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  1. Wulver from the cha starter?
  2. No but thats not an option is it. And like saod above for pasting mi hi and tags the motolok just gets better and better the more valuable the target is. Thats what your really paying for.
  3. It was in mine this morning and not there now. Ill double check but i cpuldnt see it. If its off the live web version off the pdf and off the mobile all recently i think its safe to say its gone
  4. the HSN2 comment isnt really relevant is it? i mean they werent updated in HSN3 but all the profiles were uploaded into the PDF when the PDF was updated to HSN3 and it does have the line. That being said its now gone from desktop so id say yes, legit.
  5. bostria has said that no models that are strictly LE will get a profile (referring specifically to the fat yuan yuan) therefore its liekly that Knauf will get a release at some point.
  6. Specialist too
  7. Want the Grey, Want the Mormaer, will stick with the Wulvers and Vols I have (flipp tonne of the things)
  8. @HellLois any way to clear this one up mate.
  9. How does he not. He can cross the corridor and ask gutier. Which is what hes done based off his statement
  10. no, Storm already pointed out that Neg mods dont strip the Techbee bonus
  11. Id like weapon packs to be sold individually (outside or Spec Ops blisters) That alone would solve the probelms Id feel.
  12. woooo, ill take it
  13. So it does stack with neg mods but cant stack with pos mods? Id be happy with that @PsychoticStorm
  14. oh lord, this is the "Intent and asking who has LOF at point X is premeassuring" argument again isnt it? That would be my preference (along with courtesy lists and teaching people how to read them ect) But we've been over this and some of the blokes just dont like it. Its fine, and I can deal with it but that kind of thing just irks me. And nah, its not you im talking about mate, I wont name names because ultimately its not ever an issue beyond my own irritation so not worht mentioning specifically.