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  1. Thanks!
  2. OHHH. When I said I've been out of Infinity for a while, I meant it. thanks Yeah that much better, well I can use the old model as an Ectros. Also back to the original question: Yeah I think Ksouil or Sukeul. But if she dies dose that mean you lose her extra command token?
  3. Hello, so after some time away from Infinity, I'm getting my Tohaa out. I got some new models (both the Sukeuls, Igao and Neema. (Neema's model really needs a new pose) Anyway, I'm looking at making a list using some of my new models. But who should Neema hang out within a triad? Definitely a Makual, but who should be number 3? I was thinking either kumotail, Kosiul (shotgun or k1) or a Sakiel paramedic. I also think of having a Kealtar with COC, so I cna be agresive with Neema. What do people think? any suggestions? Thanks
  4. The bottle? I assume that means the Gorgo, my luck renown for being bad so I'm not worried about that. My Marut died from a single HLR shot and failed 4 arm rolls. How did it go without the symbiobombs/mates?
  5. wow thanks, people. I expect it to die (more due to my bad luck than anything). I assume the Gorgo pilot will die soon after the Symbio armour goes. But if she does survive she has a spitfire which is good (won't count on it but it's nice bonus) But yeah planning on using a Rassail my lieutenant so Gorgo should provide a distraction. I may have a game soon, but as I may start keeping a log. It's a good way to learn.
  6. Ahh thank you. That cleared that up. shame you can't get her back to Symbiont armour it would be rather hilarious. Also concerning second ARO I was thinking of using a Gao-Rael sniper in a triad.
  7. So I getting my hands on the Gorgo. I know it's not the best tag. But it looks cool and the pilot looks really good. I'm just wondering if you use the Gorgo how do you use it? Also, I've got a couple of stupid questions. Also, can you use a doctor to fix up the Gorgo? As it's Symbio armour not a Str. Also if I was to hit the pilot in inactive armour state, with the pheromone tactic that restores symbio amour would that return her to massive size?
  8. So I finally got Red Veil. so I can help get a friend into it. A toss up between yu-jing or Haqqislam, I'm thinking of Yu-jing (couple player in my area have them but I go with what looks cool) speaking of that one of the models I really like is the GŪIJIĂ. I know Yu-jing isn't really a tag fraction but I really like the model and the pilot looks cool. Any tips how to build up tag list from the Red Veil set? In fact any advice for Yu-jing in general?
  9. Those were really useful. Thanks. Yes, I've noticed the difference between Haqq and Aleph. Also, I'm am looing forward to Al Fasid, I actually enjoyed making my Marut hopefully this one will also be good.
  10. So I'm getting Red veil so I can help one my friends get into Infinity Plus the models on both sides are AMAZING! It's also a good excuse to get some Haqqislam for myself. The models look awesome. But tell me how does Haqqislam play? Especially when compared to Aleph (my main army) Model wise l'lI just buy whatever I like the look of. Thanks
  11. See the fun thing was the Marut was actually behind a smoke cloud and in cover, but the Marut was just bigger than the cover. Meaning when the HFT shot the Marut's remote (he had just the right angle) the blast JUST nipped the Marut. this was after it had been healed for 2 wounds. Ahh well it was funny. I'd rather lose and have fun than win and not have fun.
  12. I've been very busy completely forgot about this post. Yeah, that was is a good point. Saldy when I had my game, well I've been teaching AOS and 40k to a lot of kids at a club I help run. So I forgot some of the Infinity rules. And I forgot that I could see through smoke. Aww well, lessons learned. Marut died after failing 4 arm rolls in a row to fire damage. At least I've remembered that lesson next time.
  13. Thanks. In my last game with aleph, I made the mistake of sending hector too far forward. I was thinking lower Daysu to naga with KHD and drop myrmidon to get a Garuda with a boarding shotgun.
  14. Hello So I'm going to have a game soon and I want to field my Marut. The mission is Frontline and it'll be my first time using Marut and frist time playing Frontline. so I would like some list advice just to see what works. Marut Frontline ────────────────────────────────────────────────── 10 MARUT Lieutenant (Strategos L3) MULTI HMG, Heavy Flamethrower, Nanopulser / AP CCW. (3 | 120) KARKATA Flash Pulse / Knife. (0 | 0) PROXY Mk.1 Engineer Combi Rifle, Nanopulser, D-Charges / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 10) YUDBOT Electric Pulse. (0 | 3) PROXY Mk.2 MULTI Sniper Rifle, Nanopulser / Pistol, Knife. (1.5 | 24) PROXY Mk.5 (Forward Observer) 2 Submachine Guns, Nanopulser, E/M Grenades / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 10) NETROD . (0 | 4) NETROD . (0 | 4) THORAKITES (Forward Observer, 360º Visor) Submachine gun, Chain Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 13) MYRMIDON OFFICER (Chain of Command) Combi Rifle, Nanopulser, Smoke Grenades / Pistol, AP CCW. (1 | 36) MYRMIDON Chain Rifle, Nanopulser, Smoke Grenades / Pistol, AP CCW. (0 | 16) DASYU Hacker (Killer Hacking Device) Combi Rifle, Nanopulser / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 37) PROBOT (Minesweeper, Repeater) Electric Pulse. (0 | 8) DAKINI Tacbot Paramedic (MediKit) Combi Rifle / Electric Pulse. (0 | 15) 5.5 SWC | 300 Points Open in Infinity Army The idea behind this list is that Marut will go forward and kills stuff. Whilst the myrmidon, officer and post-human mk1 follow the Marut around. I could have the officer sit back but suppression and extra smoke could be useful as it reduces fire on the Marut. Daysu will be there to counter any hackers, I could have taken naga but for this list, I think Daysu works better as it's tougher. My problem with this list is I think it's got a lot of not rem's and only 1 paramedic. Then again every time I try to heal a model they usually die. What do people think?
  15. I like that list. I didn't even know thorakites could get marksmanship rifle. I tempted to drop that for a second myr with chain rifle that way there 2 puffs of smoke. but then I'm usually over concerned. The only downside is I don't have a proxy sniper. for some reason my proxy box came with 4 mrk1's and no sniper.