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  1. HSN3 & army 6 says that Wallace can ANY join fireteam: core and harris. Is is possible to create core links as follows: 1) Wallace + 1x Grey + 3x Volonteers 2) Wallace + 1x Grey + Isobell + 2x Volo 3) For harris: Wallace + 1x Moamer + 1xGrey
  2. U re not helping guys...
  3. I dont know any other units with total immunity beside all kinds of werewolfs but yeah, hitting cameronian on 15 by cateran and possible one shot kill its a great idea!
  4. It was, see even current wiki infy
  5. It clearly states in HSN3 that category of T2 special ammo was changed fro standard to exotic category. It means that it is no longer blocked by total immunity and become some kind of monofilament weapon!
  6. Nah, I wouldn't risk sucha beautiful minis without seeing the final result;-)
  7. Any idea or tutorial how to convert nicely Nazarova Twins into our beloved Desperados? They seem to have weapon profile similar,that good for a starting point:)
  8. List is quite solid, but I will personally choose metro link with braunt and 1 extra hmg, one parachutist (hmg) + uragan to place Marksmanship lvl 2 on it to be great aro provider. Taking mules not always means that enemy will be interested in taking them down - just to prevent you from doing Test run mission. Uragan will be considered to be primary target ;-). I wil also replace moblot engineering with two metro inferior infiltration with d-charge for sabotage and little disruppting your enemy. Cheers!
  9. No hmg!
  10. True, but the topic isto gather all informations which can help our beloved fraction maintain their performance. Even general rules!
  11. As most of us are still waiting for its copy of a book it may be worth to summarise all the changes for vanilla ariadna, even the minor ones. Are there known every troops profiles? Or some of them are still mistery? I.e. wardrivers will have evo hacking devices? Anyone? Anything?
  12. I love the idea for ariadna 20 orders. Good lt hideout, but I personally would preffer taking at least 1 dog and one cameronian. It is also worth considering taking wardriver. For my recent tournament I was amazed how quick 50pts team (dog and cameronian) deals with all sort of tags and superheavy infantry. Antipodes are great, but they seem to be a bit soft for me. Its like 15pts one use homing missle for tags
  13. So the only possibility to roll a crit is at the enemy?
  14. There is one example in the N3 core book: Fusilier Angus watches as his comrade Fusilier Bipandra is attacked in CC by the Alguacil Ortega. Angus, always the gentleman, tries to help and declares his ARO will be to make a BS Attack, then opens re on Ortega. To hit Ortega, Angus needs to roll 9 or less on his d20 [BS: 12 +3 (Range MOD) –6 (MOD for trying to avoid friendly re) = 9]. What he rolls instead is a 12. Uh oh. He failed his Roll, and he did so because of the MOD for having to avoid hitting his ally engaged in that CC (10 to 15 on the die). This means his FC is 3 (12-9=3), less than the value of the MOD (-6), so Angus ends up shooting Bipandra by accident. Now Bipandra must make an ARM Roll and, if she passes it, she will want to have a word with her comrade Angus. But what about critical hits, are they applied? If yes to whom? Correct me if I am wrong but I understand this way. Taking into consideration the example above there are two possibility to hit: 1-9 roll to hit enemy model. Does it mean that 9 is a critical hit? 10-15 roll to hit friendly model. Does it also mean that 15 is critical hit which applies to own model? Thank you in advance for all help
  15. They all have to appear from the same table edge, so you cannot flank easly enemy from both side. Moreover poorly choosed side means that more or less all para-guys are dead