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  1. Dog-faces and Wulvers are a more likely an unexpected byproduct of (alleged) Tohaa tampering. the virus works on Antipodes as well, producing ever larger and more aggressive members of the species as pregnant females are the only survivors of tribal conflicts sooner or later they'd have be perfect shock troops in the event of exultation. that this tampering also proved to be effective on humans is just a bonus
  2. yeah but thats only good if you're into XXX-XXX-XXX BDSM
  3. Churches? we all know those zany Nomads love their bible clubs
  4. Still coming, and its looking like a partner would be appreciated. I keep asking for a "yes or no" and he keeps being noncommittal.
  5. Nightwish is hands down my favorite band ever, of all time. three different female leads over the years and a lot of great songs. their last album Endless Forms Most Beautiful has a running theme of the beauty and wonder of science and nature, good stuff.
  6. If you're having a bad day trust the Irish to help you feel better:
  7. If you play Nomads and don't have Gecko's you're missing out, my brother takes them all the time and they can be pretty brutal, especially against a lot of LI.
  8. Gecko pilot: How does Ash always choose such bangin music?
  9. Met a guy yesterday at the local store yesterday who just moved to the area said that the last place he played Infinity they instituted a "no Combined" rule because they where all so scared of the Avatar; seems like an extreme move to me.
  10. Ah man that was a thing you know; we where like kids again going off on this great adventure veterans of dozens of combat missions vibrating with the same energy as my nieces at Christmas. No one could stop staring out the windows we where all just glued to them as we left the atmosphere and saw that little ball growing smaller yammering excitedly. As it was disappearing a sense of melancholy dropped, that might be the last time we ever see that little ball we grew up on, fought on, bled on. As the noise died down we all heard a voice singing, quietly to itself not necessarily meant to be heard but not caring if it was. This Amazon of a Chasseur had the most incredible voice and without acknowledging her growing audience she raised her voice, projecting so that everyone in the compartment could hear; we where enraptured and what she sang, none of us had heard it before but it was exactly what we needed to hear in that moment of uncertainty. I will never do justice to that voice, or the emotion behind it but i will always remember the words, or the chorus anyway; Entering the unknown, sending all the poets to the stars, daring to see beyond the man-made, woe to you who evade the horizon, listening to Sagan, dreaming Carl Sagan, unseen streams, with understand no poet is trapped, woe to all who stop at the horizon. If things ever got bad at night when all you have is whats in your head I'd remember that ride, that song, and it would all go away for awhile its the little things that see you through the worst, always is... Corporal Sabine Boucher, Zouave regiment, recalling the departure of the first Ariadnan Expeditionary Corp to Paradisio.
  11. I'm trying to pin down whether or not my brothers going to be able to make it, I'll try and have an answer by Sunday. whats the contingency otherwise?
  12. I think you're forgetting a few things about Antipodes and their physiology to say they don't pose a threat. one is about a 3 to 1 numerical superiority of the Antipodes to humans (because as much as you don't want it to be true about 9 million is canon, get over it.). Two is the inherent memetic nature of the Antipodes coat, meaning that they naturally camouflage themselves with their surroundings making them hard to detect especially since MSV is a rare commodity. Three it is hard to impossible to trick an Antipode twice, they're quasi hive-mind means that what one knows its pack knows combine that with their superior senses and ambushing an Antipode pack is far harder than vice versa. and on top of this we aren't talking about some primitive humanoid society, these are large hyper-aggressive (possibly genetically engineered) fairly intelligent wolves. so its less like fighting the ancient Celts, its more like fighting an Xenomorph. any one of these by themselves isn't really going to make them that large of a threat to even a relatively small human community but all together and you've got yourself a fairly serious threat.
  13. Derogatory name for the Steel Phalanx, some people round these parts rather dislike ALEPHS golden children. I like how O-12 has taken a shine to Ariadna, gives me a warm cozy feeling next to my shoulder holster... I'm also really enjoying these closer looks at the political landscape of everything as it plays such a vital role in Infinity.
  14. Springs here, time for some ska:
  15. welp. this months getting pricy for me, horaay for tax returns!