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  1. Thx everybody! I found Yojimbos stats. Did not see his symbol at first. Its the last one in JSA. Hope they will make Army V ready for Paradiso at some point. I play in an environment which accepts mercenaries, which brings a bit of distortion into the faction lists.
  2. Is there any way that I can select mercenaries in Army 5? I know that it is not ITS legal to use them, but it is allowed for Paradiso missions and casual games. I can't even find Yojimbos stats and point costs on the army builder. Same goes for the new Aleph toolbox. I know I can simply choose a trooper with the same costs, but that does not conjure up the mercs stats on the sheet. Anyone in know of a solution? Or do I have to be ITS strict for all games now?
  3. hmm, that means they get the casualties out of the position pretty fast if they dont have to climb. ok thanks.
  4. In the Casevac rule it says that when using casevac, a model may not use any other short skill than move. Does that mean that a carrying model may only move its first movement rate per order? Or is is possible to move again as the second part of the order? Maybe that would translate into a long move which is not allowed under casevac. It would make sense that a model may only move once with a short move per order as this would reflect a person not being able to run when dragging someone else.
  5. Thanks Toadchild for the stats. Pretty helpful. Confirms what I have been thinking. I wonder whether McMurrrough would do the job as well, costs half as much as Duroc. Not in a tourney, of course. I guess I just had two bad games, but I will manage to recover from this. I have killed enough TAGS in my career already. I can't really bring myself to also get the Loup Garous after having bought the Briscards and the Metros. I guess some werewolf or the odd gluegun will have to do the job when I play the french. My old trick with just shooting at stuff with a lot of HMGs might work out, too, after all.
  6. ok good advice. Got a bit disheartened by the TAG being in cover and thus getting armour 9. Even my HMGs did not dent it and the odds seemed dull. But that was only one game and I probably should not judge from that.
  7. coming from Vanilla Ariadna, I just got into the french. I got this linked team of 5 Briscards and try to make it work. The rocket launcher and the sniper rifle are fearsome weapons, but the whole combo seems to be a bit pricey, especially in 250 or even in 300 pt games. What are your experiences with it. I have noticed that some people have ITS lists which include 3 briscards. Maybe 5 is over the top?
  8. Oh I dont have the Anaconda (but would possibly buy) and no Loup-Garous. Are Loop Garous strictly neccessary when playing French? I just got into them, normally playing Vanilla Ariadna.
  9. I have played with the French for a little bit now and ran into a Nomad TAG which proved to be difficult to take out. I realized there is a lack of AP ammo for the french. I am not a big fan of the ADHL solution. Is there anyone else but the costly Duroc who could take out a TAG?
  10. I don't think the Missile Launcher is necessarily better than the Autocannon. If you do, well, theoretically you can have a Tank Hunter with a Missile Launcher for 2 points less. The Molotok has the simple advantage that it is far cheaper than the Tank Hunter with AP HMG. Not as good, but I believe the Molotok will do the same job in many occasions. It is kind of the cheaper version. will the scots guards only be sold in a pack of four or also separately?
  11. thanks again for the answer, Stiopa. I tend to agree and will restructure my lists. Hmm. Better to have more guys in two groups or just have 10 more expensive guys? Decisions, decisions.
  12. When I am using two groups, my general idea is to get an equal divide of the cheerleaders, irregulars and high order consumers. I do not know what will happen in advance which mini will need most orders in the battle. Second consideration is how to split them up in a way that I will always know which model is in which group. I will not use the remotes. I run camo lists.
  13. thanks for the answer. My idea was to have a 7 man group and a 6 man group. Three man groups don't seem to make much sense to me. I don't post the list because I don't feel the need to get into the details of it. I am more interested in the topic of having one group over two or filling up one group and having a three man group. I expect leniency regarding using volunteers for line kazaks. It is not even an ITS event.
  14. So after a long absence from Infinity I will participate in a tournament soon. Still writing the lists. (I am allowed to have two) At first, I was happy with a list that had 10 guys for 250 points, all regulars. Then I realized that there are 2 soldiers which were not entirely necessary. Engineer (does not need to be in every list, I guess, my second list has two Imhardinhos) and a TH w/ AdHL lt. (Is a good option, but the SWC can be used up better) Now I have written a new list, which has 13 guys. Which seems better at first, but then these guys have to be split up in 2 groups which is means I may run out of orders sooner with a soldier I need to use. I also find it harder to manage 2 groups correctly in the fast-paced tournament environment. Any thoughts? Advice is appreciated! PS. How would you feel about Volunteers w/ rifles used as Line Kazaks w/ rifles in a tournament?
  15. Interesting choice, I will have a look at that. How about a Briscard Lt. in a linked team for the french sectorial?