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  1. Sorry I've been quite for awhile, got a new phone and i was having trouble uploading due the the files being too large. On the bright side, better pictures now, so that's good. Beyond: Icestorm: Beyond: Operation Red veil CSU: I've got the Caledonian volunteers box and an Akalis primed and ready to go, lets see how long those take to finish.
  2. So I've been in the general miniatures hobby for about four years at this point and I've always had an interesting relationship with the painting aspect of it. I've always gotten compliments on my color choices (I'll post some of my Guard if anyone's curious) but the execution has been... well you saw the title. But recently i got some lessons and tips from a guy in my local area and things have been really improving so in an effort not to get lazy and backslide I'm starting this mostly for myself but hey some people might like to see what I've been doing. without further ado, here's the most recent stuff: Finally, got everything fixed.
  3. I play FRRM USAriadan and Tohaa, no HRMC or Autocannons, got an APHMG but that didn't have a model until after my brother went back to school
  4. Perhaps my favorite link team, certainly the best in FRRM (until we get enough Moblot models and even then...) they're something of a bully link, they can push other LI and even most standard LI around pretty easy but HI links or fancy MI (Moira, maybe Rodoks) and things start to get harder. though i have fond memories of brawl with a ISS mixed link that ended with most of both links dead (I think a wounded Crane and a viral Loup was all that was left end of the game, but this was awhile ago). Scariest link for me to face though? Duo Gecko's; sure they don't get any of the usual bonuses but have you tried to move a pair of them? its like pulling teeth with nail clippers.
  5. it does depend on mission list etc. but speaking in broad strokes i would say i play my Tohaa more aggressively than i play my Ariadna (FRRM,USARF, starting CHA, they'll probably beat Tohaa on the aggression front) the durability provided by Symbiont armor is extremely handy in this regard, as does having an actual doctor with interns. And the Rasail teams practically scream for you to run them at things. Favorite triad, offensively Ectros HMG, Sukeal FO (LT optional) Makaul HFT, food a long and medium ranges, and able to just throw smoke that ignores MSV2-3 if you don't feel like dealing with a thing. defensively Gao-Rael sniper, Kaeltar CoC (for those sweet sweet symbiomates) and another Makaul (because smoke)
  6. Gen-con spec-ops And now for something completely different, who wants to make their eyes bleed? Super friends: Getting started on the Pan-O from Icestorm:
  7. true, but since i don't have the model yet i haven't played with them yet, but i am looking forward to it so much.
  8. Ariadnan HI can't be hacked anyway but the E/M is a useful tidbit
  9. The chasseur honestly, you hear about how crazy good they are, but you look at them and they don't seem that special then suddenly they start lighting everything on fire and dropping mines and have made a disproportionate nuisance of themselves. or maybe i've just had good luck with them. Sniper Zouave is another; he doesn't always kill things but he generally eats up a good number of orders in the reactive that he's usually worth it. Nothings really surprised me in USARF its pretty much been as expected per unit. Caledonia, the Wulvers I thought frenzy would be more of a liability, but turns out climbing plus on a HI model with a T2 rifle is a great combo.
  10. Loup-Garpu just a great LI package really. Rasail Boarding Teams aggressive, they bring their own cover wherever they go and they bring along a friend with them as well. Marauders a profile for every rangeband and little extra deployment room so you can get that sweet spot just outside of 12" Mormaers, ARM5 and a T2 rifle, really what else do you need?
  11. Well this is "baby's first HI" so we're figuring it out, give us a couple years, then the Caledonians can put more Teseum onto their HI. I for one will welcome our new S2 ARM10 overlords.
  12. if you wanted a one word summary of Tohaa I'd use 'Durability' both for individual troops and as a faction overall. what you could reliably kill with one shot in other armies may take two or more. Things like the Rasail team can alpha strike, and do it rather well. but you could also hold them back and wait for the enemy to run themselves down for a turn or two losing orders against the rest of your army then have them come in for the cleanup late game.
  13. When you want something aggressive to listen to nothings quite as good as a man growling in bassy Germany.
  14. Sukuel Commandos: doing some basing, finally: The basing's turning out decent, I've got some doubts on if the planty things i've rigged up will stay long term but i can always get stronger glue.
  15. Airborne Ranger: Uxia, Wallace, and SAS: I need to remember to stop trying to fill in open mouths, it never goes well. that's all i've got done at the moment, but I've got both Sukuel primed and ready to go, hopefully that doesn't take too long.