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  1. Joan, 5 Magisters and 2 Santiagos is an interesting list that sort of builds towards using her the way wallace works in CHA with his gals. One of my favourite Wallace tricks is breaking a Wulver link, Spec firing coordinatedly then reforming the link. only costs a command token and multi burst spec fire is devastating.
  2. id have run her like I run wallace, using her Coord to buff the list/add efficient attack vectors ect. and her reg transfer to boost the lists orders. That means outide the link, giving the mixed Mag/Hos link and leaving her alone to work with the support elements
  3. and if you do want to drop them in front of an ARO so at least 1 gets down, your probably better of flipping one fo their orders adn a com token
  4. you rarely wanna link galwegians, linking them means that you arent getting there Ex imp orders, and you want to be using those properly, they are essentially fre smoke throws, kills movement ect. In terms of wallace, well I only link him if im afraid of assassination, otherwise im typically using my links aggressively and dont want them dragging my obvious Lt up the table.
  5. Are we talking cha or vanilla? In vanilla i think sas fills the role of belt hugging offensive model. Pair em up with cheap scoring like the foxie fo. The sas clears the way/ defends to fo or strikes while the foxtrot holds down the fort and pushes buttons. In cha its the same but your scoring gets a slight offensive abillity tax. This means thay can still be used offensovely on a pinch. Regardless of the list though i think its always important that you infiltrators mutually support each other. Goving the opponent the prospect of dealing with 2 or 3 camo tokens that have lof, or at least within striking distance of each other and could be rocking shotguns or templates and they will likely try got for the other flank (or spend an inordinate number of orders cracking all your camo) But if you have them spread out across the modfield you opponent can just steam roll over them and keep moving. Personally i am currently running my sas in 2 ways. 1 is 2 sas fos and uxia. The fos mutually aupport each other near by neing placed near a central objective and a flank objective. Or both centrally. Uxia is then near them on the same flank and used as a strike piece. Or i run 2 sas craps. Deployed close but of kilter with each other such that coming down that flank thw opponent risks 2 dtws or is out of position near camo assault pistols and nades. By supporting each other you can make it hard for the opponent to entirely eliminate the threat the sas pose to that are of the table.
  6. DAMN! those outrage characters.....either they missed the mark hardcore or those paintjobs are really retracting from the models. they look like a joke
  7. Yeah lots of cha works best in cha. They have a unique blend of models where the pointsthey save being "almost as good" as everything else lets them fuel themselves with an absolute bucket load of 6 pt orders in a way other armies just cant.
  8. yes that is correct, I meant it to be scatter.
  9. Found IJWs answer Nothing to see here
  10. Discussion in my gamong group. We have 3 wulvers behind a building. A link team of MI on the other side. I declare Specualtive Fire as a coordinated order with the 3 wulvers. Coordinated order has to have the same target, so the model in the middle is the target of the specualtive fire attacks. But spec fire lets me place the templates where I like to hit additional models. So long as all 3 templates are hitting the same target, which is the model in the middle I may spread them out to hit others differently? @IJW Wartrader if you could weigh in it would be much appreciated
  11. the strangest thing to me abour pano is the almost utter lack of Australian and New zealand culture. For the cultures that are the core founding fathers of the nation theres a single mention on bolts being based in darwin and a single unit of croc men being vaguely polynesian. Give us some more units that speak to what it means to be Australian and New Zealand rather than just MOAR Europe/South American units. I mean wheres my diggers and rats and chocos wheres my Australians to take hell and my Kiwis to hold it? Woomeras, boomerangs, and Mere's. Give me PanOCEANIA