitlist" or something so when the two bikeless guys are available you´ll have me in mind?
  22. Oh boy finaly a way to play a druze mercenary force. Goodbye everything else from now on ! Also those profiles look sooo good!
  23. Heyho, I would like to claim the two antipodes (running and scarface... is that the one with the mouth open or closed?) also totally unreleated, will you ever split the two desperados from their bikes?