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  1. There's no way to tell, CB usually keeps things under wraps until last moment as to what will be resculpted. And yeah, Marut is a bit dated but overall not that bad so it's hard to know at all.
  2. FEUERBACH! Also, Plasma and Viral stuff. That's just awesome.
  3. Ugh, no. Double Feuerbach profile for Asura. Let it cost 85 points and 3 SWC, I think I'd bring her every game, just for sheer fun and awesomeness Uuu. Or. Give her a Viral or Plasma Assault Pistol. No long range weapon, not even Combi. Just make that profile for sheer cool factor.
  4. Short answer: oh, yeah. So these are quite separate considerations. First, Posthumans: you'll always be taking Posthuman. It is amazing. But it is AVA1, only and ever. So you can only get the Assault Hacker or the Sniper; not both and never more than 1. The way I take my Dasyu is FO or Killer Hacker. Everything else is too expensive (and Boarding Shotgun is unfortunately not a specialist; but sometimes I take than one). If I want TO Camo Sniper => Posthuman. Better, cheaper, more efficient. Now, vs Naga is a different story. If all you want is infiltrated specialist, Naga every time. Does what it needs do for realtively cheap but still killy. On the other hand, TO Camo units can be devastating when enemy runs into them by mistake; or when they appear and engage on their terms. And Dasyu is master of this; with BS12, TO Camo and NWI it can do stuff. Also, WIP14 for FOing, Flash Pulsing or Killer Hacking. Just plain awesome.
  5. Yeah, I wasn't commenting on your position, but on such moves in general. Yeah. For one, this should be widely advertised in advance. However, the missions already provide a nice way of dealing with this issue - simply place them at board edges. If you need fluff justification, then there is no reason why they couldn't be planted manually by forces as they arrive on battlefield.
  6. There should never be such thing as "just can't deploy it". It is a valid unit choice. Saying "terrain is like that, you just can't deploy it" is essentially the same to houseruling that Camo troopers may not be placed on table, sorry. Or Heavy Infantry may not be placed on table, sorry.
  7. There is a mercenary VIP protection detail: CSU. Nice profiles there, but maybe some more profiles to it wouldn't hurt. Personally, I've had more than enough of mercenaries. I'd much prefer they properly remold or expand existing units or add new ones.
  8. So they could've given her SMG and NWI instead of Combi. Price-wise would be similar (few poins more?), yet much more Alephy.
  9. Are you talking about Combi on Asura or on Danavas? In first case, it's a waste of good chasis. In second, it's paying points for something I can easily do without. I'd much rather have NWI and no Combi (ala Thamyris, although probably without Assault Pistol, maybe something else) than Combi and no NWI. And again. I'm not saying she's a bad unit because she doesn't have NWI. She's awesome. But this is Aleph we're talking about, and she doesn't feel Alephy enough without NWI.
  10. yeah, one high burst but no MODs program. Boohoo It's not exactly a shock that everything and their grandmother has Shocl these days. Meanwhile, I'm sure you'll find it ever so usrful that you've invested points in that Combi Rifle...
  11. Also, Asura can take a punch or two and keep fighting. That Interventor or Zero or whatever though... Guess what But yes. Please, everyone, stop playing Asura HD+ profile, maybe CB sees light finally and gives her a decent weapon.
  12. Yup, and also 3x orders. But much less survivable And several orders of magnitude less awesome. Honestly, my only hope now is she'll draw people to use her instead of Asura Hacker, so CB will finally understand that Combi Rifle on an Asura Hacker is bad and give her a decent weapon. (but it's a slim hope at best)
  13. What I'm afraid of is that it'll be required for Dakini links and then I'll *have* to run them. I'd much prefer Devas, overpriced and uninspiring the Hacker as it is, at least it got NWI. You can always go with EVO Hacker for same cost. Although honestly, if I'm going bot heavy, I usually pay up for Asura Hacker.
  14. it's 5 or 6 points and I don't care. This is Aleph, we should have NWI. It's our thing. Frankly, I'd have gone for Thamyris route of no-main-weapon-but-NWI much rather than paying for a BS11 Combi Rifle. This way, I'm seriously not sure when I'd use Danavas over Thamyris in vanilla. Combi Rifle isn't that big of a draw, especially on a BS11 1W model. For pitcher Thamyris is every so slightly better with BS12, plus NWI means a huge lot in the age of KHDs - shooting out a Pitcher with Danavas is a huge double-edged sword despite her access to Maestro. Cybermask helps a bit I guess. I don't see myself ever-ever fielding the AHD version.
  15. Incoming - Tears of the Combined Army... But no NWI :'( Hardly Aleph.