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  1. Well i din't put the video together just yet but the knife went through second wave of changes during making. I got rid of pistol grip very soon - this only works with things that are huuuuuuge (over 40 cm khukris) and very small CQC self defense blades. This was just wrong on this knife. The blade geometry and the bevels are also changed. When i was grinding the outline and i saw how perfect this knife is when you get rid of the mish mash happening near the handle i just couldn't bring myself to change it. I went with a slight recurve so it is something between the concept art and my vision and i have to say that now this looks like a knife heavily inspired by middle east culture and history. There is a possibility that i changed too much and i will make another one to atone for my sins... On the other hand i felt that destroying this profile would be a crime against knifemaking. Yeah i know. I would love to be able to put things like steel number, hardness, name of the knife and stuff like that on the spine. Sadly, engraving is a bit out of my reach. I dont have the equipment to do it myself and it's a bit too expensive considering that i can't sell it. Maybe one day i will be famous and rich enough to get laser engraving equipment ;).
  2. New Knife is incoming! I decided which one to make by a vote on a WGC Infinity facebook group. I always wondered what hid in the haq sheath and thanks to the Ayyar concept art corvus belli finally gave me the answer
  3. All the videos are out and the knife is finished. This was one hell of a ride and i'm now wondering how i can improve the filming part of this projects and what knife i should do next.
  4. New video is out.
  5. Third clip is out and it is in the first post. I tried to make a full commentary on the process - i hope you like it. Just a small disclamer: i know there is reverb in the sound i will get a better mic for the next one.
  6. Just a quick announcement. I have all the footage i need and i'm in the process of video editing. I have to cut 40 min of video to a watchable 15-20 minutes. I don;t belive anyone would watch me rambling fo 15 minutes and grinding for a half hour :D.
  7. I'm not suprised. Totally impossible to do it in 28mm scale.
  8. That explains a lot. The serrations make no sense there (then again - rule of cool), but otherwise this is incredible. It just jumped up on my to do list.
  9. Well the forging station is on the way and it will propably be Redy by the end of summer. My friend that plays haq tries to convince Ne to to one but I can't figure out what is happening in this concept art. I have a feeling that it's in the sheath in all of them. I'm a YJ Player so i often think about their crazy machete :D. Thanks a lot for the encouragement. I'm thinking about working with a cosplayer i'm not sure if this will be the knife to do it. We will see.
  10. Hello everybody. Sadly i have some issues with my footage and i ran into all sorts of problems from lack of belts for my belt grinder up to issues with A/V sync on my videos. I hope you are more patient than me. Just to give you a brief spoiler from the next video i present to you the knife with bevels ~50% done. I have to say it's a challenging grind for me considering it's my 4th knife on a belt grinder and it's the biggest one of the bunch. I would love to make a sword of any kind one day but for now i'm sticking to knifes up to 40 cm. Swordmaking is very demanding when it comes to heat treating and i'm not ready to even try it yet. The legate sword is very cool and very functional so it would'n need much changes.
  11. I hope it's implied but every bit of feedback and constructive criticism is welcome. I would also love if you could give me your opinion on one thing. I am thinking about the structure of my whole infinity series and i have two main ideas: 1) making knives from concept arts one after another. 2) making a knife from concept art and then making my proposition of a knife for that faction(the ones i'm proposing would propably be compressed into fewer videos - like one or two). P.S. i'm in my workshop right now. The nomad knife needs bevels.
  12. Me too. I hope I can finish this soon - i have limited time for knifemaking and i have few other projects i work on. My main goal is to make it awesome and functional - time limits are far less imprtant
  13. That is the plan - i'm not sure if it will be this one. There is a big tournament in Wrocław incoming and they will propably get the first one for a prize.
  14. The handle will be most propably made from g10- it's a composite of Glass fiber and resin. I was thinking about sabilized wood but it's a bit too expensive for a non profit project. Maybe it will be possible when i'm able to monetize my YouTube channel but that is way down the road. Well this is a knife so it's shock not DA and i think that this blade is quite shocking. I have a plan to make bigger builds in the future so there is a possibility fo a DA CCW. Fingers crossed
  15. Hi everyone! I started this project after consulting with CB, and they allowed me to try and make knives from Infinity as long as it's non profit(so there is no way anyone would be able to buy them). I will edit this post to add new videos on making those projects i will also add new posts with pictures of finished ones. Feel free to ask me anything, P.S. There is a possibility that those knives will be donated as prizes in tournament, but only if they turn out good enough. P.P.S. Please keep in mind that i have only one year experience in knifemaking and absolutely none in making videos, i am doing the best i can but there is a chance you will see come cringeworthy mistakes. Nomad Knife: Part one - design: Part two - counturing: Part three - Bevels Part Four - Handle scales Part Five - finished knife. Part Six - My conclusions