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  1. I am also having this issue, but I didn't attempt to edit it in any way. Changing the location has not fixed the issue and I cannot see any of the participants that had signed up.
  2. I have faced them and I have used them. Choosing to ARO individually with the bots leaving Scylla in Cybermask is probably the best thing about it, which is something that Bit will be able to do too. I'll respectfully disagree that it's OP. Only two units in the game can do it now and it's clearly an intentional feature that adds a lot of utility to those two KHD units.
  3. Man, 2 bots with DTW is probably better in general especially for playing games with cybermask. That said, Bit is probably a better fit in CA simply because of the pitcher and EI hacking. If I had to choose Scylla or Bit for CA, I'd be hard pressed to pick one over the other.
  4. I miss Switch the most. He was freaking amazing disguised as Joan in a Joan list. Also, him being criminally underpriced didn't hurt.
  5. I have been using him a lot too. Just started vanilla CA with the season change, and I have only had about 10 games or so, but all of them have been with the Skiavoro Lt. Strategos is a great way to place a Q-Drone in a great position, get the most out of a Speculo, or keep impetuous troops from suicide on their first activation. The Noctifer ML profile can also benefit greatly from a gotcha style ARO once you see your enemy's placement. Just having the Skia Lt. gives that little bit of extra flexibility at deployment that helps two other units achieve their roles better. Strategos is also fantastic for taking the bite out of going first. As for using him on the table he is a mid range unit, so getting him midfield, or protecting an objective early on and using SF is absolutely a must. Invite your opponent to attack him, g:mnemonica takes the bite out of losing him and often the trade to get him killed will be in the CA player's favor. -6 (-9 in cover) versus a unit that can generate 6 ARM/BTS saves is no joke. I am always taking the sep+ profile because it's worth it. It discourages boarding shotguns, protects against DZ assassination runs if you are reactive first turn, and deters units from engaging up close if they are high point values. It also allows some offensive flexibility when the Skia gets up close in the active turn, forcing opponents to chose to dodge or shoot back. The Skia being a MI with structure and NWI is non-obvious durability. When combined with BS 13 and mimetism, he gets a lot tougher than most units in his weight class. The combo also removes a lot of vulnerabilities that other EI aspect lieutenants have to deal with. While he is slow to reposition, he is actually a powerhouse on offense. Mimetism, BS 13 and a plasma rifle are a brutal combo that can take on just about any target in the game. 16" range and 4-2 does limit his ability to Rambo, but when you need him, he can step up and deal some death.
  6. The rule for impersonation says Allows independently and separately for both the deployment and Marker state. I belive that one could be used without the other being utilized.
  7. Having successfully used Joan in a 14-15 order list with mostly Order/Specialist sergeants almost all of last season; I will disagree with Tesla about there only being his 3 viable options for Joan in MO. My experience with her is in turn one she is best used for coordinating an extra order for free, generally I used this to put multiple units on suppressive fire. Her coordinated order is also very useful if it helps you get OP. During turn one I use her to defend the DZ. She needs to be protected early on in the game, losing her too early can often derail your entire strategy. Joan has such an amazing stat line that she is best if you can leverage it to do some damage. On turn two or three, if you need her to do so, she is an offensive powerhouse often hitting on 15 or 18 with an ammo that is good for what she is attacking. On turn three it doesn't matter if you lose her as far as LoL goes, so go Rambo with her if it helps you win the match. Always leave her on suppressive fire if you can through the reactive, she becomes a very hard target to kill. Play with her and get a feel for her, don't be afraid to make mistakes with her in non-ITS matches. Above all, trust your own experience and do not rely on forums group think and advice from people who don't play like you do. Infinity supports a lot of play styles and two people can play the same unit very differently and both be successful doing it.
