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  1. Your example has so many holes it's funny So for one, if TO Camo Marker does anything, you get to Delay, so no AROs to declare. Reset is a legal ARO if enemy moves in your ZoC. If they are not in ZoC or LoF, you have no AROs to declare. If they are in you LoF and not in Marker state (so you cannot Delay), then you cannot declare Reset and must declare other AROs. Like shooting them.
  2. Where do you get that idea? Nope. Look at the requirements for Sixth Sense L1:
  3. Sure it is. Check the requirements - only one is "The user must be able to draw LoF to the attacker. ". Or the FAQ question. Or just remember that almost always, you have to declare AROs after enemy first short skill, which is usually Idle or Move.
  4. Which AD trooper do you find less interesting and/or less useful (due to cost effectiveness or simply bad rule set)? Out of all in the game?
  5. Not to mention they are the least interesting (and I think least used) of all AD troopers in the game. No matter how many sculpts you make, it doesn't change they're dull and subpar profiles.
  6. Good catch! This actually resolves my question about Coordinated Orders too, because all troopers also declare both skills.
  7. Okay, so this has popped up a few times. Let's say you make a Coordinated Order which includes a trooper in some sort of Marker state. You do your Move, and then you declare let's say Discover or Shoot. However, unlike (some of the) other troopers, Marker is not able to perform this skills (it does not have LoS to target). Is the Marker revealed or not? From Coordinated Orders rules, we have this: If one or more of the participants in the Coordinated Order is unable to complete any of the Short Skills of the Order, then they only complete those they can. However, for the purposes of ARO generation, these troopers count as having declared all Short Skills of the Order. You'd think that second sentence would resolve it, but then you notice the beginning clause "However, for the purposes of ARO generation". What does this mean? I know this is not correct, but annoyingly enough it can be read that if someone saw that marker, they can shoot at it as if it was revealed but if they miss then trooper actually stays in Marker state (because otherwise they would need to make an ARM/BTS roll and so would drop out of Marker state anyway). My reading is that trooper loses Marker state if any of the skills declared would reveal it, even if it is unable to perform that skill. Correct?
  8. Yup. It's purely game-balance thing, because otherwise anything with a template would simply be ignoring any kind of defensive modifiers by always targeting the spot on the ground next to them.
  9. Who's exactly "us" in your question and when did you propose that approach? Keep your dirty stinkin' paws off my Asura HD+. Only disagreement is between people who want better/different weapon on the HD+ profile (with corresponding cost changes) and those who don't mind it staying with Combi Rifle.
  10. They were hungry.
  11. I have a problem with how you describe unit . You don't give any useful advice! :-P
  12. While not new, OSS mini range has aged extremely well. In particular, Spitfire Asura is amazing; tinyness contributes to the feel of uberhightech. Deva box is also perfectly fine in my opinion, as is Sophotect. As for older Posthumans, I made Proxy Mk.II Assault Hacker (simply because there is no current model) by replacing male Lasiqs Viral Rifle with Aleph Boarding Shotgun (and he stands in for a Dasyu as needed/appropriate). I also made the Viral Sniper Lasiq hold a pistol and datapad as a plan to ude her as Posthuman MkV, but the new sculpt is so awese I'm looking for a different use for her. From yoir ideas, Spektrs and Interventors would work quite well, as would Dactyl. Bandit I don't see as being particularly good - maybe if you replaced the sword? LoupGarous don't look nearly high tech enough. Maybe for Thorakitai. Also, don't worry that much about confusion, so long as troopers look appropriate. Weapons and general look of the model are far more important, as most people don't know all the models anyway.
  13. As many things in infinity, the list is certainly doable, however you have so many better options to go about things once you start digging. While the FO drone is more fragile than Deva, none of the Deva profiles is nearly as versatile as the FO drone. I'm not saying Sensor isn't useful, I'm saying it's not as useful as you might think, especially not in an order-starved faction like Aleph. Mono-mines are so rare, simpler to just move away with Asura, and there will be no TO Camo token that is Shinobu. Shinobu stay in HD until they charge out. Better to take Smart Missile Launcher then, costs very similarly and can provide a decent long-range ARO. But rarely do you Spotlight in Infinity, too order intensive and uncertain.
  14. This is Aleph. Where do you find orders to go around dropping sniffers? Also, you can get sensor on the FO drone; while not quite auto-succeed, Sensoring on 19's is good enough with better movement and being a Specialist. Any enemy worth their salt will pop a mine if you pop a Deva around, especially if they look like your Lt. Congrats, that Deva is going nowhere (even if she kills the Camo trooper) until enemy can shoot her in their own turn. What Grenades? This is Aleph. Only Grenades (besides Smoke) is LGL on Dakini (really hard to fit into lists) and E/M Grenades on the Posthuman Mk.V
  15. So what that you played them before? I've started Infinity with N3 and played Posthumans in almost any list before HSN3 too. I'm deliberately staying away from discussing Posthumans in this thread. Partly because I do not think they are significant influence on how often any of the Deva profiles are taken. But mostly because I think it is a completely different discussion.