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  1. wrong forum, demonstrably wrong and a poor argument anyway
  2. Im porting mine across with an update. Storm will sticky them for me
  3. so what your saying is that an automatic skill turns off when a unit is unconcious..... Except when it doesnt..... i couldnt find it either, ill try again later
  4. gimme a regular and a grunt and id be a pretty happy man
  5. learn spanish?
  6. no its not, its only confirmed that the rules particularly the old rules, are inconsistent in their usage
  7. As ijw has pointed out previously. Baggage turns off as per automatic skills when the bagge goes unc/dead. So if you opponent kills the baggae bot theres no baggae rule active to argue about.
  8. Auxillia are based on the moderator chasis bro. Not the alguacile. They do have the +1 bs Though yes it seems out of place ill pay
  9. yes
  10. still want the expansions to have a metal pre-order like the box. that will be make or break for me
  11. its honestly only "incoherent" because you are deliberately looking for holes rather than trying to determine how the game is supposed to work
  12. normal ammo does what? heres an idea hecaton, stop twisting your self in knots over the english translation of a spanish game and just accept that some rules are detailed as much on what we've been told by the company and its representatives (both official and unofficial) that the intent of the rule is and dont make sense.