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  1. take a peek on the components!
  2. check out this unboxing! enable the subtitles and check the components!
  3. Take a look on Aristeia components! enable the subtiles since its on high panoceanic Suscribe if you like it! @CalabozoCriollo Venezuela #WEDOPLAY!
  4. Unboxing Aristeia!   





  5. Good prizes good contest! cheers!
  6. Letal Nanopulser! thanks for the answer i had the same question! Kudos!
  7. Great video @Thandar! Glory to the Hyperpower DEUS VULT! thanks @theGricks for your support and words!
  8. But we DEUS VULT into ORDER! still fighting for control after the betrayal to mankind!
  9. We say we will take that alien vessel and we DO IT! DEUS VULT! (Covered in purple alien blood) PD, do your LHOST its stinky smelly? get a L-Host from Panoceania consortium, without odors at all! auto-showering. @Darkilian
  10. Comlink beerp beerp screen over EXO base, Covered in purple alien blood....."NOT FUNNY ATEK.... SEE WHAT HAPPEN TO THE ONES INVADING....DEUS VU..." static spitfire burst static static Spitfire Aro static Transmission Lost.....
  11. less complain and more play! Do the job of a commander and a warcor at the same time! have fun and deus vult!
  12. Love my new signature thanks to ALEPH @Pictures

     firmaluisjoey copia.jpg

  13. Panoceania Have STRICT orders of not interference with the baijing orbital, but remember that it's a diplomatic station and many Panoceanian citizen and personnel it´s aboard there so stop applying security brutality or attacking, remember panoceania it's a hyperpower nation of citizen and they know how to defend themselves. As you ask we also demand your operative forces of doing shadow operations on our back while we fight the combined army menace. Our presence there it´s for diplomacy or Cryptodata research along with the empire state to fight back our common foe the aliens.... High Marshall Father Knight Luisjoey, Liaison of the Panoceania Forces at Wotan Blockade. DEUS VULT!