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  1. I'll probably be basing all my minis from now on using perspex bases you can use superglue to mount minis on them as it don't frost. Reason for the change is so many gaming mats about now that look great and placing minis down on a table that has a conflicting theme just looks odd. Case in point, I have numerous Malifaux crews, and the basing ranges from street cobblestones, rocky desert, arctic and a mix of gravel and leaves, now I can't find a table that covers all of these themes lol. I first saw clear bases being used on Kickstarter for some rather natty terrain and the minis looked great as you could see the game mat through the base, I was sold there and then you could say.
  2. Not that pleased myself tbf, but Space Hulk did arrived Monday, so there's something to be getting on with
  3. Not pearlescent but a little different to the norm are the minitaire ghost tints here's a vid showing how they work/look.
  4. 20Euros for 5 weeks shipping ? healthy profit there I'd say lol and is it coming via steamboat ? Think I'll pass until some turn up in UK stores or I buy someone else's mat. I can't do 5 weeks shipping in 2014 sorry.
  5. Info on the lovely street mats release date please ?
  6. I like what you've done eb, although I'd have done the rifles in green and black ( like the basic out the box SA80 ) but this wouldn't have matched the minis existing colour scheme but I think would have still looked cool imo. Great stuff though man.
  7. Did you ever think they'd do a starter set though ?
  8. I beg to differ, for me physical edition > digital any-day and I can't be the only one otherwise why print a rulebook fullstop and would save me having to carry a £600 tablet in some less than savoury areas lol but as for cost, well if another more shrewd company can and has done it and is still making money out of that I assume then it's possible. Time will tell and all that jazz but loads would like to see more starter type sets.
  9. Dude, I like them, Harley Choppers of the future FTW !
  10. Well it has a reverse gear so it's not bad
  11. Yeah I know, but the other sets could include a full rules no fluff book gw style like Dark Vengeance and for the short period it was out Stormclaw.
  12. I think it's a great idea if CB did an Operation XXXXXXX every year which contained 2 new starter sets, and why not a new mat and terrain to match the sets involved ? they are after all only paper/card right and the minis will be reused and just a GW style small format rule book with each set as others are saying. Great way of growing and promoting a range to new players and with the inclusion of a full mini rule book, re-sculpted minis and maybe an exclusive mini it could still provide a pull for the veteran players.
  13. It's Jokaero Orange and yeah to Model Air via brush too, can't wait to get the new Game Air stuff now.
  14. Yeah, I was surprised a tag was recommended given the reception to tags on the forum but hey ho, maybe rule changes are afoot, but hey the Jotum looks nuts and you can't beat a big kickass looking battle suit can you.