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  1. The nerf to NWI on 2W+ troopers is making her look even less useful when compared to Achilles. I really hope that when Vedic gets a proper sectorial the Asura gets a re-work. Some combination of shock immunity / points decrease / extra skills (fatality?) / more interesting weapon options would make her much more useful.
  2. Honestly I'm really baffled that there isn't a Sakiel box yet. I don't even play Tohaa but I don't understand why such a core unit only has two sculpts, one of which is stuck in a starter box. The Neema resculpt looks great and all, but it's the lack of Sakiels that's putting me off picking up a Tohaa army. CB, gimme a January release and I'll go right out and pick up some Tohaa, K?
  3. This. Backed up by a Deva MVS2 Spitfire to mop up the smoke covered and shattered remains of your opponents frontline / backline / entire list.
  4. I don't know if they will, but I really hope so! I guess it probably depends on how much of a market there is for the collectors edition and how much it costs to produce.
  5. Excited to hear that the gameplay is good, looking forward to being able to play. The PVC models are top tier for board game pieces, but sub-par for tabletop models. Glad the collectors edition exists and comes with both sets. The PVC models should be passable with a coat of paint leaving the good quality models to be used in Infinity. More collectors editions for the expansions please, CB! Looks like this'll be shipping around the same time as the Deep Madness KS, I'm gonna have to set aside a weekend just to clean up all the PVC .
  6. Ehhh, not a great month, not a bad month. The grunt specs ops pose looks a bit odd to me - I think it's the way he's standing on tip toes on both feet, kinda like cartoon characters sneaking around. Maybe he's hunting wabbits. Muyibs are fine. Nothing special, I'll probably get them if I want to run a fireteam. Good but not super inspiring. Joan is nice but a bit too busy for me. Would have made much more sense for this to be the LE release as it looks much more like a display piece and have the more practical one be the general release. Glad I picked up the other one. Avatar, I'm torn. The old sculpt was pretty dated and lacking in detail, but the new sculpt lacks a bit of character. I think he'd look great with a bit of reposing and moving the gun to be either shoulder mounted or integrated with his arm. Will definitely buy, might be a while before I can be bothered to repose him though.
  7. Welcome to the AI! Aleph is my favourite army to build with for one reason: we have the best (nearly) everything. Don't get me wrong, our models cost a ton of points (mostly - more on that later) but in absolute terms they only really compete with Combined Army for best in each category. Want a powerful AD unit? Diomedes is one of the best in the game. Infiltrators? How does TO and NWI sound? Need some MSV2+? Comes stock on the TAG, with Strategos to boot. Whatever type of unit you want for your list, Aleph will give you access to the pinnacle in that category. The downside to having such a powerful roster is the hefty points cost on everything from cheerleaders upwards and the choices this forces in list building - it becomes difficult to run a bit of everything when everything costs 50% than other factions. None of that is to say that Aleph doesn't have cheap units, but we lack traditional low cost cheerleaders. In order: Posthumans with more Posthumans. At least two Posthumans. Building a list that isn't improved with Posthumans. Posthumans are widely regarded as silly kinds of powerful. Standouts are the MK2 hacker for being both the best infiltrator in the game (and also one of the cheapest even when you factor in the cost of the one other Posthuman required to bring her), the MK5 FO for being a 10 point specialist with NWI, ARM 3 and a pair of BS13 SMGs, and the MK1 for being a dirt cheap *insert whatever specialist your list is missing here*. It's very rare to see an Aleph list without at least a pair of Posthumans. Other common pairings are the classic MSV2+ and smoke (Myrmidon chain rifles are good cheap smoke throwers and orders) and the Myrmidon Officer with Chain of Command. We have very powerful Lt options, both for killing and objective taking, but they can be quite obvious and want to make full use of the Lt order. Chain of Command helps greatly, but being Aleph costs a ton of points (and SWC) and comes with ODD + NWI. Other things to watch out for are shock ammo and MSV2+. Aleph has so much NWI + ODD that my regular opponent is frequently surprised when I inform him that a model doesn't have any to hit modifiers. This could mean that your opponents struggle in the first few games, especially if your meta isn't used to facing lists where everyone and their grandmother is at -3 to hit or worse. They'll quickly adapt, but watch out for shock ammo. A lot of our troops become very fragile for their cost when they can't use NWI. Try to avoid building a list that relies too heavily on these abilities. You can easily build a list without any of the named heroes, especially if you're not opposed to taking non character Steel Phalanx troops like Myrmidons and Myrmidon Officers.
