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  1. We did to a degree but they'd been together four years and he'd given her promise ring a couple months prior, some amount of "trying to get the kids back together" was necessary, though that seemed to add to the unlikelyhood. I just didn't think it'd take this long, but apparently she prefers to ignore her problems and hope they'll go away rather than confront them even when i gave her a rather easy 'out' of the situation. considered that, none of us really drink anymore (me especially after one night with an entire bottle of whiskey, and the morning after) so at this point we're just trying to get him laid again, figure that'll have a similar affect.
  2. Thank you, its not one of my favorites but its always nice to hear when other people like what you've done.
  3. Saint is a free fucking elf, halle-FUCKING-lujah!, For context; I've been stuck attempting to mediate two friends of mine who broke up (one, two,...) a number of months ago. they'd been together four years but things came up they drifted apart whatever, shit happens. thing is when your (now ex) boyfriend has pretty bad anxiety just cutting them out of your life wholesale (which is her MO for exes) does not help his peace of mind, so i've been trying to either A) get the two of them to actually talk to each other (I'm more likely to get a date with my bosses daughter than actually have this happen) or B,) have the former girlfriend explicitly tell me to stop( the more likely option, but i've gotta try right). I have now been finally told to stop talking about him to her, this slow fucking one sided dance is finally over I can now tough-love my buddy to no end telling him to get over this and move on. is it bad that this is perhaps the happiest I've been in awhile, it feels like i'm being a bad person for being happy about this. I apologize for this but its not like i can talk with anyone anyone who actually knows what going on without them possibly going back to one or both of the other parties and having them "tell" and thats a possible shit-storm i do not need.
  4. I miss her voice from Eluveite but i must say i like what she's doing now very much.
  5. Yeah, the old FRRM stuff is rather small nowadays, though i do agree that there's something special about them that made me fall in love and make them my first faction. you're stuff looks great both the painting and sculpting I can't wait to see more. And the word you're looking for is 'strap' or 'harness'
  6. Thanks, I fear i may occasionally over do it with the blood paint, but its a big giant werewolf with an open jaws and whats a man to do... I've got Wallace, Uxia, and an SAS up next. after that i'm probably not going to buy anything until the Gencon bundle comes in cause thats alot of money. though i might be painting the Pan-O side of Icestorm as my brother only cares about his Nomads. so things to look forward to.
  7. Oh my favorite question, i usually use more sarcasm in person but that usually doesn't translate well over text. Pan-O: superior firepower, always high tech and specialization of units, plus the most TAGS Yu-jing: close range focus and HI for every battlefield role, other faction might have units that can do it better but they'll be able to bring a lot of them. Nomads: Superior tactics and diversity, they have every level of skill, gun and piece of equipment in the game, you'll never lack for options. Haqqislam: the best goddamned doctors you well ever find, and superb light infantry. Ariadna: low-tech but reliable very sneaky, with space werewolves. Combined: super hightech evil alien menace, all your base are belong to us etc. etc. Tohaa: high survivablity and dirty tricks, alternately "Like the Eldar but even bigger assholes"
  8. I dunno, I swear kids have super skin or something, cause i distinctly remember rubbing the "fuzzy trees" (poison oak) with no ill affects but now i break out at the sight of the stuff
  9. Seriously though, patience is really the only way to get people. I set up a weekly Infinity night about a year ago and i'm finally starting to get some new people to buy in.
  10. So i got my brother into Infinity thusly: start watching Critical Role, get the two of us interested in playing D&D, find local store that's having a beginners D&D night, start playing a campaign, have campaign fall apart due to life reasons, start just hanging out there once a week because its a fun joint, start bringing my Infinity stuff to paint, show a guy some demo games, have my brother watch said demo's, he starts looking at backgrounds, decides Nomads are cool, starts playing Nomads, New Infinity player! (this is something of a long con and your mileage may vary) Showing someone is the best route, have him watch some games you play, or some Youtube video's and explain to him that this game largely eliminates the "I-go, You-go" of most systems, its not really going to be worth it to force them to play but this seems like the best route for them to at least give it a better look.
  11. I once had four (relatively shallow) fillings done at once with no Novocaine, because i hate needles, and while i could probably do it again I'm not calling anyone a wimp for doing it, shit hurts yo. though at least in my family no one tops my great uncle who when the dentist couldn't pull out a severely infected tooth said, and i quote, "Gimme the Goddamned pliers i'll do it my Goddamned self!" and he did. he was a strange man, used to do roofing and on cold days would wrap insulation around his neck like a scarf, said it never bothered him.
  12. “Airaghardt” They burst out of the opening door like a flash, clambering over obstacles, up walls some even appearing to run parallel with them for a moment or two before another bound of feral strength propelled them into the next obstacle. Wulvers where a new addition to Aristiea! And they were making quite a splash, both literally and metaphorically. There was a noticeable uptick in viewers whenever a team that had acquired one was on; A new team made up of Caledonian bruisers that included several of these dangerous crossbreeds was approaching some of earliest matches of Wild Bill and Miyamoto Musashi after they’d made names for themselves. The match itself was simple, two teams enter one leaves under their own power. The other team was cocky, veterans of a number different competitions and placing highly in most of them the thought these rustics would be an amusing sideshow, a breather between more serious bouts. They were going to be sorely mistaken. The smoke grenades weren’t that large a hindrance, they’d done some research and knew their adversaries favored tactics so they’d kitted themselves with visors, but the grenades combined with their hyper mobility made them difficult targets, even for those with tracking assistance modules. While they had numerous firearms at their disposal the Wulvers weren’t interested in a firefight firing rifles and shotguns one handed they charged into their opposition just like in a hundred clan conflicts before. They were met by the close combat enforcers of their opponents. These Aristiea! Veterans where all martial artists who had been trained in and practiced various disciplines for decades. That counted for little amongst those who grew up in the most violent environs of the already hardscrabble life on Dawn. Well-honed skill and duelist weapons met instinctual violence and claymores and the audience was the winner. The last two Wulvers where gunned down along with the last of the melee specialists a panicked an inelegant reaction for a team of such experience and renown that would surely cost them some viewers and sponsors for a few months at least. The melee concluded as the opening the match needed to end quickly for the audience to not get bored; there was little chance of that though as the two remaining teams met moments after the fighting concluded. The Highlanders pressed forward, trusting their armor and aggression to carry the day and they cut a bloody toll, falling in behind their team leader, a Mormaer whose family was financing the endeavor, Teseum armor shrugged off more fire than was entirely reasonable. And while he did eventually fall to a withering crossfire he had allowed his comrades to teach the last few members of the opposition one of the truisms of Dawn ‘under no circumstances let a Highlander within arm’s reach.’ As the end buzzer sounded the last two Highlanders stood breathing heavily, bloodied, bruised, and grinning ear to ear as only maniacs do. One of them, a woman, looked down one of the groaning veterans. “That was a good scrap laddie, wadda’ya say we try that again sometime, we’ll bring a Dog-face, that’ll really give ye a run for yer money eh?” This came to me when I was reliving my moody teenager days and listening to some Linkin Park (Faint), they always did make me feel like hitting something.