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  1. Onyx might seem tight at first, but when comparing it to MO it certainly feels like the world is my oyster . Maybe less so vs acon, since a regular is certainly comparable in use to a unidron. But i never miss the +1 bs going from MO to onyx. The lack of TOOS is an inconvenience. But when going back to MO i certainly miss the good hackers, the melee capabilities,the cheap orders, and even if it isnt fair the plasma (but i honestly wouldnt want voodoo tech in pano). Also this discussion wasnt even about just smoke in pano to begin with. There were numerous adjustment suggest only one of which was eclypse smoke, which isnt evem regular smoke.
  2. Or you know. Thos factions have significantly more versatile tools at their disposal
  3. Nah, i play multiple factions and that just simply isnt the case. When i play pano im always wishing i had x or y, when I play onyx or imperial service , i find myself with leftover points after cramming everything I want.
  4. Ill take koths with MA4 plis, be one good cc knight
  5. Honestly the auxbot is both a boon and a downfall. G synch means they cant coordinate. The auxbot acting as a leash is a bit obnoxious too. But being able to keep one as an effective deployment zone guard while ramboing the other one is pretty satisfying. Kinda wish it had MA 1 at least for stealth, which would be awesome for a tag, but i guess people would say that steps on the oyorois toes
  6. I think 2 tiks or seraphs wouldnt be incredibly hard to do. But they do function more like super heavy infantry
  7. "You were my brother umbra, i loved you." -" I haaaate youuuuu"
  8. I get the liberty leading the people reference. But i will model mine sword pointing down. Anynody else feel her hips are absolutely massive btw ? I would have liked her torso to be a little bit more in line with the rest of her proportions.
  9. Martial arts grants stealth, stealth means engaging hackers on your terms. If he really enjoys vanilla pano id suggest at least 1 magister knight, with an impetuous order ever turn he should certainly feel significantly faster to your friend as well.
  10. There are a couple of haq cube infantry and HI. Heck i think the azrail has cube
  11. I'd make that trade in stats pretty quickly. It would certainly give him a unique niche as the true cc knight.
  12. While it might be tempting to get an extra order on the father knight, id say it is preferable to upgrade a fusi to lt and upgrade the father knight in either utility or firepower. He is too good a piece to hold back for fear of LoL If. You must make father knight the lt. Take the lt spitfire profile
  13. Um can plis has domovoi as merc for nca. Berserk and nbw on a total immunity profile, i know it is just for fun but daaamn
  14. I had honestly forgotten the rasyat were even a thing o.0
  15. @Daboarder how would you feel about decent cc and ma or just plain stealth on the crusader as a niche? Is there currently a cc ad trooper ?