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  1. In what world it is? I know quite a few NCA/PanO players and can't remember the last time I've seen it. To the main question: Asura Hacker. I just love the idea and keep fielding her despite the subpar gun. And now the !'/*?#[email protected]#* nerf via Shock ruling.
  2. Remember also that Swiss doesn't have V:Courage. Even if he saves all the hits, he has to make a Willpower roll or duck where you cannot see him. While this doesn't kill him, it removes him as a problem at least temporarily. Also, bad luck about losing Asura, if you are using her shooting through Smoke, dice should be in your favour. A bit order-required, but you should be albe to kill 'im.
  3. Swiss Guard ML is easy to ignore with a bit of smoke. And just engage with Deva or Asura Spitfires through Smoke. Just remember to first move forward a bit and then engage when up closer; ML is 0 range when Spitfire is in good range. Don't try for more than one target. Don't engage when you don't have cover. Spend a few orders and go for the guys he's kepin secret
  4. Vaulsc already mentioned the Dakini/Garuda HMG ploy. Also option: take Dasyu (or Naga or Posthuman) and engage in close quarters where he's in 0 or -3 rangebands and you are in +3 with Combi Rifle or +6 with Boarding Shotgun. Or lay a few mines first and then attack. With Camo/TO Camo success rate is really high. Note that you should only be attacking with one or at most two enemies at the time; even if you can hit the whole link at once it might not be a good idea since due to SSL2 they'll all be able to shoot or Dodge without penalties.
  5. You keep assuming Dogged state check can only ever be performed once, and this must be performed at specific timing with regards to other effects happening "at the end of the turn". Please provide citation why do you think this is so. Other approach is, of course, that the check for Dogged state can be performed multiple times for the same trooper, whenever the trooper has some kind of change to their state. Which is fully consistent with rules.
  6. Weeeee, yet another advantage of Camospam! You cannot attack them via their Mines!
  7. You could be using a character in your password that forum can't handle properly. Try to restrict yourself to the letters of the English alphabet, numbers, and few standard special characters like *, +, _, and -.
  8. My initial claim included the "besides the odd FO", so no, my initial premise still stands. I didn't claim no-one takes them ever, I said they are unusable in vanilla. There is a whole world of Bolts in between these two statements. Stop trying to warp what I said. So this is a wholly different discussion. Sigh. This ties in with the discussion on what is the best use of Postuman, but at 18 points, Thorakites is too slow and low WIP to bother. That is a problem with your meta. I don't remember last Steel Phalanx list my opponents used that did not have at least 1 Thorakitai link (I never play Steel Phalanx myself, though I do use them in vanilla), and quite possibly one or more Dactyls. And I've played in several metas across Europe.
  9. Again, FO version, for sure. Cheap backup specialist, excellent at defending the deployment zone. Anything else, I'm sorry but no. They're slow, frenzied, and bring nothing special on the table. If you have SWC or points to spend on Thorakitai, I would argue you either love their models or are playing underpowered list. As for Engineer, there is always Posthuman if you don't want to go with Sophotect. Putting Thorakitai Engineer on the table tells me "I don't know what my faction has available" Before this last ruling, I would have agreed that Asura trumps where heavy midfield camo presence was expected. Devas don't die from one bad die roll, except to Shock. But now, Asuras dies to two bad rolls if Shock was involved, and cost twice as much. The extra stats are nice, but not that critical. I've learned that tanking mine is only acceptable if you are fine with losing a wound. Sadly, that is now a danger we can't ignore.
  10. That will only help Steel Phalanx. Thorakitai, besides the odd FO, are essentially unusable in vanilla. Frenzy and 4-2 MOV (in order-starved faction) dooms them. While true, it also boosts Deva Spitfire and other MSV troops. And given the new ruling, 2x Deva Spitfire are simply better choice than single Asura.
  11. Let's also not forget that while Danavas is a good profile, it is not an Aleph profile and brings nothing new. We have Thamyris as cheap (yet still tough) hacker with Pitchers, or EVO. We had Asura as a truly elite HD+ hacker. She does provide one more Combi Rifle in Aleph, which we were greatly lacking. Danavas is a Nomad profile masquerading in Aleph. One and only thing Danavas does well is make Asura HD+ and Deva Hacker profiles even less apealing from gameplay perspective. I haven't played her yet, and probably will not touch without major rework. On the other hand, we did get 2 new, very usable, very Alephy (if underpriced) Posthuman options. But that is all vanilla Aleph got in 3 years. Everything else really shines only within the confines of Steel Phalanx. And more specifically, Asuras have been hit with indirect nerf after nerf. N3 came with a huge nerf to MSV3 without matching point reduction, plus increased danger from Hackers. HSN3 brought the mysteriously missing Hacker Lt profile, and evem added an uograde program - one which simply gives B2 to already available Suckerpunch - while it also brought extreme danger from KHDs.
  12. It is changing it:
  13. 3 years later? Sure, suuuure. EDIT: The previous official ruling: So no, this is not a clarification, it is a deliberate change.
  14. We pay same points as anyone else for NWI. And multiwound models pay even more, because until now, they got immunity from Shock included. No more. This ruling negatively affects only 3 factions: PanO via Joan, Combined Army, and Aleph. This, however small it seems, creates complications with rules while downgrading abilities of an iconic unit - both in terms of gameplay and in terms of lore. And for what reason? Shock is already one of the most useful single ARM roll ammo types in game.
  15. It bypassed it on 1 W models. Rules have been up to now clear that multi-Wound models get to ignore Shock - in effect, treating it as normal ammo. So Asura, Ajax, Hector did not care. But with the new FAQ entry, this has changed and now Shock affects Asura, Ajax, and Hector if they get hit with Shock going into Unconscious.