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  1. Shikami is one of the most underappreciated units in JSA
  2. Three specialists and everything wow, this certainly seems like a fun list to run for kill or zone control missions
  3. Unique but bad and bland but acceptable mostly only make it to fluffy lists. Ideally every faction would be filled with profiles that are excellent in different ways providing stiff competition for what you want to field or for what option you prioritize. This is not a problem exclusive to pano by any means, it is just that we suffer from it a tad more heavily since our niche is so specific.
  4. While i agree with much of what you said I also believe the ignore button is there because there are people who frequently dont contribute anything to the discussion. I for one I'm glad to engage opposing view points, hopefully we end up moving our views slightly to the middle or in the "worst" case scenario we merely agree to disagree after respectful debate. But we both know that isnt how the internet functions, there are hordes of people out there who might reply to your every statement with "nuh uh, you are just an idiot", and while some times it is cathartic to unleash an unending string of expletives back, the reality is nothing of value was contributed to the discussion , once you notice a pattern you can easily hit the ignore button and stop wasting your time. I think there is a difference between ignoring disruptive people and creating an echo chamber, but im looking at your post in a vacuum without reading the prior ones, so there might be a reason your post applies to this specific case
  5. It's what the tabbard is for
  6. Honestly nowhere afik, at least i never field teutons and the few times i have I've been rudely dissapointed.
  7. Honestly speaking from their fluff description teutons should have a visual mod to help them reach close combat or even something like albedo but that deploys zero v zone directly on the user for the first turn or even a saturation zone. Like a sort of nano chaff dispenser
  8. @Albi86 NBW is probably not extremely expensive, all cc skills are rather cheap, i think it's 2 to 3 (i believe ma3 is 3 points ), but somebody can correct me on the point cost with a more accurate point assessment
  9. Give the crusader cc 19 and MA1. Boom different
  10. Id say the magister + knights link is pretty up there as far as things go. You can even cady 2 specialists and a burst 4 weapon thanks to defersen, that and the fact they got light shotguns for massed enemies and panzerfausts for armor makes them really flexible overall. Unless we arent counting mixed links
  11. It really depends on the list. If she is part of say a 5 man link, i would postulate the +3 bs, positive range bands and sixth sense outweigh the extra burst. I wish there was another knight option that could compete with joan and defersen for the lt spot. Ideally sepulchre knights would be the ones to do it but other than for zhany whacky lists i wouldnt bring em. Once the holo projector turns off you got an alright shot for pano with unusually high willpower, I've heard calls for coc on sepulchers, i think that would be an interesting option . I'd also like to second the voice for smg profiles on knights. Perhaps even an assault pistol here and there to add flavor
  12. I am not aiming to dispute it, I'm aiming for a counter that's why i suggested NBW instead of MA3. Whereas Ju ying can on average match panos shooting or modify the shooting face to face to side step panos supposed superiority. Also the domaru within 8 can engage the teuton by throwing em grenades on 17s. Outside 8 it can dodge the teutons fire on 14s and absorb the poor combi rifle shots on arm 6 in cover. In good panzer faust range the teuton is 1 shot on 14 to 1 dodge on 14 ( assuming cover) but why is a domaru out in the open at over 16 inches ? I suggest NBW to sidestep domaru martial arts, against the majority of targets the MA3 is better. All nbw does is even the playing field and give pano the option to engage CC specialists on it's own terms, much like yu jing can engage panos shooting on its own term. I get where you are coming from on the forest issue, but like i said these are men and women in powered armor, the forest and jungle cannopy cannot support their weight, aside from it being tactical suicide to make yourself a target among the tree tops.
  13. You are aware that the domaru has cc23 , ma3 and berserk right ? The domaru also has DA and EM weapons which make it fantastic at eliminating heavy infantry and tags. If anything it's not fair to compare the teuton to such a superb cc specialist. The harmaki are cc23 ma3 and bs13 as well so it isnt like being a decent shot should prevent you from being good at close combat. As for the fluff point being a jungle fighter should not involve climbing at all, the underbrush is dense and full of cover the canopy above is a dangerous and exposed place. What's more climbing shouldn't really be a heavy infantrys strong point and while i love the tik a tag also should be hard pressed to climb anything in the jungle. The tik gets a small pass because of the super trees in acontecimento. MA2 is also a bad choice for a cc specialist. A piece like the teuton wants MA3 to use assault in an appropriate manner (as assault cant be combined with berserk) . At 40+ points and the sugested skills he'd be worse and more expensive Ajax. If anything the shikami is an excellent model of what the teuton could represent for pano. A mobile close combat piece with additional attack vectors. But if i am correct dual smgs cost the same as a combi rifle. So you'd be pricing ma2 and climbing plus at 8 points , there is no way those skills cost that much. (Im not bashing your idea, just your point costs seem to be off)
  14. I think they may have simply forgotten how they phrased super jump and intended for it to turn jump into a move short movement skill. But now it obviously prohibits other actions
  15. Oh damn, i could have sworn it let the user use a movement short skill not specified that it was a move , movement short skill