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  1. I use photobucket when the forums get wonky, you can insert images from the URLs it generates.
  2. Nothing for Tohaa? I mostly play Ariadna and my Merovingians or Rangers are more than willing to kick ass in space but it seems strange to not have them included somehow.
  3. It is something of a big deal as we've been told this isn't rules and points tweaking but a massive overhaul of the entire sectorial, whether this is looking at everything through a microscope or nuking everything and starting from the ground up we aren't sure but this is going to take some time. so we just need to be patient for awhile longer, current reckoning is a couple more years; so while its not great news its not like we're waiting for the Uhlans here.
  4. So I'd generally say go with Marauders, but I've also only recently started playing USAriadna so my i'm still working on using everything correctly (bikes are surprisingly hard) and i think the Minutemen need a devils advocate. So benefits of the Minutemen as far as i can see are, shock immunity is nothing to sneeze at its not much good if they get gibbed by a rocket but i'd call it generally useful. Kinematica plus a higher PH is also pretty good in the reactive. AP rifle + X-visor, AP HMGs, and missile launchers give a boost if you fight a lot of armor. a profusion of light flamethrowers gives you an guaranteed hit within 8", of debatable use but its more common than the Marauders HFT. the extra 2" on the second movement is also nothing to overlook, though it probably evens out roughly with the Marauders Forward Deployment. this is really quite a toss up and its not even like we can revert to points cost as they're still pretty even.
  5. yep its the face, well the apparent size of it doesn't help but its 99% the face portion.
  6. I think everything looks pretty good, not everythings exciting but it still looks good. However on the Riot Grrls the tinbot is utterly terrifying, its like some sort of soul stealing doll come to life,please make it go away before it starts eating peoples dreams.
  7. I don't need to start Caledonia, I don't need to start Caledonia, I don't need to start Caledonia... Goddammit i want to start Caledonia now. I like the Grey and Mormaer, and i love the new Volunteers, the women are wearing pants, PANTS, not a micro skirt, i wish they had kilts as well but i'll take whatever. and the Rangers, well i was going to get them anyway but now i don'y know if i want the Minutemen or the Airborne first, and i generally don't like AD stuff but they have recently proven their worth. Give them all to me now please I'll pay double. And if your disappointed in no Kazaks, imagine how us Merovingians feel...
  8. I've always figured the bonuses happen because of something like this. 3 people: you've got two buddies watching your back so you feel safer squeezing off an extra burst before ducking back into cover 4 people: more eyes and ears in a fairly confined zone makes it harder to sneak up on any one of them. 5 people: you've got four buddies watching your back meaning you feel safe enough to not only squeeze off that extra shot but also take an extra second or two to take better aim. that's one of the more reasonable "in background" reason i can come up with this working the way it does.
  9. no comments are nice, i wish more people did it.
  10. I have spent 1/3rd on a link team true, I can then spend the remaining 2/3 on infiltrating and mech-deploy specalists, reducing the amount of orders needed to move them towards the objective meaning i have more for the murder. And if the Loup-Garou are my main offensive piece (which they are as FRRM lacks a lot of heavier weapons) then i do not place them defensively but instead offensively and do my best to keep them alive until they reach their relevant range-bands. You don't have to agree or even try this out, i'm saying I'm fine with it and have found a way to make this work in on specific instance.
  11. I'm also in the camp of "fireteams are pretty much fine". due to the prior mentioned downsides along with the inherent bonuses. In regards to the use of non-specalist links or as i like to call them "murder links" such as the Loup-Garou, whom i love, I use such teams as a distraction to the enemy, sure they can ignore them and go after my specialists but do you really want a five man team that exists only to cause pain and can attack effectively at all range bands running around uncontested? The answer is no, no you do not. Also in FRRM specifically I can take a Loup-Garou link and then have eight or nine specialists starting outside of the deployment zone, so they don't need to walk as far as most other factions, which mitigates the loss of specialists in the link itself. Yes flexible links that can interact with the objectives are better, and Tohaa have spoiled me in that regard, but don't discount taking a link just because all it can do is punch people, because you need to do that as well.
