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  1. I like the concept of this board. I like how it challenges people to think more strategically. It suites a tournament very well. I've had a few ideas kicking around about varying height that I think would challenge a few players.
  2. I think only time will tell if luxumbra will be successful or not. Their work is very detailed but relies on having the painting skills to make them look good. Maybe some of the painting companies/for hire might get some work out of it. Personally, none of the kickstarter lot interest me, but maybe if they expanded the 75mm stuff something might stand out. Another option they have is maybe doing some stuff for the RPG in a larger scale. 54mm or even the 75mm. That way they'd be drawing potential customers in from a larger population. A lot of people seem interested in the RPG and it will most likely be a while before CB adds anything to the HVTs they've done. I don't know much about the archetypes within each faction in the RPG, but it has potential. I wish them luck with the kickstarter.
  3. A fully clothed pilot? Even more outrageous
  4. The druze hacker is my proxy machinist. She's carrying a pano combi and wearing shades. Fits with the fluff perfect. Now I just need to find some palbot proxies.
  5. Looking really good. In most larger shopping centres they tend to add bigger potted trees and gardens to the food court areas for ambience. So your trees should fit right in on your table. Looking forward to what you make next.
  6. It might just be the angle of the miniature, but it appears to have no neck. If you think the same then maybe add a tiny bit more of GS. Great idea though. And in your colours will look awesome. Which pano armies have been commissioned? Any wips?
  7. Has anyone tried putting the image through any filters? Like the ones we got for ALIVE. It might reveal more of the image.
  8. Does anyone think we'll get an actual model for the "pilot". And if so, will we get a packed up version to stick on the TAG? Cause where does this thing go back to?
  9. I'm wondering if CB are going to release a remote pilot s1 model and if so, will the blister include a "packed up" version you can attach to your TAG? Although I keep getting an image of a "parked" TAG, then its head pops off and grows little arms and legs to go run and grab objectives. Anyone else have the same thought?
  10. Maybe if you added some very pale lighting in your teal colour. Like AROUND the eye and maybe a small amount on the arms. Not too much and very pale, it might he help to tie it in with the rest of them. Just a thought.
  11. @Munin has some very good ideas in his campaign. Many of them can easily be adapted to suit your needs. I highly recommend reading his new campaign ideas thread and his actual narrative campaign "A New Dawn".
  12. Great news @Munin I've been wondering what's been happening on New Dawn. Can't wait to read more. You could compile all these into a book.
  13. Karaoke bar needs some form of lights, neon or otherwise. It's gotta stand out as a bar. Google images of karaoke bars to get some inspiration. As for colour wise maybe some yellow/gold over the blue.
  14. It is a box/blister of 2, a raicho pilot and a scidron. Very interested in seeing what it looks like. A few more weeks and we'll know.