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  1. I feel the CoC Phesant is pretty good if deployed on your table edge and Sun Tze lvl.1 is your Lt. The Crane is simply awesome. I cannot fault this model in sculpt or rules, it's just awesome.
  2. I think playing non-Camo Ariadna is totally viable if you want to have a fun game. I don't think it's as strong in ITS as Camo Ariadna but it's still awesome if you want to fight. I used a list similar to this a few weeks and found it it was very fun and viable: CATERAN T2Sniper 1 21 ZOUAVE Sniper 0.5 25 ZOUAVE Sniper 0.5 25 MINUTEMAN Rifle 0 22 MINUTEMAN Rifle 0 22 MOBLOT Infiltration/eMauler 0 26 CALEDONIAN MORMAER T2Rifle 0 32 CALEDONIAN MORMAER APHMG 2 42 VETERAN KAZAK T2 0 38 VETERAN KAZAK Lt+HMG 1 47 We played YAMS and although it's not the strongest list in the world, it worked really well and it was fun to play,
  3. Thanks, this is good stuff.
  4. I honestly don't know, I'll order what I want today and photo them in the thread when they arrive and are built.
  5. Thanks, having a browse through their site and thought "Woody" would make an awesome Foxtrot.
  6. Been looking into fielding Grunts and Hardcases for the first time. What are people's thoughts on good models to make into them? I've already got two Spec Ops models so I think making another one might be a bit iffy. Here's a list of the profiles that don't have models: GRUNT Rifle Pistol, Knife 0 10 GRUNT Heavy Flamethrower, Light Shotgun Pistol, Knife 0 10 GRUNT HMG Pistol, Knife 1 21 GRUNT Rifle, Light Grenade Launcher Pistol, Knife 1 14 GRUNT (Marksmanship LX) Sniper Rifle Pistol, Knife 0.5 18 HARDCASE FRONTIERSMAN Tactical Bow, Light Shotgun Pistol, Knife 0 12 HARDCASE FRONTIERSMAN Tactical Bow, Rifle Pistol, Knife 0 14 FOXTROT Rifle, Antipersonnel Mines Pistol, Knife 0 17 FOXTROT Boarding Shotgun, Antipersonnel Mines Pistol, Knife 0 19 WARDRIVER Hacker (Defensive Hacking Device) Boarding Shotgun Pistol, Knife 0.5 17 WARDRIVER Hacker (Hacking Device) Boarding Shotgun Pistol, Knife 1 19 I know it's inappropriate to link to another miniature company but even just a model name would be greatly appreciated.
  7. I thought this might make a good sign: 人誰傳風塔坐在自己的房間。
  8. The model looks boss, the only thing that lets it down is the drum being so far up the HMG (to give space for it to rest on the shoulder), makes the barrel length look ickle. I think I'll get another Spec Ops model to use as Foxtrot proxy and make him hold the APHMG up in the air to let the barrel cool down. Figure sculpt: 10/10 Gun sculpt: 5/10
  9. Thank you, this is brilliant. Really like the clean layout too.
  10. Here's my picks for best of everything in game (Best being subjective to my own perceptions). Shocked by the amount of Yu Jing stuff that's made my list. Light infantry: Rasail Boarding Team Medium infantry: Intruder Heavy infantry: The Charontid HMG Skirmisher: Chasseur (Minelayer) REM: Q-Drone Plasma Rifle (With Marksmanship L2 from Assisted Fire) Refined army categories: Cheerleader: Fox Trot Ranger LT: Sun Tze Lt V1 (Under Fairy Dust) Link team: Wildcats with at least one HRL CC monster: Shinobu Kitsune Infiltrator: Dao Fei Spitfire Specialist: - Hacker: The Charontid (Hacking Device Plus) - Doctor: Tuareg Doctor with 2 inert Nasmat Remotes in the DZ - Engineer: Doctor Worm with 2 Slave Drones - Forward Observer: Guilang (Forward Observer, Deployable Repeater) TAG: Avatar AD: Tiger Soldier Boarding Shotgun Impersonator: Speculo Killer (or The Charontid, if Hackers are included) EDIT: Forgot the Intruder and Chasseur. Both really, really good.
  11. Over B1 DMG 17 EXP on CC20 with no Cover? I'm sure a 3-4 orders used on that could down a Cutter or even... a Jotum!
  12. Anyone's KHS manage to punch a TAG to death yet? I think it is possible, just require a bit of luck and setting up (Possibly with the use of Holo1 in deployment to blindside your opponent.
  13. Moblots can do shooting and discovery well. WIP 13 and BS 13 puts them up there as more than capable at both searching and shooting. Interesting thing, is that they generally carry Light Shotguns for B2 AROs too. EDIT: I'm in over my head. Whoa.
  14. This. In between the price range of Umbra Legate and Charontid/Anathematic. Would be very cool.
  15. @solkan: Possibly. Or introduce a Human Sphere update to new States (Holoprojector, Foxhole [sapper]). Don't have Campaign: Paradiso so @IJW: Yep, this is definitely a fair point. Holoprojector is equipment too so as a aside, a plucky Jaguar/Bandit could end up with it.