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  1. this guy saying! +1 Even he is a yu jing....
  2. Hail Citizen of the great Panoceania. As free people in duty to defend the right and our way of life: Svalarheima Winter Strike force it's ready for any reason defending the true Hyperpower Supremacy and sovereign on the planet and the space sector. the winter strikeforce it´s ready to any inconvenience but nothing its expected, since our primary defense forces does great.
  3. Want to play it! right now! cheers from Venezuela and DEUS VULT!
  4. this is my Knauf! feel free to share yours
  5. LOL! hehehe

    Please visit Calabozo Criollo channel and suscribe

    and take a peek on this unboxings 




  7. You know those cyberpunk unlikely joint operations! @AdmiralJCJF
  8. Please suscribe and like if you please
  9. if you are atek you are atek IC / OOC Get easy guys have fun and make points and arguments in the game. It was fun since faction get a face, a more human and user based face. Gutier doesnt like that but who cares? clients are always right.... right? (please dont make unlikely alliances again... again)
  10. $#"%@#$%! Data #$@%^@ Receiving incoming Transmission: "Im Father Knight Luisjoey elder than most most think and how may i look, General of the Military Orders, i serve and lead as High Marshall the Santiago de Leon Knights and we are the will of god in the void of the space, we are the faith incarnate and the light among the darkness. Since Wotan it's a space hulk breaching operation for the glory of the hyperpower and to accomplish Deus Vult, so the experts were called the Santiago de Leon Knights, we been training all our lives and we came from the South American Heavy operations, so Expect not to win we are not easy combatant, with all the support of the Hexaedron on our Behalf and the intel from the several military orders. May my actions speak of me... Flamia was a challenge, this will be the latest test to our faith and we shall Triumph DEUS VULT! " Transmision OUT Father Knight Luisjoey served in the Operation at flamia, he did fought several battles against the Ariadna raiders brought by yu jing smugglers as illegal cargo serving as mercenaries, he lead a big operation holding the Combined Army Morat Strike forces at the south on antela while holding the ariadna ateks from Sagress that became a fortress. Also drive out the Haqqislan-Nomad intruders where he did fell to Restricted and illegal weaponry by O-12 held by Yuan Yuan Mercenaries during easter week, but he did return at the third day by the grace of the resurrection with a stygma in the forehead, the 4 holes on the head with the form of a cross, after that issue father knight luisjoey did more aggressive actions (and some crazy glitchs) that lead to clean out of smugglers and aliens the Mount Skillion along with joan of arc and then started a west operation on flamia to retake Aranda Facitlities of the combined army offensive on that helping to secure the position and making a save point so the people in the warzone could make to sagress fortress to get shelter and med-vac from alien infestation. After that Flamia was secured by the Panoceania forces despite the Yu Jing fake advertising campaign. Granting the military orders enough prestige among the Panoceania forces, and securing the supremacy of Hyperpower in the southern island to control that part of the hemisphere. He likes Bread and Coke for mess He hates to get isolated (again)
  11. ha.... another atek wack0.... @Jotadg the mad kazak there is new intel about wotan? very expected to go back into action! now nobody will ISOLATE me (again) Deo vindice, DEUS VULT! Painting some neoterra while waiting
  12. Assembling the DICE TOWER, the containers and the Walls for XLC terrains! great gaming solution if you like them please like and join in the channel CALABOZO CRIOLLO CHANNEL fast Assemble and few words (not need to translate the acts)
  13. SANTIAGO KNIGHT HELMET LOCKED! "Im ready for this thing" DEUS VULT!
  14. Long lanes waiting for LO PAN to open! PRE-ORDER