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  1. Just do what you like. I took the Custommeeple transparent-hex-plastic bases for my Aleph and never regreted it:
  2. All of these comments are opinions. -.- @jherazob : sorry, should have been clearer. I wasn't trying to say your description of an idea is a bad one - I'm just saying the execution turned out extremely poor.
  3. Because it looks stupid. Excuses, excuses, excuses.
  4. I removed them from my Marut, wasn't too difficult and the pieces are hidden anyway behind hands. Still, completely agree with your wider point. I also used a bit of greenstuff to try and sculpt two more toes on each foot so it looks like tripod configuration, this amount of surface makes no sense. I'm not experienced so it doesn't look good, but at least it is much more stable now.
  5. Croatian I suspect a lot of Slavic languages will do same.
  6. Let's also forget English is not the only language that exists. In many other languages ships and weapons are neutral or masculine, rather than feminine.
  7. I agree, it's best to start doing it instead of just daydreaming!
  8. Where do you get that?! :-O In fact, it is quite apparent from stories that Aleph has no gender identity - after all, Devas and Asuras are fragments of AI and they pick their bodies according to whatever is most suited. From the stories, all Aleph representatives, physical and virtual, just have whatever seems most appropriate/advantageous.
  9. Mine owner will get a choice after first short skill, and must choose between targets available at that point. At this point Mine owner MUST position the template if they have any valid target. Then the models perform second short skill, and only way for a new model to be hit is for that model to move themselves into/over the already positioned template. The only way for mine to explode during second short skill is if no valid targets were present during/after first short skill.
  10. While you are correct that Tohaa are not quite as broken/OP as some say, that does not mean that Tohaa are in a good place. All the bonuses you can stack on Tohaa are nightmare for newer players, right now even worse than even what Steel Phalanx feels to new players - and there isn't an easy answer to give to new players how to deal with them. And it's true that in some units Symbiont Armour is perfectly fine. Neema, Ectros, Kotail for example. But in the rest it's laughable how cheap it is. In my opinion, Sakiels, Sukeuls and GeoRaels are worst offenders re: Symbiont Armour pricing, while CoC Kaeltar is ridiculous. There isn't a faction that wouldn't take CoC Kaeltar at its current price even without the Mates/Bombs. And let's not forget linkability. Devas don't get to combine with 2 other troops (not even 2 other Devas) to get +1 burst and ignore the penalty that makes them discounted.
  11. Where do you get ARM 0? You finish all rolls with Symbiont Armour active. Only difference is that you must roll for Fire first and lose all Symbiont Wounds if you fail any of those rolls. Which, again, affects only the 4 units I listed. As for comparison, compare your poor, weak Sakiel to a Deva and then try to defend.
  12. They only have a special effect on fully healthy Neema, Ectros, Gorgos (also on 2W) and Rasail. Otherwise it's no different from normal.
  13. Also, Dodges on 15s. Nobody cares about melee really. Also, can't Dodge. I would argue this one isn't a good choice. How can it defend itself in melee? No marker states for Data Trackers, ever. Avatar with ODD is also an awesome Data Tracker. Kornak can also be good, especially linked in Morats.
  14. I'd downgrade one of Combi Rodoks to Paramedic; gives you additional specialist and enough points for 2 KidWorms for your Fixerbot.
  15. No vaulting, just move through. S2 and S3 moves through S2 no problem; S2 cannot move through S3. And so on.