  12. "Communications are still down, we can't get through to anybody and they can't get through to us. add on to this we haven't seen any reinforcements since the blackout started we have to assume this is big and that we're on our own." Major Tomlin leaned against a kiosk in the abandoned subway he'd had set up as a command post on the western edges of Kaphri staring at the localized holotable in front of him. Around him where all the company commanders or senior platoon personal that could be spared. as well as a trio of members from the Nomad commercial missions security detail, one from each mothership, and a commissioner of the Kaphri police department, the highest ranking member they could find who was still breathing or able to walk. they where all under his nominal command since this nightmare started. they'd been caught by surprise and casualties had been high, he had the better part of two battalions of Pan-Oceanian regular troops with him even if most of them hadn't started out that way, about a battalions worth of police officers, and about a companies worth of the expectedly ragtag Nomad security division, though they had a surprisingly large amount of combat remotes with them. The communications blackout meant things could't get much further than a few dozen kilometers Tomlin new he didn't have everybody that was left in the city, the perimeter forces still heard fighting from around the city center but that was either dying off or heading in their direction far too rapidly for anyone's liking. "we need to get out as many civilians as we can, anyone thinking of another course of action is letting their cajones think for them." This came rather quietly from the Corregidor Wildcat tensely facing the stairway leading up to the streets "we don't have the numbers or the intelligence to try anything audacious, we'd all die for nothing". "we have two of the major roads and a railways leading eastward secured, we're already filtering them out that way" the commissioner spoke up "it would take a few days to take the entire population out that way but we don't have either of those things do we?" he looked visibly crestfallen with that question. "I'm sending some of my people and whatever medical personal we can scrounge up every half hour or so, that'll help keep everyone in line but if these aliens catch up with us they won't do much good and every crisis team in the cities either dead or still out there." he gestured broadly indicating the city around them. "You'll have backup" Tomlin said he looked at the Nomads "get your people and REMs off the line and organized within the hour, take the highways they'll have more traffic and be a juicier target, I've seen your people in action a company and your REMs should be enough until you link up with the next garrison" he looked over at a flashburned Lieutenant in partially scorched armor "I'm sending whats left of Ninth and Eleventh company down the railway off the line and organized in an hour as well" he turned to the rest of his people and began reorganizing the distribution of his forces on the holomap " everyone else is going to start falling back to these locations, we're going to shrink our perimeter and increase overlap, I want to reduce the chances of something slipping through." he looked around at everyone, they where still reeling from everything that was going on, he knew he sure was, but they had all fallen back on their most basic of training instructions, protect the people, right now those where the only orders they had and he knew Pan-Oceanian soldier under his command would carrier those out until their last dying breath. Unfortunately that was more than pretty words right now, it was an almost certain reality. "the name of the game is time, we need to buy as much of it as we can, even if the flow of refugees stops we need to hold our ground, once we dig in that's our best chance for survival. Not knowing what these things have at their disposal we can't be sure they won't be able to run us down if we retreat. Now everyone to your units, make sure they remember Kaphri." "I had heard there was a Sin-Eater who refused to fall back, I should have known it was you Kokinos." The gaggle of resting Bagh-Mari scattered at the sight of the approaching Reverend Moira; whether it was the tone of her voice, the look on her face or the simple fact of her existence none of them could really say, the just knew it was better to be somewhere else at the moment. all that was left after the brief scramble to leave as quickly as possible without going anywhere near the woman was one man, unmistakable in his long coat and and bisected helmet a Sin-Eater Observant stared out at he smoking sections of Kaphri cradling a MK. 12 in his arms, his head constantly twitching and moving his ears to every sound of gunfire, his eyes to each creeping explosion scanning for potential targets, like some sort of overlarge owl on Nitrocaine. "Sister Pernaska, did the Sister Superior send you or did you volunteer to try and reign in this old guard dog?" the voice was weary but showed a hint of levity; odd given both the situation and his profession. "Neither" came the equally weary reply "she said that it must be a veterans prerogative and whatever reason you have in that head of yours are between you and God." Kokinos turned then; abandoning his view of the city, he swinging his weapon over his back letting the strap keep it out of the way and removed his helmet. His face was a mess, what wasn't lined from a long hard life had either a battle, surgical, or ritual scar on it, his right eye was an obvious cybernetic replacement, its glowing green contrasting his natural gray one and a tattoo wound its way from one cheek down his neck disappearing into his suit; and yet for all that he still managed to look kind, he stopped, half a step from her. "Then why are you here Driada?" "Because" there was a halting pause, she looked up at him, her brown eyes hard and youthful face determined "I need to know why". "You should have been a scientist or a cop Dri, not a Sister, always needing to know the answer" a parental smile flickered across his lips for the briefest moment before he became serious. "I'm staying because I knew the moment I set foot in this city that i was going to die here, it was like how everyone felt right after the Violent Intermission when we where all taking stock of what we lost; only it was just me this time." he reached down and took one of her hands, wrapping both of his around it and staring earnestly into her eyes "I have spent my adult life absolving the sins of others, its time for me to answer for all of my own now." he drew her into a firm hug,it held no warmth however, this was the hug you give the dying, the kind where you just want to remember their presence because you know it will be gone when you let go. "Now go Sister Driada Pernaska I'll tell your mothers what you've become, and may God watch over you." "And you as well Observant Kokinos" he gave her one last wry smile before he put his helmet back on "I'm buying time for my goddaughter to escape an alien invasion, God needs to watch over them." he unslung his rifle and returned to his watch. Pernaska hurried down the stairs; He was right it felt like the Violent Intermission and she was going to be left all alone again. to be continued.
  13. I'm back, USAriadna continues: Team boarding shotgun: Works in progress: He's "helping": And the uploading bugs been fixed, holy shit. So what do you lot think? I like'em but then again i'm biased.
  14. Doubles you say? maybe i can finally drag the brother along.