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  1. Im going to be running shock exclusively this campaign. There are going to be Pano Colonial Marines, because why not. Nagas and Bagh Mari will be there as well (Section 4, hexadron Combat Response team)
  2. I will be joining the hyperpower this time with my Panoceania Colonial Marines (aka shock army). Looking forward to working with you gentlemen, especially you Barakiel.
  3. Barakiel, where are those pics good sir
  4. Yes. I was just thinking about that tank hunter conversion. Is it the autocannon from the original one?
  5. Balewolf, I did a similar conversion for a hardcase with a rifle. Looks great there dude.
  6. They don't unfortunately. Right now it comes down to proxying or buying multiple boxes (don't do that). Eventually a box of minutemen will come out, just don't know when
  7. Spend the 2 pts and make that hardcase with a rifle. It is well worth the cost on him. Park him midfield in supression and he can we quite annoying to dig out.
  8. Daboarder, the arm swaps look amazing. Very much liking the orc with the spitfire. Granted I know it's not a real profile but i would definitely put that model out in the table.
  9. I approached this from a hobbist aspect. And a second start box may nor be a bad idea. There are lots of converting ideas. Another set of three grunts can be made in alot of things. The female Grunt can make as cool 112 (looks like a Ranger Doc). One of the grunts can be made into a second sniper. Now what I did was have a swc box on hand, and put hmg on one of the starteries box grunts (Yay arm swaps). Then took the hmg head and greenstuff ed it on the foxtrot body, added some packs to the back and boom, there is a usar dozer. And the extra body and arms, find a head that fits, I used a hasselfree head and boom, grunt spec-ops. So lots of milage out of these models. Oh and about hardcases, at first I wasn't impressed with the model, but again simple head swap, and an arm swap, thanks rifle galweigan, and now you have a rifle wielding badass. Hope this helps.
  10. If I was to add in two cents, not getting to 300pts not the biggest of issues, you have maxed swc. Also hardcase with rifle, can't go wrong. Put him supression fire in cover. That is negative 9 to hit him. And you are shooting back with three dice. Plus he should be midfield by an objective.
  11. Attempting the Minuteman link focused army tomorrow, playing coffin raiders. Going with the 2 ap hmg link with a bsg, ap rifle and the fo as the other three. Will let everyone know how it goes
  12. Do we have any ideas what the GT missions will be yet?
  13. I've used the ap rifle minuteman in my last two games, and he has preformed very well. He does need some support though.
  14. So let me ask your this, with the lgl lt. Are you making speculative shots with her? I thought if you did that does it break the link?
  15. What does every like to take in their links of grunts? With the low points cost and total availability there are many options? Figured I'd get a thread going and start some theory crafting going. Do you go defensive or offensive? Max out on one type of weapon or get a bit of everything? Also post you experiences in how they have preformed. Currently I have been running a defensive grunt fireteam. Sniper, paramedic, forward observer, grunt lt. and a hvy flamer. They have held there own pretty well. And have been a tough nut to crack for my opponents. But it's mainly been at 200pts. And 300pts it has been neutralized more often. So going to try this configuration. Sniper, sniper, paramedic, grunt lt. and hvy flamer. The dual sniper should make the aro piece even more nasty So gentlemen, go from here. How do you run your grunts?