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  1. What Col said is right. I want just add this If you throw smoke and move in CC in single order Jotum can fire because smoke takes effect at the end of order. But if you throw smoke with one order and with second order you move in B2B Jotum can't shoot because he never has LoS.
  2. I tried it only in MO with Order sergeant but only on centerline and it can be really nasty surprise to be able shoot effectively. On other side it brings you closer to enemy so you are more vulnerable to DTW and bad range bands. Still i see it as useful and worth to risk as you said if you fail you still had sniper in your DZ and from there it shouldn't be orders expensive to reposition him in ARO position.
  3. Yeah you're right but then it would be really easy to answer
  4. Hi, I'm just curious how many factions or sectorials army are you playing or collecting? I started wargaming with W40K. I chose my faction and stick with it. In Infinity I have problem that i start faction and when i have enough models for variable army, i start looking for another. First army was Yu Jing, then MO and i have basis for NCA and now I'm buying beyond box and didn't find anyone here to sell Nomads and Haqq. My brain is like just build some Nomads and then build some Haqq. Am I only one woth this problem or CB is doing really good work? If you build multiple army why?
  5. I failed last moth so once again I pledge 3 Santiago and Pathfinder
  6. Managed finish only Bulleter this moth shame on me, next moth I have to work harder
  7. How big are these pins? I tried pin my bulleter and i can´t do this in your way.
  8. First pledge for new year Bulleteer, Pathfinder and 3 Santiago Knight
  9. It looks slightly diffrent in real (bad camera on phone + bad light). it´s all vallejo colour 1) Heavy goldbrown (game colour) 2) Black and brown wash - it depends on your taste I used mix of them 3) Heavy goldbrown - leave recess and some shadows 4) Sun yellow (game colour) 5) Deep yellow (model colour) 6) Mix Deep yellow + Ivory....add some more Ivory for brighter highlights 7) Pure Ivory highlights - just small thing like corners etc
  10. Hsien done, still wainting for MAS bases Goal for next month rebase every pledge on MAS bases when they finally arrive
  11. Really love this Sphinx. It looks like badass alien hunter looking for prey
  12. Nice black, do you mind share your step-by-step?
  13. Thanks, personally i don`t like her face at all (except eyes there are first eyes i painted and like) but I can try wash. Faces and black are two things which i can`t get right, but I know that one day I will get result which I would like
  14. I`m finally done with my first pledge. I`m still wainting for my MAS bases but I don`t think I will get them sonner than at the end of moth. I hope to post better photo when I get my hands on something better than phone. My next pledge is HSIEN
  15. I just don't know what kind of bases i want. I thought about buying MAS bases but every time i was like "I will buy bases next time, let's buy some models " Now I have like 20 models painted and i can't decide what now. Should i do my own bases (something easy and quick) or buy MAS and re-base ( i can damaged paint in process).