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  1. If people are asking you about a specific model or they talk about the fluff, they've at least done a little research on they're own. At that point, they're already interested in the game. You don't have to sell them on anything, it's more advising them what you would recommend they should do and what would be the easiest way you see it for them to learn more. If you're running demo games for total noobs, then you are selling the game to them, to get them interested. If you don't want new players in your meta or don't care about selling them the game, you just wouldn't answer their questions, or give basic answers to shut them up and make them go away. You wouldn't put any effort in.
  2. If you clipped the sword and swapped out the hand and the hmg, you could get a nice hacker out of the swiss. It would suite the static pose better. Not ideal and a little bit of work, but would work until CB releases the hacker.
  3. Could the sniper shot be for 1 of the Alive characters? CB has been putting up background stories for these on the main site.
  4. A mixture of fine sand and paint dabbed around in a few places would fix the rocks. Then dry brushed with the highlight colour. They just need some more texture to them. This is such an amazing job. Very inspiring. And looking at the reactions of the community, you should be very proud of the time and effort you put into it.
  5. Oh I understand what it is supposed to be doing. Thats not my issue. My issue is that we've seen that pose a lot lately. Time for something different.
  6. The only issue I have with the bagh mari is, like a lot of sculpts lately, is he's twisting so he's shooting backwards. I can understand trying to be more dynamic in the pose, but surely almost every sculpt doesn't need to be shooting backwards, right? Does it really need the "show off my butt while shooting" pose?
  7. Is it just me, or does the box say cal 900 MM? Is it 0.900mm or 9mm or 900mm? Very big difference. And what type of infinity gun would use that kind of ammo?
  8. See my post at the top of this page. Someone did start a poll. Go and vote and discuss over there please.
  9. Im glad someone took my advice and started a poll. Now we need to get as many people answering it as possible. Will be interesting to see the results.
  10. There are arguments for and against weapon packs but all CB hears is the constant whining. If you really want to convince CB to do something, show them evidence to support your idea. Start a poll and if enough of the community gets behind the idea, then you can petition CB to act. with no evidence, then no response.
  11. I think I just found my Hexa KHD proxy. And I can use the karkata as an auxbot proxy, bonus.
  12. My general impressions of Aristeia is that you will have "counters" that represent your team. Judging the size of the board, those counters look like the same size as the normal infinity bases. So, my impression is that you COULD use miniatures if you choose to. So saying that, CB COULD produce miniatures separately that COULD be used in both games. Would that be so bad?????
  13. You might be better to do a layer with pva, water and tissue first. Let it dry. Then mix up the filler, pva and paint for second layer. That way 2nd layer mix can be thicker just the way you want it. A bit more effort but should get the results you're looking for.
  14. Seeing as you already have one, you should know the parts it is in. For reposes you simply cut the joint you wish to alter, e.g knee joint. Then pin it into new position. Finally, green stuff any gaps. Good luck, can't wait to see what you come up with.
  15. Watered down PVA works best. To save a step, add some paint to it as well. It then becomes your undercoat and you can then drybrush over the top.