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  1. More progress for the tournament this week. First up, we have the Volunteers, including Spec Ops and Issy and the Grey AP HMG Then we have the all important HVT, tastefully themed to the army featuring Targe, Sgian dubh and Whiskey casks And finally the last of the models. Grey T2 BS, and two Caterans, who along with the Galwegians will be having their tartan stripes finished this evening.
  2. theres also the wardriver, and the alive crew
  3. i dont think there are any. Maybe annihilation simply becuase CHA is full of disposable threats its easy to lose track of how much you are trading relative to the opponent making major victories harder
  4. My take on vereran isnt so much its for rambo lts this isnt morats. You go into lol and half the list is s to ll gonna be irregular. No in my opinion its for obvious lts. Which to be fait nca has a shitload of. From the bolt in the link to the lone fusilier or a deva sensor or the orc hmg harria you can shave a lot of points out of a list by forgetting all the stuff you usually need to put into lt defence
  5. Reading the rules is kinda a core skill....
  6. you need to re-read the rules on non-hackable mate. So does Kanluwen really Non-hackable just means you are immune to hacking attacks that target that unit type, spotlight is exempt. http://infinitythewiki.com/en/Non-Hackable it would be useless on bolts unless there was a MI targetable hacking attack
  7. lol it sounds stupid but my zerkers have crit maybe a handful of times its so irritating
  8. I was referring to the Face to Face roll. Zerkers dont care squat
  9. so? that doesnt make my original statement or its core premise incorrect
  10. youd be surprised, once the ranged stuff is dead by Cateran and Grey the Gals can move in, Anything thats too hard for a Chain rifle to reliably crack is most certainly Gal bait for CC. you move em in and clean the opponent out
  11. Or you play CHA and you start deleting things and essentially bypassong the games core mechanics And while knoghts arent jsa or CHA level of cc they arent overly far behind and way ahead of most of the factions
  12. Ah right derp that makes sense. Still not running caterans is like a cardinal sin or something
  13. 4 cha players Based on the lts.
  14. sure, im just cautioning that there is some surprises there in terms of usage, some of which have me personally scratching my head
  15. yeah but at the same time only 1 CHA player ran a cateran and then it was only 1 of them. given that all the CHA players ran wallace.....thats just nuts. Id be very careful drawing conclusions like that from this data