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  1. Rasyat
  2. Male Sophotect
  3. True, it's definitively why I love the Spitfire miniature, especially when put next to the new bigger models. "This is ORC, my Heavy Infantry. Wait, waddaya mean that kid has better ARM, BTS, and more wounds?!" I haven't seen them as weightlifters, but y'know. More of Lagertha I guess Uuu, love the skin colour you have there. I painted mine with normal skin, just the eyes are blue-glow (for all my Vedics; for Greeks their eyes glow red). booo, don't go Nomad, egoistical traitors of the human race that they are. Slavers and scum. If I may put another option this late in the hat, maybe take a look at Devas as well? I find their loadouts dull and ill-fighting to my lists, but love their fluff.
  4. Looking awesome. A bit more delicate (Elfin? ) looking than I always imagine Asuras to be, but awesome nonetheless Keep right on, what's next on the board? Also, +++ for boots not having separate heeeeeeeeeeeeeeelz! Thankyouthankyouthankyou
  5. Meh. Not as evil as dropping Marut, Forward Deploying FO, a TO Camo model and an Engineer with Yudbots, all after them.
  6. I'd change crit effects to be: if enemy has higher success, you still win with crit. Roll saves normally. if enemy did not have a higher success, crit makes enemy fail save automatically
  7. Really? That's the one point you want historical inspiration to be "historically accurate"? In that case, I demand they be forced to wear replicas of actual medieval armour. But using guns is okay. Also, they should not be allowed to use modern water filtration systems but have to rely on ancient methods to get drinking water. But I'd allow modern military rations, why not. Although male Odalisques and Riot Grrrls would be awesome. I'm all for them. But female Knights first, for good reasons enumerated in many other threads.
  8. If you want to, yeah, I'll use it. Dakini, Sophotect - maybe male version for me, or male version of your Posthumans? All would be awesome. but just draw what you want
  9. I think Lasiqs would be better served to receive Harris then instead of taking up Core. Regarding Andromeda, I think his reasoning is faulty. It could have been a G:Sync unit with S4 synced CC remote which would be quite different from either Scylla or Drakios.
  10. Go go go! It's your image, you have the rights. I'll wait for your future work then Although I guess Asura goes to Yashia. Maybe if you do Dakinis/Garudas in future.
  11. I will not say no. Please do? I love my Posthumans. Can I use your picture for my avatar? While you do have a point, I still like to separate. Deva HVT can have high heels (and corset maybe? ) This, this, this, UPVOTE UPVOTE UPVOTE!
  12. As the Posthuman fan from forever, I absolutely love this design Except the combat heels. Whyyyyyy
  13. You can also add Noctifier?
  14. To be clear, only Gorgos, Ectros, Neema, and Rasail are actually affected by the new Symbiont Armour Fire Sensitivity rules - and only when on full wounds (Gorgos at 2 or 3 Wounds). In all other cases, Symbiont Armour is no different in behaviour to Fire ammunition than anything else.
  15. Human EVO is upgrade of Baggage bots, so EVO Hacking Device costs: 25/0,5 (EVO) - 8/0 (Minesweeper Baggage), so roughly: 17/0,5 + price (Minesweeper, Repeater) If we say Minesweeper and Repeater are together 1 point, that makes it 18/0,5 Combind EVO is upgrade of the Forward Observer drone, so price of its EVO is: 28/0,5 (EVO) - 17/0 (M-Drone), or: 11/0,5 + price (Deactivator, Repeater, Forward Observer, Multiterrain, Sat-lock, Sensor) Pricing FO and Sensor at 1 pts each, Deactivator, Repeater, Multiterrain and Sat-lock at 2 points total, we get: Combined EVO Hacking Device (with 2 upgrade programs) to cost 15/0,5