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  1. We say we will take that alien vessel and we DO IT! DEUS VULT! (Covered in purple alien blood) PD, do your LHOST its stinky smelly? get a L-Host from Panoceania consortium, without odors at all! auto-showering. @Darkilian
  2. Comlink beerp beerp screen over EXO base, Covered in purple alien blood....."NOT FUNNY ATEK.... SEE WHAT HAPPEN TO THE ONES INVADING....DEUS VU..." static spitfire burst static static Spitfire Aro static Transmission Lost.....
  3. less complain and more play! Do the job of a commander and a warcor at the same time! have fun and deus vult!
  4. Love my new signature thanks to ALEPH @Pictures

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  5. Panoceania Have STRICT orders of not interference with the baijing orbital, but remember that it's a diplomatic station and many Panoceanian citizen and personnel it´s aboard there so stop applying security brutality or attacking, remember panoceania it's a hyperpower nation of citizen and they know how to defend themselves. As you ask we also demand your operative forces of doing shadow operations on our back while we fight the combined army menace. Our presence there it´s for diplomacy or Cryptodata research along with the empire state to fight back our common foe the aliens.... High Marshall Father Knight Luisjoey, Liaison of the Panoceania Forces at Wotan Blockade. DEUS VULT!
  6. IC: Very pretty propaganda, a Space Station made with mercenary work.... hope it didn´t happen to be a LA FORJA destroyed by the indiscipline of using T2 Ammo or Assaulted like a Shopping mall in black friday. OOC: Very great video and good project, hope they consider it. maybe a next online campaign to blow it up like you did with la forja
  7. @Eciu Why do you think holy warriors of the Panoceania come from here, No whinning just fighting! but yes there it´s a big political crisis in my country running out, a deep crisis, not the normal ones... a nightmare between 1984 and huxley... for example i go to the street and have to ARO to go to the market or anywhere... maybe thats why infinity gave us Hyperdynamics to deus vult So get on your feet and enjoy the game in your accomodate lives and play a lot! joy on this great campaing. Here the issue its political climate
  8. +1
  9. Nothing taste better than old 2000 coke...a very rare item to be find these days! My power to DEUS VULT! PD; DEUS VULT COLA!
  10. Im always a knight... Coca cola should be consecrated! Im older than you might see.... Wiser than my frenzy makes you think.... DEUS VULT!
  11. “HAIL TO ALL COMMANDERS OF THE PANOCEANIA FORCES! WE ARE FACING THE UTTER DESTRUCTION NOT FROM OUR LIVES BUT OF THE OUR VERY SOUL TO THE HANDS OF THE COMBINED ARMY; TRYING TO REACH SVALARHEIMA AND TO ENSLAVE ALL THE CITIZENS OF THE HUMAN SPHERE; WE ARE NOT ALONE THE FAITH HAVE HIS REWARDS ITSELF, AS CHURCH SEND HIS SUPPORT TO ALL OUR DOINGS AND I, HIGH MARSHALL OF THE WOTAN BLOCKADE FOR THE HYPERPOWER CALL FOR A CRUSADE UPON THE REXORA ALIEN VESSEL TO MAKE CIVILIZATION ENDURE…..DEUS VULT” Field Marshall Father Knight Luisjoey, Panoceania Liaison to WOTAN BLOCKADE CUSTOMEEPLE CORP BRINGS HIS SUPPORT TO OUR CAUSE, TO PRESERVE HUMANITY AND CIVILIZATION! CUSTOMEEPLE CORP ALWAYS WITH YOU AND HABITATIONAL SOLUTIONS AMONG THE HUMAN SPHERE The Faith has his rewards, CUSTOMEEPLE a well know company of terrain and supplies for Infinity its supporting us with this awesome contest at the very end of the campaign and where we get chance to get good goodies while we fight for the glory of the hyperpower! They are giving the following prices to 2 random commanders on a raffle do in this way. 1- Taking the Alien Ship or DESTROYING IT! RETRIBUTION this prize will get a ticket for each 3 wins you got on Rexora Base with a 7 stars rating or more. The winner will take this – Neon City Panoceania B [2 Big Buildings Pack] – Infinity Airbrush Stencil ———————————————————————————————————————————— 2- PUT ORDER OVER ATEK TREASON this prize will get a ticket for each 3 wins you got on EXO AFFAIRS DEPARTMENT ORBASE Base with a 7 stars rating or more. The winner will take this Neon City Panoceanía S [Pack 2 Edificios Pequeños] ———————————————————————————————————– The winners will be drawn after the campaign finish on July 24th and we make the account of the winnins and tickets. it will be delivered directly by customeeple to each winner ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD! (and human sphere) Customeeple it´s really envolved with our safety and us to do a great campaign! What it´s better to fight for a glorious cause than preserving from extinction? Get prices for that! so Get on your feet and defend mankind with excellent batreps and points on the Locations assigned! GET CHANCES AND PREVENT EXTINCTION DEUS VULT CONTEST! Thanks to @Customeeple for the sponsorship! in the grim time for humanity! and to encourage the true savious of human sphere to keep fighting! to thank them you could visit their page and see the awesome game terrain and supply range they have! CUSTOMEEPLE!
  12. +10000 no words to say
  13. Winter or summer! im in the midst of POLITICAL CRISIS in my country! keep doing more times for us to take chances, we really love the fun with our wargames and the involvement this brings... nothing others wargame give us., but try to emulate.
  14. Father Knight luisjoey only pleasure it's that centuries-old carbonated sugar black beverage.... He does mass with that! But yes @raymon that's the gift of living several lifes, we are procurators of the Mankind history and enforces of it keep doing... something your atek mind dont understand.