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  1. Hiho, There are two levels of ED - escape system and ejection system. Both have "Obligatory" trait. Is it possible for my Iguana to choose lower level (escape system)? If not, what's the point of having those skills leveled?
  2. Nasmat or a sacrificial Muttawiah/Yuan Yuan.
  3. What do you mean by "the effect of the roll"?
  4. Bad wording on my part. I meant that "Order Resolution" step doesn't explicitly say whether you "make rolls" simultaneously or sequentially (in order of Short Skill declarations). Add to that the slightly ambiguous phrasing of Discover rule: A trooper that fails a WIP Roll to Discover a Marker cannot attempt to Discover the same Marker until the next Player Turn. What's "attempting to Discover"? Is it declaring a "Discover"? Or is it also performing the roll itself? The rules reader can interpret both that rolls in Order Resolution are sequential and that rolling for Discover is also "attempting" to Discover. Thus he can conclude that after first failed Discover roll he can't make a second Discover roll
  5. Once again. Nowhere in the rules is said explicitly that you roll simultaneously for both Short Skills in Order resolution step. It's just assumed based on "everything happens at once" rule. I agree with you, but I can see how other people can understand it differently.
  6. This text from page 28 in N3 rule book supports it better than this "Resolution" description: "Even if declared one after the other, both Skills in a single Order occur simultaneously." But this is something I already knew... I guess I find it hard to believe that declaring Discover->Discover isn't a common practice. The Discover rules might be partially at fault here: "A trooper that fails a WIP Roll to Discover a Marker cannot attempt to Discover the same Marker until the next Player Turn." Up to this day I understood "attempt" both as declaring Discover and rolling that second Discover roll. There is an ongoing discussion about the same topic on polish data-sphere forum and there are people who understand it this way. If instead of "attempt" the writer would use "declare", we wouldn't have this misunderstanding.
  7. Played too much XCOM and XCOM2 on Ironman. I'll always pick a grenade toss compared to 95% assault rifle shot. Also if my Ghulam is discovering a TO camo troop on +3 range -3 cover -6 TO camo, I prefer to have two Discover rolls on 8. Saying that all rolls for all Short Skill declarations happen simultaneously is simply not true. Obvious example is the Discover->BS Attack. You don't roll for BS Attack if Discover fails, but rather BS Attack is canceled. Also I haven't found anywhere in the rules that all rolls are simultaneous in Order Resolution. Therefore I wouldn't be so sure in arguing that Discover->BS Attack is an exception to the rule, because there doesn't seem to be any rule dealing with multiple rolls for multiple Short Skill declarations by a single trooper (except Discover->BS Attack rule). From my point of view it is not clear what's supposed to happen. But this is offtopic.
  8. From this we can be sure that you can only get rid of one level of IMP state. I'm not so sure about what happens if one of the Discover rolls fails. If you can treat Discover->Discover as simply Discover with B2, then I don't understand why people aren't doing this against normal camo. Why bother risking Discover->Shoot if you have greater probability of discovering a troop with Discover->Discover? Assuming that reactive troop didn't reveal himself in ARO and you have plenty of Orders to spend.
  9. I already asked this question in the past. I'm too lazy to search the topic. It's possible but pointless to declare Discover->Discover. Two successful rolls can only downgrade IMP-1 to IMP-2 and failing first roll automatically prevents you from performing the second roll.
  10. it's A. In my understanding using the symbiomate removes the "Guts Roll" step entirely. It would be B if the rule was worded something like this: "Using a SymbioMate also allows to avoid having to perform a Guts Roll in that same Order. " If the Guts roll was optional, the rules writer could just write "using a pokemon gives you V: Courage in that same Order".
  11. Why should I? Do you also need to have a section in the rules about how to roll dice? There is a specific list of restrictions in deployment rules and being deployed on a wall is not covered by them. If there is some other section of the rules that I'm missing, I'm happy to be corrected.
  12. I've only browsed through the rulebook quickly, but I don't see anything disallowing such deployment in "Deployment rules".
  13. Fixed that for ya.
  14. tl;dr So basically we need a clarification on what does exactly "The target must be within the troop’s front 180º arc" mean, correct? Reading rules as they are written currently it looks like you can see people with your butt.
  15. You don't wait for rolls to see whether you hit someone with a shotgun template in the back. Don't see why you should do so in this situation.