  8. Have to admit, the detail on those plastics is very good for board game pieces. The metal quality is still far superior, especially when it comes to thinner parts of the models, but there is less of a discrepancy than I'd expected. I really hope that CB release a collectors edition equivalent for each of the expansion packs. Provided the gameplay is decent, I'd keep buying the metal models for Infinity proxies / conversions.
  9. Aye, I got three boxes when the new ones came out so I could build all the ones I wanted. Now I'm thinking about finding a fourth to convert an E-drone. Been meaning to try out a repeater heavy list with the E-drone in CA, the main reason I didn't was lack of a KHD to really take advantage of the coverage. Which reminds me, unless I'm missing something Kiss! will get B2 in ARO with overclock. Should be fun ^^
  10. Not played Deadly Dance yet, so I can't comment on that. Played quite a bit of Frontlines and Supremacy and they both play fairly similarly (though when you count up the zones is different). - Both have less of a focus on specialists and more of a focus on being able to put more points into zones than your opponent. Going second in both these scenarios presents a massive advantage as you have the final round before scoring and knowledge of the final position of your opponents models. This allows you to move models into zones to beat your opponents score by a few points and take the zone. Accordingly, units that are able to rapidly deploy where you need them are very good in this scenario. I frequently run Diomedes for these scenarios: dropping a 43 point swing into a zone your opponent thought was secure wins games. Consider also Garudas, Ekdromoi and Dasyu. Naga minelayers can make it harder for your opponent take your zones from you. The Probots are worth including to hold back zones with their baggage rule and provide orders. - Posthumans are always good. The Infiltrating and forward deploying ones are especially useful here and the MK2 sniper can be used as a speed bump brick wall that has no business being so hard to remove given her low points cost. Bonus points for TO being able to reveal as a marker late in the round / game to claim zones. Don't forget the ARO reveal on your opponents last order! Can be worth the risk if it allows you to swing a zone to your favour. - Coordinated move-move orders are very useful to rapidly shift your models into positions where they can take zones. - Achilles can be excellent and take zones on his own, but be aware that he can only take one zone and ties up a lot of your points in one model. Try to avoid having him contest zones that your opponent hasn't really committed models to (i.e they only have ~30 points of models in them), otherwise they may just bypass him and aim for your less defended zones. This is much easier done when going second. - Taking second or first can be a tough choice. If I win the roll I often choose deployment, allowing myself to deploy second. Then either my opponent takes first turn (probably what I want so I can go second) or they opt for second, but I get to deploy after them and then take first turn. With lots of fast / AD / TO troops and heavy hitters, you can alpha strike pretty hard and try and cripple them first turn. Hope that helps!
  11. Out of universe: It's a bit of an odd choice, but I suppose the designer(s) wanted a robot with tits? To be honest, the models posing is pretty awesome, I'd take issue if it was flouncing around in some stupid non combat stance like a few older (and sadly some very recent) CB female sculpts. But giant HMG in ready stance and sword swung backwards says this model is gonna wreck something so I can forgive the tits. In universe: Errrrr. Barring Aleph wanting to make the Marut (and Asuras I suppose) look female for some in-universe reason, I can't really think of one. Their existence is highly classified and very few people have ever seen one, so their appearance is only relevant to those unfortunate enough to face it in combat. The fluff blurb on the store says they are often used to deliver messages (by obliterating 90% of their opponents and giving demands to the remaining 10%) so I guess you could argue that looking more human / female elicited better results and Aleph just rolled with it? I dunno, seems like a stretch to be honest XD. Infinity is largely designed around looks over function. In reality there is very little justification for giant bipedal robots other than looking awesome and there is no more reason to apply breasts to a robot than there is to apply them to a tank, but the same can be said of most body parts - there is no need for a head, eyes, arms, hands, handheld weapons, a symmetrical design etc. Pretty much everything is designed to be aesthetically pleasing with little regard to in universe functionality. So I guess the short answer is that the designer(s) thought it was a good idea