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  1. Beautiful looking table and cool looking too
  2. It went down great, it has more medium and long ranges than you'll think The weapons that were more suited for this were the spitfire and rifles with their 8"-24" and 8"-16" ranges but HMGs did pretty well too The board tends to surprise people with how it plays cause it's usually different from what they think of it before the game there are some more rooms in the making
  3. Here are a couple of pics of the board all painted up and being played on at LVO
  4. Well if Wallace died they become irregular again the next consecutive active turns and if they'll activate with their own orders they'll get kicked out of the link, interesting though is that in the reactive turn before the LoL turn they'll remain a link and benefit grom link bonuses and in the the active turn as long as they are fed with regular orders they'll remain a link but it seems quite an effort to keep them in a link, I'll just break the link and let them loose and go wild and 45th should do
  5. Thanks
  6. Where did you watch the zombie batrep?
  7. You can see a pic of them together here: http://data-sphere.net/forum/viewtopic.php?p=43999
  8. For those interested, the terrain is available for purchase, if you're interested you can pm me and I'll direct you to where you can buy it
  9. I do intend on expanding and adding more specialized rooms to the basic current ones
  10. So I recently made myself some scatter stuff, I made myself a mold and started recasting it
  11. Also just a small note: the antipode is a shorter silhouette than the dog itself so he can't really block LOF even if he really wanted
  12. Yes, there are holes for 3mm diameter and 3mm deep magnets in each doorway :)
  13. I'm almost there! Soon I'll see my terrain made out of mdf
  14. I will definitely post more pics as I go along but I won't reference my product out of respect to the rules If some people will want to know more they'll probably pm me anyway
  15. Thanks, I should have paid more attention there, I still think each sub forum, especially a sub forum where many terrain makers show their work should have a similar sticky