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  1. Have moved this thread to the new forums with some minor updates
  2. And it's done...
  3. Just the base to do now. Slightly better pics than before, hopefully...
  4. Thanks for the tips, will try those tips on my next update pics!
  5. Red bits just about done. Now to work on the cloth bits. Again apologies for the shoddy camera work. C and c most welcome.
  6. I use a sotar 20/20F, a Harder and Steenbeck Infinity CR Plus and and Hobby Procon airbrush
  7. Some wip on my legate. I think I need to darken the lines for the red bits to create more contrast. Glazes make the armor look glossy. Will be fixed when I Matt varnish it later. Comments and suggestions most welcome. Ps I’m terrible at taking pictures
  8. My work over the last month or so... comments most welcome.
  9. Spent the last month or so working on these models. (I paint slow....). Hoping to have 300 points done by the new year...
  10. Some pictures of my gaming table with Undertown terrain and some other stuff
  11. I'd like : Volunteer + rifle (male, CHAS) X1 Also the Grey from CHA box if available
  12. I'll take the 2 combi rifle order sergeants from the box
  13. The magister link and hospitallers would use up 4 SWC? Missile launcher and HMG? Another 0.5 for a hacker would leave 1.5 SWC for everything else not in a link or supporting the said link.