  8. That's a shame, I played with Switch all nearly all season precisely because when they settle somewhere they will be unavailable to MO and we will once again be without a killer hacker. I get it though, I feel the same way about Fusiliers in my MO; I don't think they should be among our troop, and especially not our LT, choices for thematic reasons. Switch in MO isn't thematic either, given the fluff, but he is simply too good to pass up for me. Being able to use Joan and have her have a body double virtually eliminated 1st turn assassination runs on her, and the shell game with a hidden specialist was a side benefit. I only used fusiliers Lt in about 5% of my lists this season. They are an efficient choice for cheerleaders or a LT, but personally I guess I am just a purist and don't like them at all in my lists. I used Joan as the Lt. about 85% of the time.
  9. Joan, Switch disguised as Joan.
  10. Crusaders are good and I have used them in MO quite a bit, but it has always depended on the scenarios. If firefight is on the menu, then for certain there is one in one of my lists. I prefer the flexibility of the MR and the cheap and effective BSG versions, but have taken the spitfire when my SWC allows. In MO I find they compete for space in the same place as the Black Friar, TOFOOS, and TO OS MSR; which I tend to field more often than the Crusader.
  11. Yeah, MO is pretty good at 200 points.
  12. Is it me, or is that CSU John Wick?
  13. MO is a challenging sectorial to play, but they are far from the worst right now and are competitive. Unfortunately they are probably the most difficult of the PanO sectorials to play currently, NCA is just more well rounded and Shock Army got a bunch of love in N3, where MO did get some changes but is still tied to an older generation of faction design. If you enjoy the sectorial, just get more experience in N3 with them and you will figure out which units to use that work for you and your playstyle. PanO in general is competitive, but I think they are one of the more difficult factions to master because the synergies are not as obvious as they are with other armies. Gabe can be a weak point in your list because he is a tempting and vulnerable target, but he is also a complete badass in the active turn. If you are losing him frequently to KHD, then you may consider spending the points on something else. As you have discovered, it's nearly impossible to keep him alive if your opponent has a KHD and wants him dead. Without having played much recently, you wouldn't have any experience with how accessible, versatile and practical KHD units are to most armies. Gabe is good, except for the hard counter KHDs provide; a vulnerability all high cost hackers share atm. There are few factions that feel this more acutely than MO because our only access to AHD is with expensive units and we have no KHD, outside of the ALIVE crew. There are still a bunch of unanswered questions about how the ALIVE group will be passed on after this season, so they might not even be available to sectorials as this could really upset the intentional faction deficiencies and CBs vision for the sectorial. As for who's going to win Interplantario, well that is in the player's hands. It could be any faction or player and at this point we don't know that if a MO player won if that would mean the ALIVE crew were available to that sectorial or just to the vanilla faction.
  14. When HSN3 dropped I was upset when Gabe lost some utility and got the AHD instead of the HD. Then I read killer hackers and thought it's a moot point. I think the problem is more of an issue with the current state of KHD than being an issue with Gabe. I'd like to see Gabe have a HD profile again, but I don't think you could fix him to deal with KHD without fixing the other units that have similar vulnerabilities. If KHD are working better than intended, then CB would probably fix it in the form of a KHD nerf. Gabe is a beast on even the toughest of Killer Hackers with Trinity in the Active, but he does make a link weaker in the reactive if there is a KHD around. With KHD profiles being generally low cost and versatile specialists, it is probable that Gabe will be facing one more often than not. Assuming we lose access to Switch, Gabe is the ONLY decent anti-hacker MO has, so I think his vulnerability to KHD is a litte more apparent here than in other sectorials. Read on for semi related salty AF mini-rant..... The exclusion of KHD in MO (and to a lesser degree having only two expensive AHD profiles), a sectorial that is particularly vulnerable to hackers, stretches my suspension of disbelief to the point of making the faction's thematically imposed limitations venture into the realm of completely arbitrary WTFness. This in addition to the lack of any kind smoke in a range-challenged, rush the midfield sectorial is ridiculous.
  15. Hmm, I thought the specific examples were an exception for guided and spec fire attacks. I do see where this rule Troopers cannot declare BS Attacks with weapons, Special Skills or pieces of Equipment that require LoF against a target in Total Cover. isn't negated by sixth sense. Thanks for setting me straight this makes sense to me now.