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  1. Im suprised no one has mentioned the biker twins yet.
  2. Fair enough. Sorry if I come off as arguing. Not my intention at all. To me, a place holder is just that. Something that looks approximately right as a stand in. But...... Maybe the sculptor was tweaking the combi design? Maybe designing a new breaker rifle? Maybe that's just the default combi saved on file. As for the loadout, it could literally be any one of them.
  3. The way I see it, the avatar is solely for combat. When it is not in combat or when it's being transported, the shell would be in storage or stasis. No fragment of the EI would be inside it. No need for the avatar to command a ship cause the EI would already BE the ship. So continuing along those lines, the only reason for it to have held weapons would be for easy changability of loadouts. How many loadouts does it have? If only 1 then it would have been better to arm or shoulder mount the gun and keep the claws for it's CC appearance. Also..... When said avatar is destryed, what happens to that fragment of the EI?
  4. I've recently played Horizon Zero Dawn and I am really liking the idea of a big robotic wolf. If you know the game, then I was thinking along the lines of the sawtooths. In infinity sizing, I think either s4 or s5. Could either be a bot or remote piloted. I think it would pair nicely with a Jotom. Sort of like a guard dog for a TAG. And of course would have to be called Fenrir. Would people like this sort of thing?
  5. That was great. When the person who gets to choose which ALIVE character gets to stay, then we'll get the next episode. Looking forward to that. And they found a use for the full size tag they had at interplanetario. Just imagine what they could do with a blockbuster movie budget!!!!!
  6. If you made the middle piece of the ladder one whole sheet, then glued the "planks" to that. Should be stronger. I'd be interested in any plans or textures you do for these. I've got a bunch of foamcore sheets just waiting to be used.
  7. What is the small tail thing out the side of the gun? Is it a belt feed? If so, where does it connect? Also, I wonder if those arms would fit on a dragoes? That would be an epic conversion.
  8. Anyone got the renders from gencon?
  9. From the render, it looks like the tail will be a separate piece. It not, looks like it wouldn't be too hard to remove.
  10. If people are asking you about a specific model or they talk about the fluff, they've at least done a little research on they're own. At that point, they're already interested in the game. You don't have to sell them on anything, it's more advising them what you would recommend they should do and what would be the easiest way you see it for them to learn more. If you're running demo games for total noobs, then you are selling the game to them, to get them interested. If you don't want new players in your meta or don't care about selling them the game, you just wouldn't answer their questions, or give basic answers to shut them up and make them go away. You wouldn't put any effort in.
  11. If you clipped the sword and swapped out the hand and the hmg, you could get a nice hacker out of the swiss. It would suite the static pose better. Not ideal and a little bit of work, but would work until CB releases the hacker.
  12. Could the sniper shot be for 1 of the Alive characters? CB has been putting up background stories for these on the main site.