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  1. I'm wondering if CB are going to release a remote pilot s1 model and if so, will the blister include a "packed up" version you can attach to your TAG? Although I keep getting an image of a "parked" TAG, then its head pops off and grows little arms and legs to go run and grab objectives. Anyone else have the same thought?
  2. Maybe if you added some very pale lighting in your teal colour. Like AROUND the eye and maybe a small amount on the arms. Not too much and very pale, it might he help to tie it in with the rest of them. Just a thought.
  3. @Munin has some very good ideas in his campaign. Many of them can easily be adapted to suit your needs. I highly recommend reading his new campaign ideas thread and his actual narrative campaign "A New Dawn".
  4. Great news @Munin I've been wondering what's been happening on New Dawn. Can't wait to read more. You could compile all these into a book.
  5. Karaoke bar needs some form of lights, neon or otherwise. It's gotta stand out as a bar. Google images of karaoke bars to get some inspiration. As for colour wise maybe some yellow/gold over the blue.
  6. It is a box/blister of 2, a raicho pilot and a scidron. Very interested in seeing what it looks like. A few more weeks and we'll know.
  7. Although a s8 tohaa or CA TAG form to compete against the Maggie would make some sense. A four legged overdron does sound cool.
  8. Would a MSR be better off with a friar or hexa and not in a link? I understand the benefits with the link but do they outweigh the higher BS of other troops?
  9. We'll find out about any new rules concerning pilots real soon, considering we're getting releases in feb and march, so they'd have to start explaining why pretty soon. The REAL thing to speculate is what was he talking about when he said "something big, very big is coming"? He was talking about miniatures just before it, so what can he mean?
  10. Technically all the dinosaurs in the first jurassic park were female. So thats why he said girl. Hehe
  11. Well if the hackers were represented by the s1 marker and a profile it would tell it like they're off somewhere remote piloting the marker till it latches onto a TAG to take control of or maybe it latches on like a tyre lock boot? So going along these lines, any RP pilot/tech bee could potentially have this s1 marker. ALSO, "Something big, very big is coming." This has me intrigued. He was talking about it in the same section as miniatures releases. So there's a few possibilities there. Maybe some more s8 models are coming? Super TAGs anyone? Or maybe they're planning on doing official rules for dropships? Like for the ones antenocities does/is doing. And btw I'm a guy. Sorry to get your hopes up lol.
  12. If these are TAG pilots that come with TAGs then they are from the Pano side. BUT If they hijack other TAGs then they are part of the ALIVE movement. Going solely off the names, then Its likely to be ALIVE. And as @Pride of Rodina said, he's given us the pieces to the puzzle. Which literally means what he said above. So, ALIVE movement was made up of hackers, hence the names cypher, switch and bit. These hackers are able to hijack other TAGs and lock the user out, hence LOCKED game state. KISS relates to the s1 marker In the tournament pack. Some sort of tinbot/repeater/crazy koala/mad traps that represents the range of the hackers or something that the hackers use to run up and latch onto a TAG to take control/shut down It. Hence KISS.
  13. Have you thought about adding any markings or numbers? Your shading and highlights are top knotch but I think (and would seem like I'm not the only one) it needs something more. Some form of spot colour maybe? The OCP symbol on the shoulders? Or serial numbers or warning signs somewhere? They don't have to be legible, merely implied that they're there? Something to think about. Like I said, your shading and highlights are awesome, and the conversion work is the same. Can't wait to see what comes next with this army.
  14. Its the same body with different arms and head. How can you say you like one but not the other?
  15. I want an elf version of a crazy koala. Ho Ho KABOOM.