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  1. As usual, based purely on your opinion
  2. I think that was irony on his part
  3. Just played them in yesterday's tournament and they kicked ass. Miranda managed to put a wound on Overdrone, pushed some buttons, and her BSG bodyguard spent his life well protecting my Crane + Celestials link from Unidrons. As for Sforza. He was great before, and even better now.
  4. Sorry Barrin, completely WTF on my part.
  5. First thing, great video @Slowburner! It explains rules in easy way understandable to most. I've took the liberty to reposting it on my blog, crediting you as the author. I know too many players which play in this semi-premeasuring way not to care about the issue.
  6. And that would be even better than DA
  7. Actually I was thinking about making it DA, just before N3 came. Now it's strange thing. A bit of toolbox, having same problems as other toolboxes in this game - price compared to usefulness. Nice ranges meaning one can engage models with shotguns in their -3 range, while being at +3, and engaging snipers/hmgs in their 0 range while being in +3. Fine, but with B of 2 bad dice rolls happen very often and on very expensive platform, such as Scout it is definitely felt, esp. when said Scout is also specialist. One could argue that Ojotnik is more of an ARO weapon, but I don't think so, especially when you have such great range bands, more useful on moving, aggressive platform.
  8. The biggest problem with Ojotnik is that it isn't elite weapon it's portrayed in fluff. It's weapon to not care about range bands
  9. I still hope for AVA3-4 of them
  10. That Kaplan is great! Very nice near-future soldier look on him.
  11. tactica

    Well, just to say. With second para-specnaz you couldn't come from another side. Shame, but still only AD lvl1 ;( Congrats on the third place though!
  12. Abuse his hospitality, he's nice enough Only thing I'd change to list posted by PoR: Instead of Kazak Lt. decoy (line Kazak 9pts.) I'd use Irmandihno. Those guys ARE great. And I can lend one to playtest them, since I'm not planning on using my Ariadna in foreseeable future (could change though :D)
  13. I'm just starting my Bahram, but I tend to overlook him in every list. With now cheaper Farzan I don't see place for him as an infiltrating specialist. His biggest selling point were smoke grenades, but now Ghazi also got them on cheaper and better overall package. Maybe he's useful when you want Core of Muyibs and Spitfire Asawira Haris with another two Muyibs. Said that it's still great minature though.
  14. Just my few kopiejkas As a whole, list is nice. It definitely has this Kazak-elite vibe. Concerning link options: I think Veteran Kazaks will have this 1+Line Kazaks linkability. It was in one comic strip in 1st edition rulebook, where badass Veteran gets whole squad out of some bad situation. I don't think we can get camoed haris, but that was said by my predecessors in this topic. Characters: I love Pavel and Gregorij (esp. since first one is my namesake :D) but I also think that Marksmanship lvl2 is huge on his weapons. Grigorij is nice, though expensive. But I love parachutist loadout - got all I want from my parachutist Specnaz and Rifle I will test list in my local community and write back with some feedback.
  15. tactica

    If kazaks build stanitsas they for sure have Hetman/Ataman. Learn your eastern european titles boys and girls!