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  1. Depends on the type of plastic. I can't remember, has anything been said on that?
  2. I like Maximus. The scale looks jarring at first, but I'd imagine that top level Aristeia competitors have access to pretty much anything they want - including oversized L-hosts. I think I'll stick him on a 40mm base though, he looks silly on a 25mm.
  3. That would be lovely, but I'd be surprised if it happened. CB don't seem to be into the whole alt arms thing anymore* sadly . *Unless it's a double box ala Mushashi. But then I'm paying for two models anyway XD.
  4. I reckon the Shikami might get the Ayyar treatment - both CCW out for a generic sculpt. Hoping for a double blister but highly doubtful ^^
  5. @Kanluwen I disagree, though I understand that it could be read that way. For me, based on that blurb, it sounds like they are primarily internal security for two reasons: 1. If their primary role was as a military unit that performed security as a secondary role, it would be bizarre for almost the entire paragraph to talk about their security actions. But almost all the language is about their defensive responsibilities. "Multitude of defensive and protective activities", "protects convoys", "anti-terror ops". 2. "Essentially, the Auxilia is the key unit in the defense of the PanOceanian capital". Again, if they're the key defensive unit of the capital, and garrisoned around the capital, that suggests that their focus is defence of the capital, not military ops. As for Kazaks not being in the non Russian sectorial - that kinda answers itself no? They're 100% getting a 5 man link when the Russian sectorial releases. I don't see why Fusiliers can't be the primary military unit for the faction and hence be present in both vanilla / sectorials? I think in this case Ariadna is the exception, with a structure based on four very distinct internal factions. PanO seems much more cohesive.
  6. @Eciu Now those are some cool ideas, I'd love to see an expanded Auxilia box (they really need a resculpt) with new profiles and more interesting auxbots. Particularly like the idea of an adhesive launcher auxbot ^^.
  7. @Kanluwen - Sorry quoting doesn't want to work today ^^ From the N2 quote it sounds to me like they're internal security troops, though also capable of performing regular military duties. Makes sense to me that they are Garrison Troops who form the mainstay of the defensive units in the capital but act as reinforcements otherwise. Overall I don't really have much of a problem with Fusiliers in NCA, purely because they have no other sectorial to get 5 person links in. Auxilia are still plenty effective and fielded regularly. I do think that Bolts could do with having a bit of bloat removed to make them more appealing though. This would give NCA more viable link options.
  8. While that's true, it's definitely an exception. I would actually argue that while they may be called the Auxilia of Rome, at the point where they were as numerous as the legions and equally skilled they stopped being Auxiliary troops. Auxiliary troops are by definition support troops. Unless I'm missing something, I thought @TDC had it right with Auxilia being internal troops?
  9. Ah, right, cheers. Makes much more sense than how I read it. That's definitely a good move, especially if the army box comes out after the starter has been released.
  10. Yeah, I like the army starter sets, it'd be a shame to see them go. I do agree with you on releasing them before the individual parts of the box come out separately - it's the reason I didn't get the Onyx box, I had almost everything in there already. I'd be surprised if they stopped doing army boxes in favour of starter sets for the simple reason that they'd run out of army pairings quite quickly if they released a set every year. Much better to break up the cycle with a new sectorial at GenCon every other year. If they really are going to switch to starter sets only, I'd suggest that that means the army boxes have been selling poorly in comparison to starter sets.
  11. Wash, score, pin and glue on every joint . I can't imagine assembling Dakini Tacbots without pins, the contact points are so small!
  12. +1 Ah, fair. Yeah, some of their weapons are a bit thin, but I've not had any trouble with bending. My girlfriend has had trouble with some of the Gremlins joints being too fiddly (but it's her first time assembling models so I've put it down to inexperience). I pin every joint. Probably unnecessary for some of them, but Infinity has a fair few small contact area joints which I would find too fragile without a pin. This is undoubtedly why I prefer plastics . I hope they show the unpainted models at GenCon, it would be nice to see how much of the detail is in the sculpt and how much is Giraldez'd on during painting.
  13. Try 21 parts for one of the Ten Thunders Samurai And yeah, the mold lines are much faster to remove than those on metal models and plastic glue removes the need to pin anything. I've not found them to be any more flimsy than other plastics? I find that Malifaux models go much faster than Infinity ones, and I enjoy assembling them whereas Infinity can feel like a bit of a chore (removing mold lines and pinning takes so long in metal). Though obviously different people will have different preferences!
  14. Really digging the anime style miniatures without the sculptors feeling the need to change proportions from standard Infinity miniatures or forget to put clothes on the female sculpts. My outrage at Outrage is largely forgotten. The only real complaint I have is that Maximus really looks like he needs a 40mm base (though obviously that might not fit on the Aristeia hexes). Also, PLASTIC models? Do we know what kind? Are we talking old Privateer PVC or beautiful Wyrd plastics? Oh my, the thought of CB one day switching to the Wyrd style plastics has me... giddy.
  15. Agreed on that. AVA 3 in OCF, so I guess a third one would be alright