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  1. you are aware of what ive said in the past yes eciu? I mean this is me we are talking about I am well aware that the PanO sub forum typically asks for Eclipse, im also aware that I also can (and still wouldnt mind seeing) be one of those that asks for it. Are you also aware that ive specifically been writing and getting us to think our way around this issue iin question, ive posted on its before and its really becoming a big part of my pano lists and playstyle to their strength. I pretty much expect them to become as hated as my CHA in the coming months after january because of what ive learned playing other factions and I will as always be more than happy to share
  2. she upgrades both the crabbot and the machinist....while also providing a situational order a flash pulse and a cheap Specialist. bit more than just "upgrade the crabbot" Seriously guys pano is better than ever and a real bruiser this season and thats without access to smoke. At this point it reads more like complaining when CB does give us unique and powerful things and complainging when they dont. Take a step back for a moment and play some other factions, when you come back your going to appreciate what we do much more.
  3. and the Akal is fantastic thanks, brutally good for stupid cheap not paying for frills and gunfighting as good as most troopers best for the cost of their mid range troops.
  4. its hardly bad for the games state, it was essentially made as one of those "PanO" specific goodies. it is essentially one of those faction features we complain about not getting.
  5. Thats the strength of the HD Ninja MSR as well, and to a more limited extent any infiltrating camo snipers. Part of the trick is to not telegraph that the Camo token is a sniper and more to use it as an flanking assault piece that trades RoF for stopping power.
  6. i love the tech bee ....just saying
  7. I just got the new crusader, I look forwards to throwing some AD into this list concept
  8. rory also used the two tag lists for the majority/all his games
  9. Yes rory came 10th and he is one of the Auzzie players, he reckons he liked my ideas on 2 TAGs and liked the way they played at cancon enough to try it for inter. he ran the squalo and tik a vey formidable combination., the best thing about 2 tag lists is that they are only getting better and better with the season additions to TAGs for the last 2 ITS 2 seraphs is something I personally havent really been comfortable with yet. But 2 Tiks is probably the singel best "two fo the same" TAG lists in the game, they are fast survivable and hit like a hammer and unlike camo or spec fire or high arm, doubling down on climbing plus actually expands your options rather than just acting as redundancy.
  10. Camo is choosing your engagement Camo is moving 10 and them being unable to do anything to stop you Camo is stealth Camo is hacking immunity while moving Camo is surprise shot Camo on a bs15 dam16 hmg is huge
  11. they always have been, the LE models hips are tiny
  12. Hoping its a separate piece still. But not fussed eveb if its not. I prefer the less flashy LE joan. That being said ill eventually pick one of these up for some valley of heroes style terrain pieces im working on. I have the LE achillies already
  13. good point on the fuerback, but the NCA does have fair access to multi rifles in the locust BF aquila and swiss, that coupled with the MLs and as you pointed out the fuerbach is fairly solid AM coverage
  14. seriously.....we're complaining about a lack of multi terrain on the uhlan now.... Dont you think the shark may have been jumped at this point.....
  15. I think it isnt when it hots a critical value (5+) and is combined with multiple wounds. But it definitely is at arm 2 3 4 on 1w troops. Especially compared to to hit mods